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• 06.27.16 03:26 pm


“Half Guarded” usually talks about MMA stuff but I don’t know shit about that so we talked about all the dumb shit in my house. 


  1. I should’ve added: TRIGGER WARNING! It’s important for people to feel safe.


  2. plazzy says:

    Awesome pic. It’s great to finally see a loving black father.

  3. Half wit says:

    Half Guarded looks kinda half-assed.

  4. smoke wherever i want fuckfaces says:

    fuck fake tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maxwell Smart's Greatest Nonirrational Fear Was . . . says:

    My favorite childhood memory was going to Sambo’s Restaurant for a special treat. Chocolate milk & pancakes for supper!

  6. The Vice Guide To Sex And $1.55 says:

    Lawn jockeys aren’t racist. They depict professional equestrians who are black. Doubting the historical existence of same for assumption of racism is, itself, racist. The indie smash 12 Years A Slave was about a free black man who, while not a jockey, was an accepted participant in the industry (as a stable technician or shoe artisan I believe).

    Disc jockey statuettes, however, are racist. If you see one of Delilah or Ryan Seecrest call the FMBI at once

  7. Adolf Brexit says:

    I also visited France once & was treated rather well. “Oui mon ami” “Tout de suite” “Monsieur Adolf I tip my chapeau to your fine Panzerdivizion”

  8. Limbo Dice says:

    I got me a MMA in orthopedic reconstructive surgery. I rearranges yo face with my surgical fists and supply the anesthesia when I chokes you out feel me dog.

  9. Huffpostchick87 says:

    The Japan bit would be a great film

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