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• 04.25.16 05:52 pm

This interview was done a few days ago so it’s slightly more forgivable I didn’t know Trump’s bathroom stance. 

That’s what it sounds like when doves cry.

  1. Woodrow Wilson says:

    So, what do you glean from the Dahmer illustration. Something that powerful must have a name. Is it shame? Herd instinct? What is it that motivates a murderer/man eater to blanch at a current social stigma? Any insights out there?

  2. Racist With Discriminating Taste says:

    Interview in the buff. Crowders pecs are so South Beach. Gavin’s are just beginning to show old man droop.
    Trump is an Asshole. His stance on the transgender doo doo issue exposes his 5th Avenue values.
    The point made, using Dahmers fear of being labeled a racist due to his disproportionate consumption of chicken lovers, is illustrative of the power cultural Marxism has in this PC culture.
    The only way to combat that is to disarm the slur. I freely embrace the word with the caveat that I prefer being called a race realist. The unthinking nature of such dog whistles like “you’re anti-Semitic, a Nazi, a fascist, a racist, homophobe, Islamophobe and whatever other emotional bombs that are thrown can only be countered by ridiculing the stupidity of the witch hunt.
    Prince was an insecure, over compensating, cod piece wearing, platform strutting, little peacock.
    Blacks love the color purple as they once was kangz.

  3. frank says:

    Cruz is a Canadian sleeper agent. That these two homos see anything redeeming in him proves it.

  4. Woodrow Wilson says:

    But why does that slur have such power? Or any slur? What does it take to create such a powerful universal reaction in humans? Is it changeable on a large scale? Any examples of such?

  5. Whitey says:

    In a word — fear.
    Fear of the consequences. It’s not universal. Even here, in the right company such as this blog, people speak their minds freely. If you were to speak with the average African you’d be able to have a much more honest discussion about race than you can with the Africans in America. The current state of mind in Western societies is a deliberately designed education that creates guilt for perceived wrongs inflicted on the losers of World history. White guilt is a powerful tool for undermining Western culture and identity. Those hordes of 3rd World immigrants are being used to destroy White resistance to Socialisms goals. Does anyone really believe that Marxists kiss Islams Ass because they believe it to be the religion of peace. Since when do they respect any religion. All the drama taking place is meant to destroy our Civilization.
    Notice how every group except one is “allowed” to self identify. That one group created the modern World. Stop being ashamed.

  6. Woodrow Wilson says:

    So, the classical virtue of courage underpins the rest?

  7. frank says:

    Are you guys talking about “racist” as a slur? I describe myself as a racist all the time. Nobody who matters cares. It’s like “nigga” at this point. Only irrelevant people get agitated.

    I don’t shout out on the Narcissist Wide Web under my real name like Gavin McAttentionWhore does, because that’d be screaming for trouble.

    But two drinks in with all kinds of people, including many non-whites? I outright say “I’m pretty racist. Here’s in what ways and why, and what that means in terms of my choices…”

  8. Peck R. Wood says:

    “Only irrelevant people get agitated.”
    Yeah, well, that’s the thing right there.
    There are tons of those people, hence why this sentiment is so spread out and is not as if irrelevant people can’t report, sue or lynch you.

    Democracy is at best the rule of the loudest and most ignorant mob.

  9. Wild Man of Borneo says:

    The Jeffery Dahmer food network.
    Anthony Bourdain — “So Jeff is it true negro veal tastes like chicken.”
    Jeffery — “Yes Tony the tenderloin black yoots reminds one of Church’s fried chicken with a hint of ocra. For desert the boy-chicks fingers have the sweet flavor of skittles and grape drank with the ever present musky scent of swisher sweet blunt.”
    Anthony — “Are you ever afraid that a Negro might think you a racist.”
    Jeffery — “Yes Tony the thought does cross my mind but I’m always ready to pull out my copy of the U.S. census to show any angry groid that my cannibalism was purely an appetite of opportunity due to my living in a heavy infestation of blackness. I also reminds them that Africans to this day enjoy the culinary delights of kissing cousin meat.”
    Anthony — “Good luck Jeff.”

  10. Jacalyn says:

    disse:eu trabalhei 22 anos na area de saude do municipio do rio de janeiro era cadastrada no pis e auoeiatmcamtnte quando entrei no municipio virou pasep e agora eu com 79anos m aposentei e fui ao banco do brasil e m disseram q eu não tenho direito a nada por favor alguem m explequi qd meu dinheiro estou desesperada

  11. when we were planning a new worship service, we had our meetings in the space where the service was to be (and also at the time we would be having that service) and spent half our time “working” and half our time praying, mostly for whatever it was God had in mind for the service, and whoever God would be sending. After almost years, the service is still vital, it’s brought back a number of “de-churched” persons, and new people are still coming to it…it’s the “entry point” for a lot of people in Ebenezer church.

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