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Street Carnage
• 06.21.17 04:53 pm

One of the most annoying things about the politically correct terms for all the different ethnicities is how they’re longer than what we used to call them. Except for “Native American” but that’s only because you don’t have to clarify if it’s a feather or dot one. Gavin goes over some misconceptions Teen Vogue thinks people have about feather Indians in this video.

  1. raymi says:

    I see, I see.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    I like me a Rx of Teen Vogue sent to my VR digitally so I can entertains my dick lubin. I demands me some boy band centerfold spreads so I can pop my teeny bopper while imagining Grounds Control to my Big Dong says: “Earth to OogaBooga, your BIG DONG has eclipsed the Sun, and there ain’t no sunshine anymore as we is living in your shade.” Ha ha ha! Too bad bitches. Welcome to Global Cooling.

  3. Grounds Patrol To His Tin Foil Yarmulke says:

    Boss, it’s an all clear. No Non OogaBooga’s in sight. Raymi don’t count as she is just as much a life long Street Carnage loser as you boss. She’s an honorary Mrs. OogaBooga.
    The Jewdar is showing no sophistry contacts so no need to roll out the (((“QUOTES”)))

  4. The Slapahoe Tribe says:

    Teen Vogue. Really.
    If I caught my daughter reading that crap I’d shave her head. That’s where the cultural Marxist mind rot and proto-feminist cow shit begins for young teen girls. Then they graduate to Cosmo for full retardation. There’s only one feminist that I can stomach and that’s Camille Paglia.
    Gavin has the misfortune of being with a squaw that considers his political ideas bull shit. He ain’t no Chief Sitting Bull in his teepee. Teen Vogue triggered him.

  5. P.J. says:

    I have no idea why I’m here. I look up McInnis who is the founder of something called Proud Boys who are I think some Man-boy Right-Wing NAMBLA like organization I was told. The search brings up this blog. I see he likes Teen Vogue which indicates he’s into underage teens because what grown man reads that stuff unless…… Trump is accused of being anti-LGBTQ, but the commentators of this Trumpster site sound gay and very queeeeeer. Maybe The Donald has been slandered. If the faggots on this blog are indicative of who Donald attracts, then maybe I was wrong and Trump really is, as he says, a friend of the Queer.

  6. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    They don’t live in tipis. During my time in Seattle I learned their favorite place to sleep was on the streets around Pioneer Square. They’d get blasted on some cheap malt liquor and fall down face first on the cold concrete. The Great Spirit looked out for them because they were always back to sucking down cans of Steel Reserve the following day. I’m glad we kept them around though. I already went out to the Paiute Reservation in Southern Nevada and got a shitload of illegal fireworks. Couldn’t have a decent 4th without the good ol rez.

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