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Benjamin Leo
• 05.23.12 12:00 pm

Protestors Taking The Day off Work

I know, I know:
it’s a disgusting, insensitive, racist headline; and after all, JOKES are much more hurtful to society than power-drunk, lazy witch-hunters who focus all their energy on intimidating, threatening, slandering, suing, and trying to destroy any public figure who thinks there are more important things than pretending to toe the PC McCarthyist line.

Look at these fucking assholes: Hundreds of them took the day off work to march in support of a man who says the letters KKK were carved into his stomach by a surgeon at a South Dakota hospital.

Do the letters really say KKK? You be the judge:

Are you blind, sir?? Oh wait, you are blind. OK, what I mean is, are you insane? If my body looked like this after heart surgery, the first thing I’d ask is who the fuck was my cardiologist, Hellen Keller with a cheese-grater? (Most violent book she ever read.)

Secondly, seeing KKK in these scars truly takes Jesus-in-a-piece-of-toast perception.

People: stop hanging out with riffraff shit-stirrers and get to work. Playing this shit is an insult to the real crimes that were committed against your people. Work and succeed and don’t waste your time blaming Israel America The White Man.

…and if you have no job and you’re dead-set on protesting, at least fight something real, like the Cleveland Indians logo. Now that is some fucked-up 1870’s-ass BUUUULshit.

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  1. RED says:

    It doesn’t say


    It says

    K KK

  2. tod says:

    fire him

  3. Lair says:

    Actually you’re supposed to factor in the “O” of the belly button. What was really being said was “K, OK, K” as in “K this is an OK job, K?”
    The surgeon has anxiety issues, alright?

  4. Fucking says:

    Morons. I WISH MY (Jewish) PEOPLE GOT CASINOS you fuxkin kidding me??

  5. Campin with Goat Sampson says:

    You trying to say Native American’s power drink!? That’s it, I’m telling Gawker.

  6. Muthafutha says:

    Honestly, those people are just low level agitators. It’s the bloggers really that everyone should watch out for.

  7. “Jim, you can’t just carve KKK into this guy’s stomach dude.”

    “Fuck ’em, they can’t read it. Scalpel.”

  8. Genius says:

    It totally says kkk

  9. New game: Tell every blind man you find that he has KKK carved somewhere on his body. Let the fun begin!

  10. Loosely Fur says:

    Don’t trivialize it: the Indians have suffered and this may not be legit but a lot of their claims are.

  11. You fuckers are blind. I clearly see “KRAKK” carved in there.

  12. zig says:

    The Indian Chief had to go to the state capital for emergency relief foods. Everyone was starving on the reservation. They had not eaten in 2 weeks. He left his son in charge for the 2 days he was gone. Getting back, he walked into the office and said, “Hey son, how are things going”. The kid looked up and said, “Hey pop, I have good news, then I have bad news, then I have Great news”.
    The Chief stared at him for a moment, then said, “OK, I’ll bite, what is the good news”?

    “The Feds finally gave us that large land grant they have been promising for the past 100 years.”

    “That’s wonderful, son, what is the bad news”?

    He said, “there are seventy thousand Afro Americans living on it”.

    “Oh my”, said the Chief, “that is bad news”.

    “Well, what is the Great news”.

    His son said, “they taste like buffalo”!

  13. Lenny Lenape says:

    I just see Kardashian initials.

  14. Mark Price says:

    If you’re going to bitch about a sports team, shouldn’t it be the redskins?

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