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• 03.19.10 12:42 pm

This Terry Richardson meme won’t quit. Apparently there’s a lot of pent up rage against the guy from both gorgeous women and losers of the baby race. This is a perfect time for me to jump on board and talk about myself so maybe I can get a link to Gawker and sell more DVDs or books whatever.

This Terry Richardson meme won’t quit. Apparently there’s a lot of pent up rage against the guy from both gorgeous women and losers of the baby race. This is a perfect time for me to jump on board and talk about myself so maybe I can get a link to Gawker and sell more DVDs or books or whatever. I never really made it as a model or a writer, so this is a chance to get recognition as both….

Terry Richardson kind of raped me too. I mean, he tricked me into posing nude for him. It was HORRIBLE. The first thing him and his assistants did was become hilarious L.E.S.-type dudes who make off-color jokes and listen to 80s hardcore. This forced me to enjoy myself and laugh my head off. Then we told funny sex stories until Dr. Pepper came out of our noses. That’s the worst because it totally burns your nose. At the peak of this dark, dark, dark chucklefest I said, with tears pouring down my face, “Hey, anybody know what time it is?” and revealed I had drawn a clock face on my phallus. Before you knew it, the camera was out and the film inside it raped me.

I swore I would only return to Terry’s studio a few hundred times after that first encounter and I’ll be damned if I didn’t stick to my guns. Not one month after that, after mentioning my dick was so big I could step on my foreskin, he used music and laughter to make me demonstrate. Being a model is something I’ve always wanted to do because I feel that standing there and being gorgeous is a great way to help children in Africa. I also need to pay for my kids’ school so I HAD to do it. Oh yeah, and Terry holds some kind of magic key you NEED to get into Doctors Without Borders — sorry, modeling (I always confuse the two).

Anyway, though I signed a release and was duped into thinking this was a good time, I later discovered many men had been exploited in the same way. Men permanently shamed by having their penises publicized. It was a nude nightmare. In fact, Terry even raped himself by featuring photos of his own face covered in jizz! Is there no limit to this exploitation? I tried to tell myself this was different than hipster porn because it’s in art books that don’t make money and it’s not sold in porn shops and Terry actually makes his money from non-pornographic fashion shoots and ad campaigns (business that’s HURT not HELPED by these nude shoots) and I remembered seeing all the models who refused to be naked and how happily everyone there shrugged and went, “No problem” when that was made clear, but that didn’t take away the picture of me with a stretchy penis that my kids might see one day so, um…

The worst part is I never knew Terry had a reputation for taking pictures like these. He never publicizes his work and makes it almost impossible to know what kind of photographs he likes to take.

A stripper making out with her lesbian girlfriend. Poor girls.

Oh the humanity!


  1. Anonymous says:

    this is funny, as long as you take it as a larf, and not intending to cast aspersions on the legitimate claims of sexual harassment that have surfaced, because if it is intending to cast aspersions, then it’s a bunch of offensive bullshit.

    there. other people are welcome to comment but I just said everything that needs to be said. you’re welcome.

  2. Vane$$a says:

    I’ve been in many locker rooms and seen many cocks, but as god is my witness I’ve never in my life seen a cock that looks so…I don’t know…inbred? Where’d you find it? Under a stump in the backwoods of West Virginia? You can actually make children with that thing? Weird.

  3. GQ says:

    The difference between pornography and art is the difference between coffee table books and Burning Angel.

    The other reason this isn’t sexual harassment is Terry wasn’t these girls boss. The implication they needed him to make it in fashion is a lie. They went there knowing what he was about and wanting to get pictures by him in their books so they could get rich in the easiest industry in the world.

    These weren’t factory workers getting raped by the foreman.

  4. skull front says:

    balloon animal

  5. Soo' Chest says:

    whoa thanks bro. you’re so insightful.

  6. Ah so says:

    You poked me right in the eye, prick. Jesus.



  8. Well shit, this is news to me.

  9. Voigtlander says:


  10. ty says:

    Terry Richards, Richard Simmons, Simon Cowell. Same diff, right?

    Dave Naz FTW.

  11. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this guy comes out of nowhere at these unsuspecting fawns!

    I’m glad you clarified that you were stepping on your dick. When I initially saw the photo I thought that your foreskin just hung like that, all pointed and needly. I was confounded, and thought that there might have been some cross breeding with a dog back in Scotland at some point.

  12. LCC says:

    Gavin is casting aspersions whereas ruing is automatically legit… oh, I can’t even talk about this anymore! Who would NOT want a nude nightmare in their past?! Who wants a career of nothing but clothed calm awake?

  13. Vane$$a says:

    Oh yeah, he is stepping on his dick. I guess I missed that in the article. Sorry man. Didn’t mean to run down your goods in a completely unjustified manner.

  14. black person says:

    i hope he did abuse all those girls. stupid cunts.

  15. hired goons says:

    according to jezebel, if you’re rich and powerful, that makes you a rapist by default.

    “Given the power differential that exists between Richardson, who is old, wealthy, regarded as an artist, and vastly influential, and most of his model subjects, can the consent of these women even be said to be freely given?”

  16. loo says:


  17. unclaimed smegma says:

    1. He’s not a child molester. These were women.
    2. The fact that he was manipulative with women who weren’t worldly or emotionally developed enough to say, “No, dude, you’re creeping me out,” doesn’t make him a rapist. A jerk, yes.
    3. If “no means no” (btw one of my favorite bands of the previous century) then it’s best not to be in situations where you are not confident enough to enforce your will. Bring a chaperone, a friend, a cameraphone that records sound.
    4. Fuck jezebel for bringing the sad, sordid stories of people whose politics they don’t like to light solely for the purpose of destroying their reputations.

  18. MC Lyte says:

    you play with fire you get burned sometimes

  19. wack-boy says:

    Sock puppets are out in full force today;we must be getting desperate.

  20. Captain Obvious says:

    I thought this was how the fashion industry worked.

  21. ew ( 4 REALZ, YO ) says:

    ” under a stump in the backwoods of West Virginia” Lolz. Also, although we’ve solved the mystery of ur dick, it prompts another question: Where r ur balls?

  22. Jay says:

    Is there any straight male fashion photographer who isn’t out to bang models ? Terry Richardson is simply taking further advantage of the nepotistic nature of the fashion industry to finagle sex.

  23. Harry Balzer says:

    ew, some dudes have jizzed so much in their lives, ever since they discovered jizzing, that their balls never got the hang of–fuck i made a pun.

  24. rjb says:

    I’m pretty shocked that a photographer has a voyueristic streak. WTF!

  25. no.thanks. says:

    well, that answers all of ONE question ive always had about T. Richardson. I always assumed the dude was super gay. Dont ask me why, I just assumed, even w/the naked girls and saucy shots. My logic was that he had to have been totally gay to get the girls to relax so that he can do is thing.

    Whatever……..I’m going to go jizz on my T4 now.

  26. ew says:

    blowing a guy and regretting it later doesn’t mean you were raped. even if he took pictures and especially if you signed a release form.

    this argument and the one against American Apparel ads pisses me off.

  27. Penis-Belenis says:

    That’s a yucky wiener.

  28. grimey says:

    “yeah, i guess if he’s cool, then it’s cool, or whatever.”

    – Supreme Court of Appeals 2nd District

    ps gavin do you get scared in rooms full of rocking chairs

  29. Cpt. Obvious says:

    love how the article includes this line, which is in no way tied to any other content:

    “Richardson also reportedly left his then-wife, former model Nikki Uberti, for Shalom Harlow when Uberti was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29.”

    So, Richardson is a powerful and/or rich guy who likes to fuck young, dumb, women huh? Give him an Ed Hardy shirt and he’s a good 45% of the middle-upper class american male population

  30. mild mannered fellow says:

    Thanks Jezebel commenters, you’ve turned me into a misogynist. good job, cunts.

  31. Billy Cox says:

    typical pervy fashion weirdo. i used to go to photoshoots with my x gf because of faggots like this. her stupid cunt mom would send her to people like this, ALONE, and thought “oh yeah i’ll send my gorgeous daughter to some perverts house/studio, i’m sure he won’t try anything, totally legit”

  32. poopsmear says:

    haters b hatin and the haters that can cause the most reputation damage of all are always the ugly women.this was funny but i kinda feel bad for terry. it sucks when girls do sexual things that they regret and then go blame the guy that they did them with. its even worse when they do it in a magazine

  33. Screwed, Blewed, and Tattooed says:

    all liberals, except the fake ones who are in it for the sex and money, are prigs at heart.

  34. Adam says:

    gavin, you’re a piece of shit.

  35. mac dre says:

    t rich has no mercy for them hos that be flossin. actin like they all that when they only good for tossin.

    i salute you !

  36. jimmyfuckingcarter says:

    This is just some bad cover-up PR. Some dude trying to save face for some questionable shit he willingly did while drunk. “let me just explain why i was being photographed, stepping on my dick. They were playing Dio and we all had waaay too much Dr,Peppper, one thing led to another….” There is a price to pay when you live on the razors edge posing your dick as crude wrist watch. The price is. Of the many fruits you let take pictures of your dick. One might get a book published.

  37. Anonymous says:

    whoa suck terry richardson’s dick a little more… this is as annoyingly smug as a jezebel post.

  38. doggfood says:

    before i realized you were standing on your dick i thought you had a elf’s penis.

  39. stoops says:

    it’s way too early to have seen this much dick.

  40. skull front says:

    it was cool until body parts started showing up.
    girl from kansas goes to ny. thinks she’s made it. hey mom i’m in a coffee book.

  41. black person says:

    # hired goons Says:

    according to jezebel, if you’re rich and powerful, that makes you a rapist by default.

    “Given the power differential that exists between Richardson, who is old, wealthy, regarded as an artist, and vastly influential, and most of his model subjects, can the consent of these women even be said to be freely given?”

    03.19.10 at 2:25 pm

    yeah, and sexism is terrible but describing a 45 y/o man as “old” is totes pc

  42. morrissey says:

    what does tracy egan think? I can see both sides of the coin. If you know terry and terry’s work then you kind of know what you’re getting into. If you don’t want to be photographed nude then don’t be. point plain and simple. If you feel uncomfortable during a shoot you can always leave. Always bring a friend to photo shoots with you. You have to think like a prostitute. Have the power structure set right in your head and go with it. Otherwise it can fuck you up mentally for a long time. don’t regret anything just move on and forget about it. in 25 years no one really cares.

  43. white power says:

    i don’t find “artists” like terry dicktardson or dicktard kern very interesting. they’re hetero-maplethorpes for fagland-manhattan faggots who put a price premium on a sculpted butt plugs formed from human feces and apoxie. fuck that bullshit. nyc “art” is a parody of stupidity.

  44. Vane$$a says:

    This isn’t about whether or not you find someone’s art interesting, it’s about preserving the rights of men to be lech after young girls.

  45. i do says:

    dude mac dre. the best ever. lets be friends

  46. Chris says:

    I always enjoy cock photos, but miss the pic of you sucking or jerking off Terry. Weren’t you asked?
    Whats the comparison then?

    This isn’t quantum physics.

    If you are a pro photographer (which I am) or an artist, and you can see or sense somenone is not easy with your creative ideas involving your own cock, DON’T PUSH.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I hate your dick.

  48. superunko says:

    how did Terry know you had a big or long penis?

  49. superunko says:

    and your dick looks just like your face. WEIRD! is that how it is in real life? or due to the talent of Terry?

    also how can you get Jezzebel to post your comments?

  50. MC Lyte says:

    the art vs porn line is thin. Gavin dissed Suicide Girls, but one of the complainers models describes richardson backstage at Suicide Girls event. jus because the mainstream of the fashion world accepts something it’s art and not porn? It’s all the same decadent sort of thing. Richard Kern and Richardsons stuff isn’t that different from the stuff Penthouse and Hustler did in the 70’s

  51. Clayton. says:

    Yeah, I did like how they include the fact that he left his wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. “And this one time, he didn’t recycle!”

  52. dai three says:

    Dear White Power I quiet enjoyed your comment about nyc “art” being a parody of stupidity. What do you consider noteworthy art? (whatever the medium)

  53. babs bradleys grave says:

    dis girl who had a go at terry to make herself more famous has got to be the hottest parasite made out of bullshit of all time. have you red her riting? OY VEY PAP SMEEEEAR

    love, Cyril Sneer

  54. Ned Beatty says:

    Art VS. Porn is the fundamental debate here. In fact, it’s how you define porn. Sex shit that isn’t art.

    I think Terry’s work is not porn because
    1- He doesn’t get rich off it. He loses money doing it.
    2- Women pose for him so they can get a name in fashion so you could argue they are using him.
    3- He objectifies men just as much and even throws himself into the mix.
    4- No woman has been ruined by Terry pictures. If you were going to marry a woman and you found out she did a movie for a mainstream porn site, you’d be bummed. If you found out she was in a Terry Richardson coffee table book… well, you might not be thrilled if the picture is really raunchy, but it’s hardly anything to be ashamed of.

    Your kids would be disgusted if they found out you did a Burning Angel video or a Vivid Alt video. If they found out you posed nude for one of Terry’s shots they’d just think, “I guess there was some wild shit going on in New York back then.”

  55. Ned Beatty says:

    I think the real story here is Jezebel’s motives as “journalists.” They don’t actually care if Terry pushed the limits or women were hurt. They’re real beef is the fact that they are old, fat, and alone and are mad at the world because of it. When they see Terry glorify youth and beauty they think, “This is why I’m alone!” and rail against it.

    It’s like that movie “Something’s Got to Give.” They see Terry fornicating and look at their own cobweb covered cunts and think something’s got to give. It’s not? OK, I’m going to make it give.

    They are so bitter and biased. They need to get out of the “Giving Unbiased Information” business.

  56. connor says:

    word to ned beatty

  57. Gavin says:

    When I think of consistency. I think of Gavin McGuinness.

  58. Taeil says:

    ^ Oops. Lapse in type. That was me.

  59. Taeil says:

    Terry Richardson might be a sleaze ball. Fine. What guy wouldn’t take advantage of their notoriety and position to get laid? I’m not gonna hold that against the guy.

    However, if you read the GQ article about him, the guy threw his mom across the room after she unplugged the TV while he was watching his favorite show. He was an ADULT doing this.

    Whatever. Fuck it. I ain’t gonna defend his art. I’m gonna defend his right to be a certain level of dick because it is a free country last time I checked.

  60. […] – And his pal Gavin had something to say too. It was about […]

  61. anne frank says:

    at thumbnail’s length gavin’s pee pee looks like a fleshy crayon. i had to look to see he was stepping on it. i would have bugged out. who the fuck has a pointy foreskin? shit’s vomitocious.

  62. ha says:

    I just vomited, that’s the ugliest dick i’ve even seen…i hope thats not real!?

  63. cream says:

    Sort of over looking a few points here, Gavin

    For one, the real interesting claims were from Rie Rasmussen. She bawled him out a fashion party for being a sleazebag and he ran home like a total bitch to call her agency and complain. If this is true then in sort of validates the idea that if you cross Terry he’ll happily try and ruin your career.

    BTW, Jamie Peck’s account of her evening with “Uncle Terry” was written in the the most annoying, hipster blogging cunt voice I’ve ever heard: you should definitely get her to write for SBTVC

    P.S. Terry isn’t a rapist – he’s just a fucking gross, dirty cunt who likes young girls. That’s normal.

  64. KL says:

    Terry Richardson might be a sleaze ball. Fine. What guy wouldn’t take advantage of their notoriety and position to get laid? I’m not gonna hold that against the guy.

    How is that this is pretty much the case with every famous male slut – Tiger Woods, Dov Charney, Bill Clinton, every male rock star ever…

    How can there be so many exceptions to the (bullshit) rule that women can get laid whenever they want – which is why actually doing it makes them such dirty sluts with no standards – and men can’t?

  65. Taeil says:

    I don’t hold anything against female sluts either. Just saying it’s a free country and he should be an asshole if he wants to be. Maybe not to the levels of Roman Polanski but… wait who fucking cares? This has become a lame internet comment thread having arguments straying away from the main point of the article.

  66. Taeil says:

    By the way, I just stated the guy THREW HIS MOTHER ACROSS A ROOM FOR UNPLUGGING THE TV. And all you people wanna debate about is sexism and whether or not his photography is art or porn. This is why people hate hipsters.

  67. june says:

    as a woman, i detest other women that have sex/be sexual with a guy because they think it will somehow benefit them, and then when it doesn’t have the desired effect, they cry rape/coercion/molestation/whatever. they should be ashamed; their bullshit makes it harder for the world at large to believe when a woman who HAS been the subject of genuine sexual assault or harassment comes forward. it is ridiculous to call what happened to these women assaultive. other people were present and the studio door, i presume, was unlocked. if you don’t want to give a guy a handjob, just…don’t. nobody raped you, you just didn’t get that vogue pictorial/SG series you thought you’d get out of it. it’s not like his personal work isn’t out there, it’s pretty obvious what kind of stuff he shoots.

  68. Louis Lexus says:

    Didn’t read any other comments so it has probably been said already, but dude, you’ve got a gross dick.

  69. GQ says:

    Ha ha. He’s stepping on his dick. Read the article. No dick looks like that. Your attention span is as small as your life experience.

  70. zev says:

    The Rie Rasmussen thing that they tried to paint as “Oh, she called him out in public and instead of responding he stormed off and tried to ruin her career,” read a lot more to me like “Drunk model tried to start a shouting match at an industry party and instead of fighting Terry ducked out and called her agent to let them know their client is a psychotic bitch.”

    Did you see what she claims she said to him? “I hope you know you only fuck girls because you have a camera.” What’s his response supposed to be to that? “No they don’t”? If a guy had said the same thing, I would have expected Terry to lay him out. Since it was a girl, his options were limited.

  71. Loozer Boozer says:


  72. Taeil says:

    “I hope you know you only fuck girls because you have a camera.”

    Terry Richardson looks like my highschool janitor. I’m pretty sure he knows that.

  73. Bono's Boner says:

    Would be cool if you could fuck your mouth.

  74. Beamish says:

    If Terry has nothing to hide, then he shouldn’t have bitched about Rasmussen to her agency. And removing all the sauciest pictures from his site = guilty move.

    Saying it’s not exploitation so long as he also takes pictures of himself is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The guy on the subway who groped me also gropes himself. It didn’t stop me from kneeing him in the balls.

    And modelling is a job. No it’s not the kind of job that qualifies you as part of the proletariat, but neither is making a career out of self-promotion, MacInnes. You should still be able to go to work without your superior waving his dick in your face and telling you to suck it, “you know, for fun.” Richardson is a sellout and an asshole and I hope he and the whole fashion cabal he works for fucking die of cancer.

  75. Beamish says:

    Oh, and Ned Beatty? Dismissing women whose views you dislike as ugly and old is as stupid as women who automatically say that any man they find offensive must have a pencil dick.

    Except in McInnes’ case, when it’s true.

  76. Cock Blaster says:

    haha Taeil-spin didn’t get a response and now the bitch is crying about it through the facade of self-righteous indignation. oh you pathetic bag of whore cocks.

  77. Armand says:

    Are you kidding?

    YOu go to a photographer like Terry Richardson. And your’e surprised that he takes pictures!!!????

  78. Armand says:

    June you’re so right thank you i couldnt say it so good as you

  79. you all like "Fergie" says:

    A friend of mine modeled for both Terry Richardson and Richard Kern. She was in a relationship at the time, and was pretty much faithful to the dude she was with.

    She said that Terry was a total gentleman. They took pictures and some of the pictures were pretty nudie or whatever, but she is cool with that and he never put any pressure on her to do anything she didn’t want to. She said he even told off one of his assistants for being too forward with her. He obviously does a lot of far out stuff, but from all I’ve heard he’s totally upfront about everything and basically if he wants to say “I want to take a picture of you sucking my dick” or whatever, and the girl says yes, that’s not assault in any way. It’s totally possible that he did do something that crossed a line, and in that case fuck the dude, but if some girl from Kansas went and sucked his dick thinking it would make her famous and it didn’t, it doesn’t become rape retroactively.

    Kern on the other hand, from my friend’s description, was a weird creepy dick. He wanted to do “upskirt” shots, and when she said no he literally started crying and being all “but it’s what I waaaaant!!!” and then asked her to let him watch her shave her pubes (not for a photo, just because he wanted to), at which point she left amid threats that he would “ruin her career”.

    Just thought I’d share someone else’s experience without asking them first.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you, did you get fucked in the ass by loving Terry so he could take your picture because it was cool? I guess not, you’re just an asshole who doesn’t know anything about being tricked into sucking cock to get ahead in life. So forget about me liking or agreeing or even being entertained with your article, you low-life pice-of-scum-shit retard.

  81. Aftermath Jones says:

    In Gavin’s defense, the saddest thing about the photo of him stepping on his own foreskin isn’t the small penis or the sparse quasi-prepubescent red Scottsman’s bush but rather the dirty suede Shush Mutts.

  82. Kitty says:

    You’re a damn dirty hipster and I love you.

  83. Manuelito says:

    I’ve never tried to step on my foreskin.
    Be right back…

  84. […] with quotes to give out and anonymous models with stories to tell have since come forward. Gavin McInnes satirizes. Jezebel: ”One fashion insider says agencies ‘know full well Richardson’s predatory […]

  85. he's a sex pervert taking advantage of young women says:

    It must work like this – Terry finds young beautiful women to give him blow jobs and hand jobs. They get featured as a model, they get an “in” in the fashion biz. But you have to pay with your dignity, ie, you have to blow him or give him a handjob in order to get that in. Choice is yours.

    It is totally taking advantage of young desperate women, and it’s perverted. He just did it again to some woman. A woman of 45 doesn’t give a shit. A woman of 18 or under 30 cares about that kind of stuff.

  86. […] The only thing he got wrong is my foreskin. It’s not pointier than anyone else’s (they all look like an elephant trunk when flaccid). It appeared pointy in Terry’s photo because I was standing on it. […]

  87. […] course, Terry didn’t do anything like that. I have been to dozens of his shoots. Models want to fuck him. Sometimes he obliges. The guy is way too soft to force anyone do to […]

  88. Wes Everest says:

    Gavin, thanks for the much needed lesson on the difference between the words “figuratively” and “literally.” You figuratively step on your own dick by continuing to write and appear on television, and you have literally stepped on your own dick in this picture.

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  90. wand says:

    Aspersions is such a dumb word.

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