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We’re doing this punkradiocast do-hickey now, so we did a special on Canadian hardcore (and Canadian punk and one Canadian metal) for them. The


We’re doing this punkradiocast do-hickey now, so we did a special on Canadian hardcore (and Canadian punk and one Canadian metal) for them. The first show airs Monday night at 5PM. And yes, we’re still on Viva-Radio. Check Contributors for “Street Carnage + 1.”
We couldn’t find anyone in New York who gives a shit about bands like S.C.U.M. and Honest Injun so we went over to the taco truck and asked Curtis. He’s the singer for Bad Wizard and they’re HUGE in Canada.
His verdict: Canadian hardcore is just a bad rip off of American hardcore. In fact, Curtis argues, all world hardcore is just various bands trying to be American.

We should have steered the argument towards punk. America is hard to beat in a “Who owns hardcore?” discussion but “Who owns punk?” would have to go to Britain. Can anyone argue bands like Dead Kennedys and fucking US Bombs can hold a candle to the likes of Crass, Conflict, Discharge, GBH, The Stranglers, The Undertones, Generation X, 999, Vice Squad, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Anti-Nowhere League, UK Subhumans, Oi Polloi, Blitz, The Business, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, Rudimentary Peni, The Boomtown Rats, The Buzzcocks, and The Exploited? We know the Ramones started everything but that was only the beginning. Besides, half the time we listen to them the Ramones just sound like a drunk 50s cover band.

Anyway, we didn’t say any of that because Curits has been to jail and we’re scared of him. Despite all the intimidation and fear however, this turned out to be a great show and it gives Canadian hardcore the credit it deserves. The only flaw in the whole thing is where Derrick and I wedge our own 80s hardcore bands into the playlist. My band Anal Chinook were completely useless, and my second band Leatherassbutfuk were even worse. Derrick’s first band Fumblekin were only about 15% better.


Intro “I am not a Canadian”
This is a hilarious parody of the Molson Canadian “I am Canadian” ads. In it, a Quebecois bonhomme explains why he has nothing to do with Caca-Canada (that’s what they call it – mean eh?)


(former Doug H Boy Cummins)

S.c.u.m. “Pool Hunt” (Montreal hardcore)
Genetic Control “Suburban Life” (Montreal punk)
Doughboys “Tradition” (Montreal emo)

FACTOIDS: 1) The C.U.M. or Communauté Urbaine de Montréal was the name for downtown Montreal so these dudes added an S and made our whole city Scum. 2) The singer was a colored person like Derrick is today. 3) Their song “Pool Hunt” kind of supports Curtis’ theory about Candians ripping off Americans because there is no way Montreallers were scoping out abandoned pools to go skate. 4) Genetic Control were another Montreal hardcore band and they were playing shows as recently as a few years ago. 5) Doughboys singer John Kastner was always a dork but guitarist Jonathan Cummins is a good pal of ours and Derrick lived with him for 1.5 years. 6) Curtis’ band Bad Wizard toured with Cummins’ band Bionic across Canada several times. We didn’t know Curtis knew Cummins until way after they had become lovers.

(Me with Anal Chinook back in 1989)

Anal Chinook “Acid Rain” (Ottawa punk)
Fumblekin “Sick Man” (Toronto hardcore)
Grave Concern “Obstacle” (Ottawa hardcore)
Honest Injun “Fatherland America” (Ottawa punk)


(Derrick sang for Fumblekin, Black Jello and Bliss. This was Black Jello)

FACTOIDS: 1) Anal Chinook opened for Dayglo Abortions once and they liked us so much they named a song after us. Well, they liked our NAME so much. 2) Fumblekin were from North Toronto AKA North York City so all their flyers would say “Fumblekin from NYC.” That lead to a lot of disappointed people with funny hair. 3) Though Curtis insists Grave Concern were just a DRI cover band, he had only heard one track. Here’s another one and it sounds nothing like DRI…


(Forgotten Rebels 1977 “Nazi” video)
The Viletones “I’m a Rebel” (Toronto 70s punk)
Forgotten Rebels “Fuck me Dead” (Toronto 70s punk)
The Demics “New York City” (London, Ontario 70s punk)

FACTIODS: 1) As Derrick says in the show, Toronto used to be up there with London (UK), Berlin and New York as a 70s punk rock mecca. 2) The Forgotten Rebels did a song about immigration with lines like, “Bomb the boats and feed their fucking flesh to the fish.” It was about an overheard conversation but everyone got mad at them and said they were bad. This kind of set them on a “whatever offends you” course.


(DOA’s “WWIII” video)
DOA “Liar for Hire” (Vancouver hardcore)
SNFU “Cannibal Café” (Edmonton hardcore)
NoMeansNo “Dad” (Vancouver hardcore)

FACTIOIDS: 1) Though we concede American hardcore is where it’s at, DOA actually invented the term “hardcore.” This is confirmed by Ian Mackaye during a Nardwuar interview. 2) Nazi skinheads used to always show up at SNFU shows. Nobody’s knows why.

LeatherassbutfukYou Can’t Rape a 0.38” (Ottawa punk)
Grammar “Data Slut” (Toronto metal)


More Canadian punk pics


(Godspeed You Black Emperor’s Aidan Girt in the pit circa 1988)



(Chugging beers with Ryan in 1986 at Stanley’s in Montreal where they never checked ID)



(Montreal punks Spam, Angie, Bumba and Arrow)



(Sid gets his hair cut at Percy Street)



(Skinheads loved the Bad Brains – weird)



(Working on zine with Spam)



(Stage dive – most of these are by Shawn Scallen btw)



(Waiting in line for punk. This picture is at least 15 years old and the dude with the sunglasses is still this punk)



(At the Rivoli in Toronto circa 1987)


(At the Beverly Tavern around the same time)

  1. Racial Morality Cop says:

    Where are all the nonwhites?

  2. yowza says:

    this is how we’re going to look in 20 years? kill me now.

  3. DSo says:

    You put a lot of time into something incredibly stupid. Much like this site.

  4. Branson Carbine says:

    Y’alls can go huff homeless farts. If you don’t think the snapshot of the Leaping Clown Gavin is absolutely adorable, you’re the bad kind of fag.

  5. who cares? says:

    punk was pretty much dead by the end of ’83. why would you willing post pictures of yourselves looking like that so late in the game? where ‘s the relevance?

  6. who cares? says:

    youre missing some of the best canadian acts: beyond possession, stretch marks, personality crisis, the nils, the unwanted, teenage head, youth brigade (sorta canadian). and YYY, theyre awful, ive had that damn album for 20 odd yrs and everytime i listen to it i remember why ive only heard 3 0r 4 times in over 20 yrs.

  7. what the hell says:

    im not who cares (the 2nd msg). also you only have some of the shittiest canadian bands, almost all eastern canadian, outside of the few west coast bands you list (there were great eastern canadian hc/punk bands, why youve omitted them, im unsure). the doughboys? my god they were boring (not bad live though). but ill give you one thing you really do look like quebecois punx from the late 80s.

  8. evil invaders says:

    WHERE IS THE CANADIAN METAL? am i a retard, cause i did not see it. just made a friend an (almost) all candian metal mixtape so…

  9. dickdirt says:

    well I knew beckles back when forever ago. he was 1 of only 3 black people in the scene. I know he fought a lot and was on a Nazi hit list and paid for it due to his hue and was in 10 horrible punk bands like the rest of us. We also didn’t carry cameras everywhere so the comments about no earlier pics are either from a loser or a fucking loser. It was still the pioneer days of punk so eat shit haters.

  10. . says:

    Dear assholes,
    No one cares about your washed up thrash punk. The only bands that pull of punk these days are Black Lips and No Age, and that’s because of the psychedelic element!

  11. Wow says:

    What are the odds that all three black people in Canada were involved in Montreal’s punk scene? That’s amazing!

  12. lame nerd says:

    where are The Neos? As a know-it-all outsider it doesn’t seem like Canada had that many good punk bands, at least according to KFTH. Canadian metal did a bit better if only because of BLASPHEMY, who rule.

    ps most (non-UK) world hardcore (Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Japan) was actually trying to copy Discharge, sorry to piss on your theory like so much of your merch.

    pps I’d just like to add Cocksparrer to your British list

  13. lolcano says:

    Subhumans, Oi Polloi, Blitz, The Business, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Angelic Upstarts, Rudimentary gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay

  14. Mark says:

    “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is…DYING!!!”

    Ahahahahahahahha… thanks for that.

    “Acid rain, ooohhh no”

  15. clockcleaner fanboy says:

    what i want to know is how it feels to have your merch covered in john sharkeys pee

  16. David Milo says:

    I love the way gay “threads” blossom.

  17. vagina eyelid venables says:

    great show. the guy from the doughboys was a schmuck eh? that guy taught me how to hate white guys with dreadlocks.. I remember I was around 11 or so and just hated the look of the guy. I would say it was nascent racism but I used to wack off watching Sondra off 227 so it was prob just early wigger aversion. we went thru a phase of liking dayglo abortions in grade 8, but mostly for their name.. the music was too harsh on baby ears that had just had their cherry wax popped by the sex pistols. hey were the dead lemmings ever any good? they were my friend’s bro’s band but I don’t remember the music. they had good t-shirts tho

    fuck toronto was so much better than, I was only 9 when you punks were catching crabs in those pics, so lucky me I got to see the city slooooowly turn around, bend over, spread its cheeks and get fucked in the ass with a coffee shop loft. city limits, pepsi power hour, seedy old queen west and oldne days grotty yonge street are so long dead they are dry bones and it sucks the dusty marrow out of my nova heart to see what’s left there

  18. Brd says:

    wheres the hard core logo?

  19. tommy gun says:

    UK punk is the most important – and post punk (Joy Division etc.) was even more copied in a way – course we had No Wave in New York like Suicide, SWANS and Sonic Youth. As for US punk I think the LA scene. But for sheer aural and psychological terror, nothing on this planet compared or compares with early SWANS. nothing. DC had the best hardcore scene Minor Threat and Bad Brains by themselves kill every other scene.- NYC hardcore was fucking meathead idiot city..with some krishna’s thrown in…weird

    anyway, oved the old pics – this shit was awesome!


  20. ass nipples says:

    don’t take this the wrong way, but this was one of the nerdiest posts you have ever done.

  21. Taeil says:

    You know, I think the reason why punk died is probably because we became master scholars at this kinda shit.

    That being said England by the sheer number of bands that country pumped out with a country as large as what? – Idaho? With HOW many people??? They sort of beat the whole international punk debate. Hey Gavin, where’s the love for the Damned? They are hands down the best out of that entire scene and the Exploited sucked ass. The only scene that could’ve competed region wise was LA. If you were to argue the greatness of crap with everything LA and NYC pulled out their butts alone (Not including San Fran and bands that came out of middle of nowhere), then the UK still lost.

  22. Chris says:

    Some guy in this media studies class I took was bragging about being in the Pointed Sticks and said his band had a poster for a show that said “you can’t rape a 0.38”. Did the pointed sticks do a show with leatherassbutfuk?

  23. wayne arnold says:

    after seeing that photo of derrick beckles circa 1987, it dawned on me that vice is pulling a kevin arnold a là wonder years reminiscing of the good ol’ days, and have thus morphed into the very creatures of which they despised, those reminiscing baby-boomers.

  24. KITTEH says:

    All y’all loohooosers saying “omg this post is so ghey” are just lame-os because you either a) have no idea what punk is and wish you did b) would see punks on the streets sometimes and wish you could be their friends/one of them.

  25. cynthia says:

    There’s a lad who is still in Ottawa, working at the members only Rideau Club who named his son after Gavin.

    I’d give my left second toe to be able to remember what his name was.

  26. Li says:

    Why is that all Canadian hardcore bands eventually turn into rock bands?

  27. Falafel says:

    They don’t want to get real jobs? Being in a band is one of the better ways to make a living in Canada?

  28. rjb says:

    Chinook as in fish or as in wind?

  29. Joey says:

    Lets be honest. UK punk was only more relevant because they all had bad teeth and a bunch of shit heels to look up to. Give me the US shit any day over a bunch of britts farting on a snare drum. and half of the uk bands you listed are a bunch of second class oi bands that a bunch of 14 year old cul de sac skinheads listen to. bad form. bad form indeed..

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