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• 09.26.16 02:00 pm


Today Gavin talks with Lucian Wintrich about “Twinks for Trump” and got into some of the specifics behind the emerging conservative gay movements. He also spoke about tonight’s big debate at Hofstra. You can follow Lucian on Twitter @lucianwintrich

Also, Devin Finch Skyped in to speak about Milo’s recent appearance in Houston, and a forum to make comedy safer.

Breitbart‘Twinks for Trump’ Photographer Fired After Being Praised by Milo

Why is nobody laughing?


Transphobia accusation in Zoolander 2.


CKCU Program Schedule


  1. Gospodin says:

    …she makes a valid point…only blacks are going into debt by borrowing for higher education (that has basically been rendered worthless anyway). I personally had to look up what debt was in the dictionary…since I am white and in the privilege club. Now excuse me while I go mix a Tom Collins and listen to my Lawrence Welk records as I count my money.

  2. raymi says:

    What a shitshow.

  3. Mincing Doctor says:

    I saw the episode yesterday and what’s with you fags and the need to signal that you don’t like ‘anti-semitism’?

    You accuse us of being down the Jew-hole but you’re all clearly down the Islam-hole and we never give you shit yet little Devin-fag has to tell us how bad in the feels it was for him and how, in good cuck fashion, the far-left and far-right are really the same.


  4. Absolute Wierdo says:

    It’s nice to see the gays going for Trump. Now half this board can find someone who won’t annoy them with their politics.


  5. JR Wirth says:

    Gays and anarchists go together like bacon and eggs. A lot of anarchists are gay. They have a natural hatred of law and order (like stop and frisk). Therefore this natural hatred will preclude them from ever voting for right wingers in any great number. Same thing with militant abortionists. Natural anarchists and therefore left wingers. Politics isn’t about right vs left. It’s about people who hate their dads vs. people who loved their dads. Deep down, no matter how society accepts social deviancy (it’s good that we do, unlike ISIS) the deviants will have some simmering deep seated anger that makes them want to burn it all down. An anger that came from (daddy didn’t do “insert x” 20 years ago). If there are gays who like Trump they are the ones who are the “man of the house” and are replaying the role of their father as a strong, masculine figure, unlike the one they had. They are also a great Good Super Bowl Sunday crowd.

  6. frank says:

    “conservative gay” is pretty well an oxymoron. Under a properly conservative society sodomy is still technically illegal and gay bars get busted up and shut down. You have to live discretely as an ambiguous confirmed bachelor or get a beard. There’s none of this being openly homo and claiming to be “conservative.”

  7. Spring Time for Trump says:

    The kind of faggots swooning over The Don are the rear end bitches looking for Sugar Daddy. These rent boy types, like self confessed Milo, are attracted to powerful Alpha’s no less than the Spartans man-boy culture, and the Nazi SA brown shirts homosexual goon squads that serviced Uber-Nazi weiner schnitzels. The long time Republican party gay club – Log Cabin – with its subliminal message of Lincoln, the tall powerful champion wrestler, is also attracted to a rugged manly figure of American history. Trump is like Mussolini a striking figure of pure machismo that makes girly boys quiver when he bad mouths stinky icky cunts like Hillary which makes him a symbol of gay men’s secret hatred of women. Trump has no clue what his appeal is to this rebellious group of inverts, just the way it needs to be.

  8. frank says:

    Lincoln and Ernst Rohm were gay but closeted. Same with Roy Cohn. That’s how being gay and on the right works. It’s workable as long as you keep it on the down-low and don’t do any weird embarrassing stuff, and understand that you’re a freak and shouldn’t talk about sexuality in public at all ever.

  9. Shitavious Johnson says:

    Pretty weird Republicans courting queers. I mean we know that Barry be being on the down-low but that’s a dirty little secret we keep to ourselves. You Repubs though ain’t supposed to be having a party celebrating that shit. You all trying too hard to get them votes, what’s next? Amnesty for prison niggers. You get my vote you do that.

  10. Oppressed Albinos Out of Africa Movement says:

    The first video got me thinking……
    My White ‘Out of Africa’ ancestors fled millennia ago from the Black African cannibals who to this day are still killing and eating Albinos. The mere presence of Niggers triggers my fear of being eaten. Big diabetic Sowpotamus when they start that “oh no you don’t” weaving and heaving, bobbing and ah nodding like some tumbling dirty comet headed straight for Earth and a mass extinction, get something deep down in the cockles of my heart beating like the sounds of drums around a fire, and the smell of flesh, human flesh, being stirred in a big ole pot by that big lipped Sowpotamus, rising into my consciousness, reminding me that what I’m faced with is an eternal enemy no different than the timeless struggle between Lions and Hyenas.
    I’ve been told that Lincoln had planned on repatriating the whole lot of them back to the Mudderland but for John Wilkes Booth. If that was really true, and not just a fanciful hypothetical on Abe’s part, can you imagine what a different history would have come about. Amazon has that fanciful ‘what if’ alternative history of the Nazi’s winning and dividing the USA between themselves and Japan which by the way is just Red Dawn without the commies, and just as childish a production, but it makes me wish for someone with the guts to create an American history post Civil War, or even better, post Revolution, without these pests.
    It would be mighty white. The story of what would have happened to the repatriated Negroes has been writ small already in the history of the ones who did go back and formed the nation of Liberia. They got their revenge on their bruthers who sold their Asses, by enslaving them, and you can get a flavor of that lovely black paradise by going over to VICE, Gav’s former collaboration, and look up “The Cannibal War Lords of Liberia” a living testimony of “free at last!”

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