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• 09.27.16 02:00 pm


Proud Boy, John White wrote this song for the unarmed black men who have been shot. It’s great but he used an offensive thumbnail of Dindu Nuffin muffins for the thumbnail so I doubt it will go mainstream viral.  

Anyhoo, On this episode of TGMS, Gavin went over the previous night’s debate. He also wondered what is going on at Sirius XM with Opie. At the top of the show he went over a few of my quotes he has remembered from the last few days which was so mean it was physically painful.

Below is a list of links to articles, videos and tweets we went over on today’s TGMS. They are listed chronologically.





Uhuru Solidarity Movement



African-American Inventors

Guy rolling around on pavement on PCP

UPDATE FROM GAVIN: Someone brought up a good point about the Google Image searches. “White woman and baby” in today’s vernacular is usually  about women and interracial marriage. That’s not Google doing it. That’s our biased discussions. They’re not messing with the algorithms, we’re just talking about blacks every time we talk about white women and their babies.

Also, while it’s true you get tons of black faces when you Google “American Inventors” this is likely because the term American denotes “African American.” If you put in US Inventors you get, wait, scrap that. I just tried it and they’re all black too. As you were.

  1. Time to find a more tolerant video host. That song as been .

  2. SeattleTroy says:

    Where’s the song link?!?!

  3. Colonel Kurtz says:

    The great myth of African American inventors is a well known appropriation of ideas based on the misinterpretation of what a patent means. Almost every meaningful invention ever produced has led to follow-up patents on the original patent that were usually a tweek here or there, but usually amounted to nothing as far as the original went and were the product of some hack trying to piggyback his way to fame. Where the confusion comes from is that all those meaningless for practical purposes patents fool people is that the patent office uses the original patent title with a number code following it to describe it even if the “new” patent on a clothes dryer is a stick to hang out a window to catch the breeze.
    Some of the downright fraudulent claims are taking credit merely on the basis of being in the employment of the true inventor in a capacity having nothing to do with the idea itself.
    For the most part they Dindu Nuffin just like their cuz’s back in the Mudderland. Oh yeah they still have their Black Athena & Pyramids myths.
    Let’s face it, they are confused. They don’t want to act White but want to pretend when it suits their butt hurt self esteem.
    These are the same folks who when “discovered by the colonialism had no written languages on a continent of appx. 880+/- (2-3= “Egyptian” hieroglyphic, Arabic, an Coptic a derivative from their Egyptian neighbors, but none in the heart of darkness in sub-Saharan Negro land.

  4. frank says:

    The song is cute but the problem is everyone is waking up to the fact that we’ve been dealing with “dindu nuffin” problems for over 200 years with approximately zero progress. The great hope ~1900 to ~2010 was we’d fix things. Welp, didn’t happen. We tried (to the tune of trillions) and failed. Time to change course. Whites need the right to get away from these people and not have to deal with them or pay them at all.

  5. John Thomas says:

    Pretty cool that they used real live uggos for the mirrors commercial.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    Great song. Great.

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