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• 09.29.16 02:00 pm

Throughout today’s show, Gavin continuously called this episode the worst episode of the show ever. Michael Malice joined the show along with a Skype call from Men’s Rights activist and┬áTranny, Theryn Meyer.

The show started with Gavin going over Corey Feldman’s bizarre appearance on the Today Show. He appeared to have a realization that he is in competition with his boss, Anthony Cumia. Malice and Gavin had a pushup contest in the middle of the episode and then went into a lengthy argument about “pawns.”

Loren reveals she has Tourette’s

Guy robbed while playing Pokemon Go and streams it for the internet to see


King of West African tribe returns to landscaping job in Canada

Theryn Meyer’s MtF voice transformation.

  1. I Hear My Tranny A Coming says:

    All aboard the A traaaaaaaaaaaanny

  2. raymi says:

    Wait I wanna see where gavin talked about Corey!

  3. Once Waz Kangz says:

    Better to be a lawn jockey in America than King of the Zulu’s.
    These ungrateful bastard descendants of slaves deserve to trade places with their unlucky descendants of the Kangz that sold their ancestors. The Middle Passage was the NIGGER RAPTURE. The losers were left behind in the Mudderland.

  4. eeer says:

    No episode featuring Michael Malice can be the worst anything!

  5. eeer says:

    Theryn Myer hubba hubba!!!!

  6. TheSilentStormFrontSpermSuckingSociety says:

    Once Waz Kangz: I want you to take a deep, dark look in the mirror and shout this, “I HAVE NOONE TO BLAME BUT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!” That’s right, my knuckle dragging com padre. Next time you and the Doc are working on the Flux capacitor, set a stardate for “Just before my grand grandfather boned his first slave” and regale your toothless/soul-less/dickless Pappy with tales of the future he is about to unleash with his chickenshit seed. If you guys catch him before he nuts, maybe I’ll be watching the next NBA game and suddenly the players will begin to evaporate into the ether of time and space. #BUILDYOUROWNSHIT&FUCKYOUROWNWOMENNEXTTIME,CAVEBITCH.

  7. Once Waz Kangz says:

    Dear Loud Mouth Sperm Sucking Storm Front.

    According to my Grand Grand Don Sicilian capo papa, he was hiding his daughters from Barbary Pirates making booty raids on the village at that time.

  8. frank says:

    Any doctor involved with tranny drugs and operations needs ten years in the pokey. I do not understand how this shit is legal or considered as Hippocratic oath compliant.

    Do you realize these confused fags taking massive doses of estrogen are all going to die young of cancer? True proven fact.

    Actually, they’re going to kill themselves via suicide, drug overdoses, and STDs first. But if they didn’t they’d die of cancer and heart attacks induced by the drugs.

  9. White_Hispanic says:

    I liked the moustaches and realizing that Michael Malice is poor and has no girlfriend.

  10. John34 says:

    I like your suggestions. thank you for sharing.

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