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• 10.25.16 02:30 pm

Today’s show demonstrated how much range TGMS has.. The first guest was porn star Mac Turner, skyping in from California, to talk about working with Jessica Drake.

Then Jordan B. Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto, skyped in to talk about SJW’s. Then for the final hour, Comedian Terry McNeely came on to talk about the growing list of women coming out claiming Trump is a rapist and that he solicits women for sex.

Below is a list of articles, images and videos


Rolling Stone writer describes moment UVA student backed off gang rape story



A video posted by @amyschumer on


  1. Son of an NRA Gun says:

    I watched that fumbling caricature of an ugly stereotypical Jew fish media manipulator make a sow of herself on Rude O’ Reilly’s obnoxious grandstand. Jennifer Rubin is just the reason that zyklon was made for. Wapo along with the NYT are so deserving of a Timothy McVeigh literary deconstruction. When Cucky FOX is the guardian of the MSM hen house, and Obama, Merkel and Brits want to make sure there’s a way to insure there’s only “truthful” news, not crazy right wing outlets poisoning peoples minds, then you know dear reader YOU ARE FUCKED!
    Then we have Social Media Squid Zuckerberg working tentacle in algorithm with Merkel and EU to control “HATE” while in the UK the Tommy Robinsons get their doors kicked in by the bobbies and get their Asses locked up for defaming the religion of pieces. If this election goes Cackles way I believe we are going to see mind boggling vindictiveness on her part with her media lap dogs, Justice department Gestapo, and Silicon Valley Tech-gods, and comments like this will have dire consequences. Then dear brothers we will be meeting underground on the Dark Net or even deeper. Keep Assange and Snowden in your thoughts as we may all be in their boat soon.

  2. Repeal the 19th Amendment says:

    So a paid cock sucker opens her mouth for a different kind of payment. If that shitty breath she has was from a recent ATM scene in her usual line of work, that would make sense. In this case however we have the smell of bull shit coming from a very reliable 2-orifice source of shit vapors. You can count on the truth when a gal who takes one in the pink and one in the stink speaks her mind. It’s nice to note that the Nevada Bunny Ranch Whore House sluts have unanimously endorsed Hillary along with every other group of low-lifes in Sodom of America. Donald has now been called Hitler, a serial rapist, groper, fondler, sexist t, racist, fascist, blah, blah, blah….. I have no choice, since I’m one of the IRREDEEMABLE DEPLORABLES, to vote for him and besides the more of these bimbos that erupt, the more I’m convinced he’s the MAN for the job. Thanks MSM, I don’t believe anything that you say.

  3. Step Right Up, It's Shoah Time!!! says:

    Aaaaaaamy Shuuuuumer is a fuuuuucking Cuuuuuunt. Pleeeeeeease Putin drop a thermo-nuclear eeeeenema into the Holland tunnels Jewish Assssshole and my White brothers pleeeeease move the hell out of Hymie town….but all people of color stay puuuuuut and LGBTQ…xyz go to ground zeeeeero at the Stone Wall lounge for the pre-boooom tea party for a gay ole’ times up.

  4. Mygyn "Mugs" Kylly says:

    Sir, the issue is not *how many* sexual predators we have investigated on The Kylly Fyle. I assure you, we investigate each & every one to the utmost equally to terminate with extreme prejudice! Ah’ll be bakk, get to the choppah!

    However, Mein Herr, there is no Clinton superpredator on the ticket, monsieur! Go deal with your anger issues, ja voll! Also: why does that Rubin woman dress like Anne Frank, eeesh

  5. Cheapskate says:

    Sorry I subscribe to too many things these days so I’ll just have to use my imagination. Let’s see. I imagine that porn star Mac Turner said Jessica Drake was a bimbo and smelled like a French whore house. The takeaway from your interview was never trust a woman who sucks cock for a living. Then you had the Canadian egg head on who said sjw’s are narcissistic attention whores who are in for a rude awakening when they leave the safe space of their delusions and enter the real school of hard knocks – reality.
    Next you had another kind of attention whore on called a comic who I call clowns and he made you go ha ha hee hee while he made fun of the idea that an alpha like Trump would have to rape to get pussy. Then he mocked the notion of solicitation for sex as duh! “That’s what all men do to get pussy, one way or another, and marriage is the ultimate form of prostitution.”
    There, I watched TGMS 234 for free and probably didn’t miss a thing.

  6. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Sarah Silverman says patriotism scares her and that “Jews have a natural fear of nationalism”. I wonder what she thinks of the pro-Israel teachings at Jewish sleepaway camps. There’s a common thread running through all of the videos above. Gloria Allred, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Rubin, Sabrina Rubin Erdley, Jann Wenner(founder & publisher of Rolling Stone). I wonder what their ethnic backgrounds are. Hmmmm?

  7. Jimmy the Geek says:

    Hmmmmmm?????? Ahhhhh…I got it. They’re all gefilte fish! What were the odds…..

  8. Fwap, fwap says:

    Can Amy Schumer be any hotter than that no-makeup bed shot?

  9. Chief Slapahoe says:

    $$$10,000!!! for a poke?! For $10K I better get my freak on cuz no way I’m just pumping and dumping. I’m going full R. Kelly on that bitch. She best be ready to be my Nicki Minaj cuz I’m going to make her my personal scratch and dent sale and lock her in my closet with a glory hole to suck off all my homies who i’m viting over. That blonde bimbo going to look like a French Nazi whore who just got outed and is shaved and shamed when I kick her out the door into the gutter. I’ll get my money’s worth cha ching!

  10. Anka says:

    Thank you for sharing the post!

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