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• 11.21.16 02:00 pm

I would be shocked to find a White Supremacist living in Brooklyn. But let’s say that there is one. Would they draw something that is probably tattooed on their body and then mess it up? The Swastika seems like something no White Supremacist would mess up. This screams “fake” but I guess not for the Beastie Boys.

The drama that went down at Hamilton with Mike Pence was the subject of the start of the show. But really it focused on the blow hard that said the message to VP Pence. It seems like every few weeks Lin Manuel Miranda gives us a reason to think he’s a blow hard.

Below is the list of videos and articles we discussed on the show.

C+ show




Rolling StoneBeastie Boys Set Anti-Hate Rally After Swastikas Found in Adam Yauch Park




  1. Stormfront Sewer says:

    If you or those Beastie Boys want to find White (looking w/rat noses) Supremacists in Brooklyn, look no further than that rat’s nest called Crown Heights. The Hasidic Yids of this corner of Hymie town are the spiritual descendants with the same chutzpah, but less Matzah balls, as those genocidal maniacs who “CLEANSED” Canaan of the ‘Un-Chosen’. It’s also quite evident that that backward looking swastika is the work of another race of rat noses – the shit skinned Indians (curry not feather) who are burrowing into N.Y.’s Burroughs like backed up sewage.

  2. Your ENEMA says:

    ^HA HA you’re funny ASSHOLE.

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  4. Elle says:

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