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• 11.29.16 02:30 pm

There is something so satisfying going over internet “celebrities” melting down. It’s an amazing thing to see but what’s more amazing is when you realize that millions of people are involved in that drama. Juxtapose these fools with the men who rushed Normandy Beach.

Proud Boy Lance skyped in to talk about how he knew someone who goes to the place where the terrorist attack at OSU happened. It was not the most satisfying call the show has ever had.

The Asian club at Bowdoin college jumped on the victim train. The product they came up with was hilarious.

Fiction is For Fags was back. This time we discussed How the Scots Invented the Modern World. The link to the book is listed.

Uncle Hotep skyped into the show and had a great conversation on what it means to be “Woke” and what it is like being a black Trump supporter.



Fiction is for Fags #2: How the Scots Invented the Modern World

Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist

On one occasion I even, I am ashamed to admit, very diplomatically expressed negative sentiments on Islam to my wife. Nothing “overtly racist”, just some of the “innocuous” type of things the YouTubers had presented: “Islam isn’t compatible with western civilisation.”


A little bit of gay vibes coming off this one right?




Show rating: B+


  1. OogaBooga says:

    Miley Cyrus’s “breakdown” is particularly deserving of ridicule, right from the get-go:

    “Maybe I really am different,” she tells the world, because she is one of the people who “think with open hearts and open minds.”

    Yeah. Anyway, it’s interesting that the main cause of her grief was identical to Lena’s Dunham’s stated reason for sobbing that night–they were grieving for Hillary, because she was entitled to the presidency. She “deserved” it, because she “worked her whole life” to be the first vagina pres.

    Miley and Lena thought they’d be in the inner-circle of the power–having cosmo pajama parties and pillow fights in front of Hill and Bill at the White House. But by the end of the video, she’s already directly addressing the guy who actually won the election:

    “Anything you ever want to talk about. Or understand…. Please, if you want to open your mind and open your heart, I would love to give you a key.”

    TRANSLATION: You can grab me by the pussy. You can do anything.

  2. The World of Ray says:

    Yo, y’all respect the Ferguson effect, as da beat downs we deserve for dissing po po like in dat vid, IT done save our Ass from the True Justice of being posterized in a Blue-World Star alternative video where Bull Conner rises again to whip out a can of ASS whupping.
    Please be the first idiot to subscribe and shout out to my Fox, Tucker Carlson who don’t take shit and suffers no fools yo yo yo and super duper Indiana Jones kudos to the pig who martyred by ventilation the skinny ass benihana pirate violating the sanctity of snowflake space and to all the kooky looking slant eyes trying to get in on the civil rights racket, fuck off an go back to your STEM studies you piss skinned geeks and to the Scots my eternal gratitude for the tissues but especially for Johnny Walker Blue, why? He needed da money! and so does Nero the depraved alternative Alternative to real ALT who Tweet no more but can #Gab all he wants when he’s not being stuffed with black cock by butt busters like Tyrone – Long-Dick-Style, who fill his needs for some Dark Enlightenment unless Big Brody comes along to coitus interruptus the gay ole’ time.
    Show rating: AAA for Assholes.

  3. TWalsh2 says:

    White folks don’t give a shit about asians one way or the other. #This is 2016.

  4. If Only Hop Sing was Hip says:

    America is one big ole’ Pity party where everyone is trying to out sympathy the “others” for the crown of the most Boo Hoo oppressed boo of them all.
    America’s official sanctioned Piñata is dear ole’ White male.
    Whitey, please (((“SELF-IDENTIFY”))) as one of the above and when they ask what happened to Whitey? We all say they was raptured by identity politics and we is the ‘Outta of Africa’ lost tribe of Albinos who are back in touch with our original deconstructed selves.
    Play their game and sue sue sue when they try to deny their lying eyes.

  5. MSCGA! says:

    Gavin! Gavin! Gavin!

  6. imyar says:

    I don’t even know where to begin.

  7. AZN spazz says:

    Miley is the little harlot last seen chromecasting/Airplaying her vajeen to the collective Jumbotron; the idea of taking advice from the spoiled little monster is obviously a “sanity check” or sanitation career to interdict the complete brain death or flight of sense from a diseased doting daddyarchy. Why did we hand the keys to the convertible of society to bubblehead Sweet 16 princesses needing a dose of “egorexia” peer pressure… Because the twat robots spend $$$, that’s why. They grow the gross domestic boner. If you think I don’t grok how capitalism festers bitchification remember this is a sage Confucian talking, I copped this “Santa Baby” type in the original Cantonese. They seem cute when young but sooner than you can say “Place eggs in handbag” you’ve got incipient dragon lady on your case. The bright side is to use her for Tiger Mom. Ralph from The Honeymooners should be living at this hour

  8. 6079 Smith, W. says:


    Johnny Time, THE TONIGHT SHOW, 1977!

    Opened his act with “Herro.”
    Still cracks me up, and I say it to everyone, because I’m a feelthy racist PEEG!

  9. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Johnny YUNE.
    Fucking autoincorrect.

  10. On the Prowl for Cougars says:

    Who are you and WHAT HAPPENED TO RAYMI ?!?!?!

  11. Absolute Wierdo says:

    Tampon jewelry is only outrageous if it’s BLOODY tampon jewelry. If the dog and cat don’t try to get after your ears or neck, then you’re just a wannabe.

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