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• 12.20.16 02:00 pm

This is the most MTV talk in the last 10+ years. Gavin went over the now infamous “Hey, White Guys” video released by MTV. It will probably go in the video olympics Hall of Fame.


Jim Goad skyped into the show to talk about the backlash Trump supporters continue to get and the danger of being afraid to speak your mind.

Ariana Rowlands skyped in to talk about her time as president of the College Republicans at UC-Irvine.

Listed below are all the links to the videos and articles discussed on today’s show.

CNN Uses Germany Attack To Bash The Right

Time: Using a Truck as a Weapon Called an ‘Evolution’ in Terror Strategy





FIFF: Archie?




  1. It’s weird that these posts never link to Gavin’s actual show, in case some non-subscriber wants to sign up…

  2. Dillary Trinton says:

    Hey Kathy! How’s it going there, raising the next generation of Canadian conservatives? Because nothing would be more hypocritical than being a barren, childless Catholic conservative 😉

  3. nacirema says:

    Hey now, lay off Kathy’s womb. Just because you’re a prolific creator of SC commentators doesn’t make you a father, unless you consider them your bastard turd sons.

  4. Cultural Club says:

    MTV is still around?????? I thought it went the way of Myspace…

  5. Vanderleun says:

    We need to start tracklng these vile cunts down in the real world and punching them in the teeth. Hard.

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