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• 01.04.17 02:00 pm

Lots of Lily Allen talk today. She recently got in a spat with Tommy Robinson so we had him on the show to discuss it. Incidentally, Gavin started looking at photos of her in a sailor’s outfit. 

Wayne Dupree came in to talk about the pathetic attempt by celebs to stop Trump. How many times have they tried at this point?

We discussed Hidden Rebellion with Daniel Rabourdin, his film about the French Revolution.

Below are the lists of links that we discussed on today’s show.

Lily Allen clashes with Tommy Robinson


You can buy or rent the movie Hidden Rebellion here.






  1. OogaBooga says:

    Great stuff. But I wish someone would write an article–or at least a comment in the comments section–about what a stupid, no-talent, embarrassing, old, ugly pathetic cunt Zandy Hartig is. Who is Zandy Hartig, you ask? Zandy Hartig is a stupid, no-talent, embarrassing, old, ugly pathetic cunt, with fascist tendencies. I forgot the fascist tendencies part.

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