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• 09.28.16 02:00 pm

Today on TGMS, Mike Cernovich joins Gavin to discuss FILFs (Feminists I’d Like to Fuck). Then Jack Posobeic, Special Projects Director of Citizens for Trump, joins them to talk about his recent arrest at one of Hillary’s rallies.

You can follow Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich on Twitter @JackPosobiec and @Cernovich. Gavin dedicated this episode to the women of India.

Below is a list of links to articles, videos and tweets we went over on today’s TGMS. They are listed chronologically.

Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake


Vox’s Elizabeth Plank


Cernovich Reference and TGMS favorite, “first kiss cringe.”


@CernovichsDog twitter account

Aussie Doodle


Million Dollar Extreme: World Peace – The Wall Show


Same Height Party


Cosmo’s Jill Filipovic


The Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi



Jack’s Periscope, run in with DC Park Police

Laci Green


Theryn Meyer

White Girl Attacked in Charlotte by BLM supporters

  1. frank says:

    Huma Abedin really has impeccable taste. She knows how to doll herself up, and is never caught sloppy, and she’s charming. Too bad she’s a sociopath terrorist communist, married to a mentally ill NYC pervy kike.

  2. Glory Hole Steinem says:

    Gloria Steinem was a tall glass of water who had the mod squad look. Eminently fuckable. I’ve fucked a few self described feminists that become dog shit whores submitting to Anal, ATM, facials, threesomes, Bukkake, golden showers, choking when the COCK entered the cockpit. Filthy FILF’s. Pay no attention to chicks who babble about empowerment as it means shit when you hit the sack. Don’t kiss ass like a beta boy when they’re talking girl power, just nod with a Mona Lisa smile as their subconscious is registering your strong silent demeanor and the ancient DNA is signaling the hypothalamus and primal cortex centers of sex attraction that you are Alpha.
    Fuck em good and never chase them. In their twisted minds they will think they are turning the tables by pursuing you, setting them up for the day you inexplicably drop them for no reason and move on.
    God pity the next guy (99.9% beta certainty) who she hooks up with.

  3. frank says:

    Oh wow everyone. This guy here ^ has HAD SEX. I’m so turned on right now.

  4. everyone says:

    OogaBooga’s circle jerk firing squad is loading up and is ready to fire.

  5. Alec Leamas says:

    Girl power is inherently ridiculous within the context of the act of coitus. Second wave feminists understood this, which is why they discouraged vaginal intercourse by proposing that all heterosexual sex is rape and that female empowerment is destroyed from within by the phallus. As an alternative, they proposed that lesbianism was the practice of the theory of feminism. Heterosexual feminists are probably in a constant state of conflict between their sexual desire as the receptive, passive participant in sex and their anxiety about being female as, in essence, a humiliation. The pleasure of penetration is a betrayal of an obsession with the acquisition of a form of male power. I agree with the above comment that physical passion can easily overcome feminist objections, however in the long term the conflict of the feminist will be sublimated and emerge to express itself in other destructive ways. Note that most professed feminists aren’t true, ideologically committed feminists and adhere to feminism only insofar as it provides benefits in their immediate life circumstances – hence women move right politically as they transition from singledom to marriage.

  6. Farook Jabooty says:

    Sounds like a lotta book learnin’

  7. Demetri Spartinos says:

    i wish the boners were do’s

  8. Shitavious Johnson says:

    What the hell is all this shit? Does some Asshole think I’m going to actually watch all of this? What the fuck does TGMS mean: Thank God More Shit.

  9. Lanette says:

    That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for cobntinuritg.

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