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• 02.23.16 07:26 am

Please don’t kill me, DMS. I tried to do this as respectfully as possible.


  1. Tacobelle Johnson says:

    when my professor said (in pre-PC canada) that “gangs are for fags” he was super right.

  2. Boris says:

    Boris would like to know is this blog safe again after the OogaBoogalypse???

  3. Mr. Lahey says:

    All clear Boris. My Shitdar is showing no contacts.

  4. TWalsh2 says:

    So far so good – let me throw a little bait out there just to make sure.


  5. DMS says:

    No. Get back under the covers.

  6. Mr. Lahey says:

    Wait…….wait………I……think…I feel the winds of shit in the air???

  7. Mr. Whipple says:

    Don’t worry, the History 2 channel has the NAZI TITANTIC episode on with lots of Nazi Jewy propaganda footage of hook noses and rats scurrying about. That means he’s occupied for the time being.

  8. Mr. Rogers says:

    Give em a little time – they’ll be here after they eat their Jew dinners.

  9. Mr. Robinson says:

    Has anyone seen my wife?

  10. raymi says:

    Do they have any Toronto chapters?

  11. Mr. Mister says:

    Cool gang story bro.

  12. Kook Aid Acid Test says:

    I’ve seen Gavin’s kind of scenario. It’s usually stoner college kids, little would be Margaret Meads going out on anthropology safaris to explore the cannibals in the edgy dive bars. They get a thrill watching real life Ken Keseys and other shit house poets wax poetic and drink, snort, fight, and fornicate. Of course you can get burned, but that’s the thrill for the vicarious. They fantasize when they play their GrandTheftAuto but those Dark-Side joints are the real deal.

  13. Ken Kesey says:

    The Toronto chapter specializes in gang bangs

  14. Bar fly says:

    You know you’re not in Kansas anymore when the regulars in those roach infested bars all have handles. Colorful characters with rap sheets all and usually either in the construction trades, mechanics or drug dealers. I’ve had a local waterhole my whole life and it would be poetic justice if I died on a stool at “last call for alcohol.”

  15. Charles "Henry" Bukowski says:

    Tully: Why did you send your stuff to us?
    Henry: Well, I liked the title of the mag. It boggled my scrotum.
    Tully: Why don’t you stop drinking? Anybody can be a drunk.
    Henry: Anybody can be a non-drunk. It takes a special talent to be a drunk. It takes endurance. Endurance is more important than truth.

  16. mikes says:

    Amateurs. If you really have to, join a mafia not a gang.

  17. Lord Ezec says:

    Punks are poseurs. Put them in a prison with real gangs and they become cigarette carton currency in girlfriend swaps. Always the same upper middle class white kids bored out of their gourds playing pretend. Wigger fascination with rap is the same phenomenon. Young NYC Jewish nerds Beastie Boys ape the bro’s and ever since wannabe Mathers talking tough and strong.
    Here’s a link to Halloween scary looking Danny Diablo and his DMS.

  18. this is a really really good story/cartoon

  19. Machine Gun Kelly says:

    @ Brendan Kelly

    Checked your link 9-11 truther. Here’s an excerpt from your “Dildo” 2nd article for a taste of your flavor:

    ” Sooooo, terror is in the news, eh? That Donald Trump, he hates Muslims, and he’s making quite a stink in our national underpants about it. Even though ISIS (and their estranged bros in Al Qaeda) are only tangentially related to the actual teachings of Islam, he’s stirred a racist, xenophobic national attitude into a frenzy, which in turn has triggered an angry backlash from the people I’m gonna call the “non-total assholes.” But throughout this fear-fueled back and forth, there’s an elephant in the room that I haven’t heard anyone mention, so I’m gonna mention it now. To be clear, I am pro-Muslim, anti-terror, pro-logic, pro-common sense, anti-racist, anti-border and generally fairly reasonable. Please take this here lil essay as it is, and not as some sort of veiled doublespeaky anti-Muslim propaganda, cool? Cool. Let’s rap.”
    Then it goes on Ad Nauseam into 9-11 truther looneytoonville…..

  20. Woodrow Wilson says:

    Every art and every inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good; and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim.

  21. Joey says:

    @ Machine Gun…
    Naw you didn’t comprehend. If you can make sense between all the edgy hipster talk, he’s making 9-11 and subsequent terrorist events look like random attacks with no rhyme or reason. He also is just making the usual indoctrinated stoner moral equivalency argument between the Planned Parenthood attacker and Worldwide Islamic Terrorism with the usual nothing (ISLAM) to see here, move along. The purpose of that I guess is to say the real scary shit is racist hillbillies who are the same as ISIS. Of course one mentally ILL gunfire incident to his kind means all “law-abiding” ARA members are evil hicks. With that kind of logic imagine what his conclusion of black on black murders would be. Mr. Logic & Commons Sense wouldn’t fall for that trick.

  22. TommyTwoTune says:

    Can’t make my mind up of whether it’s drug induced brain damage or if he’s a SJW educated poet. Either way he’s just another kid wanking away.

  23. TommyTwoTune says:

    That comment was directed at you, Brendan.

  24. Tony D. says:

    Wow… You are heavily disabled.

  25. Woody Allen Wrench says:

    Subliminal message in today’s topic?
    In the aftermath of the OogaBooga Jewish Shit Storm, was this a good idea?
    DMS Lord Ezec aka DannyDiablo is 1/2 Jew, and wears it proudly with his Star of David tats, and on his vests, as can clearly be seen in the toon. This will only raise the peckerwood ire of him whose nose knows all things kosher. Even now his little troll ears are wiggling and his snout is wrinkling to the sounds and smells of this blog. Was this an accident or were — “they” — behind it ???
    Only the nose knows.

  26. Arthur Koestler says:

    @ Woodrow Wilson
    George Orwell would concur. I am on the side of history’s angels, therefore I’m a “Progressive”, not to be confused with self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier than thou, wrong side of history, “reactionaries”. Don’t mind the mess, lots of broken eggs in this omelette.

  27. Mark Dribblez says:

    Aw jeez 10 years later and now somebody’s pullin my original TPB ripoff name, Streetcarnage has fallen off. Where are all the hot sweaty beat boners carnage pulls

  28. Silent night says:

    “And all was quiet, not a peep to be heard, late at night 🕒, on Street Carnage. Even 🇮🇱 OogaBooga 🇮🇱, was lost in his 💭 dreams 💭, still recovering from the 🌩 madness, he had 🔓 unleashed.” ✡✡✡

  29. The REAL Ooga Booga says:

    Oogabooga loves Jesus. THAT is the gang for me; the Heavenly Angels of the True Believers.

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