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Street Carnage
• 01.01.13 09:30 pm

Jan Terri is many things: a woman, a singer, a songwriter, and entertainer, an entrepreneur, a proud Chicaogan, and a woman. (We said “woman” twice because she’s plus-sized.)

She has brought her joy and her charm and her talent and her gifts and her beauty to untold YouTube viewers through the years. As we start our long, ugly, fat, and semi-retarded journey through this New Year, we thought it wise to share with you, our esteemed and discriminating readers, some of Jan’s finest moment’s through the years, including a 2011 cut from her “comeback” album that ends with her wishing her millions of listeners a Happy New Year.

  1. Skunky says:

    Finally! After all these years an answer to the void left by Wesley Willis!

    If I’m gonna listen to bad music THIS is the stuff I like. Better than Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera and the rest of the junk put out as product for years.

    If I am gonna watch crap, it better be watchable crap!

  2. Dan says:

    Journey to Mars might be the best Judas Priest song I’ve ever heard.

  3. […] Some say Chicago’s greatest musical gift to the world. The fine folks over at StreetCarnage have a loving retrospective of Jan’s video music career. Brilliant. Thanks Pinky for celebrating Jan’s amazing […]

  4. 8===o--- says:

    My time is precious and it’s not 2005. Get newer memes ASAP

  5. Kennedy says:

    By 2011, the guy who edits her videos finally learned to sync the first lyrics of the song with a performance take. The other ones don’t show her mouth until midway through the verse.

  6. This sounds like the half-drunken moaning of rundown keraoke bar with an inexplicable amount of blood in the bathroom.

    I think music/art/expression this terrible is actually a very effective form of art. It emotes something much more common to (most people’s) human experience than more well put together works do: being pathetic, desperate and mediocre.

    Life is grand.

  7. MC Hammer says: I have another fetish.

  8. hmm says:

    if you released these as an ariel pink album nobody would know the difference

  9. ian says:

    holy fuck this sounds like Neil Young.

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