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• 06.27.14 06:09 pm

Scaring a tourist while dressed as a snowman is a relatively kind gesture for the funny community but going into the hood and stealing people’s phones, well that’s mighty white of you. 

I used to think this is fake but now I think it’s wonderful. The fact that they kept going after several punches to the head gives me faith in humanity. These guys deserve the Pulitzer Prize in funny balls.

  1. Chris says:

    I’m not sure that’s balls. It may just be stupidity.

  2. Snow says:

    Even the snatch ‘n’ grabs are getting gentrified now.

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    The skinnier one is named Mohammad and the other one is some bunch of sounds that I can’t hope to reproduce orally or in writing. They claim to be Palestinian Arabs; in which case, they probably don’t feel the same constraints on their behavior due to fear of being labeled racists (although youtube comments still do).

  4. Ben says:

    These blacks are a bunch of vile, stupid animals. What kind of retarded behaviour is that? Beating someone up because he’s snatching your dumb phone. I hope they get killed. Bunch of fucking apes.

  5. Lane says:

    Reminds me of Harmony Korine’s film series called Fight Harm where he fucked with random people on the street until they beat him up. David Blaine shot it.

    “In the late 90s, Korine teamed up with magician David Blaine to make Fight Harm, an apparently vérité documentary in which Korine placed himself directly in harm’s way. He would pick fights with people and then lose the battle on camera. Along the way, Korine was brutalizing, jailed and hospitalized.”

    “Korine and Blaine filmed nine fights but ended up with not even an hour of footage. In the end, Korine admitted he didn’t have the stamina to sustain the project, so it remains unfinished and unseen. He told John Waters he’s received countless requests to screen Fight Harm and he remains unsure whether it’s better to finally show it or for people just to know it exists.”

  6. Sammy says:

    Holy crap, how is Ben not censored here? Thinking someone is stealing from you may very well elicit a violent reaction.

  7. dad says:

    hi ben, its julie from HR, i just wanted to see if you could come by the HR office sometime today, just wanted to touch base with you regarding our policies on web-blogs and best practices for internet commentary.

    have a wonderful day!

  8. Ben says:

    Eat a dick, Julie. Someone needs to put these violent animals down.

  9. Richard Campos says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but how else should one deal with a thief? Like some startled, domesticated pussy outside his favorite gastropub who thinks strolling into the street with a $500 smartphone to his ear is some sort of natural right to take for granted? The government isn’t going to “put these stupid animals down” so weak dicks can safely mock common sense. Get real and start looking less to big brother and more to yourself.

  10. Ben says:

    Why would you spend that much money on a fucking PHONE? 500 BUCKS? You’re a complete RETARD if you spend that much on a phone.
    Of course it’s not cool if someone just grabs your dumb phone but I WOULDN’T REACT LIKE AN APE. “SOMEONE TOOK MY ROBOT AWAY! I NEED TO BEAT THE SHIT OUF HIM!” That’s retarded behaviour.
    “Get real and start looking less to big brother and more to yourself.”
    First of all go fuck yourself. Don’t portray me like some helpless turd that needs the government to think for me. Seriously go fuck yourself. Secondly that smartphone IS Big Brother.

  11. Richard Campos says:

    How would you react then, Ben? Reason with them? Call the police? Wait to see if it’s just a prank? “…hope they get killed”? How is beating the shit out of someone who just invaded your personal space and ripped a device with personal info from your hand [with a retail value of $500 before service agreement] not an appropriate response?

  12. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Great. You work hard to get all buff and shit and learn how to fight real good so people can tell you can handle yourself… and then you discover it’s exactly those traits that make you stand out as a target for harassment in the street. Ain’t that a bitch!

  13. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    And why you all jumpin on Ben’s ass like that? Ain’t y’all ever heard a peace-loving pacifistic hateful racist spew vitriol about the virtues of non-violence before?

  14. Terry Thomas says:

    I agree with Ben, what’s the deal with starting a punch up coz someone grab’s yer phone? It’s a bit much FFS.

    And paying $500 on a phone? Fuck that shit.

    Tard’s everywhere.

  15. Ben says:

    “And why you all jumpin on Ben’s ass like that? Ain’t y’all ever heard a peace-loving pacifistic hateful racist spew vitriol about the virtues of non-violence before?”

    Hey, dipshit. I didn’t say one racist thing.

  16. Ben says:

    “Holy crap, how is Ben not censored here? Thinking someone is stealing from you may very well elicit a violent reaction.”

    You know what? You’re right. That’s what the internet needs. MORE censorship.

  17. Quotin' Quentin says:

    “I hope they get killed. Bunch of fucking apes.”

    Gavin McInnes: Not racist but #1 with racists.

  18. Ben says:

    “Gavin McInnes: Not racist but #1 with racists.”
    Don’t turn this into a racial thing, fuckface. Their behaviour was ape-like. If you’re white and you behave like a goddamned ape I will call you a fucking goddamned ape.
    If you react in this manner then you shouldn’t be a part of society. You should be put in a cage because you’re a stupid, violent animal. Of course I’m exaggerating here but don’t you think it’s worrisome that there are people that go batshit crazy when someone takes their expensive silly toy away? I’ve said before that the phone grabbing wasn’t cool but if you really think that beating the fucking shit out of another human being is the appropriate response then you should get a grip stat. I’m proud that I’m not a retarded ape whose first reaction is violence and I’m proud that I don’t spend tons of cash on silly gadgets (phones, video games etc.). So eat my shit you ape.

  19. stormfront says:

    “eat my shit you ape”

    Charming. Would you be free to have tea sometime, you “I’m not racist BUT I think The Blacks are animals” mouthbreathing tool, you?

  20. Ben says:

    “Charming. Would you be free to have tea sometime, you “I’m not racist BUT I think The Blacks are animals” mouthbreathing tool, you?”
    Sure. I love tea and I would love to converse with you on this issue. Unless you’re one of these spiritual Yoga knobs. Do you have any Darjeeling? Fuckin love that shit.
    They happen to be black. So? I’m sure there are white, yellow or whatever maniacs that would react EXACTLY like they did. Like an ape. There are white apes. There are yellow apes. There are black apes. There are green apes. There are translucent apes. I didn’t call them apes because they were black. I called them apes (and other things) because they acted like fucking APES and you definitely understood that. So don’t turn this into a racial thing because that’s not what it’s about. This is about people going batshit crazy and using violence the second you take their dumb, silly, overpriced phones away. Would you react like this? If so, I’d call you a violent, retarded, lunatic ape regardless of your complexion you blockhead.

  21. dick lubin says:

    chimps, our closest ape relatives fight when competing for females or for territory. chimp alpha males run their tribes with brutal efficiency, subjugating their male followers with violence, exchanging security for sex with the females, and actively lead raiding expeditions into other chimp communities, with no other purpose but to murder, rape, and steal.
    to insult someone by comparing them to apes doesnt really make sense given that we humans have the same tendencies towards violence. its like trying to insult someone by making fun of their opossable thumbs.

  22. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    I’m sorry, Ben. Do you hate racism?

  23. Ben says:

    @dick lubin: Well, thanks for the clarification, random ape history teacher.
    @ChiTownPlayaHata: I don’t know why you’re asking me this and what that has to do with anything here. I’m not a huge fan of racism because I’m not a fucking close-minded, hateful idiot. There’s nothing positive or smart about racism. It can lead to truly awful happenings. That said I’m not one of these turds that wants to ban racism. It’s tricky. Racism/hate speech as awful as it is still falls under freedom of speech and I don’t want to take people’s rights away. You can be racist all goddamn day. Go ahead and be openly stupid and vile. I don’t give a shit. I don’t judge people based on their complexion. I judge them based on how they behave so could we all stop arguing about one fucking word and get back to their crazy ass, violent behaviour? Like a bunch of fucking five-year-olds (with adult strength) that go mental when you take their toys away. They shouldn’t be spending that much money ON A FUCKING PHONE anyway. Fucking retards.

  24. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Hi Ben,

    So, your basic position is that people shouldn’t use violent means to respond to theft of property. They should, instead, call the police and let them use violence–or at least the threat of violence–to recover the property?

    And you feel that in the cases depicted here, the violence is motivated by the fact that the victims spent too much money on a phone. Do you think that the principle of the matter comes into play, as well? For instance, if this guy walked up to one of these dudes and, instead, snatched a joint out of his mouth and took a puff, that the reaction would be significantly different?

  25. Ben says:

    @ChiTownPlayaHata: it’s not like the dude was running away with their phones. I’d run after him if he did that.
    A puff off a joint costs like what? Five cents? OH MY GOD NOT MY PRECIOUS FIVE CENTS!! LOL I’ve never even thought about how much a puff would cost. That’s so fucking silly.
    My phone cost less than dirt. I don’t have anything important on it. Somebody could take my phone away from me, stick it up their ass and shit it out in front of me and I wouldn’t give a fuck. I think you’re a massive idiot if you buy an expensive phone and I’ve laughed at people who have them before. You got some deep mental issues if you react like this. Stupid, violent fucks. If you don’t think their behaviour isn’t at least as bad as the snatching you’re as fucked up as they are.

  26. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Well, Ben, i’m not sure how i’d react. I might stand there, blinking, trying to figure out what just happened. But, if I sensed he was coming at me, I’d probably be in fight or flight mode, and I might react by punching or tackling him. I don’t know how much my phone cost. I just keep getting a new one from the phone company every few years. But I have some pretty awesome nude photos on it of chicks I like, so i really wouldn’t want those in the hands of some mugger. I’m thinking if I had a gun on me I’d probably just cap the guy in the knee.

  27. DooDoo Brownstein says:

    I would definitely use whatever force was necessary to recover my phone.

  28. angelo says:

    The pranksters might actually be masochists. They actually get a sexual thrill of getting beaten up

  29. angelo says:

    They should do one in a white neighborhood and see how they would react

  30. STINKY says:

    i got opinions, man

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