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• 05.14.17 04:03 pm

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Fighting fascists can be a rough gig. Finding the motivation to kick some Nazi ass isn’t all too hard with their stupid accents, puffy pants, and love for genocide but actually finding some of them is. Changing the definition of what a Nazi is does make it a tad bit easier but having to travel and tell people their culture isn’t what they consider it to be must suck. Gavin explains in his article.

  1. Bill Curve says:

    Proud Boys” should check out the latest Murdoch Murdoch video. Gavin has a starring role and it’s a fantastic performance. Trust me, you won’t regret watching this, Gavin enters at m6:22:

  2. Stoned Wally Jackson says:

    Oh, God, the half-assed Southerners are back to defend the brand again. Your history is one of being a loser. You fought the war and lost. Lincoln took you back in without too much punishment and you dumbasses killed him. You kept the darkies under wraps for a hundred extra years, but the feds came back again and dragged you sorry , inbred asses into the 20th Century. And as hard as you tried to degrade and humiliate the blacks, your kids and grandkids now get together and fuck those “‘animals” and make beautiful little mixed race babies while listening to Kenny West and Beyonce.

    If air-conditioning hadn’t been invented, you would be sitting around for 9 months of the year in a gravy-clogged stupor, soaked in sweat and drawling out incoherent sentences like a stroke victim.

    Fuck the South!

  3. Don Drapist says:

    Blacks were the threat then. Frivolous gay men are the instigators of cultural holocaust now. But you can’t enslave them, then pass Fugitive Homo Act, they like that sort of thing. They control everything & it’s fucking hopeless. Go live in the woods

  4. Alec Leamas says:

    In 2017 we took a little trip . . .

  5. Gay Congressman says:

    I will introduce a bill to replace all statues of clothed heterosexual men with naked Greek homosexual statues.

  6. frank says:

    Sherman did nothing wrong.

  7. The Colonel says:

    Disgusting. Where’s the outrage over the Egyptian pyramids which the *alleged lol* Nigger pharaohs commissioned with Jew slave labor (if only that were true)? What about (more lol) the *Black Athena* Acropolis which was a culture of slaves who outnumbered free men. Tear down that motherfucker too? While we’re at should we tear down the Luxor Las Vegas as emblematic of the Negro slave trade, which made it all possible since there’s nothing else from Nigger history (no the Egyptians and Greeks ain’t gonna let the Nigs tear down their tourist trade) that stands from a group of losers who produced only mud/grass hut architecture and never even invented the wheel or agriculture or written languages until the moozies and whitey showed em how. The Muslims enslaved the greatest number of darkies and were also the main middle men facilitating the Middle Passage. Should NIGGERS be advocating a Nuclear strike on Mecca?
    An enterprising deep pockets theme park entrepreneur should get ahead of this Bell Curve and offer through sub contractors (incognito) to remove all the Confederate monuments and then erect a private theme park where all these monuments, mementos, historical artifacts come together in a 6-flags Dixierama type park with entertainment, rides (including roller coasters, water, VR, etc…), minstrel shows, reinacted hangings, cross burnings, you name it, that celebrates all things Dixie. All Confederate graves and stones exhumed and transferred to a brand new Confederate version of Arlington Memorial inside that theme park. Free entry to all Niggers!!

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