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• 11.21.12 12:16 pm

I love the “full retard” controversy that Tropic Thunder went through because it sums up the offended community perfectly. Tropic Thunder was lampooning assholes who go for a cheap Oscar by acting retarded but the joke flies over everyone’s head and the lampooners get attacked. 

Then the offended tell retards that someone’s not defending them (as was the case) but calling them retards. Oy Vey. Anyway, the chick from Mad TV who does Ms. Swan has done basically the same joke but taken it way farther and it’s awesome. I can’t embed it but you can watch the trailer here. She made a wonderful movie about a retarded prostitute who dared to dream. Judges said she shouldn’t be able to pursue her vocation, Johns were grossed out, and her sister tried to tell her that you’re supposed to get paid for it but she ignored them all and she did it. Oscar time!

Of course, TV Carnage was calling bullshit on these actors before anybody.




  1. RED says:

    The black guy at 1:49 does some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen an extra do.

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