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I spent some time in the anti-cop movement and although many have their hearts in the right place, they are being manipulated by rich socialists. I know it sounds crazy but let’s start at the end. 

George Soros spent $33 m in one year promoting civil unrest. The Department of Justice funds Trayvon demonstrations. Riots are good for business if you’re in the business of big government. Why the fuck a billionaire like Soros is interested in more regulations is beyond me. Alls I know is, black people rioting about police brutality has nothing whatsoever to do with communism. If you want to see what kind of scrutiny the cops would be under if the commies got their way, check Russia or China. These are places where journalists are beaten to death by cops if they dare print something about police brutality.

My column this week is about sitting in the middle of this mess and trying to figure it out.

  1. Rob says:

    Great piece! We have the same thing up here, except the radical Left seems to be using a two-pronged attack. They use the Aboriginals as their economic destruction pawns and our domestic Muslim population as the cultural destruction pawns. The hellishness will arise when these two groups of dupes begin recognizing the commonality of their aims. Two young men from Ottawa recently arrested on terrorism charges have just “declared” their native heritage. Considering the high incarceration rates in both groups the question is not when. Things will heat up this spring, as soon as it is warm enough to drink beer outside for extended periods of time. Today marks the first day of speeches at a national self-flagellation “round table” for Missing and Abused native women. It is to be held on Parliament Hill. It doesn’t matter that the statistics show that the overwhelming majority of crime visited on these women is perpetrated by Native males. The head of AFN has already declared that native men canno’t be blamed because of the continuing scars of colonialism. The “Whites” will be the only ones singled out for vilification.You have the spectral reality of young native girls babbling on about white male privilege…The radical Left is creating a monster. Journalists? I honestly think many (especially the “elite” journs.)in this country have simply been bought off through the loophole of well-paid speaking engagements. Don’t ever mention this fact though. Oh no. Journalists in this country seem to be beyond reproach. Thanks for info on Project Veritas.

  2. MoistAngst says:

    It pains me to admit that I at one time in the stupidity and inexperience of my youth deeply identified with Marxism/Leninism. A couple of years of living in the real (post-college) world quickly cured me of that bullshit. Having to work with incompetent affirmative-action placements time and time again will dispel any notion of worker solidarity that you might have had. So will being forced to join a union along with having to pay the ridiculous dues that come with joining, even for a low-pay, part-time job. It’s a small wonder that most of the people who so fervently embrace radical leftist dogma tend to be the same folks who’ve never worked hard or held a real job in their lives. Having an Etsy store doesn’t make you a member of the proletariat. Neither does having a fashion blog. These are the same people who will bitch about the supposedly racist police, but then turn right around and loudly complain about how “ghetto” and “distressed” their local mall is becoming, what with all the “unsupervised youth” running around. If you have the audacity to call them out on their hypocrisy, you’ll be treated to an earful of theoretical commie nonsense. That theoretical (insert preferred victim group here) liberation stuff is the best. It’s like play-doh. It can be molded to any argument in any way they see fit, regardless of logic, experience, or common sense. The average layperson has no conception of the lengths to which Communism will go to twist, distort, and totally reinvent reality to further itself. I have friends who are still involved with it and I’m always held in absolute awe at their inability to think for themselves. They don’t actually interact with the world, but rather simply pass through it. It’s almost like a sort of schizophrenia. Of course, they’re all from comfortable, upper middle-class backgrounds and have never known the drudgery of manual labor, so I guess that’s to be expected. Remember kids, Marx had a maid. A FUCKING MAID.

  3. Ben says:

    Reverend (lol) Al Sharpton is simply the absolute fucking worst. Just a vile piece of garbage.

  4. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    The fact that president Obama meets with and listens to Al Sharpton is a complete joke. The fact that MSNBC allows him to have his own show is equally laughable. The show’s only worth is that it provides us all with a chance to laugh at his illiteracy. Also, Al Sharpton’s wife, Kathy Jordan, looks like a black man in drag. He’s a crook and an opportunist just like Jesse Jackson and Benjamin Crump. I’m glad that O’Keefe and yourself went after Sharpton and his ilk. I copied and pasted a comment that someone posted below your Taki article. The commenter recommends a good website that goes well with what you and O’Keefe are doing…

    “A good model for citizen activism is ‘The Last Refuge’ aka Conservative Treehouse. They did a lot of useful work in exposing the Trayvon and Mike Brown hoaxes and they do it by capturing social media pages of the people involved before they can be ‘sanitized’ or deleted and news videos which are then carefully analyzed through crowd sourcing. Its amazing what 50 or so people can uncover just sitting at home playing detective and carefully reviewing the photos and videos these leftist groups post. Its also fun!”

    …You mention in your article that blacks absolutely hate the milquetoast white liberals who support them and their causes. This is 100% true. I used to live in Seattle with these kind of white people. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Seattle I’ll let you know that it’s 80% white, very liberal and very passive-aggressive. Most of its citizens are walking stereotypes of the white urbanite “progressive”. I immediately noticed Seattle’s limp-wristed demeanor when I moved there. I shared some of my observations with a black gentleman at a bar where I was watching a basketball game. We started talking B-ball but the conversation drifted to talking about Seattle. I mentioned that I thought the majority of people living there were wimps. He nodded and agreed saying, “Yeah, I’m from Dallas originally and the people in Seattle are completely pussified.”
    It’s the same with a Tumblr page that I like to hate read and laugh at. It’s called “This Is White Culture”. From what I can tell it’s run by an angry female blipster who’s probably pissed at the world because she majored in African-American Studies and therefore is only qualified to work at the DMV. The Tumblr page has all the black SJW grievances. Complaints about cultural appropriation and white privilege, claims about black people inventing everything under the sun, claims about black people originating from Ancient Egypt. The last one is hilarious because all black Americans originate from places in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, despite my disagreement with most of the views expressed on the page I do love it when they make fun of white liberals. They hate them. There’s barely any criticism of conservatives but there’s a ton of venom spewed at white progressives and in particular white women and white feminists. Good, the disingenuine fuckers deserve it.

    Here’s a video that also shows the pussification of the modern white male. It’s of Afroman punching one of his white female fans. Notice at the end of the video how the boyfriend jumps on the stage and meekly apologizes to Afroman instead of going into full rabid pitbull mode and kicking Afroman’s ass. Pretty much sums up all of the white SJWs that Gavin mentions in his Taki article…

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    When the next homegrown Islamic terrorist attack happens in North America I’m not going to be the least bit surprised if I find out that the terrorists have ties to the Black Live Matter movement and that they were also readers of Red Flag magazine.

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