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John Pittsley
• 10.27.17 03:24 pm

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People can’t seriously be upset or surprised by the news that the Disney Channel is going to have a show featuring a character coming out of the closet. I can see why the news may be a little unsettling for younger viewers or surprising to the elderly but if you’re not wearing diapers, this should all be expected.

Maybe this could come as a shock if the Disney Channel didn’t already have gay characters on some of their shows. But even if they didn’t, I would still think this would all be expected to a certain degree. If not just because of the times we live in today then for the simple fact that nearly every character on that channel already acts like a tremendous queer.

Just look at their shows. Every single one of them is gay as fuck. I don’t ever remember watching that shit when I was a kid and I don’t know about other ‘adults’ but I sure as shit don’t watch it now. Mostly because it’s brutally painful to watch, almost like getting butt fucked in the eyes. Spending thirty minutes watching any of those shows would be like sitting at the dorkiest table during lunch at school.

Everyone on there is corny as hell and lame as shit. Getting any of them to do a bump or drill a hole in the Girl’s bathroom wall would be like pulling teeth. It’s as if they’re all based off the kid who would tell on everyone in school. It makes you want to jump through the screen and give them all atomic wedgies. Little kids are the only people who could possibly sit through more than five minutes of that bullshit and it makes perfect sense, too. Because young children are by and large gay fags.

Everything they do and like is gay as fuck. Whether it’s wearing little sailor outfits or holding red balloons, little kids are gay as shit. And seeing a gender ambiguous brat come out to their friends without any problems isn’t going to screw with any kid’s fruity little noggin’. Especially one that’s already watching the Disney Channel. Just as long as the kids keep their clothes on and don’t get freaky with one another, there really shouldn’t be any reason why anyone ought to be acting like a fag about any of this.


  1. Columbia Business School says:

    You’re a pathetic “Pro-Trump” hold-out that no one gives a fuck about anymore and I’m the only motherfucker left to remind you of this. Please go back to Canada and get the fuck out of my country.

  2. I love your story. Expecting for more from you

  3. RWDS says:

    “Columbia Business School” You are a pathetic degenerate Marxist with nothing of value in your sad life other than the government cock in your mouth. You likely are the only motherfucker left to toss cunty remarks at him because your illogical, pseudo intellectual breed is dyeing out fast. :)

  4. The Defiant Penis says:

    Sarah Hyland came out and announced her character on Modern Family is bi-sexual. Not her, but her character. It isn’t in the script or worked into a storyline as of yet, but she has announced it. This is where we are at in America. Fictional people coming out to the public. Sigh….

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