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Blag Dahlia
• 07.30.13 10:00 am

Attention, Jim Goad:

So your issue with Detroit isn’t the decline of American manufacturing, nor is it corrupt myopic conservative state politics, or even more corrupt myopic ‘liberal’ city politics.

It isn’t even the car companies getting a huge taxpayer funded bailout at the expense of their labor force, while the city is left to fend for itself.

The answer is demographics, i.e., black folks?

OK, so what of New York City circa 2008? The largest financial meltdown in the history of the nation is engineered from boardrooms in NYC. After skimming massive profits for themselves for years the economic house of cards falls.

No arrests are made, no fraud charges levied by our corrupt Attorney General even as pension funds, insurance interests and venture capitalists leave their shareholders holding the bag. The banks and related institutions are instead bailed out by our corrupt federal government to the tune of one trillion dollars of taxpayer money. The lowest estimates of the amount of lost revenue was about 5 trillion dollars, with many experts putting the number higher, some as high as 12 trillion dollars.

Massive unemployment ensues even as conservatives continue to gut social programs. Prices continue to rise on basic goods like gasoline, not because of natural market forces, but because of speculation by, you guessed it, the financial industry.

If NYC had to pay its share of that, emergency response time would be never, every street light would be out, no schools or hospitals would be open and Gotham would resemble a scene from Mad Max. Detroit would look like St. Tropez by comparison.

That never came to pass because of the obscene links between big business and our government that comes to these capitalists’ aid with taxpayer funds whenever they snap their greedy fingers. But what if the Apple actually had to pay the costs of their own mismanagement? Why is it not fair to call that demographics, too? The demographics of rich educated folks. The demographics of rich educated, and overwhelmingly in this case, white folks. Or do they get a pass from the curse of “demographics” when it comes to lining their pockets at our expense with no threat of punishment?

That’s exactly what that big government socialist Adam Smith had in mind when he wrote that, “when business is left unbridled, the spirit of enterprise is apt to lead to outrages, and these to reprisals and wars.”

Detroit is getting it this year, but over the next decade American cities will all start to fall one by one and in Georgia where you live Sherman’s March is going to be seen as very benign indeed by comparison.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like someone read a Matt Taibbi article while really high and listening to punk rock, found the experience profound, and then regurgitated it.

  2. zaman fu says:

    So without the bail outs, NY would be Detroit? Good one Blag.

  3. newlibertarian says:

    He should read more than just the headlines. What a douchecicle…

  4. Jello Biafra says:

    I blame the Jews.

  5. conrice says:

    Jesus, Blag. Stop typing. You’re digging deeper and deeper into a hole you can’t get out of.

  6. Dan says:

    You are a stupid person.

  7. Dan says:

    The author, that is.

  8. Sniffy says:

    Let me show you how it’s done.
    From Ocean Beach to Kingdom come.
    There’s a lesson to be learned if you can see
    But, you can’t see me I’m #1!

  9. Tarek says:

    Guy just provides Anecdotal Evidence, so, clearly, the opposite of what he is saying is true.

  10. Ed Cefala says:

    Might as well try to shoot God out of the sky.

  11. Richard "Slick Dick" Campos says:

    The diminished economic opportunities argument, eh Blag? Must be why all the deindustrialization in the 1970’s that reduced the median income of Huntington, West Virginia to similar levels turned it into one of the most violent, dysfunctional shitholes in the country. Okay, wait…

  12. Harold Hunter (Ghost) says:

    Congratulations. You’ve identified Capitalism! Money = power. No money means no power. Wall Street and the banks have money, hence bailout. When you get to the only logical conclusion that revolution is the only viable option to stop the machine, let me know! John Conner and I will be waiting…

  13. Ecgtheow says:

    This guy sends me into fits of coprolalia.

  14. Joe @BlagDahlia says:

    If you read “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell you would know how wrong you are. By the way, Tom is African American. So enjoy that while you get fucked up with some truth.

  15. Jello Biafra says:

    It was the Jews, goddamnit!

  16. jissom jigaboo says:

    Links? Sources? Facts?
    Or, just limp dicked outrage based upon your speculative assumptions gleamed from the prevailing cultural narrative?

  17. Alec Leamas says:

    There’s so much dumb in 10 short paragraphs that I honestly don’t know where to begin. I own part of a business that happens itself to own nine Ford F-series trucks and vans. I think every single one was was assembled in Kentucky based upon that little badge they stick on the widows now. The manufacturing was, it would seem, American. Imagine that.
    @Joe@BlagDahlia Tom Sowell is black, not African American. I think he would say so if you asked him.

  18. Ihaveareallylimpdickitslikebiblepaper says:

    I think Blag is correct. Big Business and Big Government collude with one another to further their own selfish aims. No shit.

    But as evidenced by Katrina vs the recent Calgary flood (and countless other similar events), the pasty people don’t pop pop their pals or become a pop then drop that baby like it’s hot when faced with adversity, elite callousness or exploitation or shiny things they don’t have. For example, Detroit vs Pittsburgh.

    Yah Big Government and Big Business collude. One way Big Business passes the Big Buck to Bill and Brad and Brendan is to force them, despite their dwindling middle class income, to pay for the livelihood of the brothas and babymama’s in Detroit and Atlanta and Norleans and Gary and Baltimore and so on and so on who seem to be trying their best to say to the world they can’t take care of themselves.

  19. Bruce says:

    Please, I hope street carnage is just publishing this long in the tooth punk rock ringmaster’s ramblings to allow the readers a comment venting outlet. A sort of 3 minute tit fucking video to rub a quick one out before bed after a long day at the orifice type of thing. Like I said about his last keyboard 3 minute masterpiece, he is a hung like a housefly jester who makes great bubblegum punk songs. I really wish he brought better beer to the party but his cut and paste media matters nonsense is anything but sublime or unconventional…

  20. What if… and I know how crazy this sounds… all those ‘social programs’ actually… CONTRIBUTE to ‘unemployment’?

    Biz can pay taxes or workers. Workers don’t have power to put businesses in jail, so biz chooses to pay taxes first.

    Taxes go to pay for welfare folk’s fake nails, hair weaves, fancy cell phones, satellite TV, KFC, etc, not to mention the subsidies to millionaire “farmers’ who live in Manhattan, the salaries and pensions of people at the IRS and the welfare office; endless govt “studies” of snails’ mating habits…

  21. And I agree that Big Govt and Big Biz are in cahoots, and that white collar lawbreakers need to go to jail.

    America could use some:

    1. Tort reform
    2. Sanity on regulations (i.e., shutting down lemonade stands and that sort of stuff)

    Fear of lawsuits and getting fined/charged for some dumb ass violation, and how long it takes to build or do anything (look at the new WTC vs how long it took to build the Empire State Building.) This stuff is corroding public sanity and initiative.

  22. Bean Counter says:

    NYC: 25.5% black
    Detroit: 83% black
    There’s your demographics for you.

  23. Spork Dantana says:

    Here is the author’s argument:

    “NYC was saved from economic destruction because it is the financial capital of the world (with all the corruption that implies). Therefore, Detroit’s collapse had nothing to do with the people who live there and dominate its politics and business.”


  24. Dr. Scientist says:

    Considering how almost every single comment is about the lack of substance in the original article, I think it’s ironic that I had to get all the way down to Shaidle’s comment to find a single one that actually made a point.

  25. Lionel Hutz, Esq. says:

    You should really title this article “The Empty Souls of Rich Black Politicians” if you want to get to the crux of the issue.

    (see Kilpatrick, Kwame; Young, Coleman; and Conyers, Monica for more details)

  26. Tarek says:

    @Scientist: “Kath” makes the points, we just shit on people. How it works.

  27. Alec Leamas says:

    @ Dr. Scientist: Thanks for enlightening us as to your high standards for substantive argument by utterly and entirely avoiding substantive argument with your post.

  28. Lionel Hutz, Esq. says:


    Blag Dahlia’s hometown: 0.18% black,_Illinois

  29. Dr. Scientist says:

    @Alec: Just went back and checked out your original post. Maybe responding to anything Blag said in his (admittedly inane) article might have served more purpose than pointing out that you own a business that owns trucks. How did you read that article and get most offended by the throwaway reference to the decline of manufacturing in the USA? You couldn’t begin by actually referencing some part of his excuse for an argument? My not so substantive point is that I expect more from the people who reject fuzzy thinking like Blag’s than I do from the fuzzy thinkers themselves.

    Also, your sarcastic response sounds like it was lifted verbatim from a fedora-sporting militant atheist on reddit. Seriously, who uses “thanks for enlightening us..” to mock in 2013?

  30. Alec Leamas says:

    “@Alec: Just went back and checked out your original post. Maybe responding to anything Blag said in his (admittedly inane) article might have served more purpose than pointing out that you own a business that owns trucks.”

    I think my point was that a good chunk of Detroit’s claim to American manufacturing was lost to . . . Kentucky, USA. The purpose was to refute Blag’s assertion that Detroit’s decline is solely or largely attributable to a decline in “American Manufacturing.” Yes, lots of manufacturing found its way to cheap labor/lax working conditions in other countries, but automobile manufacturing was one of those areas that is so engineering/equipment/skill intensive that Detroit never should have been out of competition unless it just plum didn’t give a fuck to compete for the work. Germany and Japan were never exactly havens for sweatshops, and when you think about it, Detroit’s preeminence in automobile manufacturing was probably the aberration because previous industrial powerhouses like Germany and Japan were hamstrung by the wake of WWII and Detroit had a hell of a head start. Detroit is what Detroit is because the people in Detroit prioritized the wrong things, not because of inevitable sinister outside forces conspiring against its good people.

  31. Margaret Thatcher says:

    Sounds like managed decline to me

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