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• 12.24.12 09:50 pm

“Tis the season of hope, ’tis the season of faith, ’tis the season of women who look like men yet are attracted to women while still laboring under the yoke of an antiquated patriarchal belief system.

On this holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy these clam-lickin’ women of the cloth!


  1. newlibertarian says:

    Not a bonable broad in the bunch.

  2. Mccaf says:

    Geez I hope they all took a vow of celibacy

  3. hmm says:

    i’m masturbating

  4. Columbo says:


  5. fuck salt says:

    is the catholic church taking notes yet?

  6. really tho?! says:

    “…’tis the season of women who look like men yet are attracted to women while still laboring under the yoke of an antiquated patriarchal belief system.
    On this holiday season, we encourage you to enjoy these clam-lickin’ women of the cloth!”

    This was beyond offensive. It was disgusting, classless, unnecessary and a piss poor attempt at humor. Why even mention that these women are still battling the angst of patriarchy when your statements, “..women who look like men…” and ” clam-lickin’ women of the cloth!”, only adds to what these women must face everyday? You are no better than the heads of these factions who make these women jump through hoops just to prove that they love God as much as everyone else and to have the ability to teach the word of God to others. Your statements are disrespectful, especially as it applies to individuals who are in the profession of offering spiritual guidance, upliftment and comfort to EVERYONE. Are there articles and pictures of men priests, pastors and clergyman on this site? Do you also make a point of addressing their sexuality and their appearance as you do to the women you have listed above? There is no “allure of lesbian pastors”. There is, however, a juvenile who works on this site who hasn’t the maturity to know the difference between objective reporting, harmless humor and junior high school antics.
    You didn’t even have the decency to list their names, what church they’re affiliated with or how long they’ve been a member of the cloth. I suppose it doesn’t matter so long as they’re “clam lickin’ women of the cloth”.

  7. Ring Kodney says:

    @really tho?!: Shuddap. Where the fuck do you think you are? This isn’t the GLAAD website, ma’am. You just wasted all that raw bull dyke anger on your pointless rant when you really coulda saved it for the ole’ Missus snatcherila. Prioritize next time. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Rosie!!

  8. It’s thanks to these dykes that all the bullshit denominations are dying on the vine, leaving only the Catholic and the Orthodox to survive, and rightly so.

  9. really tho?! says:

    @King Rodney
    And there lies the problem. You honestly think that only a woman, a “bull dyke” woman at that, is the only one capable of thinking this was offensive? News flash: there are actually men, men who are secure in their own pipe laying capabilities with any woman they choose, who are put off by this type of material and I happen to be 1 of them. You might actually get more action yourself besides your right or left hand if you took the time to think outside the box and not feel the need to insult anyone who shows any level of maturity outside the realm of juvenile locker room humor. My rant was far from pointless because it ruffled your feathers and you don’t even know me. My rant was in response to what I found on this site so apparently the contributor or admin did see it which was the purpose from the beginning.
    You can hide behind a screen and beat your chest all you want but it doesn’t negate the fact that you’re an insecure asshole who thinks that being a virtual thug doing keyboard drive-by’s will make your dick bigger because in the real world, a place where skells like you have no chance of getting any action unless it’s paid for, real men like me don’t have to insult a woman because she likes the same things as I do or may even wear the same style of underwear that I do. If you knew anything outside of porn tubes and skin mags, you might understand how to make it work to your advantage.
    “You should grow the fuck up. Come here, let me coach you”.

  10. Ring Kodney says:

    @Emasulated sackless-hopless-dickless new age “man”(really tho?!):

    First off, homo: The name is Ring Kodney.

    2nd: you didn’t ruffle shit.

    3rd: There will come a day when you don’t have to spout all that feminazi bullshit to get pussy, s0n. The tired bitches you con into fucking your super sensitive and understanding ass secretly wish a real man would come along and fuck them like an animal in an alley, sans your hours and hours of pussy-hippy talk rheteric. See your mother for reference. BTW, Was your dad this much of a bitch or are you the first in your clan like this?

  11. really tho?! says:

    And you’re still aggy and pressed.

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