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• 10.14.16 01:44 pm

Steven Crowder had Gavin and Andrew Klavan on his show to debate about Donald Trump.

  1. raymi says:

    Ken Boner sweater on fleek.

  2. OogaBooga says:

    Trump said women “let” famous men do things like grab their pussies, which means consent. What do these people not get about sex-positive women and the sexiness of consent?

  3. Repeal The 19th Amendment says:

    What about men who never consented to having a child but insisted on an abortion. Nope, the Queen can have the child AND keep the father on the financial hook. Everything is a Cunts prerogative including a man stopping mid orgasm or she’ll claim rape. A man who wants a child and will absolve the birth mother of any obligation if she’ll allow the baby to live cannot stop her if she decides to abort the child. Even the language is bastardized to accommodate their change of heart or deliberate lies.
    Poor Trump. He’s he being literally pussy whipped by the sob sisters.

  4. Hang Em High says:

    If I had to I would vote for a pile of hot steaming shit to oppose the Left. I don’t give a damn if Trump raped the entire Teen Miss USA pageant, in fact I might like him more. If he was the 2nd coming of Adolf Hitler I’d illegally vote multiple times heil Trump!
    If this country woke up one morning as an ALT-RIGHT NATION I’d personally join a government sanctioned militia to round up the enemies of America and the White race. I would take helicopter lessons so I could join a patriots border patrol militia flying Apache copters sweeping the Rio Grande and beyond of all turd world latrinos.
    I would collect skull & cross bones tattoos for every certified kill I registeted. I would put the tattooed Maoris and MS-13 to shame and my tats would record more take downs than the bloody Red Baron. I’d personally put the rope around the necks of the media and would start with a mass hanging of MSNBC. I’d like to be the Q.C. inspector of the parachutes we’ll put on the SJW snow flakes so they land safely in spaces like the Congo and the Serengeti plain. Scouts honour. BLM will be the name of a new sandwich not a group of Soros funded agit-prop goons who with the rest of the baboon tribe will be repatriated to Niggerland with Don King and Queen Latifah as their rulers.
    We’ll dump all the White trash Left into the Grand Canyon abyss and line the rim with lotto winning vacation patriots who will hone their long distance sharp shooting skills on the scurrying dodging traitors below. The U.S. Olympic Shooting Team headquarters and U.S. military shooting ranges for snipers will also be located on the rim.
    My America will shame and rehabilitate salvageable very hot coal burners and mud sharks by pressure cleaning and delousing them and using Clock Work Orange black cock deprogramming. The thoroughly polluted ones get dumped in Africa with their pimps. Jews won’t stick around to find out what the new government ordered dual-use pizza parlour ovens are all about. America’s females will have their heads shaved every time they open their mouths for anything other than sucking cock.
    Faggots will be flown to the lands of the Religion of Peace straight to the tops of the buildings where they can participate in Muslim physics on the theory of gravity.
    San Francisco will have another fire to burn away any festering microbes.
    It will be a new day. Good Morning America!

  5. bmccaf says:

    Crowder’s faux outrage is really starting to grate me. Although he’s admitted that he’ll likely vote for Trump in the end, he often makes all these shallow #NeverTrump arguments for why the man isn’t fit for office…as if Clinton or Johnson are better in any way. Trump likely represents the last chance to stop unchecked immigration and turning the U.S. into a minority-white country…and likely turning into some sort North American Brazil shithole.

  6. ZZZZ says:

    Crowder’s too hard-core right wing for my taste. Not down with that Ben Garrison/Moon Man shit.

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