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I started Street Carnage in 2007 when I was negotiating a split with my old company. The first name was “DOs & DON’Ts & TV Carnage” because I was starting it with Pinky Carnage (Derrick Beckles) and I assumed I could still use the title “DOs & DON’Ts” (I can’t). 

Street Boners seemed like the best alternative name because “a boner” can also mean “a blunder” and it always cracked me up that Judi Rosen named her dog Boner. I wanted Derrick and I to be like Tim & Eric but creating a studio with a green screen and all that shit would have been a sizable investment. Besides, while I was hamstrung by the quagmire of non-compete contracts and all the other legal BS that’s tied to big splits, he was blowing up. He couldn’t work for a website for free while simultaneously creating a show for Adult Swim called “Totally 4 Teens” so I needed someone else to fill the gap.

Arvind Dilwar was a funny kid from Queens who was still in college. You need young people as fuel for any project because us old timers get tired a lot. Arvind had boundless energy and hired lots of young writers who wrote about kid stuff like hating corporations and thinking the government is capable. Then a kid named Sam flew in from Buttfuck Ontario and agreed to do pushups on every drug in the world including heroin. The site was squeaking by but after all my legal shit ended, I wanted to enter the real world too. I started a production company with Sebastian Eldridge called Rooster NY that later became an ad agency. I stopped doing Street Boners around the same time I stopped giving a shit what young girls wear. Soon after, Derrick got another show picked up called “Hot Package” and that was it for him. 

Arvind helmed the boat alone for a couple of years but eventually he got offered a real job too. Jim Goad was editing Takimag at the time and agreed to take over the site for a nominal fee. I changed the name to Street Carnage and left pretty much everything up to Goad until now. He just left to take over Thought Catalog and now it’s all back to me. I have 37 full time jobs at this point but I think I can handle it. I’ll just reduce the posts to about one or two a day and try to keep them light and funny. As far as I’m concerned, that post about Def Leppard is where I want things to go. I’ll put all my TV appearances and press for my projects here so the homepage doesn’t become too Gav-based.

This is either an exciting new chapter in the most neglected website of all time or the beginning of the end.


  1. Marc.T says:

    hrm, ok cool.

  2. Ryan says:

    Piss. How about finding another gang of interns?

  3. Ryan says:

    Eh? I’ll miss this blog if it dies. Best to you, Gavin.

  4. yabyabyab says:

    Bummer I only found this website like a month ago.

  5. Mr Poopy says:

    Crap to see Jim go. Maybe get Lasse H.J to do more posts?

  6. one formerish reader's 2 cents says:

    just a thought…used to read the site regularly (only started checking back in after checking out how to be a man and luvin in), but largely stopped because every fucking post is the same angry rant about PC. We all know your views on the topic and probably agree with them, and though it is fun glancing over the latest ridiculous PC overreach, we get the fucking point.

  7. Uncle Festus says:

    We need more Wonder Hussy!

  8. George Eliot says:

    Wait — so Jenee was really Sam from Ontario??

    It was definitely better when Arv was at the helm. Back then, every post had like 60+ comments. I like Jim, but since he took over, I’ve gotten worried that the government probably now thinks I’m some kind of white power sympathizer — there’s just waaaaay too many posts on race-related subjects. I really hope some new Arv will come along.

  9. Hunter says:

    Was very fun to write here.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m always happy to see a new Benjamin Leo post.

  11. Mr Poopy says:

    “every post had like 60+ comments”
    “I only found this website like a month ago”
    How can the verbal impediment “like” end up in your writing?
    No wonder Jim left – y’all a bunch of mongs.

  12. spotarama says:

    i only got into this crap in the first place cos of Street Boners (occasional very hot babes and often sad sad fashion victims) then i stayed in the hopes Wonder Hussy would bless us with her musings more often than she does
    where the hell am i going to go now?

  13. Mobo says:

    Does this mean we also lose “Mr. Injustice”? Fack! He was my favorite writer on this blog!

  14. Kennedy says:

    I have 2 web bookmarks. SC is one of them. The other is

  15. gg says:

    this is like when that cake-eater coach was gonna ditch the mighty ducks.

  16. aesk47 says:

    I can write posts about how Québécois are the master race, in french and for free, if you want.

  17. waxblingding says:

    good riddance

  18. Butler's Revenge says:

    I can honestly say that reading Street Carnage has made me a better human being.

  19. Cosmo says:

    I dont think its goinng anywhere, tho more hooks, maybe a web tv show. Why not, more videos and different TV shows

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jim Goad running Thought Catalog?!? That seems so ridiculous to me

  21. Street Carnage Aficionado says:

    I’m still here. And I’m loving every single second of it. Leaving the mainstreamy hipster niche was the best that could happen to this blog. You embraced the real fucked up world. LONG LIVE THE FRINGES! I do sorta miss Jim and Shift though.

  22. Marty McFly says:

    ^Street Carnage Aficionado
    “I’m still here…”
    “…the best that could happen to this blog….” is for you to STFU OogaBooga – you no life loser.

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