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• 12.21.12 12:18 pm

I like The Game’s new album but Michelle Malkin is right. The guy is a complete retard and he would NEVER depict Mohammed that way. 

I grew up listening to rap so I’m anesthetized to it’s stupidity but once and a while I pull back and go, “Wait, did he just say not killin’ niggas is a full time job?” Then I laugh. I totally understand Christians being offended but what I don’t get is how indignant the rappers get when someone dares to “hate on them.” What a bunch of spoiled brats.

You didn’t see this with punk rock. When The Exploited sang “Jesus is dead / nobody gives a toss,” it was at a small venue in Scotland where they were regularly attacked by skinheads. Crass wrote, “I puke upon your papal throne” at a tiny squat in the middle of nowhere that was regularly raided by police. Punks didn’t expect sponsorship deals or any kind of mainstream acceptance and they certainly didn’t have temper tantrums when conservative pundits disapproved.

Rappers can say whatever they want. On Jesus Piece The Game says, “Frank Ocean more of a man than you, get up off that gay shit.” Can you even conceive of a country singer getting away with that?

All right, gimme the mic. I’m a spit some shit like this…

The Game of Blasphemy

Last week, one of the realest niggas in rap dropped his fifth album on yo ass, and mad bitches started to trip the fuck out. If you ain’t heard of The Game, you don’t know what time it is. He’s the guy who tattooed a butterfly on his face and then covered it up with “LA” and then put a star on that. His name means “the act of acquiring money by any means necessary, including crime” and his album Jesus Piece refers to the ridiculously large medallion successful rappers and criminals pay Jacob the Jeweler $50,000 to make.

The album cover features Jesus looking mad gangster with his own Jesus piece and a Blood bandana on his face. The Game claims the album is a testament to his recent discovery of Christ and the gangsta elements of the cover are his way of keeping it real. As he puts it:

…I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin’ in your life.

Get it? Basically, the guy is a complete idiot. Not only is he totally unaware of his own blasphemy, he thinks it’s a tribute.

Michelle Malkin doesn’t care what his intentions are, and within hours of the record being released, she said to her half-million Twitter followers:

Rapper @TheGame would NEVER dare do to Mohammed what he did to Jesus Christ

In a world where big white men are petrified of being called racist, this tiny Filipina seems to be the only one brave enough to call rappers out. It’s not that she hates rap; she’s the only one who doesn’t give it a free pass. When the Washington Post nominated The Coup’s Party Music as best album of 2001, she called it a “stomach-turning example of anti-Americanism” and pointed out the original album cover showed the band blowing up the World Trade Center. They made the cover a few months before 9/11 but the sentiment wasn’t unusual. After 9/11, Paris’s Sonic Jihad featured a plane flying into the White House. In 2007, Malkin exposed Akon for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, and Akon subsequently lost Verizon as a sponsor.  She calls Obama the “Hip-Hop President” and ridicules Ludacris for his corny song about painting “the White House black.”

Two days after Malkin’s Muhammad quote, The Game (or as he’s known to his million Twitter followers, “Handsome Ass Nigga”) remained true to his IQ and came back with, “you are the EPITOMY [sic] of a RACIST !!!”

The two argued it out on Twitter and she documented the spat on her website Twitchy. She told him how to spell “epitome,” and he told her she’s “blasphemist.” Then he suggested she check a track on his new album called “Church,” which contains the line “I’m-a crucify that pussy.” The song juxtaposes his old life with his new life, comparing his love of strippers with his love of Christianity.

I bought the album and listened to it all week. It’s actually pretty good and although the lyrics sound like they were written by a cokehead with Down syndrome (“Angels lined up in my honor, your honor”), it’s clear this guy thinks he’s being reverent in a cool, “street” way. I believe he believes Malkin is too racist to notice this, but what she said is 100% correct. Neither The Game nor anybody else would dare depict Muhammad that way. They wouldn’t depict Muhammad at all. In America, blacks and Muslims are precious unicorns who will turn to fairy dust if you touch them.

The Game’s fans appear to be even more retarded than he is. They attacked Malkin with threats of a “boycotte.” Her websites lost approximately zero viewers, and Fox News suffered similar losses. They repeated the racist accusation ad infinitum while also saying she looks like she got hit in the face with Jackie Chan’s dick (so that’s how Asians are made). These ninnyhammers talk about respect and racial equality while calling Malkin an Asian “hoe” and threatening to kill and rape her. They feel comfortable doing this because the underprivileged are untouchable in this country, and mocking the majority has gone mainstream, especially in rap. Not only does almost every song on Sirius’s Hip-Hop Nation promote gun and drug culture, all the rappers seem to be locked into this “poor me” mentality where nothing has changed for blacks in the past fifty years and America is out to get them.

In the 2004 song “Why,” Jadakiss asks, “Why they still hanging black bodies in Mississippi?” even though the only black man to be hanged there in the past half-century did it to himself. Then Nas “spits” on the mic and wants to know why “won’t we build our own airline, states, and highways/Fly to Africa, do some trades with Zimbabwe?” Uh, you can’t do any business with Zimbabwe because they killed most of the white people.




  1. Baby Rik says:

    I wouldn’t be more surprised if I woke up with my face sewn to the carpet.

  2. waitwhat says:

    Meh, Game’s been irrelevant for years, that’s why he named his album “Jesus Piece”, a bauble that hasn’t been de rigeur in rap since 2006 or so. There are enough black scholars and elected representatives out there, yet we’re relying on Nicki Minaj, Game, & Common to speak for the whole of the black community? C’mon now, that’s like relying on Taylor Swift, Kid Rock, & DJ Pauly D to be the voices for middle America.

    Blacks and Muslims ARE the same. I was confused when Obama was trying to get elected and all those old white folks were trying to convince us of that. Thanks for clarifying.

    You were right about something though, the “underprivileged ARE untouchable” except when it comes to alcoholism, drug addiction, police brutality, accessible medical care, quality schooling, scholarships unrelated to sports, and gang violence.

  3. CAM'RON says:


  4. Ring Kodney says:

    So you mad? ha.

  5. AmeriREAL says:

    Umm Gav,

    What about the original ‘anti-white/christ’, Native Peoples? They’ve been rappin’ against for centuries…

    “Fighting terrorism since 1942”

  6. Jim Goad says:

    ^^^ Don’t you mean 1492?

    I’m curious: Why were the “Native Peoples” unable to defend their land? Might it have something to do with their retarded technological development?

    I mean, you want to keep it REAL, right?

  7. AmeriREAL says:

    1492, sorry.

    I want to keep it Louis RIEL by pointing out it’s not just blacks and liberal whitey that rap anti-white, it’s everyone that’s ever come into contact with the white man. Why? Sore loser syndrome or do oppression’s wounds not heal through the generations?

    I know some Christians that still blame Judas (GAME included) for the crucifixion… Guys, the Romans did it and apparently it was two millennia ago.

  8. Lester says:

    I don’t get this article. The Game didn’t become a Muslim why would he depict Muhammad in a red bandana? Muslims live on the other side of the world why would anyone care about them and what do they have to do with rap?

    re Michelle Malkin I think in terms of conservatism there are two sides. On one is Ron Paul and the other is George Bush. She is very firmly on the latter side. Now I’ll go suffer through the rest of this thing at Takimag.

  9. Hornblower's Ghost says:

    Yeah and the white woman you were defending for fucking around in the tomb of the unknown soldier wouldn’t have taken pictures dicking around in front of a mosque either. You can’t pick and chose what you’re going to hold sacred, either it all is or it isn’t. You can’t keep selectively kicking dirt on darkey while crying whitey is having his freedom of expression suppressed.

  10. Double says:

    Gangsta Boo endorses the message that it is in fact “hard not to kill niggas, it’s like an everyday job not to kill niggas”. I tend to agree.

  11. aesk47 says:

    Wow, that guy said “Louis RIEL”, FRENCH-MANITOBANS STAND THE FUCK UP!!!

  12. Gavin says:

    @Hornblower’s Ghost
    The difference is the woman who gave the finger didn’t realize what she was doing and was totally remorseful even after she got fired. The rappers mentioned above do it on purpose and when anyone calls them out they get threatened with rape and murder.

  13. lose confidence now says:

    Rappers are the 1% of the 99%.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Can we just all agree that black people suck and get back to piss covered cornflakes and making fun of people’s shoes?

  15. kelly says:

    Gavin spoke truth to power. Blacks and Muslims are exceedingly insensitive in how they speak about others but both lose their heads over any slights. The fact that Game called Malkin a racist for criticizing him is so typical. Hip hop is full of a hate speech towards everyone- gays, women, Jews, Asians, and even blacks (as long as it is coming from a black person)- yet any minor slight has they losing their heads. Just like Muslims.

  16. cook says:

    your analogies are flawed here. The game is altering a standard image of jesus in a way that he thinks is laudatory of both his religion and his “street ethics”. He is not a muslim, and if he was, there is no standard image of Muhammed to pervert. For the record I think the Game is a moron. I do wonder whether there has been any anti- Islamic black rappers though. Certainly there is a great deal of anti islamic sentiment within african american christianity- I often hear it from black street preachers warning against “false prophets.” I am always amazed at even the most nihilistic rappers stopping to thank god. Lack of faith was something I enjoyed about Big L.

  17. cdestroy says:

    What Lester said.

  18. zig says:

    Jim Goad, read Guns Germs and Steel for a good explanation why the 1st People in America (there is no such thing as a native American) did not have a red skinned chance of beating the white man (although technically, Spanish folks are a lot darker than Scandinavians). As for Rap, this actually is a good thing.
    The reason rap music is so popular is that it allows people with no talent to make lots of money without selling drugs. The rappers would normally be out selling drugs (and the war on drugs is another great idea the Gov came up with to lock up or kill lots of black people) or killing each other (and they still sometimes do, old habits are hard to break) and they would not be paying taxes on those illicit drugs.
    Win Win.

    They have “real jobs”. They pay taxes and hire other people to handle their affairs while they have their affairs. Just like white America used to do.

    The rappers have finally “made it”.

    They act like the old rich white bastards of yesteryear.

    Viva La Civil Rights, brought to you by the strangest of all peoples, the Repubs.

  19. Jim Goad says:

    There’s some speculation that what are commonly believed to be the “1st People in America” weren’t even the first ones. I take no position on the topic because I haven’t studied it enough, but here’s some of the speculation:




    Also, Jared Diamond (author of “Guns, Germs & Steel) is on record saying something about how he feels the tribesmen of Papua New Guinea are the smartest people on Earth. I think he sort of hangs himself with that comment alone, but I still intend to read his book because it seems to give cheer to anyone who fears that evolution might be a real, ongoing process and we didn’t all evolve equally. For now, here’s a review of his book by someone else:


  20. Lester says:


    Just hours after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. on Friday, Austin business owner Eddie Nimibutr wrote on his personal Facebook page that he didn’t “care if a bunch of white kids got killed.”

  21. Gavin says:

    College kids are so proud of themselves for reading “Guns, Germs, and Steel” they assume they’re the only ones. I think when they closed the last page (like they read it – the thing goes on FOREVER) they said, “nailed it” and closed their minds for good. That book is a pizza pie of a theory that should be called “Guns, Germs, OR Steel Depending on What we’re Talking About.” When we were trying to get Indian land we used germs (check Kathy Shailde for an explanation of the smallpox blankets myth) but when we were being eradicated by germ-laden Africa it switches to Steel. History is war and war is hell.

    Steve Sailer and plenty of others have begged Diamond for a debate but he avoids them like the plague.

    Also, @zig I personally think blacks are capable of more than drug dealing and rap.

    And yes, it was Republicans on the front lines fighting for civil rights as the DEMOCRATS continued to push for segregation.

  22. Gavin says:

    Oh look Diamond has a new book out in which he claims “primitive” cultures are actually advanced and we are the ones who are backwards. In fact, we should be called W.E.I.R.D. (Western Educated Industrialized Rich & Democratic).
    I guess he finds Juju men and the drinking of albino blood to be romantic.

  23. stanky stanky says:

    Ha, is that a BLACK Jesus on the cover too?

  24. Derek says:

    A lot of bros say that things have always been this way, and The Gav is just old now. This is false. ST never performed “I shot Reagan” live at the White House. Obama sucks massive ass. Being both male and liberal is inexcusable. In 2013 I pledge to crush all liberals.

    Extra: a black guy started giving me shit at the airport for holding a copy of The Redneck Manifesto. I totally DESTROYED him.

  25. Colin T. says:

    I just came across this while searching I want to kick gavin mcginiess’s ass on on google. I would do it, and if I ever see him I will before he even knew what happened to him, but that’s besides the point. I searched it because I just like to see if other people think the same random ass shit.

    I’m a big red eye fan, a conservative but this asshole is a racist moron. I don’t care about malkin, malkin is an attention whore. I’d get called a sexist by conservatives for that, but they’ll look the other way when this guy drops the n bomb all over the god damn place. I don’t say the n word because I don’t want to, it goes against my principles.

    Yet this dude is lucky that he is so irrelevant because his face would be used as a mop in bars if he talked so freely around black people, or was actually known. Nobody knows who this dumbass is and he like malkin is an attention whore. Nothing more than a prostitute. I would love to see this dude, and I know I’m late but he can get my email off the comment, I live in NY I will come to you to knock your ass out. This article made me hate him so much more.

    He talks and he talks, like he knows what he’s talking about. Buddy, go look up the cover of Killuminati you stupid shit. This is blasphemy? He didn’t fuck with islam because he aint a fucking muslim and Jesus is depicted in a completely different way.

    Game is a garbage rapper, but I guess expecting someone who drinks their own piss to understand any aspect of being artist is going too far.

    What a fuck. I wanna meet you Gavin. It might be the last time you leave the house.

  26. Colin T. says:

    I disagree with guns, germs and steel a lot but I can’t help but laugh at this asshole. They did do that shit with smallpox blankets, and most of it wasn’t intentional. That Inca’s were being wiped out before they even met the Spanish because they had contact with the Aztec’s before then.

    Then you say it switches to steel in Africa and that debunks the claims of the book. You dumbass, do you think the africans were like yes massa please put me on that over crowded boat and let me serve the whiteman with my bruva.

    You stupid fuck. What an idiot. Some of the book is wrong, but you are just a racist ass own up to it. When you do it so unabashedly in this manner just own up to it. You are lying to yourself and any of these simpletons who can’t see through you, hack.

  27. Colin T. says:

    Yes Massa Gavin, Yes, I be a good house slave for you. Please don’t gives me the whip again, I promise I’ll stirs the stew nice and good for you howse you likes it.

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