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Street Carnage
• 08.14.12 11:00 am

Judging from the above photo, the average sane American citizen would think this is a nice, well-adjusted, non-histrionic, and definitely NOT psychotic young lady…yes?

Well, you’d judge wrong, mon frere! The video below, filmed in the state of Florida, AKA America’s Asshole, reveals a girl who is perhaps so needy for attention, affirmation, appreciation, and even more attention, she seems downright proud that a crew for some free Sunshine State alternative weekly is filming her getting her asshole tattooed and otherwise gallivanting about some tat convention like a nipple-taped floozy unabashedly displaying her anal wares.

But our intention is as journalists and we present this information in the spirit of free inquiry, and our aim is in no way to mock, insult, humiliate, or make sport of what may be someone with ineradicable, lifelong mental problems that will in a decade see her owning 300 cats and strung out on painkillers because even an asshole tattoo couldn’t bring her the nurturing and acceptance she seems to crave in spades, and we don’t mean that in a racial way.

  1. Dabney says:

    If the hole don’t fit you musta quit

  2. Joey says:

    How does she feel about being made the butthole of your jokes?

  3. the honorable Mr. Scott Lee Martin D.D.S. says:

    who doesn’t want to party with this chick? she’s amazing! also… when tattoos heal, they get scabby and itchy.. I can only imagine the carnage. but still, I want to party with this chick!

  4. Sniffy says:

    Did she get a bullseye tattoo there? How could you not aim for it every single time?

  5. She seems at peace with herself.

  6. scum says:

    Who raped her?

  7. angelo says:

    anal tattoo is the new tramp stamp

  8. Anonymous says:

    Everyone with a tattoo is an attention whore.

  9. McJibberish says:

    One must be quite passionate about assholes to read this website. Street Carnage, you rock!

  10. Zippy says:

    It should read “Watch for oncoming traffic” Hey, it is the poop chute. 😉

  11. JDelf says:

    I don’t know where you see the “nice, well adjusted, non-histrionic, and definitely NOT psychotic young lady” in the photo above. She’s got Charlie Manson eyes.

  12. dumb says:


  13. raymes says:

    Is she yelling cos she so spun? Not for wifeing.

  14. itchypeach says:

    “i’m 22 now. deuce deuce.” oh okay thanks for clarifying

  15. j says:

    florida trash at its finest. i love florida but jesus when there grimey there griiimmmeeyyyy. cigg hanging out of her mouth spreading her cheeks to show her asshole. id say her mom must be proud but shes prbly not around.

  16. Beef says:

    So what? She got a permanent picture put on her asshole. What’s crazy is that I’m commenting about the asshole of a chick who’d never fuck me.

  17. Archibald Beauregard says:

    Isn’t there a high risk of infection when one creates a wound surrounding one’s rectum??

  18. Racehl says:

    Pity she’s a skank

  19. Rev ButtLove says:

    I hope that needle was sterile or she could get sealed up for good…

  20. jim says:

    I’d lick her tattoo 😉

  21. mark says:

    this lady is no skank, she’s a pillar of the community. i think i love her.

  22. The Help says:

    the girl with the wagon tattoo.

    I guess this is what a sexually liberated woman looks like.

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