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• 10.26.09 12:14 pm

This year’s CMJ Music Marathon came to an end on Saturday night. Here are what the girls looked like…

This year’s CMJ Music Marathon came to an end on Saturday night. Here are what the girls looked like…

PopGun Booking Showcase: Darwin Deez, Anamanaguchi, Sugar & Gold, Naked Hearts, Mon Khmer, True Womanhood, Deleted Scenes, Savoir Adore

Maybe it was because Anamanaguchi was the big name of the night, but most of the girls at this show looked like they really loved playing old school video games.

Amy Cooper of the Naked Hearts would be a ten if she would put in a little effort and stop wearing jeans and a black shirt all the time.
(All photos by Aileen Awesome)

A lot of the girls at this showcase looked like Israeli house fans.

Honestly can’t remember if that person on the left was a guy or a girl.

BMI Showcase: Crush Club, Space Capone, Enemy Lovers, Modern Skirts, Mike Del Rio, Rob Roy, Die Die Die

Only came to this show for the free booze. Almost all the women were over 30 and looked like the worked in the industry.

Cutest girls at this show.

This was her mom (we asked).

P.S. Check out the cutey from earlier in the back making the twat sign. Showcase: Adam Tensta, Sigmund Droid, kap10kurt, Bad Brilliance, Cobra Krames, Gavin Royce

Most of the girls at this showcase were of the “I’m into eccentric fashion” persuasion.

MONEY / PAPER / HEARTS, International Espionage, The Megaphonic Thrift, Japanther

This show was a microcosm of the best things about Brooklyn: Latinas and artsy Williamsburg girls.

Quite possibly the most attractive woman of CMJ and the entire world.

Linn Frøkedal of The Megaphonic Thrift

If you meet a cute girl at a Japanther show, date her. If you meet a cute girl who’s dancing at a Japanther show, marry her.

Clipse, Grandchildren, Ninjasonik, Violens

As you would expect, Ninjasonik brings out the best and the brightest.

DFA Showcase: Special Disco Version, YACHT, Still Going, Holy Ghost!, Shit Robot

I don’t know if it was because this show was biggest we attended in Brooklyn or if it was because the line-up was comprised of uber-hipster fare, but the girls here were probably the cutest and best dressed out of all of CMJ. Wives galore.



  1. lurkus says:

    glad i missed that.

  2. johnGEE says:

    wow what a waste of pictures i just looked at, i think i seen maybe half of a hot chick?

  3. dickshit says:

    Did any of these girls give you an OPHJ?

  4. dwayne stain says:

    somehow you make it all look so fucking lame

  5. fighting women is easy and fun says:

    why is this on the internet ?

  6. lester1/2jr says:

    lol at white people

  7. Anonyourmom says:

    I like this in theory, I hate it in execution. P.S. Nicky Digital and Sugar and Gold should lock themselves in a house and burn it.

  8. loosejuice says:

    Anamanaguchi are fucking rad. This photoset is not.

    Maybe you should have just posted a bunch of songs? I mean that wouldn’t be a good post but neither is this.

  9. GAY says:

    Soccer moms dressed like hipsters.

  10. kure kure takora says:

    I clicked this to see how incredibly bad it would be, and it doesn’t disappoint!

    Smiles :)

  11. Joe Strummer's Drummer's Plumber says:

    Arv baby,
    Can we implement some sort of numbering system with the pictures? – it’s difficult trying to point them out here.
    What do you want me to say? “the pretty girl with the grey dress” – that could be anyone. It could be like those dog shows where they walk past us and you know, you can choose #5, but #8 needs to do something about those glasses.

    Anyway, third up from the bottom – we got ourselves a street boner. Cord dress, those shoes – what show is this. 9 points.

  12. jojo says:

    wait. these girls are supposed to be attractive??? the turtle has just retreated into his shell.

  13. streetbummers says:

    Bet they’d all give you a handjob with their mouths ifyouknowwhatimean.

  14. morbid uncle says:

    message to gavin:
    you’ve pulled some great stuff out of your ass in the last few days, like we all know you can. the next thing you need to do is: get rid of arv, val and aileen. never let them post on your site again. i know it’s hard to find funny people but you’d do better with probably seven out of eight people off the street. they SUCK. letting them post on your site is like the yankees letting me pitch. you’d do better to post one thing a day.

  15. morbid uncle says:

    second and eleventh from last. 10 pussies and I would mess with their drink ifyouknowhatimean.

  16. bugpy says:

    I support morbid uncle’s comment 100%.

  17. meh says:

    these people look boring.

  18. dad says:

    Arv and Aileen are either working in the wind-up vein or the dullest fucks on this site.

  19. Wack-boy says:

    The best thing about being in your 40s is not being in your 30s pretending to be in your 20s.

  20. plotte en vrac says:

    Fuck I hate those stickers.

  21. ty says:

    Pabst, for real? Still? After all my Halloween Sucks ranting, I guess I am glad that children are still dressing up to trick or treat.

  22. London Psycho says:

    You think Aileen is gonna photograph bitches hotter than her?

  23. Scoop Dinkholm says:

    yeah but unless she wants to take ZERO pictures she doesn’t have a choice.

    ah snapz. these pics are kind of low quality and most are the kind of chicks you can see in any bad neighbourhood with artsters anywhere. another filler boner killer. I miss when Gavin and Jim wrote all the posts. or Bradnox. these kids suck

  24. Maxwel says:

    the dfa fotoset is obviously rad

  25. fobart says:

    you couldn’t have at least edited out the redeyes?

  26. some jagoff says:

    Aileen and Arv, I know it probably doesn’t mean much coming from an anonymous jagoff, but nice job. If I were in charge I’d give you both raises.

  27. morbid uncle says:

    don’t comment with my name bitch face

  28. imyar says: girl on right’s face is the best thing about all of that, nice pupils drunk vortex.

  29. pogi says:

    the arab parrot should be in charge of taking pics. whatever happened to him anyway? I thought you guys hired him

  30. Thug Life says:

    Dear Arv,

    I don’t think you’re a bad guy, really I’m sure you’re totally cool and supportive of your friends and all that, but I PROMISE you if you try harder the posts you do will get better. I want to be constructive because no on here ever really is. Don’t post something just to get it up. if you have an idea follow through, we ALL know there were hotter girls at these events (at least I hope there was) and I know they can be intimidating but just down a shot and DO IT. Find the hottest girl in the venue and muster the nuts to talk to her.

    As for Aileen and Val: I think you ladies may be taking the wrong aproach to getting famous.

  31. mangled knuckles says:

    and you know that arv, val and aileen wil be all “don’t hate just because we’re killing it.”
    the people writing positive comments are your parents and friends. get the fuck out of here.
    arab parrot’s pictures are better because he’s actually living the life. posers always suck.

  32. dick trickle says:

    this is worse than raymi.

  33. Dork says:

    Why are all the girls short? Are there no tall girls in NYC? I know that there are models, do they not go out? Or are you a hightist?


    @ thuglife: its CLEARLY said above that Arv didn’t take ANY of these photos. (he has no problem speaking to HOT chicks, TRUST.)

    I will agree with you, however, these “females” (if they are in fact women) look old & like they are desperately trying to appear younger. My guess? They’re not “hipsters” at all, they dress like they’re from decades-ago BECAUSE THEY WERE BORN DECADES-AGO. But, I don’t blame Aileen’s photography skills, I blame the 5 punch-you-in-the-liver drinks she downed prior to shooting….GOOD TIMES! I could almost get what you were thinking Aileen & this takes me from feeling digusted at the hideousness to ridiculously amused at the hideousness 😉

    @london psycho: Sorry “watching hot chicks on the internet” is all the play you ever get, but I’m sure Aileen will be more considerate towards your needs and try to find women that are “more your type” to photograph next time… know, JUST FOR YOU… & your hand.. = CHEERS!

  35. Chunk says:

    Oh god…Insulting someone by implying they masturbate? What the hell is this? You have to be 16.

    P.S.: Are you an easy 16 year old who can keep a secret?


    I’m an angel. O:-)

  37. backpack T says:

    all i see is asians and scarves

  38. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    “I don’t know if it was because this show was biggest we attended in Brooklyn or if it was because the line-up was comprised of uber-hipster fare, but the girls here were probably the cutest and best dressed out of all of CMJ.”

    THESE were the hot chicks????????????????? Barry Manilow and Bee Gees shows get a hotter bunch and some of them are young grammies.

  39. total fucking hippie says:

    dude that’s what makes amy cooper a 10 also my guess for best ass is blue flannel/big boots girl

  40. Hyperbole says:

    Where’s the fucking funny?

  41. bob says:

    @fro-licking whatever
    did you read mangled knuckles’ comment? the only people who have positive things to say are parents and friends, one of which you obviously are.
    i don’t give a shit who can step to a pretty girl. the post is fucking lame, the whole arv crew is fucking lame.

  42. Erik Kolacek says:

    @Arv: @Aileen Awesome:

    What did you guys think of Sugar and Gold? Either of you catch Phillip’s old band Dura Delinquent?

    Also – did anyone hear about/see a band called Veil Veil Vanish at Red Herring?

    Really interested in what people think/thought about that show. Yeah, well actually…as long as it’s not more anonymous fake name faggotry about me and glory holes.

    (Thanks again to whoever that was. Really…get help.)


  43. a4awesome says:

    Got there at the end of Sugar and Gold but they had a lot of energy which is always gold after seeing the xx (who had none what so ever).

    Didn’t catch the others you mentioned, there were too many things going on at once. Or maybe I did see them and didn’t remember the name. Hope that helps 😀

  44. THIS IS A MOVIE!! says:

    So basically , not a single hot chick in the house?

  45. Regular Reader says:

    CMJ is a festival of sixes. But I’d give my left testicle to fuck anyone of them. You should have seen the fat tub of lard I fucked last weekend. I lost my erection twice trying to poke that thing.

  46. teenagewizard says:

    number 4 is a TOTAL she fag for using a napkin???????? with pbr

  47. bnbbt says:

    ugh. only hot ones: chick on the right in 7, 11, 14, 22, 23, 32.

  48. Jose says:

    Hi Arv. What is with the shows you chose to attend? Did you stop being cool after 2005?

  49. Arvy Digital says:

    ‘I don’t know if it was because this show was biggest we attended in Brooklyn or if it was because the line-up was comprised of uber-hipster fare..’


    Every week i think it can’t get any worse, yet it continues to sink lower and lower. YET, like a heroin addict drifting off to sleep on the train, I continue to look on in amazement/amusement. But this is the final needle in the coffin.

    Hey! Let’s take Last Nights Party pictures except we’ll have the people hold Street Carnage stickers!
    I thought ‘street teams’ were for 3rd wave ska bands.

    Arv, stop trying so hard. Write about being a nerd or something.

  50. Maxipad says:

    Yeah Arv write about looking like the dude from Short Circuit or something.

  51. London Psycho says:

    @fro-licking lepro-c: Spot on mate, spot on.

  52. exonlex says:

    whatever. 31’s cute.

  53. Are all of the girls fat today?

  54. theagle says:

    Looks like Vice Fashion DON’Ts extravaganza

  55. ugh says:

    you are a sexist ass. Let’s see some photos of YOU.

  56. ha ha ho ho says:

    After reading this I feel like I finally get arv

  57. Penis Face Killah says:

    Second to last one is literally the only hot one.

    Seriously get Arab Parrot to do this shit. I saw Iggy Pop tell him off one time because he thought dude was a paparazzi and didn’t want a photo floating around of him with his 7 foot tall chola girlfriend (presumably). You think these fuckers would have the balls to ask Iggy for a photo if they only managed to snap 29 year old A&R ladies?

  58. Jay says:

    Eeeek…looks really boring.

  59. Yo says:

    I thought new york girls was supposed to be hot. Why are they all such dogs?

  60. This is sexist, why aren’t men being represented?! I am going to complain to someone!

  61. humiliated says:

    i happen to already know im not attractive but thanks for reiterating for all of the world to read.

  62. Anonymous says:

    #23’s pretty damn cute. so is the 2nd to last

  63. Dick says:

    Shorts & pantyhose seem to be all the rage in America’s best reason for class war. All NYC women are dykes, except the ones I’ve fucked. And you’re welcome.

  64. ummm says:

    most people are right, these girls are pretty ugh. go to a club instead of a show and the girls will be 2x hotter. can we see some tits now?

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