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Mark Derian
• 06.24.13 11:00 am

Here are three reasons to not only lower your standards, but to go out of your way to have sex with ugly girls.

1. It takes attractive girls off their pedestal
With all the emphasis guys place on banging attractive girls, it’s funny to me that having sex with ugly girls feels exactly the same. Talk to your dick the morning after banging a girl from Brooklyn, and see if that dude gives a shit. He won’t even know what you’re talking about. As a result, banging attractive girls is easy for me because I’m just as willing to have sex with an ugly girl and sometimes more willing if the ugly girl smells good and is feminine. If you’re only chasing the most attractive girls, they feel the imposition, and no matter how smooth you may think you are, it’ll be impossible to hide your neediness.

2.You rise above the need for validation
Let’s say a guy has only banged three girls, then he bangs an ugly girl. Well, that one girl makes up a full 25 percent of the girls he’s banged. So the guy begins to ruminate—maybe he’s the guy who has sex with only ugly girls. Maybe that’s his lot in life. Maybe he’s a loser. This guy was me during a time in my life when I scrutinized girls the most. As you can see, I wasn’t too good to bang an ugly girl, as I told myself—I was just using girls for validation, and so I was afraid banging an ugly girl would damage my self-concept. On the other hand, let’s say you’ve banged 100 girls, then you bang the ugliest girl in the world. That one girl is going to have little to no impact on your self-concept. Understanding this should make you feel like a fag for having second thoughts about talking to a girl because her ass is a little dumpy.

And my story is far from ideal. I was an OCD mess. Always be happy to bang ugly girls, no matter what your ugly/attractive bang ratio is. When you learn to shamelessly and joyfully have sex with ugly girls, life becomes capital “F” fun. Not coincidentally, life also becomes a hurricane of pussy.

3. You appreciate girls for the right reason
Once you take girls off their pedestal and overcome your need for validation, it becomes much easier to appreciate girls for how they make you feel. A girl’s acne, big nose, or short hair rarely get in the way of that. You know that feminine laugh that cute girls have that makes you forget about your desire to kill yourself? Yeah, ugly girls laugh like that, too. You know that smell of female skin that envelops your being when you get within three feet of a girl? Yeah, ugly girls give that off, too. You know that feeling you get that isn’t total misery when you’re with a girl who has some semblance of self-esteem and sense of life? Yeah, you get that feeling from ugly girls, too.

  1. Mccaf says:

    My buddy and I talk about this shit all the time, and we’re always arguing with our other friends who only try to fuck “hot” girls, which happens somewhere between never and very rare for them. Bitches can smell the pussy on you, so always be banging to get those high caliber girls. Plus, ugly girls are so grateful for the experience that their enthusiasm in having sex with you will have you feeling like Stud McStudly walking out of the bedroom.

  2. NSA says:

    I had sex once.

  3. kray says:

    And the #1 most important reason to bang ugly girls is…you can’t pull hot chicks.

  4. raymes says:

    Not to be disgusting or anything but sometimes thinking about gross and I mean GROSS dudes can help take me over the edge, what is that all about ???

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel where you’re coming from, but I think most dudes follow this anyway–by default or design.

  6. I bang ugly dudes bc they are usually rich as hell. They take me shopping on a first date.

  7. lester says:

    the trouble is afterwards

  8. Chapter After says:

    ^^^ Lester’s right. But it’s true for both hotties and uglies, so it cancels out. But Lester’s very ugly, so he’s the expert here.

  9. Chapter After says:

    That’s some low down bullshit editing my comment. After all, I have a God-given right to cower behind a screen name and talk shit without fear of repercussion. It’s not like I censor my own fucking name or anything. I just think I have a moral right to hide behind a curtain and heckle, and you’re fucking up my program, you assholes. And somehow, despite my creepy, craven nature, I manage to feel righteous on top of it all. I’m simply that pathetic.

  10. Chapter After says:

    Who the fuck on here besides the writers uses their real name?

  11. Peppy says:

    It’s as all the boys a long time ago in High School called it :Practice Ckictice Ckicks”
    They most likey have never been laid so when they get the chance they jump at it and Go for it with a full head of steam-I mean you have never been fucked till you been fucked by an ugly girl that’s in Heat!I mean Hot Damm-they will darn near damage your dick jumping up and down on it.So you young fellows before you look past those ugly girls Remember “THINK AGAIN”

  12. Charles Minor says:

    You have had good ass until you have tasted mine…in the 69!!! There are a lot of secrets to eating ass that comes with experience…

  13. Dani says:

    Guys guys guys!!!!!!!!!! Just read yr shit! Im an average girl n I reckon ive done better than yr average guys……the final story is we pick it, if yr the lucky guy its not because of yr personality lol! Its how were feeling at the time!!

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