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Benjamin Leo
• 07.25.12 12:00 pm

I’m proud to announce that Cult Comedy, the hottest Black / Latino / Mick / Wop comedy crew in NYC, have finally accepted a Jewish member: me.

It’s yet another thing my mother was wrong about – selling out to the goyim has already been worth it: About a month ago, they gave me the privilege of working with an old hero of mine, Mr. Arthur Steven Lange.

Wanna take a guess at what Artie’s like to work with? Up his own ass, stoned off his tits, late, unprofessional, egotistical and insecure, right?

Wrong. Nicest fucking guy, had zero ego, and everyone on set was pissing their pants over how hilarious he was.

Quick preemptive note to the douchebags who think they’re funny and will inevitably try to dis Artie in the comments below: You remind me of the talentless Puerto Ricans who step to Q-Tip on J-Train platforms in Queens. They think that just because he’s famous, it means he’s overrated and can’t hold it down on the streets of New York.

Aim high, toys: there’s a reason these guys got to where they are.

So check out the video and be honest about what you think. Aside from the orgasm I had while filming a taint’s-eye view of my balls on the day I got my first camcorder (summer of ’86 represent) this was undoubtedly the most fun I’ve ever had on camera.

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  1. Cable Guy says:

    Fucking hilarious. Congrats.

  2. Bababoo high says:

    Hahahaaa I would watch a whole feature of this shit

  3. Loopis says:

    Artie is hilarious but the writng sucks. Your stand up is decent but your writing used to be great.

    Quit trying to branch out and stick to what youre good at.

  4. Shelly Lang says:

    ok go big up him all you want but this guy pulled a jackie martling and lost the goose that laid the golden eggs. Now he’s making skits with a team of little darkies. now tell me he’s a genius.

  5. just a cunt hair away says:

    oh man- i had such high hopes for this; i love artie and ben, but it’s a real stinker. sorry, but you asked.

  6. Ayo Gala says:

    pretty hilarious & awesome to see you in front of the camera instead of behind the veil of the internet. MOAR MOAR MOAR. first!!!!!!11!!!!

  7. Gurgled says:

    Sooooo bad. This is what you’re doing instead of writing a book you idiot?

    Get off your ass!

  8. anon says:


  9. oy says:

    What a trainwreck. You were good though boychik.


  10. you says:


  11. E. Booker says:

    I like that Artie is finally breaking out of his mold to play a fat Italian wiseguy who lives in Jersey.

  12. Shemp says:

    I give this a 4 out of 10 kitties

    You should teach those individual’s how to write. They have the production skills, and the dedication. Now teach them to be funny.

  13. the token ethnic says:

    Those Wop-ettes were nice. Good job, Leo!

  14. John says:

    I love Artie but: “Aim high, toys: there’s a reason these guys got to where they are.”
    this and the preamble attached to it: wow soooooo gay.

  15. Great job, Ben.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Which one is you?

  17. Lunchin' says:

    Liked the Donald Trump character.

  18. Bigfoot says:

    This was meh. Cool that you got to hang with Artie, but I hope you had no part in writing this trash.

  19. L. Kill-B says:

    Not bad.

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