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Street Carnage
• 01.16.13 11:30 pm

Our violently racist society, epitomized in Quentin Tarantino’s recent epic film Kill all the White People, has gotten to the point where schoolchildren are now forbidden from taking a stand against the KKK.

Everyone knows that the Ku Klux Klan (pronounced “Ku Klux Klan”) is an extremely powerful hate group whose slimy tentacles reach into the upper echelons of American society. According to most reliable sources, over the past 30 years the KKK has been responsible for the brutal murder of a Chihuahua puppy in rural Alabama because it was barking too loudly and was also suspected to be of Mexican origin. They are also suspected of scaring several migrant workers at flea markets throughout Appalachia during a brutal reign of terror in the mid-90s.

A group of schoolkids in Las Vegas recently sought to illustrate the depths and breadth of the Klan’s unimaginable evilness and despicable personal hygiene by dressing as Klansmen for a social-studies assignment. Tragically, they were reprimanded, scolded, upbraided, lectured, and possibly paddled for their innocent and well-intended gesture. Please write your Congressperson to complain about this. We must send a message that the KKK needs to knock it the heck off with their shenanigans. Enough is enough!



  1. AwwwwwwShiieeeeee says:

    We need more real-life racists to show these Jezebel-reading witch-hunters what actual human depravity looks like and stop ruining the lives of people who, though not politically literate or tactful, are not bigoted pieces of shit.

    If you’ve ever seen real racism or homophobia or whatever your flavor of hate is up close and personnel, it’s very conspicuously ugly and repulsive. You don’t need Ivy League Psychologists and Sociologists to point it out to you. You reflexively cringe, assuming you’re not a sack of shit.

    When a ghetto thug robs you, you’re not racist for pointing out he’s black and black people do this disproportionate to their population. When a Black front-end developer asks you for directions, heuristics aside, you should give the dude the benefit of the doubt and judge him on his demeanor and behavior–this is the Liberal mindset of 50 years ago. Now it’s warped into the Libtard mindset in which you should conflate a Black criminal piece of shit with a Black web developer because their both Black –legitimate discrimination against the criminal is racist because he’s black and that tarnishes the black web developer because, um…like socioeconomics..they’re, like, both black. Furthermore, you should accuse some white people in the middle of no where of conflating Black criminals with Black professionals and painting them with the same brush.

    Use some street smarts you fucking twats.

  2. This is how the Pillsbury Doughboy dresses during his occasional weekend retreats with his men’s group in rural Arkansas. Tee-hee…

  3. keep it short says:

    That is one cute racist baby.

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