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Lasse Holmberg Josephsen
• 02.28.13 09:00 am

The Ku Klux Klan is America’s nightmare. With their white robes and burning crosses, they will forever haunt the American cultural landscape, symbolizing deadly bigotry and and blind hatred.

They’re also hilarious.

I was reminded of this recently when the website posted a wonderful photo of several Klansmen enjoying a ride on a Ferris wheel sometime in 1928.

The white hoods and robes, which would probably be frightening as hell otherwise, immediately lose their power. The dark eyeholes look sort of confused and innocent instead of menacing.

This serves as a reminder that if you want to strike terror into people’s hearts, there’s certain activities you should shun, such as…

Flying airplanes

Enjoying a drink of water

Reading the paper

Racing cars

Riding motorcycles

Involving your wives

Being handicapped

To be fair, that last one is probably just a somebody wearing a Capirote, but it’s still a cute photo.




  1. raymi says:

    BAhahahaha. They’re still scary looking though.

  2. JC Lister says:

    Dude, riding a motorcycle all Klanned out would be kick ass!!! You and your Rebel Flag into oblivion, as the ‘Grand Wizard of the Throttle’!! Burning crosses and laying rubber…

    Way cooler than Easy Rider.

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