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HJ Fountain
• 11.25.14 02:45 pm


Well, as predicted by pretty much everyone, Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted for the Michael Brown killing. What does this mean? For starters, Sunny Hostin and Donna Brazile should be out of the “prediction media.”

Those two are both intelligent, accomplished women of color, but they’re zealous ideologues—the ridiculous narrative they fell for, kinda fucking fell through. It’s obvious to everyone but them; Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, makes for a nice protest sign and decent bumper-sticker. It does little to sway the influence of actual forensic evidence.

Pesky Science!

I feel bad for the Brown family. They lost their son. They asked for a nonviolent response no matter the outcome. For my white ass, Beirut is preferable to Ferguson at the moment. As unfair as it may be, every burned down business in America is going to be partly linked to their dead kid.


Here’s the gist, dudes and dudettes: Black conservatives constantly strive to bring folks of all color together. It’s a tough job, especially considering the fact that Black and White liberals spend time, effort, energy, money, and T.V. programming promoting a racially divisive political agenda. MSNBC relishes the divide: It’s the only reason they’re in the business.

Where are the Old Timers in the Black community? Where’s Willie Mays? Hank Aaron? Where are the Men and the leaders of these communities? Where’s an old Black wise man to say to the rioters in Ferguson and elsewhere—Do you have no shame? Did Mama not raise you right?

That sounds “judgmental” and we know that’s not allowed in PC 2014, America. President Obama and/or AG Holder could have taken an early stand and could have interjected themselves as America’s “Father Figures.” They didn’t. Thus, the children (young and overgrown) of Ferguson burn down their own city.

Valueless and Hopeless; this is the face of Blacks in Obama’s America?


  1. Heywood Jablowme says:

    You lost me at “Donna Brazile is accomplished”.

  2. Who Dat? says:

    “Black conservatives constantly strive to bring folks of all color together.”

    Yeah, dey be “da good ones”. Dey’s watcha calls “ASS-imulated”. White man calls dem “good boy!” and pats dey nappy head like a dawg.

    Good boy, Dr. Ben!

    You are a credit to your race , Colonel West!

    Stacy Dash, you are one impressive young negress!

  3. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    I feel bad for the Brown family. They lost their son. They asked for a nonviolent response no matter the outcome.

    The stepdad repeatedly called for people to “burn this bitch down!”

  4. Abe says:

    Whodat is one of those people mentioned before:
    A hater of advancers; people that have seen there was more to life than their own thoughts of everyone hates me no one gets me (Whodat believes those thoughts.. He is a hater of advancers) All those people Whodat mentions are advancers, they all believe those thoughts frankly sound like a whinny little bitch, and advanced on into adulthood.

  5. Semi says:

    “They asked for a nonviolent response no matter the outcome”
    Uh…saw the step-dad doing a chimpout & shouting (10 times)
    ‘burn this bitch down’ when the non-indictment was announced.
    Guess he missed the non-violent memo…

  6. bared bored says:

    want to earn some money at home
    Here is how to do it
    If Donna Brazile is managing a candidate’s election campaign
    bet the farm on the other guy

  7. raymi says:

    The outrage and frustration is present in the refusal to give up one white cop, not even just the once.

  8. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    I do NOT feel sorry for the Gemble Giantbuh’s family. They CLEARLY FAILED to teach him not to be a thug and a fuckin’ jagoff.

  9. georg strong says:

    This article was not based on reality. All blacks are racist and hate whites because we remind them they can never be our equal. And Hank Aaron was an outspoken anti-white racist and whiner.

  10. Honkey in his 50's says:

    I remember when Augusta, GA exploded in May of 1970. I was a 5th grader at Curtis Baptist private school in downtown – Broad Street. We were evacuated in the middle of a school day, and I missed two days of school. The incident was ignited over a black mentally-challenged prisoner who turned up dead, and no one knows really how he died. Blacks thought the white prison keepers killed him. Our nut-job of a Governor, Lester Maddox, ended up fanning the flames by saying it was a 40-year-old continuation of a communist conspiracy.

    As far as keeping your ass from getting shot, or beat-up by the police, maybe watch a Chris Rock YouTube video on the matter. It is humorous, but true. You can’t break the law, then resist arrest, curse your apprehenders, etc. I mean….there are places and things I can’t do, or my white ass will be beat-up and/or killed. Welcome to the real world.

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