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• 04.23.12 05:01 pm

In case you hadn’t seen our first post on Girls and the shitstorm it spawned, allow me to get you up to speed.

On April 15, a new HBO show aired that featured a bunch of vapid rich girls living in New York City. It received lots of praise because it is incredibly accurate, and that made a lot of young writers incredibly jealous. Shit, I’m an old writer and it made me jealous.

So, when one or two people made a throwaway remark that the pilot contained no black people, the jealous community scrapped the nepotism meme they were running with and grabbed that instead. “Yeah!” they screamed, “What a racist show!”


THERE HAS ONLY BEEN ONE EPISODE. How do you know the show has no “people of color”? (Gawd, I hate that term.) The show is about shallow girls who are totally out of touch with reality. Why do middle-class black girls (a group that felt especially left out) want to be included in that? In the midst of this fake controversy, Lesley, a writer from the show who had nothing to do with the pilot Tweeted, “What really bothered me most about Precious, was that there was no representation of ME.”

Instead of calming down and saying, “She’s right. It shouldn’t matter what the actor looks like. It’s about the story,” these wailing babies decided to take her comment as a middle-class white girl trivializing the entire civil-rights movement, logic be damned! Blacks are 13% of the population. Black women are half of that. Middle-class black women are at best, half of that, but let’s try to argue 3.25% of the population has to be in 100% of the shows. Around this time, Gawker jumped on board. Up to now, Gawker’s bread and butter has been fake racism. Their most successful article ever, like, EVER, pointed out how stupid it was to be bummed by the black characters in Hunger Games (apparently some fans thought there were too many blacks or something). After seeing the analytics of that article, contributors began wrapping racism around anything they possibly could, especially if it’s a trending topic. At Gawker there is immense pressure to do a post that gets hits, and gigantic screens all over the office announce minute-by-minute scores on who is doing well and who is about to get fired. Calling Lesley a racist appeases a blogger’s jealousy while providing job security. With incentives like that, who needs honesty?

It’s obvious these writers couldn’t give two shits about one episode of one show’s lack of one class of one gender of one race. You can smell their apathy in the headlines. When you read Dodai Stewart’s “Why We Need to Keep Talking About the White Girls on Girls” you can almost hear her pleading to her boss, “Why do we need to keep talking about the white girls on Girls?” She even admits Lesley’s Precious comment makes perfect sense and offers, “if the argument is: You can — and should be able to — enjoy a story about someone different from you, well, that is obvious.” Max Read shares his coworkers’ malaise and when discussing whether Lesley is racist or not says, “How should I know?” He has to pay his rent however, so he puts together an apathetic rant that also gives away its lack of relevance in the headline. “A Girls Writer’s Ironic Racism And Other ‘White People Problems’” might as well have been called, “Why the Fuck am I Writing About This Shit?” Discussing the “erasure of the people of color” is his job however, so he swallows his testosterone and farts out another liberal-arts term paper. They can’t be serious. Have they seen their own office? It’s about the whitest place in all of New York City. Have you ever been to a Gawker Media event? If it wasn’t for all the Asians from Gizmodo, you’d think you were in 1950.

Unfortunately, every accusation made against Lesley became fact in the public eye and consequently spawned more outrage. The mob mentality picked through her life and found a time this Jewish girl thought it was neat when her friend figured out how to Tweet a swastika using dashes. Years ago, when joking about how embarrassing it is for girls to acknowledge going number two, Arfin included embarrassing poop colloquialisms like “drop the kids off at the pool” and “bring the Obamas to the White House.” The race baiters had never heard the latter saying before, so they pretended Lesley made it up. They also dug up an old interview where she said no words should be censored and they spotlighted the n-word while the poor h-word and b-word she talked about got left on the cutting-room floor. It’s all just a game to the bloggers and it makes people feel righteous when they call someone a racist, but shouldn’t the truth at least sort of get to peek its head in? People lose their jobs over this shit. I told Lesley not to apologize and explained it’s like donating blood to a vampire, but the poor girl was frantic. She didn’t know what to do. It’s easy to tell a witch “haters gonna hate” but when the trial includes being held underwater for an hour, you’re damned no matter what you do.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Sources tell me Gawker is slowly changing and has come to realize all this fake hysteria isn’t just “bad for the soul” as founder Nick Denton put it; it’s ultimately bad for business. A racial freak-out may make money in the short term but constantly inventing news stories and feeding innocent people to the anonymous hordes is like crying wolf in a crowded theater. It gets old after the first 37 times. The new editor at, AJ Daulerio, says he’s bored by the old liberal narrative and wants to start doing content that doesn’t toe the party line. has also killed their comments section and come up with a new system where people have to register and be culpable for what they say. Gawker’s even given it the politically incorrect moniker “Pow-Wow.” (My family is 75% American Indian, by the way, and we are furious about this misappropriation.)

I’m sure there will still be racial McCarthyism at Gawker and writers such as Max Read and Dodai Stewart will never apologize for fucking with people’s careers. When the characters of color appear in Girls, the fanatics won’t recant. They’ll pretend these scenes were magically stuck in after the fact or they simply won’t mention it at all. In their mind, the story is over the second it’s off the homepage and the fact that Lesley will have to live with these accusations for the rest of her life is her problem.

However, you can’t continue a mythical Cold War forever and it’s likely the days of randomly tarring and feathering people for “racism,” real or imagined, are coming to a close. Not because it’s morally wrong, but because people are no longer buying it. And when people aren’t buying something, you can’t make money.




  1. jr says:

    Jesus. As part of that 13%, I’ll say that I thought that the only thing Barf was guilty of was for crafting a really nice zinger.

  2. Michelle says:

    Well, you’re forgetting most critics saw the first 3 eps before “complaining”.

    And Dunham herself has been quoted saying the race issue is “hopefully something that can be addressed if there is a second season.” So it sure sounds like, at least in that regard, nothing will change after we all view further episodes of season one.

    Honestly, it’s not even the race/nepotism/over-hype that bothers me the most, it’s how completely and utterly out of touch with reality the main characters are (Except maybe the British chick). Rape jokes at a job interview? Really? Not funny in any context.

  3. E says:

    SHUT UP, your so biased and so god damn rude. This article wasted 2 mins of my time and you need to learn when to say an apology.

  4. comic book guy. says:

    LOL! You’re becoming a parody of yourself!

    The best thing to do when people level valid criticism at your friends is to always, always get defensive, disregard every morsel of what they were saying, and call those people MCCARTHY scions. Let’s hear what John Derbyshire has to say on the matter next!

  5. Anna says:

    I love me some Lesley Arfin. She’s always been that perfect blend of mean and funny and cool, but sweet and fair and just. I wish she had babysat me when I was a kid. I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT AND WILL CONTINUE TO THINK THAT LESLEY ARFIN IS HILARIOUS.

  6. ummmmmm says:

    I missed the part where we should feel sorry for this mouthy Leslie person

  7. Anonymous says:

    Derbyshire never apologized because he was 100% correct and he’s ten million times more brilliant than anyone who complained. Here was his follow-up to the article that made all the babies cry:

  8. ted says:

    John Derbshire, Gavin, and Lesley Arfin are all awesome people who totally respect non-white people. It’s just that the minorities are so quick to jump on them for no reason!

  9. Anonymous says:

    ^ Wrong! It’s other white people who jump on them out of some moralistic delusion that they understand minorities and have been anointed on some sacred mission to protect them.

  10. Nate says:

    I like pancakes.

  11. RED says:

    Write about what you know. Unless I’m not included. In which case, write about what I know.

  12. tommy gun says:

    right fucking on. there are groups of friends of the same race in NYC. whoa. like, have you ever ridden the fucking subway at 3pm when school lets out. jesus. the fact that is somehow an “issue” is mind blowing. but, you know, logic means nothing once “racist” starts getting slung around. so following Gawker’s “logic” all the way through where does this all end anyway? So does that mean the next T.I. album better have a song about dealing with being white in jail in California and trying to stay human and the next Burzum song needs to be about the water crisis in Yemen or we’re living in the next 3rd Reich? idiots. art can be whatever the fuck it wants to be. anything other than that is censorship. also, another aspect of this cynical exploitation of race to get, at the end of the day, more ad money, is that there are real conversations about race that need to happen. but who can reason in such an environment. sad.

  13. Francis B says:

    All these “critics” (bloggers) would drop everything and run to LA if they got the chance to write for an HBO show. If it was called “Stepin Fetchit Go Back to High School” they’d say “a gig’s a gig.”

    Also, blacks ARE represented way beyond their numbers on television and it’s not political correctness. It’s because they watch a disproportionate amount of the TV in this country (about 25%). It pays to include blacks in shows and their numbers reflect that.

  14. methodical asshole says:

    I felt this was well written and made some good points. The whole n-word interview deal has been presented entirely out of context. Thanks for the link. All this hysteria should be embarrassing to everyone involved, but it’s not :(

  15. Anonymous says:

    the show sucks, the nepotism thing isnt really that big of a deal (who is surprised that untalented children of the wealthy get special privileges; just look at the trumps, or trump himself – a $450 000 000 silver spoon kid). I do think that when nepotism happens its valid to point it out and when the product is crap to say so (though this is also true when nepotism isnt involved). as for lesley, the ‘precious’ comment is the first time i thought she was funny, but if she gets called on a history of racism (and im not saying shes a racist) thats fine. the facts will either help her or hurt her. everyone else on earth pays for their stupid mistakes, so will she. finally, wtf is the h-word? homo? hipster?

  16. Noel says:

    On the one hand, I thought her tweet was out of line and actually a clueless and unempathetic response to people’s somewhat valid criticisms about the lack of “diversity” on the show. On the other hand, I think everyone’s faux outrage about Leslie Arfin and her “racisim” was ridiculous and blown out of proportion and taken out of context. And on the other other hand, it’s really annoying to see the friends of people attached to GIRLS coming out of the woodwork to write half-cooked, poorly organized defenses over something that will pass if everyone acts with a bit of grace and openness, with the capacity to accept the valid criticism above all. Maybe everyone is right about our generation… we’re all so spoiled and righteous, and think we can do no wrong, and when we do, we all make lamenting excuses and point the blame to everyone else. Leslie Arfin made a mistake. Everyone, including her, her friends, and the internet, should move on.

  17. the man says:

    “where the white women at” blazing saddles.

  18. narcos says:

    i think we should cut the bullshit and say what needs to be said: lesley arfin is cool and the show really sucks.

  19. PNUT says:

    everyone will move on, but someone had to make some sense of it first. to explain how some stupid tweet led to this backlash, so thanks Gavin.
    also, I second the idea that the haters want to have an HBO show when they are 25 too.

  20. Isn’t this a show about loud, lazy chicks who get rawdogged by dudes they barely know, have abortions and want to freeload instead of getting a job? And people are pissed they didn’t make the characters black? They’d have been fucking killed.

  21. josh says:

    isn’t this whole debate ultimately about self-loathing?

  22. You're a douche. says:

    I’m repasting my comment to Benjamin Leo because I think it also applies to you:

    Oh my Gosh, Benjamin Leo, you’re like SO profoundly witty and smart. You referenced McCarthyism, which means that despite all that coke you snort (because you’re SO COOL), you still managed to remember 8th grade history class. But then, wait, didn’t McCarthy prosecute alleged Communists? People who thought that economic disparities and class/gender/racial differences need to be reconciled in order to create a more harmonious society? So like, actually, wouldn’t McCarthy approve of a myopic whites-only world of upwardly mobile social elites? But I guess since you’re SO COOL and probably have like, at least 3 ironic tattoos, you can make completely fallacious arguments and desperate girls with stringy hair and body dysmorphia will STILL suck your dick. Get some education and stop trying to overcompensate for your pea-sized brain/dick and self-entitlement issues with what you must think are clever euphemisms for vaginal discharge.

  23. Francis B says:

    She portrays herself as a clueless rich bitch who has no idea what’s going on in the world. She’s created a character that is basically a negative version of herself and people say, “Why doesn’t she have more people of color in her life?” This show might as well be called “My Shitty Useless Life” and we go, why aren’t more Hispanics in this shitty life. What is going on?

    What’s really going on here is more young people entitlement. They ignore the fact that Tiny Furniture was really good and critically acclaimed and they say, “She only got it because her mother is that famous artist everyone loves ‘Laurie Simmons’.” Who the fuck is Laurie Simmons? That’s not working so they say the show is racist. They do whatever they can to trivialize this success because it makes them feel better about their own failures.

    “The reason I’m not successful is an invisible forcefield prevents me from being successful.” Young black writers say “My failures have nothing to do with my abilities, they’re all about racism.” Young white writers say “My failures have nothing to do with my abilities, they’re all about my lack of connections.” Anything that prevents you from taking responsibility for your lot in life. Anything that justifies you sitting on the couch.

  24. the dispatch says:

    What the fuck is all this shit? Some kind of guerilla marketing ploy? A pox on all of you, I say! A POX!

  25. Gavin says:

    The only reason anyone under the age of 40 has heard of Laurie Simmons is her daughter made her famous in Tiny Furniture.

  26. Depre$$a says:

    Lesley was far from lynched. Its stupid to even make that analogy. People write things about things other people do and if you don’t have the balls or ovaries to wither a little bit of criticism then don’t put yourself out there. This is why this is a country of wimps.

  27. ??? says:

    I had no idea all this business even happened. It’s important to remember that even though it feels like the whole world is against you, it’s actually a very small number of people. If I were Leslie, it would defo be hard to keep calm and carry on, but keep it in perspective: website comments are about as significant as the writing in a bathroom stall. (and no…the irony of my comment isn’t lost on me) and for the record, I first heard abou ‘Girls’ on this website and watched it online. I thought it was hilarious.

  28. TayiTayi says:

    Yes it’s clear she was far from lynched. IT’S CALLED A JOKE. Lesley also didn’t think there should have been more of her in Precious. What is it about these college professors that makes all their students so humorless? It’s like a whole generation of grumpy lesbians.

  29. miss appalachian says:

    Lena Dunham is the only truly funny one but the others are interesting. The show is SO good. Tiny Furniture was also SO good. It would be just fine without Lesley Arfin.

  30. ruh roh says:

    Well said, Gavin. Well said. All of this fake outrage (at least i HOPE it’s fake) from Gawker and these other sites is just stupid.

  31. Lady friend says:

    Whats the H-word?!?!?!

  32. Dewan says:

    New York City demographics according to 2010 Census: 33% White, 29% Latino, 25.5% African American, 13% Asian.

  33. ugh says:

    oh cry me a river. Lesley is an adult and she is responsible for her actions just like anyone else. If she can’t handle the job maybe she should let someone else do it. Perhaps someone who can actually write?

  34. TayiTayi says:

    Can you please include the % of African Americans who hang out with white people? What about Asians? I don’t see a ton of diversity in Chinatown.

  35. Unca Mike says:

    The doorman was black.

  36. Dog Pound says:

    Dumbest controversy ever. Stop paying $100 for hbo if you don’t like it.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Gawker has always been for gay nerds. Who gives a shit what they say

  38. It’s not TV, it’s HBO. Sorry, fuckers! You’re the best, Gavin.

  39. blaahus poopus says:

    @Lady friend: I believe it’s ‘halitosis’

  40. Gavin says:

    The beta males on Twitter seem confused by this “Racial McCarthyism” quote. It’s ironic that the people who use “Nazi” to mean “Anything bad” get thrown off by an anti-communist being used to conjure up something that isn’t specifically anti-communist. Check Wikipedia

    “McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.”

  41. scoob says:

    barf’s tweet was hilarious.

  42. Gavin, your writing is at its best when it is sincere and passionate like this (same with your appearances on red eye). You should start podcasting again and do more down to earth stuff on your real opinions on things. I love your humor to death, but it would be great to see more of your actual opinions on the world. There is a wonderful ranting raving yet rational quality when you do these types of posts.

  43. Nazi says:

    how is it a “mythical Cold War” if the accusations of racism are “real”

  44. Commie says:

    ^ But race is only a social construct! Therefore it’s impossible for racism to be real! Duh!

  45. WaxWingSlain says:

    Gavin, please keep writing you seem to be the only person who makes sense. Thanks.

  46. dolphin sex says:

    I like Barf a lot.. but that pilot was terrible. I don’t see myself watching that show ever again.
    So please come back and write for this perpetually crumbling site.

  47. P.C. McCarthy says:

    @ Michelle (2nd comment)

    Talk about knee-jerk-reactionaries. I can’t think of a more uncomfortable / inappropriate / hilarious scenario than a woman telling a rape joke in a job interview?
    AND THE CHARACTER DOES NOT GET THE JOB! What part of that scene did you perceive as advocating rape?

    Second. as far as I can tell Lesley Arfin did not create the series, nor did she executive produce, nor show-run, direct, star in, or even co-produce. So I’m guessing at best she is a staff writer. Why all the venom aimed at her?

  48. blaahus poopus says:

    ‘donating blood to a vampire’ is a nice turn of phrase.

    I can understand people getting upset over how and if they are represented in mass-media. However, the level of vitriol spewed over this one program leads me to think that there is something more going on here. It is heartening to see people being critical of what’s on offer in the mediasphere, but holy shit you’d think the characters on ‘Girls’ had ritually sacrificed a couple black children the way some people are reacting. I’ve always liked Arfin’s writing, but as a 30something dude there’s no way in hell I’ll be watching this. For the people who are really and truly pissed off about under-representation of minorities in the mass-media, the only response is to work your arses off and make your own creative product…and keep making it until it’s so good that it’s un-ignorable. That may sound trite, but I believe it to be true.

  49. Anonymous says:

    this “controversy” is obviously a bunch of PC white guilt designed for the lowest common denominator.

  50. Anonymous says:

    i’m old and out of touch. never heard of the show. i like celebrit apprentice.

  51. Pogi says:

    Gavin, you should write a comedy series called Boys for HBO. Its like Girls but with boys

  52. Pogi says:

    Also Brian Williams daughter’s hot

  53. Anonymous says:

    so is “class”. if social constructs aren’t real than neither is class war.

  54. Anonymous says:

    and i still want to know what the h-word is, or at least have a better joke than “halitosis”

  55. blaahus poopus says:



    i’ll shut up now.

  56. Kevin W says:

    It’s part of the thing white people have where they are so ashamed of their own existence that they keep projecting their own self-hatred and coloring it as activism. See also: environmentalism.

  57. busted says:

    So, it went something like this: pre-Girls episode 1, everyone had huge boners for Barf, and post-Girls episode 1, everyone still has huge boners for barf, but now the boners are more testosterone driven because they feel the need to protect boner-inducing Barf, hence Gavin’s full page spread. I hafta say, I’ve never understood why all the raging boners happen for barf, all over America. Her former posts here weren’t all that great, definitely didn’t give good advice, and yet people would have themselves a barf love-in every time she poated! What’s the deal?!? And really, if she made the Precious comment, she shoulda known. My mom always said don’t let your mouth write a check your butt can’t cash. It’s true.

  58. Beef says:

    Ugh, every white and black person involved with this horseshit outrage should get a healthy dose of CancerAIDS.

  59. Reverse, reverse says:

    Privilege. That is all.

  60. random says:

    The only thing girls needs is an abortion

  61. John says:

    Holy shit. Fuck all this race noise. I want to apologize to Barf. I just watched the abortion episode and laughed and laughed and laughed. This is now my favorite show. I can’t believe I left such a douchey comment on the first post. I should’ve known better.

  62. wilbur says:

    The show is really good. Period. All this giving a crap about the skin tone of the characters is ridiculous posturing. Give it a rest, people.

  63. Lazer says:

    During a period of great tension in the Black and Latino communities over The Trayvon Massacre, it disturbs and offends me that Max Read is cynically exploiting Race Issues in order to garner Blog Hits.

  64. This is a serious issue in America in 2012. It’s not like we’re talking about a television show here.

  65. Ty Hardaway says:

    Well reasoned, Gavin. I continue to defend Lesley even though she didn’t do shit for shit.

  66. RED says:

    According to Max Read, it’s now “erasure of people of color” if you don’t airbrush some in who weren’t even there. Is that where the logic has arrived on this particular subject. To not put something in is to erase it? Wow.

  67. louisa k says:

    yeah good point. Max Read is messing with someone’s JOB, bringing up a convenient EXERPT of an interview (the N word) taken
    out of context. (and hasn’t every comic/writer basically said a version of how “powerful” words are??)
    Is he trying to fuel racial tension? What a piece of poo. Horrible, horrible careless and self-serving. Gawker is the worst. Always
    bothered me, and this type of thing is exactly why.

  68. pat says:

    Hopefully now the stupidest story to ever make blog headlines can rest now. And Gawker can go hungrily searching for another young woman writer to smear and just keep on trollin’ like they do.

  69. uh huh. says:

    this is just a bunch of privileged, racist crap. i learned the word “privileged” at community college. i learned the word “racist” on TV.

  70. pat says:

    “Gawker’s even given it the politically incorrect moniker “Pow-Wow.” (My family is 75% American Indian, by the way, and we are furious about this misappropriation.)”

    Someone over at Gawker better have an answer for this. Let me comb each writers blog for any Barack Obama jokes asap.

  71. sid says:

    did this ‘gavin’ kid not bother learning about fallacies when he was blowing his student loan money on pbr? because this lazily written article is as hyperbolic and full of overblown, blind outrage as the “fake controversy” he’s seemingly indicting. you use the phrase “race baiter” but “hate” the term “people of color”? was this cross posted from fox news or

  72. CREAM says:

    Perpetual teenager Lesley Arfin can’t hack (pun intended) the criticism so gets her big bro to tell those bullies to stop picking on her.

    Whitewashing aside, this show is fucking terrible.

  73. Frankus says:

    Look out.
    Gavin is on the warpath.

  74. raymes says:

    You can’t please everyone especially when they’re just waiting to witch hunt you for beating them to the punch, in this case it’s JUST a zany show. It’s so simple it’s disgusting.

  75. epic says:

    I just realized something, Lesley is a Jew, Gavins partner on this site is black, the last editor was Indian (dot) or pakistani or something. and his wife isa Native AMERICAN! he’s a regular United Nations. (probs affirmative action, right???) Gawker has the asians though….

  76. Dear Mr. McInnes,

    In your previous post about the pilot episode, you wrote, “Lesley Arfin can be as self-deprecating as she wants about ;only’ being a staff-writer, yada yada yada; the fact is, her brand of Lower East Side hipster kitsch is all over this show like lady-jizz on a fat girl’s Rabbit.”

    But then, in this post, you state: “Lesley, a writer from the show … had nothing to do with the pilot…”

    So which is is it? Did Lesley have nothing to do with the pilot, or did she jizz her creative awesomeness all over it?

    Are you gong to acknowledge and correct this contradiction? And if (as appears to be the case) you thought you recognized her writing throughout the pilot and then discovered she didn’t write any of it, I guess that means your perceptiveness in this area is pretty sucky, no?

  77. Lair says:

    I can’t really complain about a faltering economy or endless wars, but these fucking white GIRLS and their one episode on a pricey cable network… is there any way we can detain them, hold them down and physically blame them for the all world’s ills?
    There is!? And there’s money to be made while doing it?!

  78. drastic spread of acid heads says:

    I cannot take the following words seriously anymore:

    trucker hat

    People who use these words in blog form or magazine article are not credible writers practicing lazy journalism and they should be ignored.

  79. Penny Rimbjob says:

    Hey Gavin- I think you mean “accountable” , not “culpable”.

  80. brad says:

    Here’s what gets my goat. I just noticed that I have written three stories in the past week, and none of them include black people. Does that make me a racist? Nope. I never considered what race these people in the story are as being important. Tomorrow I may try to write one with all black people if a good idea involves it.

    These people wrote a show about goofy white girls. It probably never occurred to them to say “Holy shit guys, we need a black person in here” because they weren’t thinking in terms of race. Most rational people don’t feel the need to measure their lack of racial bias by making sure to accurately portray every race in everything they do. They do it by not giving two shits what race a person or character is.

    These whiny bastards that go out looking specifically for race in everything are the real problem.

  81. Reverse, reverse says:

    @Lair, I see your “faltering economy” and raise you with this: I can’t really complain about a faltering economy of endless words, especially if I am the editor of this website, which I am not.

  82. Jayblu says:

    Erm, i gotta say. Let a writer write. Show the world thru your own eyes. it is not racist to not include us (by us i mean black folk) in lily white writings. We’re used to not being included. what IS ironically racist is dumb tweets like Lesley’s. Sorry there is no room for that. tell your own story and and let “Precious” tell its own. the point is to not be a dick. and yes, an ironic dick is STILL a dick nonetheless. Sorry Gavin, there’s no defense for it. She wouldnt have deleted it if there was any possible defense for it…

  83. Jayblu says:

    Also careful with the “Lynching” BS. I’m sure you don’t really know what that word means.

  84. Dan says:

    Things kind of went to shit in the last couple of paragraphs there. “Racial McCarthyism”? Jesus, man.

  85. ABC says:

    Good work Gavin, keep fighting the good fight!

  86. Jim Goad says:

    Dan’s right.

    What’s happening now is far worse than McCarthyism.


    Because in the 1950s, communists were actually killing people in the millions. Mao’s Great Leap Forward took tens of millions of lives in the late 1950s. People were being worked and starved to death in Soviet gulags. Political dissidents in communist countries were sent to prison or mental hospitals.

    These days, actual racially motivated white-on-black violence is so rare, the witch hunters have to pretend an obviously Peruvian guy is white just so they can maintain their outdated narrative. They also have to turn a blind eye to nearly daily black mob attacks on whites in order to keep reminding everyone about 100-year-old lynchings.

    It’s also similar to McCarthyism in that people are losing their jobs and facing group ridicule and ostracism merely for thinking differently. In the 1950s, if you diverted from the herd’s beliefs about capitalism, you were a pariah. Same goes today if you dare question modern orthodoxies about race. Is trying to destroy someone’s life because they think differently somehow better than not hiring them for being gay or black? If so, I’m not seeing it. I believe in freedom of association and that people should be able to hire (or refuse to hire) whomever they want. But growing up Catholic, I formed a strong distaste for moralistic witch hunts. All this screeching about “racism” is always framed in moralistic rather than logical terms. Hence, you have people who say “race doesn’t exist,” but somehow they magically see “racism” everywhere, yet they’re blind to how retardedly contradictory such propositions are.

    So many of you still scream about the blacklisting of communist screenwriters in 1950s Hollywood. Funny, I don’t see many “racist” screenwriters getting jobs out there these days. Of course it’s like McCarthyism, with one huge difference—communism was stacking up far more bodies in the 1950s than “racism” is today.

  87. John W.B. says:

    Poor Lesley! I hope everything turns out alright, I love everything that she does. These overly-PC shmucks can suck my cunt. I’m tired of walking on eggshells around these self-righteous, smug dicks. Lesley made a great point and it completely went over their heads.

  88. kimmytalk says:

    Seriously you’ve got to be shitting me. I thought the whole include black people in Girls was silly. Lesley Arfin’s tweet on the other hand was very offensive and uncalled for. He tweet is what basically started the uproar. Lesley knew what she posted was offensive that’s why she deleted the tweet. If you suggested that she shouldn’t apologize you should suggest she repost the tweet and stick by it since there simply wasn’t anything wrong with it. Oh and please give me a freaking break on that tweet was suppose to calm people down.

  89. Anonymoose says:

    Vice is completely fucking dead to me. Privileged white people whining about people calling them on their casual racism and privilege are so fucking annoying.

  90. Anonymoose says:

    BTW, the comments here from blatant racists backing you up should be a sign, McInnes, of where you’re hanging out. I’m sure you mean it ironically, though.

  91. Bri says:

    The fact that you used the term “lynching” says all i needed to know about this article. Frankly, I wish the worst on you and everyone associated with this article who thought that using the term lynching would be a funny joke. Newsflash, it’s not. You and everyone involved with this article, Leslie Arfin, Lena Dunham and this travesty of a TV show should be ashamed of yourselves.
    And to the above commenters, white people do not get a say in what is or is not racist in regards to black or other non-white people. What you need to do is shut all the way up and LISTEN when someone tells you there’s a problem.

  92. sonanymous says:

    this is a shitstorm?

  93. DaggerEyes says:

    Gimme a fucking break. Didn’t Leslie Arfin already face the gay racism stick at Vice? You know why EVERYONE HATES THIS SHOW? Because it’s a bunch of well educated New Yorkers so self-absorbed by their city-absorbed city that they can’t use their imaginations the tiniest bit to think outside their litter box. We get it New Yorkers, you’re spoiled, entitled, self-hating sluts who have entitled, better dressed slut kids who make art about how empty and ironic their lives are. Except your time is up. Girls would be intriguing in 1997 maybe. In 2012 Maf Men us enough and even that show has become intolerable.

    The creators of Girls had to expect the controversy. They are savvier Paris Hiltons who’d rather sit on Woody Allen’s face than a Knick player’s. While outside their bubble kids are broke and can’t pay to see a doctor. These Girls step outside NYC and freak out at gas stations surrounded by “scary Mexicans and scary farmland.” Fuck that show Girls. Let the Internet continue shoving it down the shredder. They’re no better than the race baiting bloggers in NYC and the NYC drones on Fox News. In this case: GO PRO-TROLL. Good riddance Dumbham.Remember to tip your eight maids and nannies. And don’t let Bloomberg figure out how much salt is in sperm.

  94. Jim Goad says:

    “Criticizing PC Totalitarianism—A ’90s Thing’?”

  95. Madman says:

    I love how this site is full of “racially provocative” content, yet once something racial is provoked everybody acts like its this huge surprise and they can’t believe anyone would ever be offended.

  96. Jim Goad says:

    ^ Why do you presume the intent is to “provoke” rather than sincerely talk about subjects some people feel the media is genuinely distorting in dangerous ways? You’re presuming bad faith on those who might simply disagree with you. I tend to presume that those who disagree with me are genuinely sincere, if logically deficient.

    And who the fuck is acting like this is a “huge surprise”? This is Business As Usual, and it’s only getting worse.

    By the way, the George Soros-fueled folks at Think Progress have weighed in:

    What does their staff have in common with the cast of “Girls”?:

  97. SMF says:

    You are the dumbest cracker that ever did crack. One, I refuse to believe you were so dumb that you chose to use the word “lynching” in an article about racial issues accidentally, which makes you a gigantic shitlord. Two, this “BLACK PEOPLE HAD ONE POPULAR MOVIE THREE YEARS AGO, SO EVERYTHING IS FINE BEING ALL ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE FOREVER AND EVER NOW” bullshit can suck a dick. Your article is bad and you should feel bad.

  98. RED says:

    13% of the population had a helluva lot more than 13% of the popular movies. As the “logic be damned” link points out,,1207353,00.html

  99. Lair says:

    I like that in the article Mr. Goad linked to there’s a header with a drawing of the “culture blogger” who wrote it seemingly smelling her finger.
    Will we dare to criticize her when we all come realize what she’s already known for ages: Her shit DOESN’T EVEN STINK.

  100. bean counter says:


  101. blasian says:

    I LOVE WHITE BITCHES. keep em coming

  102. PervertedByLanguage says:

    “Old liberal narrative.” “Racial McCarthyisms.” “Race-baiters.” Wow, I’m surprised you were able to type all that out, Gavin, what with Bill O’Reilly’s dick in your mouth. When you check into that hotel, do you pretend to be father/son? At least he was evidently able to pull out in time to get his jizz all over your Macbook Pro keyboard.

    Sad to see that Street Carnage is turning into the Youth Propaganda Wing of the Tea Party, only with pix of hotter girls. You’ll never get Lesley to sleep with you again if you keep swallowing all that sorry-ass old Republican-man juice.

  103. cuntlicker says:

    How could anybody possibly care so much, this show is terrible.

  104. Lee says:

    A half-hour TV show created by women is called out for the transgressions of an entire culture.
    This is how you fight racism in 2012.

  105. […] about why it’s fucked up to not include black people in your show about New York, another article from angry neocons attacking Gawker Media. The dust Lena Dunham’s new HBO show has managed to kick […]

  106. Ryan says:

    Race-baiters “pretended” that she made up the phrase “dropping Obama off at the pool” to indicate pooping? Using that phrase is objectively racist, how can anyone deny that? Whether or not she “made it up” is entirely irrelevant, and about the saddest defense possible.

  107. Mags says:

    “They also dug up an old interview where she said no words should be censored and they spotlighted the n-word while the poor h-word and b-word she talked about got left on the cutting-room floor.”

    You might want to read the entire article before referencing it. The interviewer posed the following question: “On that note, how about this Russell Simmons coming out and condemning rap music? What’s your favorite: H-word, B-word, or N-Word?” Arfin did not directly discuss the “H-word” or the “B-word,” instead choosing to only focus on the “N-word.” It seems that if anyone knowing left some part of that interview of the cutting room floor in their opinion writing, it’s you.

  108. bernie says:

    I’d write something to retort but this piece of shit article already has the stink on it.

  109. Human Plague says:

    Working as a writer on the internet is like working for a meat factory. From accounts receivable to the killing room floor, everybody knows what goes on in the meat factory. But unlike a meat factory, the internet is full of employees who have the delusion that the factory will someday provide meat without any of this morally reprehensible killing. Oh and don’t get them wrong, They still want meat. They still want the factory to make meat. Not tofu or any of the alternatives, meat. But someday, somehow, it won’t be produced by slaughter.

    You’re all fucked.

  110. Kill Yourself says:

    Here’s a “hatefact” for you, McAnus: You need to be lynched, and not bullshit-metaphorically.

  111. Late to the Party says:

    You can tell when there is the ring of truth to an argument. The accused reacts unnecessarily defensive, and refuses to acknowledge any oversight or wrong-doing.

    Also, lynching???? For those of us with family who have been lynched in the not so distant past, thanks for showing the term such reverence in applying it to your idiot friend’s twitter feud.

    You seem to get Black people.

  112. fart says:

    This who argument and the new Gawker argument has convinced me that the racism is present in Girls, but now that I’m convinced that show is racist, I wonder why 30 Rock isn’t being called out yet. Its the same New York, and the black character we get consistently is Tracy Morgan, who is insane and should be dismissed because he is crazy. Where are the black people in Liz Lemon’s boring personal life? She lives in New York but doesn’t interact with black people, so I have to assume Tina Fey, who the character is based on, is racist.

  113. This article is bullshit says:

    Are you kidding me? Racism is 100% a real thing that continues to be excused in today’s society. It makes no sense to rationalize a person for saying things that are offensive to a group of people because of it’s negative association with a race or ethnicity of a group of people. Shit like this is what makes stormfront .org one of the fastest growing “white nationalist” websites known to date. David Duke says he’s not a white supremacist or a racist. He is just proud of his white heritage & thinks it’s wrong for people to intermix in racial marriage because a person’s race effects who they are and in his mind no other race can be trusted but aryan people. But sure, he’s just noting the differences in races, and is not at all a fucking racist. You keep the ball running & blame the “sexist media” for having a problem with insensitive people who say the n word & compare putting a black president in the white house to putting brown feces in a white toilet bowl. How edgy & artistic of her. You are a sad sad excuse of a soul.

  114. May says:

    You are the most vile, disgusting, racist, white supremacist pile of shit. I hope you step on a piece of lego, Gavin.

  115. HATER ALERT!!! says:

    Why all the hate, May?

    Even if it’s aimed at the “right” target, it’s still hate.

    Why so hate-filled?

    Stop hating.

    Anti-haters unite!

    I hate hate!

  116. James says:

    “My family is 75% American Indian, by the way, and we are furious about this misappropriation.”

    You’re European. Your parents are Scottish. Stop misappropriating identities of POC to add validity to your racist bullshit.

  117. Race Baby says:

    white privilege … WAHHH! … colonialism … WAHHH! … racist bullshit … WAHHH! … anyone who doesn’t think exactly like i do is an evil witch that needs to be burned … WAHHH! … dehumanization … WAHHH! … hurt feelings … WAHHH! … can never get the fuck over high school traumas … WAHHH! … i’ll dehumanize anyone who doesn’t think like me and not see it as hypocritical … WAHHH! … coded language … WAHHH! … i see everyone who doesn’t think like i do as “the other,” and i don’t care if they die … WAHHH! …

  118. Sade says:

    It is not a post racial age. We should not stop hearing/talking about race relations and the differences and similarities that are generated in the multitudes of culture that constitute “race”. So long as the privilege people sitting in their Internet cafes or on their personal laptops wondering “why such a concern” Are wondering such a thing at all. There are scores of people that will never own a computer or even more shockingly, will never reach full illiteracy, based heavily on the fact that we are in a VERY racial age; in an incredibly racially ridged society. Thought it is a sad truth that that has become a more subjugated fact since the United Sates elected a biracial president.

    To the point at hand, if Lena Dunham or the characters/caricatures she portraits and writes are indeed, in some sense “A voice of A generation” perhaps it’s a voice for the potion of a generation that has the audacity to believe we’re post racial. Lena Dunham, I highly doubt believes we live in that age; being that she’s an educated, successful, woman and relevant creative voice. No more do I believe that she thinks we exists in a post sexiest age.

    That being said, she is an artist, of sorts, and as an artist she has the right, and honestly it follows most logically, to reflect the society/social economic class, race, gender, and sexual orientation she is apart of. I’m a black woman; do I believe she has friends like me? Sure, I’m a self absorbed 20 something with first world problems, like a desire to not work, a shity relationship with a shity boy, body image issues tripping, fabulously, through the brilliantly colored, over stimulating nowhere land of ‘figuring myself out.’ Yet Dunham has thus far not physically represented “me” in her work.

    Dunham is a young artist and as such perhaps she hasn’t figured out how to write a part for a black young woman that reflexes, while maintaining authenticity to her creative voice, believable quirks and true representations of feelings of insecurity. Perhaps she hasn’t figured out how to portray some one navigating themselves though an awkward time with the added pressure of belong to a hyper minority. Perhaps she hasn’t figured out, nor ever will or want to figure out, how to portray some one as dynamic as me; intelligent, strong, self determined, witty, venerable, creative, traveled, empathetic, ect. (Really the list goes on….) She hasn’t quite figured out how to do that with white young women so give her a break.

  119. M says:

    Man, I never thought I’d see the day when my supposed left-wing allies have gone so completely fucking insane that I’ll turn to Gavin McInnes for a flicker of rationality about race. Jesus Christ. Maybe I’m just getting old or something, and don’t have time for irrational PC bullshit anymore.

  120. jaye says:

    could the title be more tone deaf and just validate all the criticism level-ed at her and the world she lives in?

    a more apt title would be “the critiquing of lesley arfin and all the bullshit she has said over the years”

    or to be more specific “the uncomfortable (for lesley and her douchebag friends) critiquing of lesley arfin and all the bullshit she has said over the years”

  121. The Ghost of MCA says:

    The show is shit for reasons that have nothing to do with trumped up racism charges or nepotism. The characters are unlikeable (no, it’s not done on purpose & you’re an idiot if that’s your defense of the show) & represents a portion of “a generation” (omg lol that part was soooo funny, right?!) that should shut the fuck up & be ignored.
    And the main character is ugly as fuck to boot. Why the hell do I want to watch annoying AND ugly? Fuck that. FUCK YOU.

  122. atlanta says:

    i don’t like seeing the yucky star of the show with her clothes off.
    But was that lesley as one of the brooklyn girls in her office? Because if so she is pretty.

    Is this racist blog storm for real? so weird!

    anyway good show. not sure if i really like it but I lived in NYC with girls like that as my room mates and it’s pretty accurate.

  123. atlanta says:

    also LOL at delicious tacos comment that pretty much sums it up

    i just saw the rerun of hannah’s diary and i really want to re-iterate that lesley’s character as the townie NYC chick is basically my dream unobtainable girlfriend

    if you want to get into weird race dynamics it would be harder (impossible, really) for me a minnesota white transplant nerd to date a girl like lesley’s character in that episode than it was for me to date the black/asian/indian chicks in my college dorm

  124. I hate HBO's GIRLS says:

    75% Native American… YEAH RIGHT!!! I HATE when people try to break their heritage down into percentages. Always makes them become an immediate asshole. Unless they’re applying for government aid. Then it makes them righteous.

  125. May Yadana Kyaw says:

    Dear mom,
    Send me more money for my worthless degree.

  126. minecraft says:

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    net in order to play.

  127. Giselle says:

    There was a white person in Precious A drunk white prostitute on the curb high out of her mind. :)

  128. Phil says:

    Big shocker that she moved up from intern at vice cause Gavin was fucking lesley.

  129. Gavin says:

    That’s not true.

  130. Phil says:

    @gavin not what she said. Perhaps it isn’t, thought that was a reliable source.

  131. Gavin says:

    I ate her out once. C’est tout. We were friends and she did well at my old company because she could write in a laid-back funny way that was confident and sincere.

  132. floydqq2 says:

    After my modish engagement
    ulema tony keyboard sight investment

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