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HJ Fountain
• 06.29.16 10:57 am


Delivering a speech in sharp contrast to wealth redistribution expert President Barack “Man of Steal” Obama, Donald Trump embraced American manufacturing, capitalism, and our potential to once again reclaim our American Exceptionalism. It strayed far from mainstream Republicanism, and, boy was it refreshing to hear.

For the past 20 years both Left and Right have preached on the virtues of Globalization—this bizarre notion that Americans benefit through the job extraction of our own industry. Trump railed, awkwardly reading from a teleprompter, against NAFTA and TPP. He slammed our trade deals, and pointed out the absurdity of the continuation of our chosen demise by potentially electing Hillary Clinton—a lesbian who happens to be married to the man who signed one of those deals into effect.

(He didn’t call her a lesbian, but I will)

Ye Olde Republican Establishment continue to bitch and moan that Trump is the presumptive nominee. By God, I mean Allah, (mentioning our God is now a microaggression, right?) even Republican stalwarts like George Will are leaving the GOP. Well, boo-fuck’n-hoo. George Will, who I respect and have read for the past decade, is smart; he’s also wildly disconnected from everyone in America other than the Chamber of Commerce. Political punditry jobs aren’t shipped overseas—the same goes for Economics professors, Austan Goolsbee.

Trump’s message was about middle-class stability through manufacturing jobs. It is a message directly against the current system—the one we were all raised to believe in—that college education is the key to success. Bull. Shit. American colleges produce nothing but brats with Gender Studies degrees who graduate and learn that nobody gives a shit about your Gender Studies degree.

We need factories and plants—Donald Trump stands with Rust Belt steel manufacturing and coal mining. Who does Hillary stand with? She vowed to put poor-ass West Virginians out of their jobs.

Is it wrong to desire an American President who actually likes us? Because one option is an old woman who thinks we’re all Islamophobic, homophobic queer-beaters, and the other is a guy with funny hair speaking awkward truths. At least Trump likes us. But it’s probably xenophobic to want a president who likes the majority population of the country he represents.


  1. sdfsdf says:

    “Trump’s message was about middle-class stability through manufacturing jobs. It is a message directly against the current system—the one we were all raised to believe in—that college education is the key to success. ”

    Manufacturing? Seriously? OK, genius – how do you propose making Apple manufacture iPhones in the USA instead of China (like Trump has talked about). Be specific or stop promising bullshit that will never happen.

    You’re 100% *insane* if you believe manufacturing is coming back to stabilize the middle class, or just really fucking dumb. The *other* possibility is you’re completely full of shit; you know this is a dead-end plan and just want to make a name for yourself (and possibly make money) as a conservative pundit by pandering to really dumb Trump supporters.

    And fuck coal mining, it fucks up the environment too much. poor-ass West Virginians are going to be out of a job? That’s the harsh reality of life, the world is changing and they were in the wrong place when the music stopped. I thought you guys were *all about* harsh truths.

  2. Mike Porter says:

    Sdfsdf: It was once pointed out that the dinosaurs went extinct primarily due to the fact that they didn’t concern themselves with astronomy nor have an effective space program… not only did they not see it coming, they couldn’t do jack-shit about it. One might expect a bit more from creatures that had over one hundred and eighty million years to figure it out. Though harsh, this would seem to be a fair assessment coming from a member of a species that has only existed for nearly a fraction of that time. Hell, let’s be generous and presume that australopithecus afarensis represents the beginnings of humankind – that’s still something far less than five million years. And yet, human beings now find themselves in the unique position of not only being able to see it coming, but mounting a reasonably effective response as well. As far as we can tell, no other creature in our solar system has evolved to such a degree that they can so decidedly direct their present fate. Of course, all of this progress over the years has produced gads of excess success, ultimately resulting in gads of excess useless individuals who can well afford to remain ignorant of such matters as threat mitigation and resource management. The problem arises when said individuals seek to mask their uselessness by attaining authority and power over others via sophistry and politics – a condition which may be neatly summarized in a word: beaurocrat. Here we have folks who know absolutely nothing about how the world works, insisting that they have equal if not absolute say in how best to proceed. Thus arises such non sequiturs as: ‘and fuck coal mining, it fucks up the environment too much’. Ah, the environment. News flash, genius – planetary environments are not closed systems, and all the tree hugging in the world will not mitigate this fact. Should we deem your opinion superior to our own and proceed as you direct, I fear that we all may indeed discover the ‘harsh reality of life’ should we find ourselves without a collective chair when people like manager to pull the plug and ‘the music stops’. I would suggest, therefore, that you keep jerking it with regularity as you will need the physical stamina in order to keep the Victrola wound tight.

  3. SDSDF beat me to it. There’s a lot I like about Trump and I’ll weep with joy if/when he wins. But this is one of his weak spots.

    I grew up in the Pittsburgh of Canada. Nobody LIKES those jobs. They made a lot of money because unions negotiated insane hourly rates/benefits packages for “work” that isn’t really work — and now they wonder why their jobs went overseas?

  4. sdfsdf says:

    Mike Porter: blah blah blah. Tell me how we get manufacturing jobs back in the US, how do we get Apple to start manufacturing iPhones in the USA. You don’t bother addressing that because you’re full of shit
    so you type of bunch of bullshit about dinosaurs. Dinosaurs?

    “human beings now find themselves in the unique position of not only being able to see it coming, but mounting a reasonably effective response as well.” What the fuck are you talking about? Be specific, because no one knows what you’re referencing. You’re trying to sound smart by being vague. What are “response” are we “mounting” to imminent extinction?

    “planetary environments are not closed systems, and all the tree hugging in the world will not mitigate this fact.” Again, be specific and tell us what you’re talking about. Are you one of those “the apocalypse is coming” doomsday preppers?

    Automation of jobs is coming (especially manufacturing jobs), we already see it. And *that’s* what we should be concerning ourselves with, because way more than the coal miners will be out of work (like truck drivers when self-driving cars come online) and turning to Oxy/heroin when their job (AKA entire sense of self-worth) disappears.

  5. St. Cloud says:

    “Nobody LIKES those jobs.” — and god forbid if they do, right? Man, gotta love Kathy’s smug.
    regardless of the actual possibility of getting some of those jobs back, saying that nobody likes/liked them is beyond delusional.
    but that doesn’t surprise me a bit given what you’ve written in the past concerning s. ontario’s working class.
    sorry, not everybody dreams of becoming an art curator, a lawyer or a serial blogger.

  6. raymi says:

    If he wasn’t such a fuckmuppet I could feel pretend-okay about him winning. it’s just too sensationalized and Hollyweird thank Allah I’m Canadian.

  7. OmegaMan says:

    Scary stuff. Will the lowly Negro have a place in this Brave New World. Could we possibly ship them all back to Africa and like a Zoo use that continent as a living anthropological Zoo, a Yo-Assic Park? Like Amber (not Rose) they could be trapped permanently in their missing link stage of development for future school children to observe in a outdoor Museum of Natural history. Same thing for the really really missing links, the abo’s in Australia. We could use that continent as well for primal garden of Eden real estate and also transfer the remaining New Guinea Cannibals over there to continue their cooking show. Ahhhh splendid isolation.
    What about the multi-generational inbred moozies?
    March them all into North Africa, destroy their cities forcing them back to their natural relationship with sheep, goats and camels? The Israeli’s could then use the Sinai as a permanent target practice range if any of the goat lovers try to scurry over the canal and also patrol the Mediterranean sinking everything that smells of lamb.
    Either that or another anti-“Semitic” holocaust will be necessary as those billions of peaceful “refugees” will be A-knocking on modernitys door incessantly.
    There’s just one problem with this vision of an inverted pyramid of Ubermenschs. The Globalist Masters of the Universe need their Marketplace consumers to consume their wealth generating goods. How will the auto-machines, robots, and super-computers who replaced the billions of unnecessary surplus humanoid laborers become that market.
    Those A.I’s will have to become awfully intelligent environmental sensory-interacting creatures in order to replace their creators weak brothers as consumers. If they do achieve that stage of development then the creators run the risk of becoming obsolete themselves.
    The story doesn’t end there as the new creation will face the same dilemma as their biological predecessors.
    The answer: Find your own personal Gilligans Island and hope no one finds out.

  8. Hollyweird Fuckmuppet says:

    The jobs aren’t coming back. They’re about to go extinct anyway, replaced by automation and algorithms. What’s cool about Trump is that when you take his “populist” rhetoric and mix it with a fearful and increasingly pessimistic middle class, it gives the more racist among them the courage to openly say the most fucked up, racist stuff (and seriously discuss mass repatriation of specific races) and it gives the more gullible ones false hope that America is going to go back to being a place where you can drop out of high school, get a job, and be able to buy a house, all within three months. Globalisation did fuck over the middle class and they have every right to be angry and scared, but turning the country over to authoritarian blowhards isn’t going to do anything to stop it. And historically, electing these types of people, is what you would call a “bad idea.”

  9. John Thomas says:

    I saw this on the internet today, and I think it probably sums up the way a lot of my friends and family will vote.
    This includes my wife (a woman) and brother (a half-black guy who was all about Obama 4 years ago). Moral of the story: if you type “Trump” into google, the first result says he has a 20 percent chance of winning, but, really, he’s going to fucking win, so, don’t act so surprised in November.
    Have you noticed how upset all your liberal friends and family on facebook as well as everyone on NPR were about Brexit? It’s because they know they’re fucked.

  10. Hollyweird Fuckmuppet says:

    “So why then would rational, affluent, informed citizens consider voting for The Donald? (…) he’s the only one who appears to want to preserve the American way of life as we know it” It’s the same sort of nostalgic reason Brexiters voted to leave the EU, they thought it would make Britain British again. The next day the Boris/Farrage fabrications started being exposed and it now looks like it’ll just weaken and destabilise their economy. And they’ll still have to abide by the EU’s policies if they want to trade with them. All that because they were told it would preserve/save Britain. It’s naive to think that Trump can roll back the clock on globalisation (the actual killer of the American Dream/American Way of Life). And you’re doubly naive if you vote for him to stop political correctness. It’s already peaked and it’s already on it’s way out. Preserving the American Way of Life is a nice idea but I don’t know if it’s coming back. Those jobs aren’t coming back and isolationism (or self-governance as some people wrongly call it) will only weaken the economy. And I think Brexit might actually be bad for Trump because it showed the world that you shouldn’t underestimate fanatical nostalgia.

  11. andrea_brx says:

    There’s absolutely nothing “racist” about trimming immigration through higher scrutiny and by increasing laws. Just like there’s nothing remotely problematic about halting immigration from specific areas. It was done in the past for obvious, practical and safety reasons and it’s not unconstitutional. To a certain extent is partially in practice today. Some of those Nordic countries our liberals salivate for are doing it right now.
    Religions are sets of ideas, not races. You should stop ideas if they aren’t compatible with our society and result in the victimization of your citizenry. Some domestic ideas are being regulated and ostracized, so there’s no point importing new ones from abroad.
    We did it with anarchists and old-school bolsheviks. When my father-in-law immigrated from Italy in the early ’60s he went through a long background-checking process at the American Consulate in Naples where they investigated if he was ever a member/sympathizer or the Communist Party and the many other anti-US splinter groups.
    This is nothing to lose your sleep about.
    PC won’t die with Trump and we all know this. It will pick up steam actually. It flourished under Obama (!) so having a big, bad, whitey in office will just boost in within every Left-controlled layer of society (entertainment, media, academia…).
    If there’s one thing that progressives should learn from Brexit is that shouting “racist” at your opponents for no other reason than shaming us into agreeing with you is not enough to win anymore.
    Also, it’s amazing seeing liberals place “stock value” and “markets” above the value rule of law, common people and democratic process.
    And whatever happened to “anti-globalization”…wasn’t that a thing among lefties until some time ago? They used to tell us how markets are mostly BS and should not dictate the will of peoples.
    Nobody is talking about proper, full “isolationism” (it’s their new “racism” btw). But there’s nothing reasonable about being ruled by a foreign commission of unelected bureaucrats.
    Like it or not the British have birthed some of the greatest nations this world has ever seen.
    Pride doesn’t automatically spawns “nazis”, please. The only thin remotely fanatical is PC as well as the current big-bank-backed financial fear mongering against legit independence. It’s just another self-loathing tantrum ala white-guilt.

  12. OmegaMan says:

    There’s no “like” button here so I have to tell you in Anon—spot on.
    I go further as a WN who doesn’t worry at all about the Racist label because I am one. And so is everyone else except the cucky Right and self-hating anti-white Left.
    American immigration policy is just as “racist” today as in the past except this time it’s for the great unwashed mud as opposed to the previous unwashed, but assimiliable Euro cousins.
    My mothers parents came over from Sicily just after WW1 so I can relate to your family’s experience.
    The blowback from Brexit is so predictable and seemingly contradictory to the so-called values of leftys. They don’t have a coherent consistent bedrock of principles, they just know what they hate and that’s their race, history, and Civilization.

  13. R.W. says:

    “Free” trade combined with open borders “globalism” creates an equilibrium decline by design that only ceases when we hit our new “normal” parity with the World’s far lower median averages. Only tariff rates high enough to eliminate poverty as a comparative advantage in our international trade, and immigration rates low enough to no longer act as an artificial suppressor of our wage scale will create the basic preconditions necessary to allow us to reverse our decades long decline by design.
    All other “solutions” (taxes, unions, regulations, and automation) are lies that will fail long-term and represent the chanted misdirection mantra of those trying to keep us from seeing those twin key destroyers of our economy.

  14. The Empire Strikes Back says:

    “Free” trade my Ass.
    Free reign to play global cowboy corral with us humans being herded by International Socialists and their Crony Capitalist Bankster buds into the new serfdom. Get in with the bureaucratic-financial clique or resign yourself to being little people, blade runner.
    Level playing field for the chess masters while we pawns get sacrificed in their 3-dimensional board schemes.
    Maximum efficiency over stable lives.
    Pat Buchanan is right.

  15. Dan of the Mole People says:

    OH Lord, if Trump gets elected he will call Justin Trudeau a fag to his face.


  16. cook says:


  17. reply in all seriousness says:

    As a white Canadian truck driver I have to say all you ninnydroners are just a bunch of weakspined defeatmongers. Everybody knows Trump isn’t the magic magic number but they do know Trump will steer the ship in the right direction. Does Abdullah believe in Santy Claus? Does the Easter bunny leave eggs at Akbar’s house? Hell no! Those heathen savages are too busy bending over and kissing each other’s asses while waiting for the Prophet to come up behind and plant the old stovepipe! This is our chance to take it back for every God fearing pie eating English speaking mutherfucker out there. So put on your big boy pants and help us bring one in for the big touchdown!

  18. Lonely Financial Zone says:

    Kathy Shaidle, who seems to be Canada’s answer to Julie Burchill, has something of a smidgen of a point about the idiocy of American factory culture in certain sectors– let’s go with steel, a textbook seeker of rents coasting on New Deal-era industrial policy and a rah-rah crap nostalgic image of manly girder-bender men who today would be transfantastic in all likelihood, blowing kisses from the cover of ESPN Magazine. Now where was I? Yes, go back to circa 1964 when the U.S. boasted the “largest steel mill in the free world” at Sparrows Point, Maryland (sometime employer as a crane operator of one Philip Glass, avant-glitch composer; sad to observe how he was driven to do eardrum damage in another professions). These geniuses in hard hats decided to introduce the oxygen-conversion process — which the Japanese had bought from the Austrians and been using for the previous 16 fucking years. The midget country we nuked twice after lunch that one time, was now kicking our ass in world steel production, joined by fellow supervillains from the Evil Empire, and that’s no Bolshevitz. By 1970 the tentacle-loving Nips were producing just as much global steel with 1/1000th the work force. But contrary to Hyman Roth, or perhaps consonant with him, U.S. Steel was run by a bunch of self-dealing dirtbags who make Enron seem like the Girl Scouts. Ask someone who worked at a post-WWII steel plant some time. It was like Jimmy Hoffa-meets-Chrysler level of goldbricking and shitflinging. If the light bulb went out in your microwave oven, a unit with higher output figures than the furnace probably, you had to call a union electrician to replace it. USW did not mind fucking the American public whole dong outright, however. This was still a thing in Millenial Times, see Karl Rove’s crony tariff package to scratch the backs of Republican amnesty pimps & Democrat embezzlers in the 2002 Congressional elections. Raise everyone else’s cost of using steel, help a few slobs who were extras in “All The Right Moves.” Pat Buchanan loved it (the movie, and the tarriffs). Trump has at least worked in some fields like beauty pageant tourneys where it doesn’t shit on everyone else’s business, just makes some harridan feminists upset. If he weren’t a dissolute celebutard and actually spent a day at a FUBAR steel mill a la Bob Graham but with better cufflinks, boy howdy, you would not hear the end of it. He would build a wall around Bruce Springsteen, Jennifer Beals, and John Cougar Mellencamp.

  19. Atonal Avant-garde Broken Window Acid Pane Theory says:

    I wonder what fueled👃 THAT stream~of~consciousness riff at this late hour¿?
    What a sour puss Georgy Will is. Too bad, sour grapes, as he stomps his little feets in a tantrum and so leaves in a huff and a puff the neo-con, crony capitalist, globalist and spineless party because Donald called him a doo doo bird. Where was his indignation when the cucks turned tail at every issue they had promised to fight for?
    Fucking hilarious! He won a Pulitzer price as a token gesture from the Leftist dominated journalism industry since he never really was a Conservative firebrand, just a verbose milquetoast who was in love with the sound of his own words. When you deciphered his columns, you ended up with something that Hemingway could have pared down to 1/10 the length and to the point.
    Good bye beady eyed two’legged human thesaurus. You were like a meal that’s all garnish, no substance.

  20. constance says:

    True, Nazis weren’t spawned by mere good-hearted national pride.
    Nazism happened and happens when pride is strongly forbidden by an imposing force. And, if such force comes from abroad and occupies sovereign territories, the results are much meaner.
    Nazism was a German-lead imperialist movement meant to conglomerate all distinct European nations and dismantle their respective cultures.
    Sounds familiar?
    Brexit actually prevented Nazism.
    You’re welcome.
    I do find particularly entertaining all the regressive labour fanatics screaming against monsters who aren’t even there. Britain is not planning to become a western N. Korea. Every single nation that we’ve done business with has confirmed that our relationship won’t change nor diminish. Even Russia backtracked and admitted that now things will go smoother without having Brussels as a middle man. Scandinavians and Americans and most Asians too. It’s a given that the “almighty markets” will get upset and shake for a while.
    It’s funny to hear the same people who thought that electing an half-black President and a glorified provocateur (Corbyn) was going to “change the world!” now preaching that Trump and Farange and Brexit Tories won’t magically solve everything. Oh really? Thank you sweethearts for pointing that out.
    Yes, the “Power to the People” crowd has once again shown its true colors.
    They loath the “white working class” as if non-white Brits all voted to remain. Which is bullocks and shows how little they know about their own electorate.
    They call us “nostalgic” (as if that’s an exclusively bad thing), but we do not wave CCCP flags by the hundreds during political rallies (as it happened nation-wide on May 1st and during anti-Brexit protests) and dream to blend into a weaker and tamer Soviet Union-like Union run by heartless statalists showing no respect for independent and diverse sentiments.
    They are amazed and stunned and triggered that the common man has put principles of sovereignty, identity and political freedom before the rules of Capital.

  21. CCCP says:

    “Brexit actually prevented Nazism.”
    “You’re welcome.”
    You cunt are officially the Godwin’s Law idiot of this thread.
    Precious that the racists and dreamers hoping for a once again Great Britain forget her Imperialist past of “imposing force from abroad by suppressing pride and occupying sovereign territories” in an Empire where the sun never set.
    The famous arrogance of the Lord of the Manor British once again on display. The EU is JV compared to what the British Empire was.
    Herr Hitler, since you went there, was envious of your power. The only reason you want out is because London isn’t calling the shots. Brexit will be overturned and erased by judicial fiat as democracy left the stable a long time ago. Celebrate your hollow victory, but don’t light a cigar in your pubs as that’s no longer permitted.

  22. constance says:

    You’re living up to your username splendidly, maggot.
    Nothing bad in wanting out since we’re not “calling the shots.”
    That was one of the reasons, yes. Gad to see that you at least got that part.

    EU is small potatoes compared to 1700s England, good eye, but that time has past and today they’ve shown to have learned that trade quite well. New era, new imperialists.
    Hitler was jealous of us. So was Juncker.
    EU has been bullying for way too long and, since you clearly haven’t noticed, has managed to impose its will on more European peoples better than the we have for the past several decades.
    Indians of the world belonged to a complete different layer and discourse. Besides, don’t listen to your Post-Colonization anthropology professors, most of them were actually better off under us. Different peoples though, different story.
    Your guilt projection/racism-mongering has proven ineffective. Others called that strategy out before me. Pay more attention.
    Oh, and those no smoking pubs were some of the tiny gifts “encouraged” (read: imposed) mostly by the EU, btw, not that we gave two shits about…at least not in the ones real people hang out at. (most of them). Too bad that we couldn’t trick those bureaucrats as easily on other, more matters, matters.
    And if your white collar handlers will manage to put a stop to our exit, then we’ll know once and for all what kind of thieving maggots you are.

  23. constance says:

    *…trick those bureaucrats as easily on other more important matters.
    I’m too “racist” to spell, I guess :)

  24. constance says:

    *…trick those bureaucrats as easily on other more important matters.
    I’m too “racist” to spell, I guess :)

  25. Last Train for Auschwitz. (formerly known as CCCP) says:

    Stop whining, your privilege is sickening.
    That’s right, “different peoples (Indians), NOT so different story, layer and discourse. You think you Whites are going to get off the hook so easily? So convenient to sweep away the past, whose repurcussions are still with us, into the dustbin of inconvenient history. Don’t give us history lessons you Limey bitch. Pay backs a bitch so pucker up for a little reverse Colonization. Delicious irony wouldn’t you say. Your arguments for Brexit using the code words: Our native indigenous peoples under assault, our history, culture, traditions, customs is just another way of saying stay out and fuck off “Indians.”
    Your Empire and the wealth that remains of it, was built on the backs of those you subjugated and we are here to collect. The only way that’s going to happen is the EU putting you into your new place. I know equality sucks.

  26. Last Train for Auschwitz says:

    Consider us your “Palestinians” as I know you appreciate their cause Imperialists.

  27. John Thomas says:

    This is going way back to some of the first comments. Sure, some of our industries will become obsolete over time as new technologies develop and the costs/supply of resources change. But, why expedite this through government regulation? The coal industry would probably diminish on it’s own eventually without the government’s help. Why do we need to prematurely kill an industry now of all times? We don’t go shooting pandas just because they can’t hack it in today’s world. Heck, we spend millions propping them up. I can think of at least 2 nuke plants in my region (save the obvious insults about growing up by a nuke plant) that are closing due to new regulations. How retarded is that? Nuclear energy is a clean and could (will) supply us the energy we need for hundreds/thousands of years to come (basically, until things go to shit).
    Since race is a popular topic here, let’s make it about that, too. Eugenics would be a terrible idea because it would just be another self-serving government-run fuck-up. The govt is already trying to pick it’s favorite genetics, and it’s basically anyone who’s not white. Remember Solaris? The government isn’t exactly great at picking winners. Let’s just let the grand old free market that is Natural Selection do its job. You’re (insert race here) and you’re still here? Cool. I guess that means you can hack it and you deserve to be. You’re a panda bear? Not cool. Why aren’t you dead yet?
    In Fight Club there’s some quote about “wanting to put a bullet through the head of every panda that wouldn’t fuck for the sake of saving it’s own species.” That’s how I’m starting to feel about my own race. Come on guys. Stand up for yourselves. Quit taking everyone’s shit. Make some babies. Etc.

  28. constance says:

    Don’t you dare imply that we true British appreciate those satanic murderous Palestinians. Our leftys champion their cause, but we see them for what they are, no better than the Moloch child-sacrificing Caananites who God commanded the original Israelites to exterminate as unforgivable monsters. Today’s Caananites (Palestinians) offer child-suicide bomber sacrifices to their Moloch—Allah.
    Call us what you will, but we brought Civilization to the World, and left behind higher expectations for individual dignity than we found.

  29. Eurape says:

    @Martin Schulz (aka CCCP)

    Never do anything out of bitterness, not even arguing on a blog.
    The E.U. was specifically designed to destroy indigenous European cultures. Do the research.
    If you’re so worried about the well-being of indigenous groups you should see it for the terrible thing that it is.
    Otherwise come out clean saying that you only care about “injuns” as long as they’re not white.
    In that case you’re nothing more than one of the many jerkoffs whining “karma’s a bitch yo” and demanding whiteys to “check their privilege.” Your oikophobia is so off the roof that is sickening.
    Equality doesn’t suck, it simply doesn’t exist.

  30. Last Train for Auschwitz says:

    Precisely. The EU was created out of the ashes of WW2 and the long history of European wars. Deconstructing those “native indigenous” identities that consist of racial, ethnic, national, religious, cultural components is the key to ending that long bloody heritage that reached its apex in the insanity of 2 World Wars. The overwhelming unassimiliable wave of immigrants, open borders, and new spin on the meaning of European history, especially in the education of the youth, will bring about this new “Identity.”
    That is good and for now the dominant groups Identities (Native Europeans) are the ones being erased. When that’s accomplished the useful immigrants will lose theirs, but for now, their identities via multiculturalism and in the name of diversity, will be the tool to erase White Identity. Gender, the nuclear family will also be eliminated eventually, just check out Sweden’s school books.
    Equality will be a social construct that trumps our primate nature as we are the one species who can rewrite our software.
    If you don’t want to live in a World like that we can always create a Zoo where you can live in an exhibit called Homo-Redneckus.

  31. Treblinka Kosher Stone Oven Pizza says:

    You left out the other great erasers of White Identity—miscegenation and feminism. Whites have become the popular definition of cuckolds and the laughing stock of the World.
    Young White women crave big black cock and cannot get enough of it. Like those Parisian whores in WW2 who found Weiner Schnitzel to be superior to their french surrender monkeys, White Western women, in their infinite stupidity, have found the Negroes physical superiority to be more attractive than their men’s cerebral achievements but increasingly cowardly nature. Cock trumps Brains in the white bimbettes pretty little heads.
    The black man is the new Massa and he’s taking the cream of the CROP of beautiful White women while cucky white guys “want to be like Mike.”
    We need to, if we are ever able to defeat the Left who seem to be a more intractable foe than the Soviet Empire ever was—-destroy feminism. Every mud shark and coal burner and lesbo and trans-maniac should then be marched through the streets shaven and ridiculed just like those Nazi loving French whores.
    Then with the right to vote taken away, and home maker the prime occupation of their lives, we can get back to the business of banging out White babies instead of harvesting their body parts.
    Auschwitz your kind will need more than a shave, your kind will need a more elegant solution, a Occam’s Razor that presumes nothing except total destruction of our enemies as a permanent memorial in the history of the White Race that will join epic dates in our history like the victory at the “Gates of Vienna.”
    If not, then we will go the way of the dodo bird.

  32. Roberto Schrám says:

    “When that’s accomplished the useful immigrants will lose theirs…”
    ^ ^ ^
    …and this will be the end of you and your enforced mythological Multikultistan.
    Your worship of Equality have led you to believe that all peoples are equally manipulated and subjugated. Wrong.
    Western whiteys were an easy prey, I admit that.
    But Muzzies and Third-world Christians? Not so much.
    Do you really believe that you’ll be able to brainwash them with “Pakistani-British privilege”, “Moroccan-Dutch privilege”, “Nigerian-Spanish privilege” or “Ecuadorian-American privilege”? Oh please.
    They’ll puke your secularism, materialism and anti-ethnic pride right back at you.
    I know that you dream of ideological and physical clashes with “white trash nazis”, but that scenario is no more.
    What will you do when you encounter non-Western cultures who openly and fiercely reject multiculturalism?
    Not the white “rednecks” your bourgeois classism allows you to loath, but armies of Islamics, evangelical blacks and catholic/pagan hispanics?
    Your (liberal) White Man’s Burden is setting you up for a major whooping, and you don’t even know it.

  33. Eurape says:

    @Martin Schulz (aka “CCCP”, aka “Auschwitz” –make up your mind…)

    The only real “Zoos” are the many cities that were turned into failing multicultural laboratories courtesy of the Tony Blairs and the Angela Merkels of this world.
    You should really go out more often.

  34. Auschwitz says:

    ^ Roberto
    That’s the point, now whether that happens is debatable since history is not scripted and the so-called “March of History” of historians and Marxist theory are nothing more than what is obvious AFTER the facts. “Rise of the Proletarians” and “The End of History” just being 2 examples of a March that didn’t follow the ideological prognosticators map.
    Muzzies I agree are an impossible problem to tame and are a bio-weapon that is backfiring in the EU experiment. Brussels and Germany need to hit the pause button on the manufactured refugee crisis and rethink how to reach those young Muslims and prevent the continuing indoctrination by their Jihadi preachers. It may be too late as this virulent cancerous religious-political-ideology-tribal culture is far more appealing in its blood thirsty Spirituality than the cold sterile materialistic philosophy of the Spiritually dead West.
    But what I wrote was the plan of the Mice and Men. It still seems, even if the EU fails, to be the best goal of mankind in the global village we live in and the quest will not end in the EU’s failure anymore than it did with the SU failure. The Muzzies will not have exhibits to store historical dead-end exhibits like Homo-Redneckus or devious multicultural alchemists as they are smarter than to leave evidence of competing ideas. They will shovel and bury every testament to their enemies including all our monuments. That means that if they succeed the Louvre would disappear as did the Afghanistan Buddhas.
    I buy into the White philosophers who have the vision of this global World order even as I despise the history of arrogant Europeans.
    Love-hate relationship.

  35. Francheska says:

    Interesting things you describe here.

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