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Street Carnage
• 06.20.17 12:29 pm

Can brothers agree on anything or do they just argue all the time out of spite? Whatever the reason, it’s always fun to watch. Now, we get to see Gavin and Miles do it in this video.

  1. Number One says:

    Maybe last?

  2. #gabrielapetrie says:

    One exception: real, actual Nazis *are* killing people but the victims are ethnic Russians in Ukraine so you and the left ignore it 100%.

  3. Amon Goeth Jr. says:

    Ukraine is a fake country so Crimea a Volga river Gabriela Petri Dish. The Nazi’s should have by passed and left Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Moscow alone and concentrated on the Soviet Union’s war making capacity. Then we would have been spared your stupid little comment. Seig Heil bitch.

  4. Super(ficial) Man says:

    Kook, fuck the Ukraine. People aren’t eating their wheat anymore because of the whole gluten thing.
    Just agree that it is incredibly eerie that Jennifer Aniston has been pregnant in the tabloids for much of the last 15 years YET we have never seen ONE baby come to term. Just what the fuck is going on with that????

  5. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    Yeah! And what’s the deal with airline food?

  6. Proud White Man says:

    I heard that little dig about “go to the South if you want to recruit Nazi’s” you alt light faggot Gavin. You’re all flustered because you’re in limbo land trying to straddle the ideological divide. At least your make believe foil brother Miles is consistent and hardcore. What you stand for is wishy washy conservative kumbaya. Just like Megyn Kelly you’ll be hated by both sides because lukewarm tastes bad on both sides of the mouth. Your desperate attempt to not be called a Nazi is weak and pathetic. Man up and stop caring if you can. If they’re willing to kill you does it matter what they think? You got yourself into something you can’t handle. Get out before you get yourself and your family hurt, and yes those little show off Proud Boys too.

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