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• 05.03.12 11:00 am

The first thing you should have thought when you heard Rutgers student Tyler Clementi jumped off a bridge because he was outed was, “Huh?”

Being gay in American colleges today is like having black hair with a naturally occurring white streak, or a huge tattoo on your leg you got during the five years you spent surfing in Thailand, or having a real eyepatch that you actually need.

However, using this as yet another example of the horrible gay bullying epidemic that’s taking over the country fits the narrative, so the media ran with it. They get their story and an innocent man named Dharun Ravi goes to jail for a hate crime. That’s what drives me nuts about these witch hunts. They invent a victim in the name of saving lives and have no regard for the lives they destroy.



1. Closeted gay kid performs a shameful blow job.

2. Evil homophobic roommate films it and puts it on the Internet.

3. Closeted gay kid is so mortified, he jumps off a bridge.

4. homophobe is charged with a hate crime and is awaiting sentencing.



1. Totally out gay kid who chats on gay messageboards all the time invites yet another boyfriend over. Like most dorm rooms, him and his roommate have a policy. If the dorm is a rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’. However, Tyler’s roommate was getting sick of being booted out of the room all the time.

2. Ravi purposely leaves his webcam on so it would record what was going on in the room and he Tweets about it. He does this more than once. The first time Tyler basically rolls his eyes and says the equivalent of, “Don’t jerk.” The second time he gets a bit more annoyed. Not distraught but annoyed.

The second webcam viewing captures Tyler kissing a dude. As soon as Tyler noticed this was going on, he closed the laptop. He later said on message boards that he kind of likes his roommate but the guy is just really irritating and they’re just not compatible. This prank was about as consequential as leaving an insulting cartoon of Tyler on the coffee table or writing “You Stink” in fridge magnets. The footage was never seen! The only reason we know what was on the video is because of the trial. It was never put on the Internet.

3. Tyler kills himself, which is obviously a horrible tragedy.

4. Person who has no problem with gays is convicted of a hate crime. Not for what’s in his heart but what’s in someone else’s.

The second version is way too long so, the press just went with the short and snappy one. How did we get here? The media is so obsessed with their cause, they actually want there to be homophobes on every corner. When Brandon White was beaten for being a “faggot,” pundits clapped their hands with glee. When it later came out the assailants were mad because White was threatening to out them, the story vanished.

Lazy journalists and career activists such as Dan Savage need there to be a war on homos. Without it, they’re out of a job. The irony is, they started their crusade to protect the innocent, but their totalitarianism is doing the opposite.


  1. Jay says:

    It’s a bit weird that you posted this article just above Benjamin Leo’s one about a pastor who told his flock to thump their kids if they act faggy. I realise it’s a different situation but gay bullying does totally exist.

  2. JOey says:

    Moral of the story, be the cocksuckee not the cocksucker.

  3. onyx blackman says:

    “Lazy journalists and career activists such as Dan Savage need there to be a war on homos. Without it, they’re out of a job. The irony is, they started their crusade to protect the innocent, but their totalitarianism is doing the opposite.”

    just remember what that breitbart tshirt youre selling says;



  5. comic book guy. says:

    Man, Gavin, you’re so right. This violence against gay people thing is ALL A MADE UP SCAM PERPETRATED BY DAN SAVAGE AND THE REST OF HIS GAY-AGENDA GESTAPO. Know who else is in on it? The FBI, which must be fudging its data that says attacks on gay people are actually on the rise ( “According to just-released statistics from the FBI, 1,528 hate crimes were committed against people because of their sexual orientation in 2010, up from 1,436 in 2009.”

    Oh, also (

    “•Hate incidents against LGBT people and HIV-affected persons increased 13% from 2009 to 2010.

    •Murders of LGBT people numbered 27, the second-highest total recorded.

    •Half of victims did not report the crimes to police, and 61% of victims who did said they experienced indifferent or abusive police attitudes.

    •Offenders were mostly strangers, white and non-transgender men.”

    “War on homos” is fake, though. All in everyone’s collective head.

    LOL! I’ll say it again: You’re becoming a parody of yourself. Keep being so mad and wrong, I guess.

  6. corey says:

    I’m pretty sure a writer on here went with the first version of this story and said Dharun Ravi and his girlfriend should burn in hell.

  7. Tommy says:

    Hopefully he’s going to appeal and get the right verdict, NOT going to jail for a hate crime. Shitbag media + overreaching prosecutors + jury of mouthbreathing “peers” = all the magical ingredients for modern American justice at its finest. “Witch hunt” is exactly right – this guy needs some people on his side…

  8. Simon says:

    You used to be a relevant site with something to say. I guess we’re done with that. This is just hatchet job journalism.

  9. JOey says:

    Ahh, I was wondering when someone would post the “this site has gone downhill” comment. Every article has one and what that makes me think is the readership has gone downhill. Don’t like it, don’t fucking read it you fucking mariposa cunts.

  10. archie says:

    So you want to be shocking and edge with your ‘journalism’. Why don’t you eat a new years baby and publish that shit. that would be edgy. even that 50 year old hang glider pilot with the memory card in his gut is more edgy than you.

  11. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!

  12. Lair says:

    Comic Book Guy brings up many baffling and unsubstantiated points. What is a “hate incident” and why were HIV-affected (does that mean positive? or you just know someone with it?) folks lumped in with the LGBTABC crowd when we know that you don’t have to be gay to get it? Do we have any numbers on how many new people are identifying as one of the letters in the sexy alternative acronym universe each year and is that proportional or not to the crime increases? Do we have to start pointing out when men are not transgendered now? Especially strange white ones?
    The USA Today stats-dump has the bizarre closer of a trans-lady who hasn’t had anything committed in grievous hate against her, yet “every day she says she fears becoming a crime statistic. ‘I’m waiting for it to happen someday,’ Leyden says.” I might add, “with baited breath.”
    Way not to be a victim.

    The other moral of the story: My gay sex trumps your brown flesh.

  13. pfft says:

    I’ve first hand witnessed Gavin bullying people in real life, so I’m not terribly surprised to see him writing this.

  14. Creepy McCreeperson says:

    This is just a poorly written article.

    1) What does that second paragraph even have to do with the rest of the article? Being gay in college today is rare? Ok. It’s the same amount of rare as it has always been. The percentage of gays in a given sampling of people has not changed over time.

    2) What are you trying to argue in the overall article?

    a)News media needs to sensationalize things in order to maintain their viewership in this era of the 24 cable news network? Ok, but why only one example? Why not touch on the sensationalizing of the idea of the “war on the sanctity of marriage” that has been created by conservative leaning news media outlets?

    b)That there is actually no increase in the amount of gay bullying in today’s society vs. that of prior times? You give no facts or figures to support your claim.

    c)The news media has used it’s increasing influence to effect the ruling in court cases in today’s society? This was a trial by jury. Again you provide no examples supporting that the news media had influence on the verdict reached.

    d)That the news media will ignore correcting itself when it has been shown to be wrong about a story they are reporting? Again all you do is provide one example with Brandon White. What about examples from conservative leaning news media who do the same?

    Also, why did you chose to only use homosexual related examples in this article? You could have used numerous examples from any number of “conservative” or “liberal” issues for any of the points you seemed to try to touch on. It is odd and it seems to perpetuate the extreme right wing bigotry image that is beginning to plague you and your writing.

  15. Here’s a possibly related story.

    My ex-boyfriend beat the shit out of my skull with his two fists. As a direct result, I lost my job and was unable to say goodbye to my dying father. I got a tad suicidal.

    My ex wasn’t charged with anything, and I was told that my moods were my own responsibility. You know:

    “You can’t control other people, but you can control your reaction to them, Kyria.”

    In the end, it was up to me to deal with it and get my life back together. Which I did. That is to say, people are mean, people don’t give a fuck if they destroy your life or not, nobody else gives a fuck, you just gotta suck it up and trudge on, half dead inside. No one will fix it, there is no one to blame.

    And suicide is a personal choice.

    That’s how I feel about this.

  16. ft says:

    ““According to just-released statistics from the FBI, 1,528 hate crimes were committed against people because of their sexual orientation in 2010, up from 1,436 in 2009.””

    As recently as ten years ago, it would’ve never crossed anyone’s mind to label Ravi’s actions a “hate crime.” Today, you’re considered an evil homophobe apologist for merely expressing the otherwise opinion. As the parameters for what constitutes a hate crime expand, so too will the “statistics.”

  17. Cerveza Trike says:

    Drama queens always lose?

    So even if that isn’t a “hate crime” and the sanitized way the story was reported is a shame, there still was some harassment going on related to invasion of privacy. Do you think that kid was gonna jump because his roommate gave him a mean or pissed off glare (again?) or was it because he thought that video of one of his hookups was going to go online for the school and maybe his parents to see?

  18. Late to the Party says:

    *reads Kyria’s comment*

    *begins to back away form the keyboard*

  19. Captain Sensible says:

    If you’re going to have a gay student looking to hook-up at school, then pair him with another gay student as a roommate that can at least accept his activities. It wasn’t exactly fair to dump Clementi on a straight roomie. Ravi’s a young guy, trying to get along at school and he comes back to his room with Clay Aiken in there smoking some guy. Maybe HE was uncomfortable dealing with that shit in his dorm room or is it only all about the gay person? And so what if his parents found out? If that’s “who you are”, if you do it, own it.

  20. Francis says:

    (sorry for the post above, I pressed enter by accident before finishing my post)

    What is this garbage? It’s funny how privileged, ignorant straights (usually men and course I’m not talking about all straight people here) will give their 2 cents on an issue they flat out do not have the knowledge to speak on. If you don’t think there is a war against the gay community, driven primarily by social conservatives, we can look simply at the fact you can’t even be openly gay and hold a high-ranking job within the Republican party (ie. Rich Grenell). We can look at the countless stories POST Tyler Clementi of LGBT teens committing suicide and being harassed to the point where these teens are actually bringing stun guns and other forms of weaponry in school to defend themselves.

    If you are NOT gay or straight GAY RIGHTS supporter/advocate, you do NOT know what we go through and it is an insult to say that the gay community/media is making up the fact that somehow, our world is a gay utopia. Um, in 29 states people can be fired for being gay. People can be denied housing and transportation, for being gay. America is not a gay-accepting country outside of the liberal-areas, which are basically the West Coast and Northeast and a few other big cities/cities that the gay community have adopted as their own. And even in these areas, homophobia exists. Homophobia is REAL.

    Dharun Ravi made ANTI-GAY tweets, and he and his friends MOCKED Tyler Clementi. Better read up on the bias intimidation laws in New Jersey. Tyler felt intimidated by Dharun and the facts showed that he was in the right to feel that way. Dharun wanted to set up webcam viewings of Tyler on TWO separate other occasions. He continued trying to catch Tyler having sex with the older guy he was with. Stop acting as if this wasn’t about homophobia. It was. And I’m tired of many heterosexuals out here acting as if the gay community are just whiners and complainers. We wouldn’t be whining if we weren’t discriminated against on every single level of society on a daily basis.

  21. Francis says:

    That’s COMPLETE bullshit, Captain Sensible. First of all, “dump” a gay student on him? Says a lot about what you think about gay people. Are gay people lepers? Should we just quarantine all LGBT people from straights? Maybe YOU should realize that it’s not all about straight people, or homophobes uncomfortable with homosexuality. Have you ever thought that it may not actually be gay people with the problem? It’s not always us. In fact, it usually isn’t. If Dharun is a homophobe, then he hasn’t earned the right to do anything. Homophobia is wrong. Wrong things don’t (or at least shouldn’t) get special treatment. In fact is was Tyler who attempted to change dorms. Dharun just tried to use Tyler’s sexuality against him. Tyler attempting to change dorm rooms was signal #100 if there needed to be another one, that this entire situation was about a homophobic dude who couldn’t handle the fact his roommate was gay.

    BTW, this “own it” shit I read a lot is BS too. It would be a whole lot easier for gay people to own being gay if we weren’t looked down upon for being gay. We never win and it isn’t fair. We come out, we’re discriminated against, we stay in the closet, we’re told to come out. All of it yet another sign saying “gays, you don’t belong”. And then Gavin wants to deny anti-gay bullying and discrimination exists. No wonder LGBTQ teens continue committing suicide at alarming rates.

  22. Nate says:

    Yeah, because all teen LGBLTBBQ suicides are the result of bullying. No exceptions, no other reasons, and can’t be questioned. Grow up, Francis.

  23. Francis says:

    First of all, Nate, it’s LGBTQ. Secondly, don’t tell me to grow up when you disrespect my community with the LGLBBQ crap. Thirdly, anti-gay bullying is the #1 cause of why gay teens commit suicide at an over 8 percent higher clip. Gay teens are MORE likely to be punished for doing the same thing a straight teen isn’t punished for and gay teens are punished more harshly. Gay teens are MORE likely to be expelled, gay teens make up 40% of homeless teenagers. 60% of gay teens are physically harassed/assaulted in school. Gay teens are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Do I need to continue? And this is all a result of homophobia. Sure, there are other reasons. But the facts are clear, that anti-gay bullying is an epidemic, a extremely widespread issue.

    The reality is that several of the responses here basically make it clear—–LGBTQ folk aren’t respected. So of course, why would anyone respect what we have to say in regards to anti-gay suicides and bullying? We’re not taken seriously, and our issues aren’t taken seriously. So no-one takes homophobia and the depths of it seriously by extension. Not enough people care.

    Walk one day in the shoes of basically 90% of gay people in American society and you might start actually caring and start valuing our lives.

  24. Nate says:

    So what?

  25. ??? says:

    Jesus Gavin. Is this one of those, ‘duh, we’re kidding. It’s called a joke’ posts that doesn’t at all sound like a joke? You have oversimplified this. And the jury did NOT find him guilty of a hate crime. Even if Clementi were straight, Ravi still would have been found guilty on the other charges.

    Kyria: “suicide is a personal choice”. Wrong. Ignorant prick.

  26. Francis says:

    So……………you, Gavin and others here need to get a clue and wake up and see why anti-gay behavior in general is getting more attention. It isn’t all about the media having a gay agenda or the gay community being loud enough to gain attention. It’s because gay people are disrespected and hated for absolutely no reason and luckily there are enough decent, sane people who see that’s wrong and are doing their part to change this.

  27. Mark says:

    Homophobia is still an issue in the USA. That doesn’t mean that Ravi is guilty of intimidation or a hate crime, and it does seem like Ravi is being scapegoated for a much broader issue that is not his doing. These are two completely separate issues.

    Holding up the unfair outcome of the Ravi trial as proof that homophobia and hate crimes are non-existent problems is misleading to say the least. Perhaps being on FOX TV is effecting your brain with the sort of reductive logic that is so typical of that station.

    That being said, Ravi’s lawyer is the one who should be thrown in jail. What the hell was he thinking not copping a plea?

  28. Lair says:

    Francis’ posts touched me in a way I couldn’t simply make a dismissive gay joke about. In the interest of healing dialog through heartfelt role play I’ve decided to do the impossible and step into the substantially lighter loafers of my fine LGBTQ fellow humans and seriously face hypothetical hate head on.
    “I didn’t have any choice, everything was decided for me. My decider was named Steve. He didn’t much like me, or my inborn lifestyle. Some people didn’t understand why I cared so much about what he thought of me, but I had no choice, he made me care by not liking me. It was his hurtful mouth that forced me to buy that first little baggy of heroin, his lack of feeling that cooked it up in a spoon and that time that he pushed me up against the lockers that pushed down the plunger on the needle in my hand, flooding my uncontrollable body with the inevitable outcome of bullying. I couldn’t escape. Not in my car. Not on my bike. Not by foot. You see we had chemistry class together, that inescapable societal force that removes one’s ability to not take drugs and live on the streets. After knowing Steve it became clear I should stop even trying to decide for myself any more, if this one guy didn’t accept me there was no chance any of the other six billion or so humans out there would either. His taunts had proven that conclusively. It was Steve’s hand that bought, loaded, cocked back the hammer, aimed the gun at my temple and pulled the trigger. I can only hope the courageous media and caring politicians of this great country will have the wisdom, understanding and, dare I say it, kindness of heart to come down like a ton of bricks upon my hateful decision-killer and his serial murder-by-osmosis spree and put him in that one place where people learn to be really nice and not bully other people: Jail.”
    Where My eyes were once clouded by the dark clouds of hateful indifference, they’re now only clouded by the tears of stark comprehension and shameful tardiness of opinion. Thank you all so much.

  29. Francis says:

    Lair, you’re response, I have to say, is pretty witty. What i took from it is, yeah, we all have choices about how we feel about ourselves and the ability to make decisions and take control of our own lives and not have a victim mentality, don’t over dramatize things. But, ultimately, that isn’t necessarily true. Just yesterday news broke of a teen in Indianapolis who is in the process of being expelled from school because his mother gave him a stun-gun to use as a threat against bullies, who were harassing him daily. Too often, the bullies are actually defended, like Dharun Ravi. People make excuses for bullying and harassment.

    At the end of the day, all I’m saying is, we all need to stop being dismissive of the plight gay teens do actually face. Respect, it’s something that many have an issue showing towards one another, but respect people for who they are, don’t just dismiss someones’ issues b/c you can’t relate to them.

  30. Anonymous says:

    In other words, Francis, you’re saying that “we” should all respect and honor gays the same way that gays all honor and respect Republicans, Christians, homophobes, breeders, and everyone else that’s different than they are.


  31. Francis says:

    Gay people respect those who respect us. If one chooses to be anti-gay, that’s their own deal. But, I can say personally that, I have respect for many Republicans, Christians, and heterosexuals. Not all straights are bigots. Not all Republicans and Xtians are bigots. But to try to put it as if gay people should be glowing in glee in regards to homophobes and homophobia, the type of thing that leads to articles like this basically saying that homophobia is overly-glorified and made up, that’s not going to happen, because, being gay is not a choice, and being homophobic is. And homophobes are causing destruction to the lives of many, gay and straight, because of their moral choices. It’s akin to asking black people to respect the KKK or women to respect the men who abuse them.

    We’re human beings. Stop treating us like we’re aliens. Treat us with basic humanity as you would anyone us.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Why do you presume to speak for a whole community? Better yet, why do you need a whole community around you before you can feel good about yourself?

  33. Francis says:

    I don’t presume to speak for the entire community but I can give my insight as a person within the community and someone who does actually do activist work, and someone who actually listens to what fellow gay folk say on these matters.

    I feel good about myself regardless of having a community around me, reason being that I know I’m a good person. But, of course, having a community around you, a network of friends/family/loved ones who SUPPORT you is something that everyone desires. There is not one person walking on Earth who couldn’t use a friend. Especially as a youth. That’s who really are the focus here. LGBTQ youth. Making statements that anti-gay bullying is a hoax is incredibly dangerous to their well-being. Especially when we are literally seeing entire cities essentially at WAR regarding homosexuality:

    Unless you’re part of the LGBTQ community, either directly as a gay person or as a straight supporter, you simply don’t have a clue. We all need support, everyone deserves basic human decency and respect, life is hard, why make it harder on others solely because those others are gay? Going at this world feeling alone, and targeted for who you are, where you can’t take a deep breath and just exist without the stress of having eyes on your back at all times, is not healthy.

  34. raymes says:

    Straight bashing is also a thing.

  35. muscles says:

    HE and his roommate have a policy

  36. Captain Sensible says:

    Franny, I had nine differnet roommates through college including a drunk, a Vietnamese immigrant, a kid who left for a kidney transplant, jocks, a folkie who decided to quit school and play his fucking guitar all day for five weeks. It’s tough to get a good match and that’s WITHOUT sexual issues. Gay people should be placed together initially so that they can better relate to each other. Hell, I came from home and never shared a room before. I wouldn’t want my first experience to have been adjusting to an active gay student. I couldn’t relate to that at 18. You know, I paid to go to school, I had changes to adjust to, too, and I wanted a good college experience just like this Tyler kid wanted.

  37. Gavin is right: professional fags are the new totalitarians.

  38. Francis says:

    Raymes=You can link the stories of straights being physically beaten for being straight by gays. If it’s a thing, you know, I’m sure you have several stories to share for us.

    Captain Sensible=The whole relate thing, I can understand that, but that isn’t what you said yesterday. You said Tyler shouldn’t be dumped on Dharun, as if Tyler is diseased vermin. The problem is that, the fact is, gay people exist, and college is a melting pot, in many ways it’s similar to society with the different cultures and groups of people you associate with. Shielding yourself from that reality isn’t healthy, you have to break past that insecurity eventually. Now, if gay kids were paired with one another for acceptance reasons, that’s different, but not because straight kids can’t handle the fact their roommate is gay. That would be a BS reasoning.

  39. Francis, your white blood cell count is approaching dangerous levels.

  40. busted says:

    So if you’ve experienced a head I jury and suicidal thoughts, then you become an authority on the subject and can make statements like “you just gotta suck it up and trudge on”. Kyria, you’re a big fucking prick. Having experienced both a head injury and suicidal thoughts, you ought to be a bit more empathetic. Having experience certainly does not make you an authority on the subject. I get the feeling you have some lingering feelings about your abusive relationship that were never dealt with. Your bitterness is clear. Oh yes, your high-and-mightyness is also very clear.

    I suspect Gavin knew the shit storm he was gonna start by posting this article. It’s pretty piss poor what he wrote. You weren’t there, we weren’t there. Having set up a web cam in the hopes of catching something, regardless if anything was caught or posted online, is still a pretty harsh threat. Aside from being queer himself and truly interested in what he hoped to record, why else would Ravi attempt to film his roommate? Oh right, to use it against him somehow. That’s a THREAT any way you slice it.

    I can’t believe how many people have such a simplistic, sorry, I should say ignorant, view on bullying and suicide. And depression. And trauma. And psychology. And I could go on. To be ganged up on and discriminated against for your gender, sexual orientation, weight, ethnicity, physical impairments, cognitive impairments, or many other things, has severe emotional impacts on some people. Not all experience it the same, but all experience something. To be dismissive of someone’s experiences and their feelings about those experiences is plain ignorant. No one could possibly know all of the events That occurred in Tyler clementi’s

  41. busted says:

    life, or the life of any other young person that commits suicide, so how could people possibly decide that suicide was the result of nothing? How on earth could you ever know that? There could have been any number of traumatizing things that happened in clementi’s life that may have had nothing to do with him being gay. Who knows? The act of bullying that Ravi committed, no matter how insignificant some people think it is, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe he was used as a scapegoat, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter though, because he still threatened and bullied, which is never ok.

  42. evelene says:

    I’m disappointed with this article. I should expect nothing less. Gavin I think you are a dick head. I wish you would be deported from our country. Take your hate and leave. I used to enjoy this site for its silly street boners and somewhat interesting articles but now it seems that you just write about things from a negative perspective. You don’t acknowledge or respect difference in race, gender, ethnicity and you are beginning to sound like Ted Nugent.

  43. Fatboy says:

    Wow. Your writing is on par with your ‘comedy.’

  44. the says:

    He’ll stop writing lame troll articles like this when you stop commenting on them

  45. None of your biznass says:

    This article is bull. There is such thing as a gay bullying. But I believe the verdict they carried out on Dharun Ravi was taken way too extreme. Have him go to sensitivity workshops. Community service at a GLTBQ center. Sentencing him to go to jail because someone else decided to kill themselves? That’s not fair. How the hell was his supposed to know that was going to be an outcome of the whole situation.

  46. Robbie says:

    Hi folks….just stumbled in here. Interesting conversation you have going on….and some riled up emotions into the bargain, eh. Pity though, ‘cos emotion gets in the way of proper argumentative logic. What I’ve seen over the last few years is the promotion of anti-gay bullying as one part of a much wider society-wide campaign. It’s a campaign that’s being undertaken at every level of society. Education, politics, legislation, entertainment, publishing, religion etc,. And the overarching purpose of this is to create the appearance of normalcy for homosexuality. And to stifle any and all dissent. The homophobic bullying strategy is probably the most successful method to promote homosexuality to kids from the earliest ages. Kids lack the ability to process whats presented to them critically. They simply trust that such and such is true, because teacher says so. I’ve seen this again and again. So, the bigger point is, I guess, that there is a clash between two views of human sexuality. The view in favour of presenting same sex attractions as normal is dominant right now. I see this as an educator on my own college campus all the time. To argue in favour of heterosexuality as normative, whether from logic, biology, psychaitry or any other grounds is simply unacceptable. Deviation from the PC script is not tolerated, even if it makes sense. The issues, the real issues behind the emotional outlay, never get discussed and are simply not tolerated (in the name of tolerance it seems). As to the journalistic merit of the article printed here….? A bit of a mixed bag, I’d say.

  47. Tim Lewis says:

    Jarron Collins was a strait no name basketball player one day and a gay superhero the next .yeah it’s soooo tuff being gay in America .all the hate.

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