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Kyria Abrahams
• 04.27.12 05:45 pm

Did you know that you’re racist? You are. Just ask this black man  28-year-old white girl (pictured above) who writes for Jezebel

 It’s, you know, introducing your black friend as “my black friend”—as a joke!!!—to show everybody how totally not preoccupied you are with your black friend’s blackness… [people who] believe that not wanting to be racist makes it okay for them to be totally racist. “

The gist of her article is that a joke about racism is actually a form of racism, in and of itself. If you jokingly say, “Black people are lazy,” that joke immediately transmogrifies into real racism — a communion wafer turning into the n-word on your tongue.

Continues Lindy: Sure, you can’t say racist things anymore, but you can pretend to say them! Which, it turns out, is pretty much the exact same thing.

It is? It’s the same thing? Really? So, there is no such thing as a joke? Everyone who pretends to be horrible actually is horrible? When a child says, “Grrr, I’m a werewolf!” we should shoot it with a silver bullet.

I guess no one in Lindy’s world engages in the timeless act of busting their friend’s balls. They just all squeal and run around in vintage eyeglasses and complement each other on what not-racist hipsters they are.

I suppose that Lindy is trying to write a socially conscious article. She is, essentially, just asking white people to be sensitive, right? However, she is doing it in a weirdly racist way. That is, she acts like people who aren’t white have no sense of humor, do not possess the ability to discern ironic racism from real racism, cannot choose who to be friends with, and need to be protected (by her) from jokes made by hipsters. She’s the underground railroad of Jezebel. Black people, sleep easy now. Jezebel has your back.

The main reason I think her article is bullshit is because my boyfriend Marcus is Puerto Rican and I make fun of him all the time for it. Then he makes fun of me for being half-Jewish. We have what is called “a good relationship” — the kind where you can freely joke with each other, and even — gasp! — be ironically racist.

When we first started dating, I bought him soap that said “Hispano” on it and gave him a card that said “Because you are a dirty Spic.” Why? Because I love him and I knew it would make him laugh.

(I should note that the main reason ironic racism is funny is because people like Lindy write articles about how it’s not funny. So, if you really hate ironic racism, stop writing tightass holier-than-thou articles about it.)

Ironic racism differs from real racism in one main way: it is play acting. It is a commentary on racism, because racism is a horrible thing. It’s not funny because racism is secretly wonderful and we want to joke about it so that we can passive aggressively say what we really mean and get away with it. It’s funny because… Well. Actually, I don’t even know if it’s that funny. It’s kind of hacky. All I know is that it’s not RACISM.

And — here’s the kicker — when white people are around, we don’t joke this way. Why? Because, as it turns out, white people are easily offended! A million times more so than my Spanish boyfriend, who isn’t offended at all.

Also, if it bothered him, he wouldn’t look to Lindy West to write an article asking people to stop. He would break up with me and move out.

Why? Because he’s not a pathetic, overly sensitive minority who is nothing more than a victim to the white hipsters in his immediate environment. He’s a self-actualized man who can tell the difference between real racism (like when he was falsely accused of shoplifting as a teenager) and joke racism (like gifted soap).

I asked Marcus what he thought of Lindy’s article, and this is what he said:

“The existence of white guilt is one thing that makes me glad I’m not white. It’s the most pathetic, annoying, lopsided, stupid fucking thing in the world. People like that are hostile to comedy. They’re hostile to art.”

But he said it from bed, because he’s lazy.

An image of Marcus with a black puppet, because we are bad people:


UPDATE: our old editor Arvind Dilawar wrote this about the HBO GIrls ordeal. We’ve already said most of it so we didn’t run it but this is a great part…

“I was born and raised in Queens, in a neighborhood so full of minorities that I didn’t have have a white friend until I attended high school in Manhattan. I grew up with black and Hispanic kids saying nigga all the time, and said it myself without an issue — until I met white kids like Max Read; you know the type, kids who feel uncomfortable about race, so they enforce a blanket approach in condemning and censoring everything as a means of proving they aren’t racist.”


  1. RED says:

    Here’s what’s really going on here. They liberal arts grads who learned all their stupid phrases are starting to realize their educations are complete bullshit. If racism isn’t this gigantic spectre taking over the country and words aren’t incredibly dangerous things, they’re out of a job. So, they say things like “we need to keep talking about race” and “we suck at talking about race” because they got nothin’ else.

    Thing is, they are the only ones who play this stupid game. The rest of the world is going on without them. Travon wasn’t shot by Archie Bunker. He was shot by a Peruvian. Sorry bloggers. The scary world you invented where words get to be policed and you get to police them – it doesn’t exist.

  2. Marcus Garvey says:

    I disagree. There is real racism in America but it’s mostly Latinos VS. blacks. In Californian high schools it’s become an all out war.

  3. Lisa Kerr says:

    Best line: She’s the underground railroad of Jezebel. Black people, sleep easy now. Jezebel has your back.

    Second best line: But he said it from bed, because he’s lazy.

    I’m glad I’m not white…oh wait.

  4. Gavin says:

    Ralph and Potsie really suck at talking about race and Gawker Media is the Fonz.

    04:40 to 05:22

  5. Ron Pringle says:

    When I read the Hipster racism article, all I could think is that poor woman has no idea what it’s like to have a real friend. Let alone a real Non-White friend. All of my friends do nothing but bust each others balls all the time. It’s what us emotionally stunted males do instead of saying I love you Bro…..

    When you “CAN’T” make fun of something is when it’s a serious problem, why don’t people understand that, oh wait……most people do.

    If that’s not the case then please explain the popularity of Dave Chappelle’s show back in the day. Hell, it’s still funny and you’ve seen them all a hundred times.

  6. Aaron says:

    Hipster racism is nothing new and so are it’s proponents. It’s the same thing as Mel Brooks making fun of Nazi’s 40 years ago. If we can’t laugh at the absurdity of racism it like the terrorists win.

  7. Bobbito says:

    It’s pretty obvious that Gawker Media types only hang out with Gawker Media types and never get out of the house. Have they ever been around black people or working class Brooklynites? You think real people give a shit about all the rules for what you can and cannot say?

    This is a great quiz you should take. Basically, the author is saying the trouble with America today is this elite few who are out of touch with the real world and don’t practice what they preach.

  8. Rachael Buettell says:

    A month or so ago, while doing some volunteering(rest easy, not court ordered) @ a local thrift store, I was sorting through clothing donations and there was a bunch of jeans that we got in that were in every color of the rainbow. My friend made a comment in reference to all of the colored jeans and I replied “um, I believe they prefer to be called Afro-American Jeans..SHeesh!” *fake disgusted eye roll*. I said this in the presence of a friend that is white and another that is black. It was fucking hilarious. Now, maybe this was only bladder contractingly funny to myself and my friends but, it felt a little dirty too. I am now set straight on from whence my white-guilt springs. Thanks for being the white-guilt apologist Lindy. I am wearing a N.W.A t-shirt with no irony. Is that bad?

  9. Nate says:

    ^Only the suggestion that wearing an N.W.A. t-shirt requires a sense of irony.

  10. Lady friend says:

    Jezebels the worst piece of estrogen run angry articles centred on Gavin and other funny and talented people. It reads like a bunch of fat 5’s are sitting around pissed cause dudes don’t them seriously. ’cause they dont. and neither do I.

  11. pish posh says:

    Buzzkill business is big business. Let’s all stop having a good time and start feeling bad about how secretly terrible we aren’t.

  12. Lesles says:

    Oh wait…I get it…you have a brown boyfriend so you know what offends and doesn’t offend ALL brown people. Just because he likes it when you joke about how funny it is that you two are soooo different, this must be okay for everyone? Maybe not all of the ‘this is my black friend’ joking people are racist, but some of them definitely are in my experience. The Jezebel article made some valid points. I’m gla dsomeone is finally admitting this type of racism exists because it’s taken this long to even get to that point. Frankly, I feel sorry for your boyfriend.

  13. Lazer says:

    Lindy West is disgusting fat and ugly.

  14. RED says:

    Hey white people crusading for justice on behalf of people of color,

  15. Aham says:

    Kyria, have fun when your future children are embarrassed of how thoughtless and insensitive their mother is. Also, Lindy West doesn’t have a sense of humor? Dude! Lindy West is 9 bajillion times funnier than you could ever dream of being…but hey, maybe that’s just my opinion and maybe your 12 readers disagree.

  16. Buahahah. says:

    That episode of happy days was tops!!

  17. Sarah says:

    I liked Lindy’s article and I don’t understand why anyone would argue FOR using racial slurs. They demean and diminish people. I’m glad you’re boyfriend allows you to call him names. Don’t think you can get away with it everywhere.
    Also, Lindy is WAAAAYYY funnier and a far better writer than you.

  18. Sarah says:

    and yes I used the wrong form of “your” damnit.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Funny: “She’s the underground railroad of Jezebel.”^

    Still, there’s nothing funny about racism, beoytches.

  20. Anonymous says:

    ^^ Sorry. I thought this was Jezebel.

  21. Brian says:

    Nah. You’re wrong. Hipster racism is real. Takes this from a brown man who lives in Seattle, where Lindy is from. (Is it real now that you’re hearing it from someone that is neither white or female?)

  22. raymes says:

    tweeting #thuglife is not racist she’s just trying to start a brew-ha-ha with zoey ugh it is always the same crap on jezebel (a site I do love btw but their slant is their way or no way, ALWAYS). Eating at Ihop I didn’t know that was racist though thank you white lady who locks her car door in shitty hoods.

  23. Nate says:

    I’m wondering if the people who are calling Lindy “funny” literally have to restrain themselves from peeing their panties in laughter whenever they listen to Prairie Home Companion. Just a thought.

  24. Aham says:

    Anyone who doubts the genius that is Lindy West should be directed here:

  25. cuddles says:

    “when white people are around, we don’t joke this way. Why? Because, as it turns out, white people are easily offended! A million times more so than my Spanish boyfriend”

    Do you ever engage in your totally-not-racist ironic racism around non-white / non-your-Spanish-boyfriend people? I would be curious to hear how that goes over.

  26. Baxter says:

    I noticed that a lot of people are just using this and Lindy’s articles as an excuse to tell their “hilarious” ironically racist jokes.

  27. Joh says:

    I know Lindy. I don’t like her writing generally, but this article was good, and you are just riding coattails for the hits. Get a fucking clue. “It’s fine to say nigga! Why are you so serious?”

    I’m a Jew. If one of my friends calls me a kike regardless of context, I get a new friend.

  28. b.p. says:

    Some good counterpoints to the Jezebel article. Jezebel articles often take first prize in the sanctimonious sweepstakes. It’s worth noting however that this post and the comments below it are referring to conversations between people who know each other and are on the same page…sure you can call your black friend nigga–however are you going to walk up to some random black dude and say ‘wassup nigger?’ Just because you and your buddies exist in a post-racial cocoon doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. It’s nice that you can call your boyfriend a spic, but that fact does not erase centuries of conflict between racial groups. I understand that the argument is pointless though. If you honestly think that the ironic use of racial terms and stereotypes detoxifies them and/or renders them inert, more power to you.

  29. Paul -Simon says:

    Is he Spanish or Puerto Rican? You racist cunt.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Using your boyfriend as a microcosm for all minority folk in the U.S. is NOT accurate. If anyone calls me a spic I’d spit in their goddamn face.

    Honestly, racial joking of that type is problematic. By using racial epithets and hiding them as “jokes” you’re somehow rationalizing a system that is already pushing people to the margins with these words.

    I understand you think people should take things as jokes, but that’s coming from a white women who’s never experienced racism in the form that it’s being propagated in. Don’t think you can qualify your opinion by telling us you’re “half-jewish”. Really?

  31. vic says:

    Wow, you have a “Spanish boyfriend”! You can’t possible be racist with Spanish boyfriend! You do know Spain in in Europe and therefore Spanish people are “White”.

  32. quasigentrified says:

    SERIOUS FACE, this is actually a really stupid straw man article.

    first, no-one — no-one! — says you CAN’T be a dumb mouthy prat who wants to show them uptight sanctimonious peecee jerksicles what’s up HAW HAW I’M WHITE AND JUST SAID N*GGA BOO-YAH! alternatively, no-one is gonna go MAN, WHAT A SHAME! when some minority up and cold shoulders you for being such a belligerent juvenile contrarian twat.

    second, congratulations on having a COOL MINORITY BOYFRIEND. now please make all other minorities your boyfriends so you can ALSO say racist things to them and have them laugh and affectionately punch your shoulder and say DAMN, GURL! U GOT ME GOOD!

    last, the amazing thing about adulthood is that you get to discover that you DON’T always get the social context to say whatever shit pops into your stupid head. you also get the THRILL of being responsible when your dumb mouth DOES poop out something racist, even if you TOTALLY meant it to be ironic and funny and GEEZ MINORITIES ARE SENSITIVE, I BLAME SELF-HATING WHITIES AND NOT MY LACK OF A BASIC PARSER ON MY INTERNAL MONOLOGUE, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF PENN GILLETTE! yep, some times it isn’t fair. fuuuuuuuck. go back to your apartment, smudge away the little kid tears, and tell your boyfriend he’d look sexy with a leafblower LOL.

  33. Rachel says:

    Oh, okay, I get it. You have a “Spanish boyfriend” so you must be right about all things race related. Oh, and you’re half-Jewish, so you really understand the nature of oppression, is that it? I mean, seriously, as a fellow halfsie I am so grossed out that you put that in there to some how justify your stance.

    This piece is misguided. Do you not understand the difference between joking with an intimate friend and pumping out your HILARIOUS and CUTTING EDGE racial jokes out into the world? Where they contribute to a certain hostile climate for people of color? And bore everyone else to tears?

    I, for one, am so glad that Lindy is out there, writing awesome, thoughtful and funny posts that make people think.

  34. Derek says:

    Um…Werewolves aren’t real. Black people are real. Also, you kinda just proved Lindy’s point by saying racist shit to somebody you’re supposed to love and then writing an article in order to defend the racist shit you say to somebody you’re supposed to love? Sounds pretty racist to me.

  35. Laurie says:

    Congratulations on having a Spanish boyfriend. How exotic! May you live a long life together, happily hurling epithets at one another and laughing hysterically at your irony. And I hope I never meet you.

  36. Derek says:

    Oh, yeah, I forgot: there’s no such thing as ‘ ironic racism’. It’s just racism. You’re using the concept of irony incorrectly.

  37. Lesles says:

    Also… I’m not done with my Internet outrage yet… I have to ask, so if when you were first dating your “dirty spic” boyfriend, if the tables were turned , and he instead gave you as a gift a bar of soap that said 50% Jew because OMG It’s so funny you’re half a dirty Jew like the one the Nazis used to make soap from—would that still be funny because it is as you say “play acting.” Would you have laughed? To me that would be awful, horrific, but maybe I’m just uptight. And also did you know laughing and crying are the same thing really.

  38. Steve says:

    I can’t take any fat chick seriously. Just the look of their jubbly cheeks shaking when they talkmeans I will always mentally discount every fucking thing they say.

  39. Rachel says:

    Oh Kyria, I hope you’re not feeling ganged up on. At least you have really solid support from deep thinkers like Steve.

  40. Steve says:

    Rachel, you sound fat. How were you able to type with your sausage fingers?

  41. Derek says:

    Steve, how are you able to type with no thumbs?

  42. Brian says:

    So did your dirty spic Puerto Rican Spaniard boyfriend dump you yet or what?

  43. Steve says:

    derek = fatty enabler. And FYI I type with the tip of my wang. I have excellent muscle control.

  44. Derek says:

    Steve, I’m guessing it’s all tip? Do you just swing the laptop keyboard against your waist and hope that spellcheck fixes it in the mix?

  45. Rachel says:

    Oh, I just rub my rolls of flesh around on the key board and hope that something legible comes out. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years right?

    Hah, this is pretty much the level of discourse that this piece deserves.

  46. No room for nigger says:

    Looks like Jezebel showed up about halfway through the thread. I could smell the concern-trolling a mile away.

  47. Steve says:

    Sorry I forgot to be accepting of all people and their differences, even if they are fucking disgusting fat slobs.

  48. John says:

    I think it’s time for actual racism to make a come back. “Racist” is about as meaningless a word as “hipster” nowadays anyhow. Tray-Tray in Florida pushed it over the top and now we’re reaching Peak Negro. Most blacks really do hate whites, so as the saying goes, “around blacks, never relax.” Just wait until LA Riots Part II: Liberty City happen when Zimmerman is acquitted.

  49. prayin' for an asteroid says:

    I’m praying for an asteroid.

  50. Adolfo M. says:

    The dumb thing about that Jezebel article is that Lindy also admits to being an “ironic racist” herself, but condemns other people and gives no insight of what zingers she says. Maybe she’s the hipster Lisa Lampanelli?

  51. RED says:

    Nobody’s commenting about the Update at the bottom where an Indian says this is all bullshit. Is he crazy for thinking this is a non-issue?

  52. Lair says:

    Not until all ugly-hearted whitemankind collectively join hands and openly cry on national television will I remove the stick from my ass.

    I think we need to go further with this and start calling out all people who write no-no words, even if they’re just quoting them from someone else. Like if I were to quote Joh and say “I’m a Jew. If one of my friends calls me a kike regardless of context, I get a new friend.” I’d have just said “Kike” and “Jew” and would incur the nominal and globally enforced “Naughty Jar” fee.

    There’s also a lot of horribly pale European Children transcribing rapper’s lyrics and transmorphing them via their unconsciously bigoted fingers into hate screed. Won’t anyone please whine louder?

    Will saying something to someone be O.K or Not?!
    Find out next week on Concerned White People!

  53. RED says:

    We need to stamp out all these horrible racists or at least get them fired. If we don’t, they will become the next Hitler. Let’s band together and stop: Lesley Arfin (a Jewish girl), John Derbyshire (a guy with Asian kids), Gavin Mcguinnes (a guy with Indian kids), Kyria (another Jewish girl), her stupid boyfriend (a black Puerto Rican), Arvind Dilawar (an Indian). Also, let’s hang George Zimmerman (Peruvian Jew) and that guy who shot all those black people in Oklahoma (Cherokee).

    In the name of fighting racism, a mob of angry white people is attacking race mixers, Jews, and Indians. Can this whole debate get any more ludicrous?

  54. Gavin says:

    Actually, Ludacris is also racist. He said, “And if it wasn’t for white people I wouldn’t be selling 2 to 3 millions records and sh*t…love y’all” and it caused some controversy.
    But he’s also been called a reverse racist.

  55. prof_ says:

    can’t let go.

  56. Rachael Buettell says:

    @ Baxter, I totally was. @Nate, I think I love you.

  57. This discussion is exhausting. But for those of you interested in a little research regarding pear-based racial microaggressions, which includes the idea of playful racism between friends, check out the work below.

    Peer-Based Racial Microaggressions in Adolescence: Disentangling Frequency and Perceptions
    Sara Douglass, Tiffany Yip, J. Nicole Shelton; Fordham University, Princeton University

    Peers can be cruel in subtle ways; they engage in teasing, social exclusion, and name-calling, for example. Sometimes these behaviors occur because of individuals’ race/ethnicity, though it may be ambiguous. Given the heightened social role of peers during adolescence, we examined the psychological consequences of peer-based racial microaggressions. We found that the frequency of these microaggressions predicted increases in stress and depression and decreases in self-esteem for a diverse sample of minority adolescents, regardless of how much they acknowledged being troubled by the events (Study 1). Qualitative inquiry investigated this disconnect between frequency and perceptions of microaggressions in the form of racial/ethnic teasing between peers. Adolescents were more likely to spontaneously report experiences of racial/ethnic teasing than any other microaggression, yet unanimously rejected them as ‘discriminatory’ (Study 2). These studies suggest that while microaggressions have implications for psychological outcomes, quantitative measures may underestimate the frequency and consequences of such interactions.

  58. Nate says:

    ^Those must be some seriously mean pears. Seriously mean and delicious, I’ll bet.

  59. Lesles says:

    I hope everyone who jokes about calling their friends racial slurs like nigger, spic, slope, etc gets cancer from chewing too much hatred. In the meantime I hope the POTUS helps all the people who don’t hate people live richer lives ( and not just financially).

  60. Lesles says:

    Oh now my comments are being moderated… HAH that soap joke wasn’t that funny? Neither is your ignorance.

  61. Lesles says:

    Oh look, No Room for Nigger supports you!!! I’d be ashamed to put a dick in a women who was too obtuse to think critiically about my racial identity but lucky for you your boyfriend just rolls over and plays dead.

  62. sls says:

    Marcus is Puerto Rican and I make fun of him all the time for it.

    That makes you a bitch and him desperate to get laid because he is at the point in his pathetic puppet life, wanting to put his penis in anything. Even a woman who busts his balls over “his race” Nope. Not the fact he owns a puppet. His race.

    Funny. RIGHT? You two are hilarious. You no doubt deserve each other. Please breed and bust your children’s balls for being half Puerto Rican. You two are already winning being a couple with your thinking. Now rock it out with your whacked thinking as parents.

  63. jodie says:

    ugh @ all of you whites who really think the core of your friendships/relationships are spewing out racist jokes. OOOOH YOU’RE DOWN AREN’T YOU? just further proves how BORING and UNORIGINAL whites truly are. really? lazy. kfc, slaves…anything more original than that and THEN we can call them actual JOKES.

  64. Anonymous says:

    >sigh< Ok snark machines I'm going to post a link to a thinkprogress article. Now before you flip your shit and get your sensitive little panties in a twist what I want you do do is read the Lester Bangs article that it links to (as a PDF) and then spend a minute or perhaps two outside of you sarcastic/snark exo-suits and think about what he actually says about this topic. Why should you do this? Because Lester Bangs was a better writer than whoever wrote this nonsense and a even Lindy West. Could you do that for yourself? Be human beings for once instead of shitty petulent children. Now the link!

  65. Anonymous says:

    fuck me I spelled petulant wrong. Well now my argument is invalid. SHIT

  66. not a white person says:

    The self-hating brown people who associate themselves with the redneck Vice crowd are so fucking sad. They remind me of ex-gays.

  67. You neocons are douchebags says:

    Why are you neocons so angry and hateful? I don’t understand the intense emotional investment in defending your right to be racist. Were you unloved as children? What’s going on??

  68. sloptop says:

    Ironic racism is bad because it’s painfully lazy and unfunny. What could be less imaginative than pointing out someone’s race?

  69. Tyler the Caucasian says:

    I didn’t even read this other shit, but Gavin pretty much summed it up. PS I’m black.

  70. Jim Goad says:

    Here’s the whole problem with the very idea of “hipster racism,” much less anyone’s self-righteous presumptions about being ethically above it all: Your fundamental assumption seems to be that everyone agrees on what “racism” is and that it’s “wrong,” and that anyone who indulges in it is merely trying to score edginess points because everyone’s just a hyper-social creature constantly seeking social approval.

    That may be what motivates certain others—I can’t speak for anyone else’s motivations—but there seems to be this presumption that’s the only possible reason someone would “act racist” these days, i.e., everyone agrees on the basic definitions and assumptions but some people are merely being contrary.

    What a leap of bad faith that is!

    It couldn’t possibly be that some people sincerely don’t believe in the fundamentally naive and logically insupportable idea of innate blank-slate human equality, nor that trying to force equal results when no such thing as “equality” exists often yields tragicomic results. It couldn’t possibly be that some of us see your endlessly loud public displays of moralistic outrage and your ceaseless desire to morally reprimand others about their dark, evil hearts as nearly indistinguishable from how religious fundamentalists behave—and probably far more repellent because it masquerades as some form of modern enlightenment rather than merely a repackaged form of moral panic and mass delusion.

    Once any of you comes up with the merest evidence of innate cognitive and physical equality among human social groups—I mean, that’s your holiest fundamental assumption, isn’t it, despite a screaming lack of evidence to support it and despite the fact that it contradicts basic evolutionary precepts?—maybe all your naive sanctimony about “sincere conversations about race” won’t seem so laughably ridiculous to many of us. It appears that the LAST thing you really want is a sincere conversation about race, because such a thing obviously scares the living shit out of you. Many of you seem to only want to lecture and scold others about race and pretend it’s actually a dialogue.

    But for now, it’s enjoyable to watch you squirm as you realize that your moral disapproval doesn’t have nearly the power to silence or shame people that it did even five years ago. For many of you, the word “racism” seems to substitute for “sin,” and you have a twisted eagerness to smear all heretics with it. Problem is, a lot of the heretics don’t hold you in high enough regard for your disapproval to leave a dent in our beliefs. And it’s that loss of control as Morality Cops which seems to be driving you crazy. No apologies, though. The jig is up, and obviously I don’t mean “jig” in any ironically racist way.

  71. anonocopter says:

    i’m gonna assume this fat cunt’s as dense as she is fat. you have a computer, you don’t have a career as a race relations specialist. here’s some racism for ya…i bet the only reason she has as ‘spanish’ boyfriend is because her fat ass can’t pull a half decent cracker out of the bag of smashed assholes she calls her social circle.

  72. Jim Goad says:

    Re: “Using that phrase is objectively racist, how can anyone deny that?”

    Anyone who realizes that “racist” is a purely subjective term—or, to use one of the race-deniers’ favorite concepts, nothing more than a “social construct”—can easily deny a silly notion such as “objective racism.” There’s no such thing.

    Speaking of denial, do you realize there are people with their heads so far up their own asses ideologically that they deny race is something that, unlike “racism,” can be somewhat quantified scientifically?

    Also—ever consider that maybe some people aren’t “trying to be offensive” with nearly as much gusto as many people are “seeking to be offended”?

  73. Tyler the Caucasian says:

    There’s only one race…the human race! Duh.

  74. JLM says:

    Hey white people, I’ve got a really groundbreaking suggestion: How about you just stop making jokes about other races that aren’t your own? If you’re one of those annoying college-educated white people who was too stoned to drag themselves to their freshman year sociology class and somehow isn’t enlightened enough to recognize that this little thing called “white privilege” is a very REAL THING, then guess what … there’s really no hope for you and you should probably just quit.

  75. Jim Goad says:

    “This little thing called “white privilege” is a very REAL THING”

    It’s a VERY REAL IDEA that’s been drilled into your head, and you appear to believe that spitting it back at people makes you enlightened rather than a zombie meme-parrot.

    Perhaps you don’t realize that for all its posturing, sociology is not a science. It’s an uneasy melding of human nature and statistics, with the latter often lazily or selectively applied. At any given time, the “discipline” of sociology usually reflects the whims of those in power, specifically those with the power to dictate how society must be organized. Your sociology teacher would have told you something entirely different a century ago, it would have been entirely off-base and illogical in entirely different ways than it is now, and the only constant is that you probably would have been gullible enough to swallow it then, too.

    Automatically declaring that unequal results are solely the result of unfair rules—and demonizing any attempts to search for alternate explanations as to why the results are unequal—is a hallmark of sloppy egalitarian thinking.

    The idea of “white privilege” is a social construct and nothing more. A forensic technician could determine whether a skull had its ethnic origins in Africa or Europe, but they couldn’t tell you a fucking thing on whether it was “privileged” or not. Hence, “race” is real and “white privilege” is an idea, nothing more.

    As luck would have it, I’ve never had a white person accuse me of “privilege” that didn’t come from extremely more privileged economic circumstances than I did. This is why I’ve started to believe that for those who insist “white privilege” exists, at least the white ones, it’s some weird way to cast their own guilty feelings onto others. Due to their own pampered upbringing, they can’t imagine any white people anywhere having bigger problems than worrying about the racial demographics on some HBO show. You think it’s coincidence that so many prep-school whites insist that their oft-maligned “trailer trash” and “rednecks” are somehow “privileged”? That’s so fucking absurd, someone might even be tempted to make a JOKE about it—and not an ironic one!

    Speaking of “privilege,” blacks in America are privileged not to be living in Africa—EXTREMELY so, at least so far as tiny trifles such as longevity, yearly income, and the risk of being hacked to death with a machete or dying of AIDS go. If that wasn’t the case, they’d be heading back in droves rather than the VERY REAL THING, which is that Africans keep coming here. In fact, Liberians—from a country originally set up as an African refuge for ex-slaves fleeing horrible, horrible America—keep applying for refugee status here. When was the last time a black American applied for refugee status to Liberia? Let’s keep it REAL, OK? As REAL as people’s ACTUAL BEHAVIOR. If you want to talk about privilege, tell the whole story.

    So if America’s built on some imaginary Pillar of Evil—as all you “enlightened” people who’d never, ever stoop to crass moralism and primitive, pseudo-Christian ideas such as collectively inheritable guilt always frame the discussion—then black Americans, due to the fact that their modern standard of living is absurdly better than it would be if they were back where they were captured by rival tribes’ warlords and sold into slavery—are just as guilty of gorging themselves on that precise Bad Karma—or whatever half-assed spiritual notion you want to apply to it—as everyone else is.

    What I want you to do now is go to China and tell everyone about Chinese privilege and how their shameful nation needs to ethnically diversify immediately. See how long they tolerate you.

  76. RED says:

    When I hear these middle class kids whose parents spent $60k on a liberal-arts education preach to everyone about “white privilege” it sounds a lot like “poor whites are lazy, stupid, rednecks.”

  77. Kelly Dunn says:

    Lindy looks like the fat unpopular girl from high school nobody cared about! Look how pasty and nasty her skin looks! What a yucky white cunt!

  78. I enjoy that there’s a photo of Lindy at the top of the page, but people think it’s me, and they are calling her fat. That photo is not me, but I’m sure Lindy appreciates you calling her fat in her defense.

    I am now going to find random Puerto Ricans and assault them with racial slurs, exactly the way I do with my boyfriend, because this is how people like us interact with strangers. We have no concept of personal boundaries, we simply cannot contain our dark-hearted racist impulses! I talk this way with everyone, no exceptions!!

  79. Lair says:

    I dream of a world were your worth is never determined by the limited earth tone rainbow of race but rather by one’s amazing fortitude in censoring certain words from their vocabulary under all circumstances.
    Cosign Bobbito

  80. Marcus says:

    Lots and lots of comedy killers and people who take themselves too seriously in this comments thread.

    Everyone lighten up and learn how to joke with people. Stop trying to be perfect and PC.

    – Kyria’s abused boyfriend Marcus

  81. Aham says:

    Marcus… are a fucking sellout.

  82. ^ And lazy. Don’t forget lazy.

  83. No room for nigger says:

    @Lesles or whatever the fuck you call yourself

    No Room For Nigger was a GG Allin song about racism. But you know, because the word Nigger is in there it’s obviously terrible. Don’t research, don’t take your undergrad womyn’s studies blinders off and actually think instead of just react constantly.

    Your entire life just seems to be a “left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot” sorta thing right?

    Now tell me I’m attacking you because you’re a woman. Sorry, Womyn. Or is that only for plural? Womusajkjyfskjdfdsbn? Is that fine? Please tell me how to spell/think/go about my life. Maybe call that prof you still e-mail with occasionally and ask her what you should do now.

  84. pish posh says:

    I have a know someone who looks like Lindy. She is equally joyless to be around. She starts all her sentences with “Actually…” and has a cadence that sounds like she thinks she’s blowing your goddamn mind with hackneyed 101 rehash. Irony and satire are funny because they are dangerous and thought-provoking, not literal and indicative of your secret motives and hate.

  85. grasshopper80 says:

    Wow. You can say racist things because your boyfriend is Puerto Rican. How liberating. Saying racist things doesn’t mean you are a bad person. If you say something that has a negative impact on someone else, it doesn’t mean it was malicious or hateful. However, it doesn’t mean you can dismiss their experience/reaction because you didn’t mean it that way. There is also a big difference between interpersonal interactions and public behaviors. What behaviors you negotiate with your partner doesn’t mean that everyone else appreciates, deserves, or tolerates them. Check out Jay Smooth racist behavior clip on YouTube. Those who spend so much time defending why they can say or do what they want, might benefit from spending some time listening to how their actions affect others. Just because you can identify a couple of people who think it’s ok doesn’t mean anything. We surround ourselves with people who think and act like us. Some of the most racist people I know surround themselves with other racists. Most of my friends agree with my sense of humor as well. That’s why we are friends.

  86. Aham says:

    Kyria, Take a look at your fans, take a look at the people that comment on your behalf, THEY ARE CLEARLY TERRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. Do you not understand that, while you did not make them that way, you are complicit in a system that breeds such animosity and hate. When people that are clearly white supremacists step in to defend you, do you not think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, you’re going about things the wrong way?? Look, if you want to be a shitty person, be a shitty person, it’s no skin off my nose, but you can’t have it both ways, you can’t be a fucking bully (which you clearly are) and then try to maintain the moral high ground.

    Also, from a comedic perspective, making fun of people because of their race is just fucking lazy, cliche, overdone, and hack to all hell. You are not edgy, you are not edgy at all, making fun of someone because of their race is some dated Archie Bunker shit that people fall back on because they have no creative intuition.

  87. Lair says:

    Hold the phones! It’s come to me like a ray of light!
    It’s generally presupposed that the modern Hipster set is predisposed to frequent and heavy drug use, is there anyway we’ve overlooked the chance that Drugs Cause Racism? Could it be that these feeling haters were actually doped out on whatever and everything that they unleashed in their desperate need for hurtful laughter? Or is it that certain drugs themselves Are Racist? It’s called “white” for a reason, because it’s really “cokkkaine.” (although you could easily switch up the placement of the three Ks for whatever rates cooler in the poster focus groups.)
    The crossover potential for people to invade and judge your life is off the charts!
    How the fuck do I do that copyright symbol…

  88. Dontrelle says:

    “I am now going to find random Puerto Ricans and assault them with racial slurs, exactly the way I do with my boyfriend, because this is how people like us interact with strangers. We have no concept of personal boundaries, we simply cannot contain our dark-hearted racist impulses! I talk this way with everyone, no exceptions!!”
    Well, just be careful not to mix them up with Spaniards.

  89. ZF says:

    Jim Goad,
    Thank you for speaking out against delusional (but well-meaning) dogma that ignores reality for the sake of ideology and not hurting anyone’s feelings. No one says it better.

  90. Blackie says:

    As a black person (granted one with more white friends than black friends so maybe I’m just an Uncle Tom and not entitled to an opinion) I have to say I find shit like this Jezebel article more offensive and racist than a white chick saying ‘word up’. It implies that us colored folk can’t think for ourselves and we need the white race to defend us. The Gawker sites lay this shit on all the time. They say it’s ‘racist’ if a company like Popeyes uses a black person in it’s advertising because that could only mean that black people like fried chicken. Well so fucking what if we do? Chinese people like egg rolls but it’s not racist to make that correlation, it’s only racist if you correlate blackness with food that blacks like. It’s like they want black people to have no “black” identity anymore just so they won’t feel guilty of accidentally noticing that we have an identity. To me that is more Nazi final-solution type bullshit than Zooey Deschannel saying ‘my bad homie’. There is real racism in this world and this jezebel white guilt nonsense just ignores it. Fuck that ugly cracker.

  91. snore.... says:

    Has anyone thought to look at the specific things that she targeted in her guide to hipster racism?

    Here are the main problems that minorities have to face, according to the article:

    1) white girls saying “thuglife” or doing covers of hip-hop songs.

    Which is of course just the visible top part of this racist iceberg, and hides the real racism below. White people, it seems, have been listening to hip-hop and are somehow confused enough to think this grants them the right to make reference to it in their lives, despite the fact that they are white and most hip-hop artists are black. Even worse, these girls throwing up outdated gang sings and saying thug life AREN’T EVEN GANG MEMBERS. I bet Tupac is crying in his grave/wherever he is if still alive because he never meant for his music to be heard by people who aren’t in the act of murdering someone at the time. White people, it’s ok to listen to hip-hop secreted away in your dorm room, but don’t acknowledge that it’s part of your cultural landscape because that is straight RACIST.

    2) “slumming” (she says IHOP to be funny {racist?} but you know she means white people going to places where whites are the minority)

    Everyone knows that if you’re white you should be going to white people bars. You might accidentally make friends with people of other races and that puts you in danger of making jokes, which are usually racist. If you aren’t careful you might end up in the most arch-racist of all situations (like Kyria) where you actually have a romantic relationship with someone of a different race. As a white girl, there is nothing more racist you can do than treat other races like they’re people, as opposed to the fragile dolls they are. Sucking a non-white cock basically makes you Hitler.

    3) Writers writing without first making sure they are only offending people they assume are racist.

    This is the most obviously true one. Can you imagine if people who wrote just wrote what they wanted without first making sure nobody is offended? We’d end up with libraries full of horrible writers like Rabelais, Goethe, Joyce, Shakespeare, and god knows how many other monstrosities the human race had the good sense to reject immediately after realizing that someone somewhere was offended. The only obvious exception to this rule is that it’s perfectly fine to call anyone anything you want as long as you’ve first determined that they are racist. You can usually tell who’s racist easily though, it’s the group of various people of different races hanging out together laughing at everyone’s jokes.

    4) Making fun of white people

    This one really hit the nail on the head in so many ways. First off, I bet you didn’t realize that every joke at white people’s expense is secretly a high-five. They’re always making jokes about how awesome their new BMW is and how they love reading. There are literally no jokes at white people’s expense that actually point out something funny about white people because, uh, they’re privileged so, um… there’s no…uh….

    Does anyone actually think she hit any nails on any heads? I’m not saying there’s no room for a debate on the topic of “hipster racism” or whatever, but anyone who says that was a well written/well thought out article has to just have a huge boner for calling people racist because it’s a terrible piece of writing when you actually look at it.

  92. Whining wino says:

    So you won’t say the things you say to your boyfriend’s face in front of other people? How about that old yarn my mother taught me when I was a kid, “don’t say in private what you wouldn’t say to someone’s face”. If you aren’t willing to say something to someone else because you don’t know how they’ll take it, maybe have some fucking restraint and don’t say it at all. It’s not that hard to moderate what you fart out of your mouth. If something is a disgusting, shitty sentiment, how about you keep it to yourself. Not everything that pops into your head deserves to be let out into the world at large. Not to mention, your little soap joke and joking about dating a Puerto Rican is just generally unfunny and lazy humor. Try harder at life.

  93. snore.... says:


    I have plenty of jokes I would make around my friends, or my differently raced girlfriend, that are not racially-based but that I still wouldn’t say in public to strangers. Are you 5? Do you live your whole life by what your mom told you when you were a kid?

    I’m sure her boyfriend is secretly happy that a whiting whito like you can stand up to her tyranny, clearly as a Puerto Rican he is incapable of making his own choices in his life.

  94. b.p. says:

    The only colour that matters is green.

  95. Derek says:

    Apparently, this person keeps getting bumped off the comments when she tries to post this. It’s pretty brilliant. Enjoy.

  96. ZF says:

    Derek, that’s “brilliant?” I guess if you find whiny rants reeking of one’s victim mentality brilliant.

  97. Derek says:

    You didn’t read it, did you?

  98. ZF says:

    Did you?:
    “I’m part of a racial minority that is stereotyped, underrepresented, mistreated and oppressed (actions I don’t wish to enable or allow) than I’m “overly sensitive”?”

  99. ZF says:

    “Oppressed?” Seriously? Our government bends over backwards to help people of color. If you want to talk about oppression, talk about China’s dealings with regard to TIbet, or the treatment of women in Islamist countries.

  100. DP says:

    I concur, not brilliant.

  101. Derek says:

    Oh, okay. So, then by your account, since we’re not Buddhists in China or Women in an Islamist country, there’s no oppression of minorities in the U.S.? That’s like saying “don’t complain about the heat, unless you’ve lived in the desert.” But, whatever. The chick that wrote THIS article doesn’t even know what race her boyfriend is.

  102. Elicia says:

    As a minority and the writer of that response, I can safely say, the government has never ‘bent over backwards’ for me or anyone in my family. Quite the opposite. Sometimes it’s hard to see oppression if you don’t experience it.

  103. Elicia says:

    I am a victim of racism and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It does not make me weak. On the contrary, calling out internet trolls and racist assholes for their hateful and ignorant thoughts and opinions knowing it will lead to be called unnecessary hateful things isn’t weak at all. It would be weak for me to side with you just to fit in and to avoid being called too ‘PC’ or ‘oversensitive.’

  104. ZF says:

    Affirmative action, minority contractor preferences, minority hiring quotas… Must I keep going?

  105. ZF says:

    Please explain how you have been oppressed.

  106. AntiJez says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m overly judgmental, and I unfairly place people into boxes based on their looks. Then I see people like Lindy and I’m all like “naaah, I’m good.”

    Honestly, if you were to say “What does a Jezebel writer/commenter look like?”, that picture up there is 100% spot on. OF COURSE she has obnoxious glasses and earrings and is overweight! For a site that promotes the end of stereotypes, she sure embodies quite a few.

    The Gawker family of sites is a horrible den of misanthropes and sociopaths. I’m glad sites like this exist to balance the crazy.

  107. Nip says:

    Holy shit everybody, Elicia was a victim! And she went on the internet and told everybody about it! Wow. You’re brave.

    Why don’t you post your address so I can FedEx you the cookie you seem to want.

  108. Kelly Dunn says:

    @Kyria Abrahams.-no, I knew Lindy from Jeez-a-gimme-a-fuck’n-break-bell wrote tha trite shit, not you-so untwist those panties. I fucking hate Gawker
    “media”. They are basically the end of the Internet. When one is at work with nothing else to read, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll surf over to gawker.

    In fact, my boyfriend is a Jew and for Chiristmas I gave him “money soap.” The label states “if you wash with this, you’ll get rich.” I thought it was funny and so did he. In fact he has is on display in the bathroom.

  109. Kelly Dunn says:

    Oh yeah-I’m white and I think Lindy’s skin looks really nasty and pasty!

    White on white racism y’all!

    Ps-fuck those stupid glasses.

  110. blaahus poopus says:

    I’m oppressed by this post and its hackneyed responses. I’m 23 skidoo.

  111. yellow snowflake says:

    You know what’s more offensive than race jokes? White people acting like we minorities have incredibly fragile egos and need them to watch out for us all the time. Oh hey, look! We have a sense of humor too.

    Oh, no, someone called me a sushi! And I’m actually Chinese! Fuck them, I’m going to my room to do math while eating an entire box of fortune cookies. I sure wish some white girl who has never experienced racism in her life writes an entire article on how white people should never, ever tell any jokes that involves race so that we poor minorities don’t have to be oppressed constantly.

  112. jissom jigaboo says:

    I don’t get it. Is this a real concern?

  113. Andy says:

    If any of you girlies want to know what to look like to avoid attracting men that fat ugly hippocrockapigamoose pictured above gives you a guide.

  114. bollockstothis says:

    no-one’s mentioned white racism to whites in all of this (or if they did, my dumb white trash ass missed it) i’m lucky enuf to live in sunny orstralia (you know, shrimp on the barbie, etc) they’re as racist a bunch of white folk as any others when it comes to black/brown/asian etc, however they keep a special sort of hate in their hearts. when they meet another whitey they greet them like they’re their long lost brother until they hear an english/new zealand/american/sth african accent, instantly you’re an outsider and worthy of nothing better than a stream of wellworn and hackneyed jokes and racial slurs, gets real old, real quick. its only the satisfaction of knowing i’m not one of them that keeps me living here.

  115. D says:

    dear clueless author kyria:

    just because you don’t participate in a phenomenon doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and even less does it give you the right to dismiss it. there is a whole world beyond you and your boyfriend.

    your writing demonstrates that you have never observed the social phenomenon lindy west is writing about. i certainly have. if you were aware of the population concerned here, you’d be aware that these people DO NOT date interracially. (try being black in north brooklyn and then get back to me. or even asian.) and that, with them, it isn’t a matter of joking with their loved ones the way you do with your boyfriend: first of all there is no reciprocity in it.

    second, there is no love or familiarity like there is between you and your boyfriend. these are people who belong to insular, homogenously white social groups “joking” at the expense of the black people (hispanic people, hassidic jews, etc) with whom they share a neighborhood. people they have absolutely nothing to do with and that they are latently (at times blatantly) averse to.

    please accept that YOU PERSONALLY being unaware of something does not discount it.

  116. D says:

    also, let me call to your attention the power dynamics characterizing the situation:

    interracial couple joking at the expense of one another = balanced and mutual
    young, privileged white kids in an almost exclusively white community joking at the expense of all other races = unequal

    it’s like a 5th grader picking on a 2nd grader.

  117. James says:

    Look up the term stereotype threat. And stop hiding your true white supremacist and anti-POC feelings under the guise of “jokes”. It seems as though kyria has spent her entire life being a racist douchebag and is writing an article to support her behaviour. Just because your boyfriend hosts some internalized racism and does’t mind your rude dehumanizing jokes, doesn’t mean every other person of colour doesn’t want to be subjected to it.

  118. Race Baby says:

    white privilege … WAHHH! … colonialism … WAHHH! … racist bullshit … WAHHH! … anyone who doesn’t think exactly like i do is an evil witch that needs to be burned … WAHHH! … dehumanization … WAHHH! … i’ll dehumanize anyone who doesn’t think like me and not see it as hypocritical … WAHHH! …

  119. Anonymous says:

    “doesn’t mean every other person of colour doesn’t want to be subjected to it.”

    Explain, you OBVIOUS fucking genius, how anyone is “subjected to it” against their will. Are they also enslaved by it? Whipped by it? Raped by it? If you want to make it ridiculous, let’s go…

  120. DR says:

    It upsets me that this has so many comments.

  121. John says:

    Dear everyone on this comment thread and the writer of the article: you care waaaaaay too much. Like waaaaaaaaaaay too much.

  122. enhb1 says:

    wow, you’re an idiot.

  123. honky hater says:

    Kyria, you worthless kike bitch. Such a shame you didn’t roast in the back of the oven with the rest of your sub-human species.

  124. blah says:

    All this thought and comment are for people without jobs.

  125. Beef says:

    “Because he’s not a pathetic, overly sensitive minority who is nothing more than a victim to the white hipsters in his immediate environment.” This sentence rules. It perfectly sums up why this woman is a fat, white cunt. I guess I’m allowed to say that, because I am also a fat, white cunt.

  126. Mami says:

    Hey Kyria! I to have a Puerto Rican Papi named Marcus, who looks a lot like yours! And we make fun of his spicness and my whiteness too! He can’t even make Spanish rice.

  127. D says:

    everyone try think of it this way:

    making racist jokes is a deliciously daring challenge to the social taboo of making racist jokes.

    how far does this fall from challenging the social taboo of being candidly racist?

    being candidly racist in this day and age is contrary and daring too — and deliciously so, to the right person(s).

    the people engaging in this type of “ironic” racism are often themselves unaware that it isn’t entirely ironic. that’s the nature of LATENT attitudes, you know. they’re unintended and subtle. these happen to be subtle because they’ve been repressed by social taboo.

    latent racism is prevalent in “hipster” communities WITH OR WITHOUT the jokes. it’s just out of convenience that the jokes serve as an outlet (just one) through which these attitudes occasionally erupt. but really, the racist attitudes exist independently of the jokes. the jokes just happen to make it more obnoxious.

  128. Grewal says:

    I read the first sentence and judging by her picture, I know where she was going with this. I knew it. And she proved me right. oh no. did she just do the ‘my boyfriend is a person of colour’ routine? did you really do that? file that under things not to do when being accused of being a sheltered, detached, culturally ignorant, white privilege having douchebag. But wait, ‘ i have a black friend too’. Get the fuck outta here with that shit.

  129. Anonymous says:

    Hipster racism is far from mythical.

  130. Chris says:

    Face it: you were called out and now you’re responding with a defensive posture. The fact that you and your boyfriend are lovingly racist to each other does not clear away the media perpetuation of a racial hierarchy.

  131. mn says:

    are there seriously 122 comments about this

  132. Drippy Dog Dix and Cum Bubbles or Something says:


  133. Anonymous says:

    She looks kinda hefty. She’d make a good fag hag. Is that wrong to say so?

  134. ogunsiron says:

    Some whites out there probably think that there is some way to appease the wrath of the “whiteness studies/white privilege/racialicious” crowd.
    Please go read racialicious. Read blogs by self described “allies of people of color” and realize that what the racialicious/antiracist crowd wants is nothing more than your annihilation. They simply can’t stand you being alive and being white. I’m serious.

    Say you have a nonwhite partner. That’s just the proof that you’re colonizing some POC’s body. Say you’ve never had a nonwhite partner. That’s just proof that you’re racist and that you find nonwhite “bodies” disgusting. Say you hang out at places where blacks or other nonwhites hang out at. You’re a colonizer and your “white privilege” makes you think you belong everywhere. You hang out at lily-white places instead ? You’re a white privileged racist who “ignores” diversity. You consciously seek out POC friendships ? You’re a tokenizer and you’re treating POCS as an accessory and POCs have the right to be very angry at you! You ask a POC to teach you about how to deal with your white privilege ? The POC will loudly yell at you that “i’m not here to educate white privileged douchebags on their privilege cause that’s fucked up”.
    You don’t ask a POC about how to deal with your white privilege ? “how dare you think you can figure this out without the input from POCS who suffer from your white privilege ?”.
    You’re a white woman and you want to write a book about your pregnancy ? Expect womyn of color to fling “who needs another book about some white privileged white woman don’t we have enough of that?!” at you.

    I mean, if you’re white you are WRONG. Period. That’s how it is with these people. Now, there are whites who are OK with this. They’re called “allies” and they’re quite happy being always wrong whenever they interact (or don’t interact) with a person of color. If you’re not yet a certified “ally”, ask yourself whether you really want to attempt being one.

    I’m a black guy but I only like to hang out with white people who don’t have a problem being white. Absolutely can’t stand those “ally” types. I also find black people who hang out with whites only and yet pretty much hate their “friends” to be despicable. Most of my friends are white and I don’t hate them for being white. It just makes sense to me but maybe i’m crazy or have “internalized racism” or whatever.
    If you don’t like white people than don’t hang out with them and don’t demand that they hang out with you.

  135. cindy says:

    Pheew!!!! I always wanted to read a US conservative blog and I’m glad I did. Very interesting indeed. Race is obviously such an issue. A Jezebel French reader.

  136. bollockstothis says:

    bonjour Cindy, i’m prepared to put aside my culturally inherited hatred of the French for one with such a cute name, i think the only Cindy i haven’t wanted to shag was in the Brady Bunch

  137. Sam the Fox says:

    Hold on-wasn’t it Gawker that made the Kayne “Donda” joke?

    I bet they’ve taken the role as the internet PC police to prevent their advertisers from leaving them after that.

  138. I love fox news says:

    I showed my black friend (I made sure to point out the fact that he is black) to my other black friends. They thought it was cool.

  139. […] lovelies, is your cue to read the article if you haven’t already done so, and the comments, the reaction, and the counterreaction are also worth […]

  140. Jim Goad says:

    Lindy West uses “hick” to denote her own dreaded cultural “other.” In her circles, that’s “speaking truth to power” rather than “hate speech.”

    Lindy West is obviously an urban supremacist and sees nothing insensitive about taking a big fat verbal shit on huge swaths of rural America, most of whose inhabitants likely live far less privileged lives than she ever did. Very, very typical.

  141. YourMom says:

    I just love how poorly written this article is. Same as the other article printed on here regarding the same Jezebel article.
    I was prepared to read an eloquent rebuttal to the claims made by Lindy, but both of the articles posted on here are sub par.
    That was my fault I admit for having high expectations regarding this issue from a website that’s called Street Boners and TV Carnage.

  142. Spanish ain't Puerto Rican says:

    Do you think Lindy West made up this concept? Because she didn’t. It was mostly defined by people of color who are fucking sick of their white friends making “hilarious” racial jokes all the time.

  143. oh come on puh-leeeeze! food for thought: Quentin Tarantino once said the N-word is the ugliest, most awful word there is and it should be spoken as often as possible to take that power away. I had two guy friends who were respectively Greek and Spanish and they called eachother sp*c and malaka (not sure how to spell that….see I don’t use this word) busti and ect. BUT they were old friends going back 15 years and knew each other well enough to be this familiar and speak on this level and in the context of the situation I should capitalize that, it was humourous. Approach a stranger on the street, however, and use those words boy are you going to have a different experience! The idea of blacks calling eachother n***as and they call each other that so it’s ok for us whites to say that and stop being so repressed….. CONTROVERSEY!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!WRONG!!!!! I mean, there are no rules. But because be CAUSE that’s such an ugly word, as are all racial slurs, but that one in particular, it sends ripples of very ugly negative energy and creates very bad, often violent, horrible situations. what goes on between girlfriend and boyfriend is kind of their private thing. In the world is something else. It’s been shown scientifically that certain words set off negative chemical reactions in the brain. IF whites call blacks that, due to the long history of injustice that went with whites using that word against them, which is not even remotely the same meaning as when blacks called eachother that, it’s a violation and abuse of power and privilege. I read Gone With the Wind and even in antebellum days it was not considered ok for white people to call blacks that. I’ve been in one situation where a white woman made such an (IMHO) asinine comment to a black woman: it was awful and really that woman overstepped her boundaries. And whites calling blacks N-word is NOT on the same level as blacks calling whites “honkies” uh no…… So I would say Tarantino is right in the first part of his argument and kind of wrong in the second part. Am I talking out my ass? No, I think I clarified this!

  144. also…those of you making fat jokes are being size-ist. and what’s the word? I saw urban-centrism…..or a vulgar comment on it. oh, yes, the inevitable neo nazi hater. is there ANY board on the Net this dude doesn’t want to stain? oh, you think you’re cleaning up America? from all the …..well I don’t use those words.

  145. I’ve dated three Spanish men and have NEVER called any one of them s—cs. Oh, I’m censoring myself I’m SOOOO paranoid and repressed. Let me bang my head on the floor and beat the repressed-ness out of myself!

  146. Excuse me, two Puerto Rican-Spanish and one Colombian. And for a time, one Ecuadorian.

  147. LS says:

    “Ironic” hipster racism is still condescending as sh!t, and the “play acting” is just an easy out if you’re called on it: The “See, I was just joking” excuse.

  148. To the people who want to tell me I’m a bad evil racist, why don’t you care what Marcus thinks on the matter? He tells you he finds it funny and all you can do is call him a “sellout”? You negate his feelings because they don’t jive (racist?) with your own.

    You deny him unique feelings, his own personality, but I’m the racist one? Okay then. How totally compassionate of you.

    Here’s just a couple of the nice things the kind, not-racist people wrote about me here: “I hope I never meet you”, “I hope everyone who jokes about calling their friends racial slurs gets cancer”, “Congratulations on having a Spanish boyfriend. How exotic!”, and, “i’m gonna assume this fat cunt’s as dense as she is fat.”

    Yet, you claim you are worried about hurting other people’s feelings. Clearly that is your biggest priority in life.

    I’m going to make one thing clear, because I thought this was glaringly obvious, but I guess I need to spell it out:

    If you are making racist jokes to your friend, and they don’t find it funny, you should FUCKING STOP MAKING THAT JOKE. Because you’re an asshole and a bad friend.

    My only — ONLY — point was that racism is defined by intent. As it should be. If I don’t mean something to be racist, then it isn’t. And if I say something to my friend that hurts their feelings and they say “Hey, that hurt my feelings” guess what I say? I say, “Hey, I’m sorry, I won’t say that again.”

    What do you think I do? Just run around in the streets yelling nigger and demanding that people find it funny?

    I wrote a book about growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness. You think I haven’t had people accuse me of being a horrible, evil person before? The difference is, they called me a sinner and you call me a racist.

    Sorry, but I just don’t buy that you actually care one whit about racism. You only care about your ego and the pretense of being a good person. You care about the APPEARANCE of being good, and Lindy’s article (which, yes, goddamnit, was funny and well-written) was SAFE. It was the easy way out. No one is going to send you hate mail and yell at you for taking the stance that racism is bad.

    Personally, I thought it would be a little more interesting to try to see some grey area in that. I thought that was a worthy idea.

    You can misunderstand this article all you want. I am aware that you have completely misinterpreted it. I will not be guilted into a false admittance of racism by angry assholes. Because you are wrong about me, so fuck you all.

    I should also note that I said nothing about Lindy as a person, I said nothing about the quality of her writing or her humor, I made no comment about her weight. Other people made this personal, which makes me think that not only did you not read my article, you didn’t even read HERS.

    Apparently, you all have some issues you need to work out. But they’re not present in my article.

    In my world, being cruel and obnoxious and self-righteous is far worse than being ironically racist. But apparently you have different moral standards.

  149. Nate says:

    I’m just astonished that people don’t take what Lindy West writes with a grain of salt. Thrill to her account of how she HATES Hooters, and makes an explicit point of footnotes by a “straight man:”

  150. toujoursjamais says:


  151. Plank says:

    Lindy West has nothing interesting to say, that much is obvious, but sure hipsters are racist, everyone is racist (she admits as much in her piece). The real problem which goes unaddressed is why black Americans have failed to meliorate their circumstances since desegregation. The progressive narrative is groping for explanations now that the institutionalized, political racism has been delegitamized for half a century and been replaced with an agenda which actively seeks to promote blacks to positions of power and authority they have not earned (affirmative action).

    Racism, the sort of dehumanizing southern style type, has always been implemented for reasons other than simple ignorance, it was an economic and political tool, especially AFTER the abolition of slavery and later on segregation. It’s not about nigger jokes, that’s just silly, and West knows it which is why she won’t stop talking about it, she’s shifting the debate from a genuine issue to a non issue because she can’t address the real problems seriously without losing some self righteous certainty, and she’s scared to admit that the “grievance industry”, which she is a part of, has done more to divide and polarize people than it has to bring them together.

    Progressive politics has always been a slightly concealed pact to normalize black isolationism and defy integration in service of political ends. Black Americans do not consider themselves Americans per se, they deliberately set themselves apart in order to protect themselves from outside aggression for most of American history, but that is no longer necessary, and hasn’t been for some time. Black leaders and their white progressive political handlers have contrived to maintain this balance of terror because a racially stratified social order is more easily manipulated than a unified one. There is a lot of money and power at stake, especially since ghettoized black urban populations vote as a block (cities=power). I would hope that Lindy West would take the next year of her life and sign a lease in one of NYC’s predominately black neighborhoods like East New York, Soundview or Brownsville and see what it’s like to be a white girl in the black neighborhood and how much her “empathy” counts for.

  152. Plank says:

    I think what people are missing is that progressive politics (as opposed to classical liberal positions) REQUIRE an oppressor and oppressed in order to elevate humanist values. A victim and a victimized, the sort of binary opposition school children are so enamored of. Ms. West akshully sinks to the level of asking “why would you want to hurt people”, “hurt” is in italics. Ms. West is obviously not a serious person and has never been working class. We hurt each other, a lot, to relieve tension and establish who is a pansy or not, who can stay in control and who cannot, and all for nothing per hour, just to survive, trust is important. Working class blacks and whites have EVERYTHING in common until while apologists start telling middle class whites the revolution is just around the corner and you’d better get your reparations in the mail while sitting back on their fat,soft, white,terrified and entitled asses. Life is a struggle for most people, black or white, but Lindy West wants to be the “soft side” of the insidious trip we all take, all satin pillows and bon bon’s until the rubber hits the road. White guilt is the flip side of the black American, an enabler that makes an “exception”; you don’t have to parent your children, put away money for their education, get on their back about going to school or fucks sake even getting a GED, much less not getting pregnant by 16. Look, black’s are a minority, a permanent one, which means so long as progressive cunts control the debate they will never be criticized for even their most egregious excesses because white progressives need the political power base. They like deadbeat brothers who work off their lives in prison, they have lots of left leaning chillens who vote the right way. The black community values are all about solidarity and not success. Ms. West is nothing but a race baiting lowlife who wants to preen her feathers on the dung heap of the fashionable PC views we all despise. I’m not saying it’s ok to use racial slurs in public, if you do you’re a scumbag who deserves a punch in the face but it’s almost better than hiding behind the moral cowardice that is PC Amerika – you might even learn something, people like Ms. West will never know anything.

  153. rumblerabbit says:

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and ONLY into White countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and “assimilating” with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries to “assimilate,” that is, intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country and ONLY into Black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane Black man to notice this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  154. White Rabbit says:

    In 50 years there will be NO majority White countries on earth. Yet Africa has over 50+ all black nations. Asia will remain totally Asian. And that will be true a century from now. It is White countries and ONLY White countries that are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country.

    Whites will have gone from almost 30% of the world population in 1900 to approximately 2-3% by the year 2100, per the UN. This is what genocide looks like, educate yourself. When the Chinese try and force assimilate Tibet, it is rightly called genocide. Genocide does not require lining people up and killing them.

    If Africa was undergoing forced assimilation and massive immigration of non-blacks, against the wishes of most Africans, to the point that every single African country would be non-black by midcentury – well we would know it was genocide.

    Diversity is White GENOCIDE and anti-racist is just a CODEWORD for anti-White.

  155. Merc says:

    Zorkozy says the only way Europeans will “survive” is to miscegenate with hundreds of millions of non-Whites. That’s backwards. Are you anti-Whites honestly telling me the only way the Japanese people can survive is by miscegenating with tens of millions of Africans? Isn’t it actually a logical fact that the opposite is true? Isn’t it also a fact from ALL the evidence, that ALL self proclaimed “anti-racists” support this mass 3rd world immigration and “assimilation” for EVERY and ONLY White countries? Does not what YOU anti-Whites advocate result in the ongoing program of White geNOcide? Then what kind of psycho does not believe that ‘anti-racist is just a code for anti-White’?

  156. Svenn says:

    I have a question for the anti-White academics:

    “African-American studies” celebrates blacks

    “Asian-American studies” celebrates asians

    “Chicano studies” celebrates hispanics

    “Whiteness studies” denies that White people even EXIST, and that these White people (who don’t exist) have unearned “White privilege”

    Here is my question:

    Who do you think you are kidding anti-Whites?

    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-WHITE

  157. All of the X-Men says:

    I always try to set up my Aboriginal (I’m Australian) friend half through the night with random friends by saying “Did you know Steve’s black?”
    It works every time.

  158. […] be getting a lot of attention lately — from Lindy West’s excellent Jezebel article to Kyria Abraham’s exasperating, self-serving response, to this very recent example of Orientalist food truck […]

  159. some guy on the internet says:

    “Anti-racism” is just a code word for anti-WHITE.

    so “racist” must be code word for pro-white.

    go back to the stormfront boards with that shit.

  160. Definitely believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  161. Selfhatinghuman says:

    You are all a bunch of fukin retards and I am ashamed to be the same race as you (human).

  162. Jinnah says:

    Did you just use the “my boyfriend is a person-of-color” routine to defend your bullshit racist jokes? Wow. That’s so 1980s. You’ve got a good “house negro” there for you. I used to be one too…when I was 16 and wanted to fit in and be accepted with the upper-class 99% white high-school I attended, but I grew out of that and no longer look to validation from subtle (or not so subtle) racists (which you appear to be) whose humor I never really found all that funny, but pretended to laugh at so that I could be part of the clique. Hopefully your boyfriend will also wake up. Racism is exists and the worst type is the pervasive subtle racism that manifests itself in the kind of statements you made.

  163. Jinnah says:

    P.S.: Is your boyfriend also a “model minority”? Lets cue all the subtle racist bullshit that the white entitled heap atop people-of-color and pits them against each other. If we don’t accept your racist BS, we must be “oh so sensitive”. Fuck that noise.

  164. JerryStirkey says:

    Wow, you people, again, are so fucking sensitive! Yes, this article is a bit misguided but as a black male, in his early 30s, I think racist jokes are hilarious. They can be incredibly disarming and when it’s all said & done, different people find different things funny.
    So let me ask; do all of you super-sensitive & racially accommodating ASSHOLES find Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jesus is Magic’ funny? I DO. It’s like one of my TOP 5 favorite standup routines of all time. And it’s LOADED with “ironic racism”. If you want to, so vehemently, attack this writer, then make sure that you’re offended at Ms. Sarah too. My point being, racial comedy isn’t new and EVERYONE, as mentioned by another commentor, thought ‘The Chappelle Show’ was ground-breaking and must-see TV. I suppose he gets a free pass, however, because he’s black …

  165. Everyone on this thread can eat my asshole. Start from the back, breathe deeply, work your way to the front. Think of what an awful piece of shit cuntface you are. Repeat.

  166. butters says:

    Thank you almost everyone on this thread for proving LIndy’s point. Still, i guess its a good thing a site like this exists so all the racist hipster douchbags can gather in one place and not bother decent folk. and oh yeah…

  167. Icsifil says:

    Whelp, the writer of this article was basically like “You’re a white person so shut up about racism; oh, by the way, I’m white” and “I have a racial minority partner who’s cool with it, so it’s cool” and “You’re a prude.” The only thing that makes me facepalm more are the comments.

  168. T says:

    Icsifil LOL Totally agree. Let’s not pretend that all jokes are created equal and move on from there.

  169. Scott says:

    There’s no way ih hell calling your spanish boyfriend a “SPIC”, and him thinking it’s anything less than ignorant reflexs poorly on him. Two low class people will likely get along better than if you mix that up. That comes before race and that’s my point. I’m a sexy, tall, educated black man from the suburbs of Philly and I wasted time whith rural women and uneducated women of all races before. I’ve been married to the same woman now for 10 years with a 6 year old son and both of us rarely talk about race, because it’s not a priority for conversation as it is with race “obsessed” people of all races. My wife is blonde,tan and petite and I chose her because she represents herself and respects herself more than the “typical” race obsessed small town, high school diploma in need of Daddy figure, I was attracted to in my twenties.

  170. Becca says:

    Let me get this straight. . .you are not racist because you have a Puerto Rican boyfriend, and he’s totally cool with you? Well all my best friends are gay, Jewish, or in wheelchairs. . .so that pretty much means that you can’t criticize me for ANYTHING. Sorry. Also. . .you know that the term “hipster racism” was actually coined by a woman of color like 5 years ago, right? And that the people of color who have a problem with racist hipsters actually are MORE politically correct and humorless even than Lindy, who watered down their message to make it more palatable to white crackas (just kidding *wink*) such as yourself? Crackas who still object to such critiques anyway because. . .hey. . .stop harshing my mellow!?! Of course, I’m sure you already knew all this. . .because you are down with the minorities and their struggle, huh? I mean, you recognize racism is a “horrible thing,” what more could any whiny minority want, right? Or maybe you knew the background of the term “hipster racism,” but forgot it, because after all. . .we all just belong to one race: the human race, right? So who cares if it is white people or people of color who come up with a term. I bet when you aren’t making ironic not-actually-racist jokes you probably ever see race, do you? You probably couldn’t pick out a Black guy from a white guy from a Chinese guy in a police lineup–that’s how colorblind you are. We’re all just people; let’s stop the hate and have a sense of humor. Right Kyria??? Right?!?!

  171. N1ggerFagg4t says:

    Are Lindy West fans seriously attacking this article? I’m not even talking about regular readers of this site? I’m talking about gawker/jezebelle readers slewfooting themselves into this thread in the guise of regular readers.

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  179. 2016 says:

    Glad too see how Jim Goad used to rip comment sections (and lefties’ illusions) apart.
    Well done,

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