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TV Carnage
• 07.11.08 06:52 pm

The N-word was buried, July 9th 2007 by the NAACP in Detroit, Michigan.
To celebrate it’s death, Street Carnage brings you this special presentation, a news piece from Buffalo that we taped off the TV set. It is the type of thoughtful, provocative, honest jornalism that was once a standard in this great union and should be shown in schools throughout this vivacious nation, nay, the world. Do yourself a favor and watch this, love one another and learn.
Special thanks to Petite Monster productions (without whom this vision would not have been possible) and Street Carnage Films; for providing the world with this insight.

With special guest news anchors: Jessica Delfino and Pinky Carnage

  1. ronny raygun says:


  2. Cuntegonde says:

    Niiiiiice blackerface.


  3. alejandra says:

    leave buffalo aloneeeeee!!!!!!

  4. jeeff says:

    yes, the blackface is well done. eerily reminiscent of dave chappelle’s whiteface.

  5. turdz says:

    this is genius

  6. iik says:

    That was pretty boring.

  7. popetimmy says:

    OH N-WORD when will you LEARN!
    the thing I love about this is how much I love it. Then I love how much i love how funny it is… then back to loving it… repeat.

  8. Mron says:

    that jew chick is kinda cute and that one fella’s blackface makes him look like a real darky.

  9. peenizz says:

    It’s spelled DARKIE! And that’s PINKY from tv carnage: he is a darkie already which makes this TRIPLE RAD!
    streetcarnage has AWESOME BALLS!

  10. trust fund says:

    So does this mean that blacks can tan?

  11. Chachi and Jam-Master Dickface says:

    “…and that one fella‚Äôs blackface makes him look like a real darky.”

    Yeah, WHO IS that “one fella” anyway? He’s probably no one. Probably doesn’t even have a website. Probably not even really black or into the carnage that TV provides.

  12. Smurks says:

    The tape on the bottom goes by too fast.
    Otherwise, tight!!

  13. winter of discount tent says:

    budget + not funny= not funny
    SCTV humor + time – timing = meh….
    The drawringboard reckons!
    Luv U, but I demand better.

  14. Jim Goad says:

    Any fool, be they a white fool or a black fool, could tell this was Derrick “The Tragic Mulatto” Beckles.

    Not only did I find this video informative, it was slammin’ and poppin’ as well.

  15. Luther Pangloss says:

    Jim Goad got his sarcasm recognizer removed along with that tumor, apparently.

  16. popetimmy says:


  17. Nick says:

    Fucking funny. How the fuck did you afford this? Did you get an inheritance I don’t know about?

  18. Haze says:

    “..can I say it in my kitchen, behind your back?”

    best line ever

  19. woah says:

    That jew chick is a wop! A guinea! And 1/2 Sicilian to boot making her at least 1/8 nig nog!!

  20. genius says:

    this is turdz

  21. marvellous!?! it is good for planet to learn and learn! in my own case i got to know rasism was bad after a friend took me to a oliver stone movie. it was so great! and that tarantino he told me that it was ok to say bad thing becos everybody is not racist no more. and oliver stone got black becos football!!!!

  22. moostachios says:

    N-word comedy can be a bitch. Weaves off for trying, but I suggest watching more Dick Pryor.

  23. mang, that’s not blackface, that’s a black dude. what the hell.

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