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• 08.24.16 11:38 pm

It’s possible Miles didn’t even realize the Olympics were over when he made this. 

What a dummy that guy is!

  1. Sniffy says:

    Cool fucking jacket! Who makes it?

  2. Black Lives Won says:

    What white supremacy? The monkey girls on the US team probably accounted for half the medals. You know our black women are going to win a lot because we actually feed them in this country.

  3. Anti-Wigger says:

    Not your best material Gav.
    Other than the theme of white privilege in the Lochte story, which lazy, jump to wrong conclusions media actually failed to investigate as he’s now turning out to be half way true, but it’s too late as America is no longer tuned in, and the big silly goofy stoner with record bling bling, the White Man stories on NBC were absent in the human portrayal pieces and commercials.
    All we learned is that babes kick ass and black dudes are collecting all the glory and willing female holes. Just like everyday TV programming, the Cultural Marxist Czars are programming the Snow Flakes to believe that the dindu nothing’s are our heroes from Bolt to de Grasse to the American religion’s messiah——MLK.
    Alt-Right (and Trump by association) are being assaulted from all quarters at this moment by the Cucks and the Left. Where do you stand Mr. Taki/Foxey or you going to continue to straddle the fence till you develop hemorrhoids? Man up or be a Beck-boy……seriously.

  4. By Jove says:

    Gavin is not stupid or miserable enough to join the neo-Nazi like bitter losers of the so-called Alt Right bowel movement. Those childless paedophiles have crept out of their caves feeling safe enough in this political climate to expose themselves in their carefully coded language as they don’t want to lose credibility with the blue collar frustrated white males they are trying to recruit. Trump is the unwittingly lightning rod. This will all result in a massive fail leading the most radical members of these rejects to lash out in acts of domestic terrorism. Yes that’s what’s coming and the Government, both sides of the establishment, will crush them and we will end up with a true police state thanks to these small dick compensators. Trump even if he wins will repudiate them since he doesn’t like LOSERS.

  5. JR Wirth says:

    By Jove,

    While I agree that there are millions of these people in the middle of the country, I’ve always found them to be Cruz people who are downright resentful of Trump. The only issue Trump has been pure on is guns, and only because he doesn’t want the wrath of these people who already dislike him.

    The gun issue is a farce. They literally quote Jefferson on how we need guns to overthrow the government and that bullshit “tree of liberty being replenished with blood” nonsense. Even if these people rose up against the government, they would eventually run out of insulin and they could be scraped up off the floor. Or, just one helicopter would take care of them.

    People gravitate towards what’s “cool.” Republicans will never be “cool.” In a bizarre way, Trump is more “cool’ than that old bag stroke victim Hillary, despite himself.

  6. By Jove says:

    Cruz people aka evangelicals and those of them who follow Becks kool-aid cult are not as resentful of Trump as you’d think. They agree on most issues with him and just don’t like his NY arrogant personality. They know he’s not a Christian but are desperate as they sense in their bones that identity politics, which conflicts with their Christianity, may be the only voice they’ll have left. The giant cuck detour signs of Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity are temporarily diverting them from the logical path that will take them to the inevitable shit storm America is destined to have. Trump is not alt right, and the evangelicals know it. His flip flop on the 11 millions is actually in line with their compassionate suicidal Christian altruism, so that will attract more fence sitters. The wrath against Trump won’t come from pussy ass evangelicals but from the alt right lunatics who literally will go bonkers if that wall isn’t built. They’ll lose obviously and forever be seen as the racist resurrection of the confederacy leading to the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and this will all occur if they attempted to take out a President Trump. We are destined for global government, so the question you have to ask yourself is do I want to be on the inside, or do I want to be little people. Evangelicals will become ostriches in the coming future and alt right will go back to their caves or be obliterated.

  7. By Jove says:

    And none of what I said is an endorsement of that globalist future or means I agree with the Left’s/Cucks characterization of evangelicals or alt right, it’s just real clear pragmatic politics and survival. The evangelical failure is in not recognizing the inevitable globalist/secular future and like luddites clinging to the quaint pastoral past. The problem with the angry white male alt right is their self identity racism can’t trump the global elites cultural Marxism racist use of non-white jealousy and resentment in a form of class tribal warfare to destroy national then ethnic/racial then individual identities and in the end game religous, nuclear family, sex obliteration. They are blinded by their self righteous justified hatred which in the end will fail. They aspire to a tool that the masters of the universe are using with the manipulation of low IQ immigration tribes.
    Life is a one time proposition that is brutishly short so you can be a premature dead true believer or get over yourself and get on with life as a member of the winning team. In the end play the game or be played.

  8. Average Joe says:

    By Jove,you are a sickening amoral situational ethics Darwinist. The meaning of your dog like existence is eat or be eaten. Atheists are the ones full of themselves as if they are gods in a dead souless universe who they are masters of. Have you ever contemplated why you can contemplate being an atheist, By Jove?
    You are nothing but an ant on a atom size object compared to the rest of the universe, and ignore to your everlasting peril, that you are the one being played by a god of this system of things in his cosmic battle with the real master of the universe. All of mankind are chess pieces being moved about in this chapter of creations history to answer the questions of God’s sovereignty. You can be like Job, or be blind like most humanity, or be intelligent by cultivating humility and ask for directions. None of mankinds government’s are the answer. Start there.

  9. JR Wirth says:

    I don’t quite see it that way. Alt Right appears to be a new term, that Hillary is trying to define today as racist. No one really knows what it means.

    Glen Beck is poison and perhaps the worst human being to breath air, except for certain dictators. I don’t consider him to be alt right, or that idiot Mark Levin. They’re classic panderers to mega-church circa 1987 imbeciles who are crystalized in neocon amber, worshiping the deified Alzheimers patient from the 80’s and founding fathers with wooden teeth and powdered whigs who plowed through their slaves like they were Thai hookers. Not that I don’t love them, they are the founders after all.

    To me Alt-right is taking right wing concepts, and actually jettisoning organized religion, the worship of trade agreements and open borders. I may be totally wrong about that. But the last thing I think of as Alt right is evangelical, which I consider to be neocon scum who think that their salvation depends on Jesus coming back on a cloud in “The State of Israel” because some wing nut preacher said so…who wants money.

    To me the Alt right is a return to sort of a 1950’s Pat Buchanan conservatism, minus the religion, public morality, and social conservatism, which I find refreshing. If only Republicans started doing this 40 years ago they would have been much better off, before the Alzheimer’s patient flung open the GOP doors to these mouth breathing Jesus crackers.

    The further and faster the right can run from religion, the better.

    I don’t lump Beck in with the others. Limbaugh is an aging baby boomer pill head who’s phoning it in. Hannity is a broken record, who also talks about Regan until you vomit blood. Beck is also an entertainer, like the others, but also a first class agitator. On occasion I listen to him when driving home, only to observe the train accident. Beck certainly hates Trump, so does Levin. Mostly because they think they can make higher ratings under a President Hillary.

  10. JR Wirth says:

    The bottom line is, we define God in terms of religion. I think people would naturally believe in God, and love God, but you have to see him in a mystical sense. Going outside at night, looking at the stars, or sitting by a bonfire on a beach in San Simeon with no one around. That’s where you find God, not in some megachurch. Not really in church at all. The people I’ve known who are true hard core atheists all came from some sort of bizarre religious past, usually in a place like MO, and eventually made their way to the west coast. The classic migratory pattern for atheists since the 1920’s.

    And politicians like Cruz (just one example) thinking that they not only know the true nature of God, but think that they are his chosen leader on earth, are the most vile people you can encounter in the US. Far more vile than some liberal existentialist in a nit cap in an SF coffee shop.

    We don’t know shit about God. Nothing. And politicians are the last people who should be bringing him up.

    And don’t get me started on the muslims, which are why we really need the Alt-Right, for whatever that term is about.

  11. GGG says:

    He (By Jove) didn’t say Beck was alt right, quite the opposite, and he didn’t say evangelicals are any part of the Alt other than some of them finding common ground in a coalition to elect Trump. Trump is neither evangelical or Alt, or anything for that matter, other than a populist who may actually care for his country, or just a load of crap that will at least help destroy the Repub party. By Jove said Becks a Cuck as well as the other neo-con you named Levin. Those two are against the alt right because the alt doesn’t buy the proposition nation notion of a divinely inspired founding document, and believe flesh & blood trumps parchment and also recognize that the Constitution has been deconstructed and is no longer a firewall against the encroaching tyranny that’s methodically re-interpreting it as a living breathing mockery of original intent. They also don’t like alt because it doesn’t buy the Christian kool aid theory of the brotherhood of Mankind. They hate that the Alt sees through the Repub neo-con establishments globalist agenda and that the Alt are xenophobic (in the good sense) nationalists who despise cucks who have no allegiance to their own kind and worship vague self destructive and ultimately self hating principals. The Alt right is a white identitarian movement that doesn’t worship the Constitution, but believes that in a tribal World, whites need to stand up for themselves as they are being targeted by the Left as history’s bogeyman. Of course the elites are primarily white so it begs the question why. You know why and eventually after breaking down the resistance of the most individualist of races—the White race—(((they))) move on to the groups that were used to destroy the White Western World. Islam will be annihilated in the future by the NWO along with all other organized religions. The only form of religiosity or spirituality that will be tolerated will be very private, non visible, and certainly non-political faith of STFU. By Jove sees it clearly, but is hedging his bets on the most likely outcome—NWO. That’s intelligent but traitorous if he’s White. Hillary is right, we are racists, and that’s the point, own it, and stop allowing that word to paralysis White people. The whole fucking World self identifies except the Snow flakes and Cucks. You hit on other tenets of this emerging, but not fully outlined phenomenon—national economic interests first, national borders and and a national cultural identity that doesn’t worship the cult of multiculturalism. I’m not sure if Alt is against all organized religion as there are Christian identity groups out there, but they surely are against pussy ass Disney World Christianity. Richard the Lion Hearted is my kind of Christian, but then this is not yet a organized American movement.
    Buchanan is being vindicated, after being exiled, so to speak, in the wilderness by the neo-cons for so long. He will never have a voice in the MSM again but the Alt internet media needs to acknowledge and show due respect to a man of greater integrity.

  12. Omega-3 Man says:

    Ahhhh…..Buchanan, a voice in the wilderness. He was once a friend and confidante of the Godfather of Austrian school Capitalism—-Milton Friedman. That was until he became an apostate and saw that economic globalism was corporate colonialism and national betrayal. The wizards of ZOG (((neo-cons))) & $$$Wall Street$$$ excommunicated him with the tar brush of xenophobic
    isolationist and anti-semite.
    Cackles is doing us a favor by calling attention to the concept of Alt-Right. Initially the MSM, which includes the (NR/WSJ/FOX)NeoCon/Crony-Capitalist Complex, will go full tar & feather. If we can weather the storm, and Trump retains his nuts (He’s not Alt, but he should realize how important this constituency is) this could be the beginning of the end of the power of PC over the Culture. The Cultural Marxists won’t go away, but they and the MSM will be increasingly befuddled and hysterical in their reactions causing the folks in the middle to see them for what they are——lunatics.
    Each and every one of us should ridicule and mock the lunacy of the Left’s assault on common sense and decency. These maniacs have no brakes and will run off the cliff of sanity. Channel your inner George Carlin and put the Colberts and Stewarts to shame. Gavin is doing a good job, thank you, even if he walks with a cuck limp on certain issues.

  13. ernest says:

    I swear whoever is writing Hillary’s speeches also writes the scripts for the Daily Show.
    Her Alt-Right rant was seriously some of the dumbest convoluted bullshit I’ve ever heard. Putin controlling Trump and leading the American alt-right? Yeah right, because Putin wants us to be patriotic and less prone to globalist agendas that have greatly helped foreign nations, including Russia.
    WTF are you talking about woman?
    Her writers are either morons or seriously want to make her look like an idiot.
    I’ll be waiting to see their names end up in the news as the latest Clinton murder victims.

  14. Buddhabubbabooboo says:

    The Olympics are Sexist/Genderist, Speciesist, Mammelist, InAnimatist, Bi-pedalist, DNAist, Carbon-based-Life-formist, Nationalist, Categorielist, and as such is discriminating on the basis of divisive exclusionary group think.

  15. Dr. Worth says:

    Blacks are genetically faster and more explosive. Hence, dominate most of the running and jumping events. On the other hand, whites, asians and arabs tend to be stronger, dominating weight lifting events.

  16. Duh says:

    The Olympics were the greatest T.V. spectator sport in the World in the pre-cable pre-internet World. ABC’s Jim McKay was the voice of coverage and then…. came Munich. That terrorist event marked the moment of decline that would accelerate with the soon to come technological information explosion of choices that have diluted the significance of the games along with the games proliferation of equalitarian silly sports.
    The sooner it ceases to exist, the better, as it’s a big ole hit me sign begging for a major terrorist attack. Like Mt. Vesuvius; the longer it takes for that event to occur, the more complacent the audience will be to its inevitability.
    The games are irrelevant and a mockery of Mankinds alleged brotherhood. Officially the games don’t keep count of the national race for medals but then they allow the athletes to represent their nations colors and play their anthems. It’s just as hypocritical as the once phoney shamateurism.
    When you get down to the mindless sports idolatry, it’s pretty funny that my dog can outrun the god Bolt and tag more willing bitches than that playa.

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