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• 04.27.17 11:39 am

How the hell do all these people, who want to shut down Ann Coulter’s speech, know Ann Coulter is a Nazi? No one fighting her knows what she’s said. Even if she was a Nazi, she should still get to have a talk. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Comic, The Insult Dog says:

    Fuck Ann Coulter. Nobody but the Fox News nerd crowd wants to hear her “comedy”. Just get her on each other’s podcasts and tell your half-assed political jokes, then schmooze each other with how talented that you all are even though each one of you privately knows the others are talentless hacks.

  2. Johnny Birch says:

    “The Persecution of Saint Ann.”
    I must say, why is it that all these provocateurs on the right who visit these campuses, why are they all such creepyi characters?
    Nero the flaming faggot tour?!
    Richard Edgy Fade All Hail Spencer?!
    Little snot nose nasally Ben Shapiro?!
    Transsexual Adam’s apple Ann Coulter?!
    Gavin’s and his Proud Boys?!
    Come on you fake Nazi’s, can’t you get someone other than these freaks to represent??!! Someone normal like The God Emperor Donald Pepe Trump.

  3. Nothing you said is an important issue at all. I know you read Pat Buchanan’s last Taki article. He has something to say. Trump is ass fucking you little fags and you’re on your knees drinking his cum. By the way, Proud Boys is the gayest thing to happen since Adam ass fucked Steve in the Garden of Sodom. The only thing Ann Coulter is fighting for is relevance. Nobody cares what she thinks about anything except her PR agent.

    Furthermore, Berkeley is a hardcore spook school. It’s a psy-ops Petri dish. Antifa doesn’t really exist. It’s at once a honey trap for misguided violent youths and a sociology experiment in a controlled environment. Why the fuck else would the cops stand down? You know this though because you are a propagandist.

    And more, that Richard Spencer video of him getting bitch smacked is fake as fuck. That punch was about as real as Jake the Snake Roberts wrestling George the Animal Steel at Wrestle Mania. It’s all bullshit. See through the Matrix people. None of this shit is real. I’ll tell what is real though. Trump bombing Syria. Yet another war for us to spend billions of dollars on.

    Make America great again by bringing the boys back home. But, you right wing authoritarian personality closet faggots never talk about that because you are giant pussies with nothing of substance to contribute. Who cares if two dudes fuck or if a tranny used my bathroom. Those are alt-right issues. The left could give a fuck because they never cared to begin with. If a lefty saw a tranny walking out of the bathroom they wouldn’t give a shit. But Dylan Roof would shoot up a church because of it. YOu alt-right queers are the ones in your feelings about shit. Offer some real solutions and not just complain about Obama or whatever else bullshit makes your little red dicks hard.

  4. The Coming Militia says:

    When’s the Right going to use the same smear tactics and stop being pussies? If I’m a Nazi, then you’re a Commie! and please no “but but then they’ll call us McCarthyites!” If they wear their Guy Fawkes masks, we wear our George Washington masks. They dress in black, we dress in red, white, and blue. They wave their Antifa flags, we wave old glory with a few “don’t tread on me’s” as well. Come ready to rumble with steel toe boots, brass knuckles under leather gloves, metal elbow and knee pads under loose fitting jeans and long-sleeve shirts.
    And most of all, hide weapons among burkha wearing female-antifa impersonating dudes who will dispense the weapons after the cops finish screening. Big mistake the Right has made so far in these skirmishes is to be disarmed by police as they pass through check points before the event starts. The shock troops must hold back and wait for the Leftist scum to start the monkey shines (Antifa employs the wait and strike as soon as a planned diversion gets the LEO attention away from their invasion path).
    They want a revolution, let’s make it real bloody and see if they got the guts for it. My guess is most of them are posers and will cut and run when the bones start breaking.

  5. OogaBooga says:

    Oh Libertardo!! You’re just the manly Man I’ve been waiting for! Yes yes, you tell these fag hating bible thumpers to worry about their own closets and leave our public Water Closets alone for us lonely Romeo’s & Julio’s to meet in the stalls of our own choosing. I hate that nasty looking Coulter too, she’s what a self-hating Nazi tranny would look like.
    Please be easy on the Proud Boys as they are just misguided young virile lads being manipulated by Gavin’s quest for manliness since his wife thinks he’s a dorky Trump cock sucker. Even Gavin deserves some sympathy since he’s married to this tomahawk on the warpath. He and his Proud Boys are also a sociological experiment in a petri dish proving what I don’t know?!! I want you to know that you made my little red ASS hot and I’d be proud to be your bitch boy anytime💋 XOXO


  6. Lord of the Bar flys says:

    ^ Cumming Militia (Proud Boys)
    The only thing coming are lawsuits to the organisers of these Bukkake street theater performances. Gavin may well find himself in trouble if one or more of HIS Proud Boys gets charged with something serious. These “THE PURGE” day passes of stand down and on the sidelines police will come to an end very soon, so take advantage and dismantle this little lemming army before they fuck you up General Custer. Your squaw would appreciate that.

  7. Fist full o' dick jack says:

    Great article but it’s already over AND only just begun. The demands for free shit and Spanish everything will only grow larger and more extravagant. Mexico is the fucking 51st state and if you disagree you face the wrath ists, isms and obias. They just ruled illegal immigrants have right to bare arms. LOFUCKINGL! Why don’t we just ship in entire foreign army over and hook’em up on welfare, house’em and supply guns and ammo. Hey, it’s legal you filthy racist. Imagine if WW2 happened today. Our pansy-trans-fag-organic-dick-tucking-snowflakes would be drafted for the American rainbow army to protect our precious fruit pickers on welfare. We are all better off to pay the fee to drop US citizenship, drop out the tax system and have the government pay us for doing shitty work shittily. Now take a peak at what’s going on in Europe or Eurostan I believe it’s called now….

  8. Real McRealnameson says:

    That blonde tranny is pretty hot for an old dude….

  9. TWalsh2 says:

    “”Your great, great, great, great grandmother fucked a nigger and she had a half nigger kid and that’s a fact. Now tell me,, am I lying. ‘Cause you, you’re part eggplant.”
    Maybe that explains the dancing thing.

  10. go fuck yourselves, non-smoking-not-liking-people-that-do-smoke-people. go fuck your elves as well says:

    i love when people who hate on pot give in, blaze an “L” with me and go straight to paranoid city. I giggle my ass off while they’re lost inside themselves, too fucking scared to even ask where the bathroom is?
    don’t be a hater

  11. Non Fake News says:

    The Business Standard News, keeping it real

    MAY 12, 2016
    Ann Coulter Arrested For Using Women’s Bathroom

    By Alan Gordon
    The Business Standard News has learned that Rightwing commentator Ann Coulter has been arrested by a security officer for trying to use a women’s bathroom in Charlotte, N.C. North Carolina is facing widespread criticism and a federal lawsuit for instituting a law that would force transgender people to use the bathroom of the birth gender.

    Coulter was outraged at her arrest.

    “I can’t believe the nerve of this rent-a-cop,” she said according to The Conservative Chronicle. “He’s probably an illegal.”

    Security guard Jorge Rodriguez later apologized for his actions, but said it was easy to believe that Coulter was transgender.

    “I didn’t know who she was,” said Rodriguez. “But look at the that Adam’s apple and those arms? I thought she was a man for sure.”

    Ironically Coulter has been supportive of North Carolina’s anti-transgender laws, which she believes protect children.

    “It’s not that transgender people are going to go and molest children,” said Coulter on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “It’s that once you say men can go into women’s bathrooms — men who are out shopping with their little daughters and don’t have mommy to bring her in there. It’s not that the trans are going to molest them, it’s that a child molester now has the right to go into that bathroom.”


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