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HJ Fountain
• 04.26.16 11:31 am


Now that American culture has become so degraded, our language so bastardized, and our basic common sense twisted ass-backward—I for one, am not at all surprised by the latest uproar over allowing Jim the Tranny into our women’s bathrooms. We’ve all seen it coming. Of course this beautiful woman should be pissing right beside your little girl—it’s only natural.

But of course some of us passed both high school biology and first semester philosophy and understand that when Descartes wrote, “I think, therefore I am,” it had zero to do with the transgendered. It’s about human acknowledgement of one’s self as human. Humans doubt their existence, therefore they prove their humanity. Doubting you’re a dude, despite your penis isn’t existential—it’s a sign of mental illness. You aren’t what you physically and biologically believe yourself to be, if you aren’t physically and biologically that entity. You are not what you aren’t.

Now, you can play this game of super-pretend on your own time. That’s fine. But don’t expect me or anyone else to indulge you in your mental disorder. Superstore Target disagrees with me.

Thankfully, in the course of just a few days, Target shoppers agree with me. Target shoppers are regionally and socioeconomically a step above Walmart shoppers, but they’re sort of the same people—the idea of transfolk using the facilities with them is no problem—the “good intentions gone bad” aspect of rapists, molesters, and child abductors walking in the restroom behind their kids is the problem.

But liberals will never admit to this. A few years from now, we’ll get some report of an increase of public bathroom rapes, and liberals will find some way to justify it. They always do. Western liberals are the only subset of Westerners that I truly believe, if given the chance, would rape themselves to death.


  1. I'm barking Mad says:

    Ladies night can now be exploited. The coming lawsuits against establishments for not honoring their policy will be fun to watch. Grab your wigs boys it’s 1/2-price night. If the bouncers challenge your identity because you’re dancing with girls, tell them you’re lesbian just like Caitlyn. When applying for a job make sure to be a transgender lesbian black Muslim female midget. Go with the trans-fluid identity flow.
    To be or not to be will be dictated by situational opportunistic ethics.
    Go gurrrl.

  2. raymi says:

    where is this going my friend

  3. John Thomas says:

    Target claims that hundreds of their stores already have single stall family bathrooms. As I’ve noticed at Walmart (yes, I shop at Walmart, and, yes, I am fat, ugly, stupid and from the Midwest), these family bathrooms are at least 50% of the time occupied by a single male weirdo or by someone who works at the store. You’re sitting there, waiting to change your kid and hoping one of your other ones doesn’t have an accident and, finally, out walks this guy in his 20’s all by himself (as in no kids with him). I guess if you believe yourself to be a family, you are a family.
    Why not just do away with the family bathrooms? Trannies are cool. Families aren’t. Let’s just designate the family bathrooms as the weirdo bathrooms (since that’s who’s using them anyway). Or, maybe the weirdos could use the private bathrooms back in the office area since management holds them in such high esteem (I know, it’s not the poor store manager making these policies). Or, maybe we could just let everyone poop and pee in the parking lot since privacy’s not a big deal anymore, anyway.
    Truthfully, though, a weirdo’s probably not going to rape your kid in a Target bathroom, and a weird guy can still go in the same bathroom as my sons regardless of any new store policies. Still, I don’t want my daughter to have to pee with some pervert jerking off in the stall next to her.
    I suppose there’s some irony in that in being more and more paranoid about pervs, I’ll probably take my daughter into the men’s room with me until a later age than I otherwise would have.
    Couple other things: Google chrome doesn’t recognize “trannies” as a word and gives me the red squiggly line (apparently it does recognize “squiggly” as a word, though). And, i before e except after c and in the word “weirdo.”

  4. JR Wirth says:

    When a man walks into a doctor’s office to get his penis whacked off, who’s crazier, the man who clearly needs intensive psychiatric care, or the doctor who takes the scalpel to him? I think it’s the doctor. I think it’s another version of Dr. Mengele. The same Mengele who would perform a partial birth abortion and take a secret joy in performing the operation.

    I recently landed at SFO and as anyone after a long flight, had to use the restroom. I’m at the urinal and in the corner of my eye I see a woman dressed like a man pull up next to me. SHE pulls out her plastic funnel and starts pissing like a man into the urinal. I thought to myself, okay, I’m home again in the bay area, that’s about right. I’m sure under Obamacare the plastic funnel is covered somehow.

  5. TWalsh2 says:

    Western liberals are the subset of any population in the history of humanity that considers weakness a virtue and lauds victim hood.

  6. Is race a state of mind yet or us that next?

  7. Is race a state of mind yet or is that next?

  8. Another stupid thing to bitch about... says:

    Remind me again about how our culture is far advanced over the Muslims. hahahaha
    I’m gonna fight!
    for the Right!
    to use their potttt-ty!

  9. Woodrow Wilson says:

    I blame Homer – his sympathy towards Hector set precedent.

  10. Rapp says:

    Whatever happened to the “if we can only save one life it’s worth it” argument for gun control? Why isnt this distraught liberal way of thinking being applied to this bathroom ordeal? I guess they figure most innocent children who would eventually be victims of such law are going to be white.

  11. Mr. Natural says:

    You are what your DNA says you are end of story. You go to war and a mine blows your lower torso off, you’re still what you were, male or female. You get cancer and have a radical mastectomy of both breasts and then it metastasizes so that you have your uterus removed and the hysterectomy completes the job of removing the female reproductive parts. You are still a female.
    All the butchering, surgery, necessary or cosmetic, and loss due to accidents will not change who you are.
    Shame on the cowardly medical profession and the scientific establishment for allowing this false self identity mental illness to become legal hogwash.
    It started back in the 70’s when they caved in on the issue of homosexuality and its progressively gotten madder.
    “Liberalism” in it’s current popular meaning has become a mass delusional mental illness.

  12. Cuck says:

    I worry that the people to finally stop this insanity will be the implementers of sharia in the Western world. The west has it’s head so far up it’s own ass that they won’t realize that the true threat to their social justice values isn’t “cis white males,” but the radical ideology that they find every excuse to apologize for.

  13. Dracula says:

    ^”Is race a state of mind yet?”
    Ever since the “One drop rule” was applied to Negro slaves it has been, not literally, but practically speaking. You’d have thought after slavery was abolished that maybe that absurdity might have been seen for what it was. Well that legacy is yet with us. Today it’s in the best interests of blacks to take full credit for the mixed breeds as it increases their numbers and political clout. It also means they get to take complete credit for the accomplishments of their “high yellers”. Will the history books record the 44th POTUS as both African-American & Irish-American? Please.
    Like mentally ill faggots who claim they are females, this is yet another elephant in the room that nobody has the balls to call bull shit on.
    The Left loves it b/c the census data is used to dispense welfare goodies according to most favored status in the exercise of power, and then they get to tell e.g. the potential descendent of a slave owner that she is due reparations just because her rolling stone great grandfather was a Mixed breed high yellow who injected his (6.25% Negro/93.75% White DNA) into an unsuspecting drunk White girl who never saw him again but thought he was a handsome dark Italian stallion type.

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