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• 08.27.16 08:22 pm

I am so sick of the old boy’s club and how it refuses to reflect the diversity of our great land. 


  1. Naismith's Peach Basket says:

    But those are our fantasy league heroes and the cum dream of every coal burner. How dare you insinuate that they are part of some rapping rape culture! They dindu nuffin but be good boys who against all odds grew 7 feet tall. Their whole lives they been discriminated against by door frames, shower heads, leg room, and insensitive shortys. Why, but for this millionaires child’s game they’d be slinging cock in prison or leeching off their baby mommas. Nigger privilege is because they hopping mad you vertically challenged crackers.

  2. Ho'z be trife says:

    Entertainment used to be a field dominated by whores and fairies. Bill Shakespeare was the only straight man working at the Globe. Today we somehow valorize working in entertainment, child modeling, podcasting. This is like training your daughter to be a whore;

    What if they gave an NFL season and nobody came? What if your kids asked for money to go to the Yung Sneezy rap show but you said No? Go farm instead. “Cut word lines, cut music lines, smash the control images, smash the control machine” to quote a queer.

  3. No dunks No Piece of Ass says:

    DNA be raciss dog. For whom the Bell Curve toll you low I.Q. trolls? Being deficient in synapses takes a toll on ones life’s prospects requiring affirmative action, just as being a midget requires a pole vault to dunk with the big dogs.
    It ain’t fair dat da Zulu’s get all the bling bling and white wimmen. Level the playa field and spread the white pussy around Mr. President, just like you preached to Joe the plumber.
    Proportional representation nation require pogo stilts ala blade runner for us gravitationally bound wannabe ballers.
    Fuck meritocracy, I want my freak on Nurse Obama!

  4. Zulu Bukkake Double Dutch Money Shot says:

    It ain’t fair, boo hoo hoo, that some retarded nigger has a 12 inch schlong, while some nerdy little 160 I.Q. jap sports a Vienna sausage. What’s a SJW to do?
    Think Think Think????????
    Boing! Boing!…..Eureka!
    Transplant some cells.
    The jap has neurons to spare, and the groid can’t stuff all of that Sausage up a slut. How equitable an arrangement, all in the name of JUSTICE.

  5. Olivia says:

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