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Thomas Sowell said multiculturalism is appreciating all cultures BUT the West. If you are proud of what the West has done (which is everything) you must be a genocidal maniac that hasn’t read Guns, Germs, and Steel

If you’re in a group that promotes traditional values and is anti-shame, well you must be white pride. This is because, to the media, everything is racial. If you wave an American flag, you must be a racist because racists do that too. This chick Nicole Disser asked me if we are a white power organization. I said no. She asked me how I feel about being white and I said we have nothing to be ashamed of. In today’s age, that means you’re “white pride.” This is true, “No matter how you slice it” (a line she’s since removed). Even if your group includes blacks and gays. They must be brainwashed sellouts. The narrative is “Nazis abound” so you must be one.

Basically, the issue here is the overwhelming demand for racists doesn’t meet the supply so they have to fabricate them out of thin air. This is the first article about the Proud Boys and it’s been corrected and updated and changed dozens of times. I don’t see the advantage in talking to these people ever again.

The article is HERE

  1. OogaBooga says:

    “Unless you’re into the whole #AmericaFirst thing”

    Like all those people backing the current front-runner in the presidential race? She should have written, “Unless you haven’t been living under an SJW rock for the past year or so…” The mumble-mouthed attempt to defend P.C. culture while acknowledging how disgusting is has become was depressingly inept. And where is the full disclosure? She interned for post-Gavin Vice, didn’t she?

    It’s a very poorly written article that relies almost entirely on attempts at snark that fall flat as a pancake. The author attempts to overcome her lack of substance with excessive word count and positions she thinks are bolstered by references like this:

    ” “The dude’s gone a little nutty, even for Fox News,” one blogger argued. ”

    And perhaps the funniest line in the whole piece:

    “all three of whom made the cut for Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Extremist Files””

    The SPLC was exposed as a fraudulent whorehouse a long time ago. This little girl could have saved herself a lot of time had she simple written: “How dare someone be an unapologetic, white, patriotic Christian? ” and left it at that.

    Overall, though, the article had the tone of a wholly committed Progressive hipster who is starting the realize with a creeping sense of dread that she has lost touch with the zeitgeist. Thus, it was an extremely satisfying read!

  2. frank says:

    Have you guys built the tree house yet?

  3. OogaBooga says:

    “Milo Yiannopoulos, a tech editor at conservative news outlet Breitbart who was recently banned from Twitter for life for a relentless series of abusive, racist tweets directed at comic/actress Leslie Jones. ”

    Oh, my? Is this the actual, literal truth? Was the author of this piece practicing “real journalism” when she wrote these words?

  4. Matt Robson says:

    White women are more “racist” than white men if you look at the fact that their rate of marrying outside their racial group is far lower.

    I love how NYC culture is dominated by white liberals who pretend like they aren’t racist, yet they don’t want to send their kids to schools with poor non-whites and the city can only thrive if you stop and frisk people for being not white.

    Once the PB is shown not to promote racism as a group, it will be persecuted for failing to conduct a witch hunt of so-called racists among its ranks.

    Are social scientists racists if they feel genetics and innate in-group bias play a role in determining socioeconomic outcomes?

    If demographics are our fate, and demographics are highly skewed, can’t we just be realistic about predictions about groups in general?

    To judge an individual by the group he belongs to is bigotry, i.e. (bad) racism.
    To judge a group as a whole by it’s full collection of individuals is just good social science.

    “72.3 percent of non-Hispanic blacks are now born out-of-wedlock;
    66.2 percent of American Indians/Alaska Natives;
    53.3 percent of Hispanics;
    29.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites; and
    17.2 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders.Oct 4, 2012”

    I wonder why it’s only white Americans and Europeans people who are persecuted for being racist. Japanese, Indian, Russians, Arabs, South Americans (Brazil??), are never expected to be anything BUT racist. In fact, it is dishonorable in their society for them to be otherwise in practise.

    Affirmative action is only justified if we see people primarily as members of their race first and their level of merit secondary. It can only be justified based on collective group guilt and redistribution. It also requires that at least racism exists to hold blacks down…or disparite genetics exists to hold them back…I mean, something has to hold them down if you have a policy to elevate them above other immigrants starting with little.

    Stephen Pinker, in, “The Blank Slate”, says that welfare is justified because the people who receive it aren’t genetically capable of competing equally with everyone else. And he’s a (misguided, racist) liberal do-gooder.

  5. Don Atari says:

    Didn’t Al Bundy on Married With Children have a group sort of like Proud Boys? Called “No Ma’am” or something like that.

  6. Don’t talk to the print media. Unless you record it and can post the audio later.

  7. Also? This:

    “Once the PB is shown not to promote racism as a group, it will be persecuted for failing to conduct a witch hunt of so-called racists among its ranks.”

    Conquest’s Laws are mostly bunk anyhow, but we need a new one:

    Any group that doesn’t start out explicitly “racist” will be deemed “racist” over time.

  8. Conquest Lawman says:

    Gavin– re: your recent “Sorry Asians, you’re too rich to bitch” tweet– Twitter blocks the image (the table of ethnic incomes) as an offensive/inappropriate graphic so you have to click through to say you’re maturre enuff to reveal it; then I clicked and it molested my orbs… Please mommy take me to the safe space!

  9. Woodrow Wilson says:

    Eminent Victorians is a book of 4 biographies by Lytton Strachey. (~1918) This was the first (that I am aware of) successful attempt to undermine cultural heroes through irreverence and mockery. Tear down the heroes, tear down the culture, etc. Anyone aware of any earlier examples of this cultural suicide/ennui?

  10. @$!# says:

    This reminds me of that time, recently, when you were interviewed about female athletes on some famous comedy show, that set you up and edited your appearance to make you look foolish. I criticised you then for being too eager for publicity and a pay day. You stepped in it again, and will continue to do so, so long as you’re desperate to become famous. Sorry, but you don’t need the Lefts validation. Invite them on to your own turf. While I’m being critical, I also don’t think this project is going to raise your credibility as a serious voice in the world of punditry. If this is meant to be a satirical attempt at illustrating the war of the sexes, then you’re only making the guys look like pussy Ass beta hipsters, and yourself as a piss poor Roosh V.

  11. OogaBooga says:

    Roosh, Proud Boys, and so on are all good developments. They create safe spaces for unapologetic, asshole hetero males who balk at SJW bullshit. I personally won’t be getting any “Proud Boy” tattoos or attending any meetings, but many people need movements, communion, etc. It’s in the DNA.

    And The Daily Show is getting a reputation, thanks, in part, to Gavin’s lamentations:

  12. OogaBooga says:

    And what the fuck does “bro-ing it up” even mean, you hopelessly tired and vapid, intellectually bankrupt, embittered bust-out hipster cunt?

  13. Tony Jabroni says:

    wow sorry I missed it. must have a been pretty awesome collection of dudes! can’t wait to get my tattoo!

  14. Cuckasaurus says:

    Gavin – “Safe spaces are for pussies and leftists”.

    Gavin creates safespace He-Man Woman Haters Club for losers to tout their race’s achievements, since they have none personally.

    Its hipsters all over again. You start out as a crazy independent voice, and squander it as soon as you have a group of chumps to pander to. You sure you’re not technically a subsidiary of VICE still?

  15. reo speedwagon in converse says:

    Proud of Western Civilization? Sign me up.

  16. C. says:

    Only hipsters can take Western Chauvinism and turn it into shit.
    Great, another website on the web. Even the graphics are pure garbage.
    Proud boys are Cosplayers dressing up as alpha males.
    No wonder NY Mag had a hard time sorting you out: even you don’t know what the hell you are.
    Race is not your “thing” but proud boys hate cucks somehow? What?
    You’re the fucking cucks, big time!
    Talking about self-hate.

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