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• 11.15.10 12:00 pm

Comedian Bill Hicks passed away in ’94, but our friends over at The MuseBox and Ryko are celebrating the release of his new The Essential Collection box set by asking you to bring him back to life.

Comedian Bill Hicks passed away in ’94, but our friends over at The MuseBox and Ryko are celebrating the release of his new The Essential Collection box set by asking you to bring him back to life.

Create a video to go with one of the 12 audio clips below using whatever you can dredge up: Animated GIFs, line drawings, kittens, found footage, whatever.

Once you’re done with the video, upload it to Youtube and send an email to to give them a heads up so they can upload it to a special “Re-Animate Bill Hicks” channel.

The deadline for submissions is in one month (December 15th) December 30th, and the winners will be chosen by a bunch of people, including Street Carnage, Ryko, and Bill Hick’s brother and mother.

Grand Prize:

  • “Bill Hicks’ Rules of Comedy” flyer from the Friar’s Club
  • A deluxe box set of The Essential Collection with a T-shirt and laminate
  • (images here:

  • Full catalog of eight Bill Hicks CDs and two DVDs from Ryko

Two Runner-up Prizes:

  • Deluxe box set of The Essential Collection with T-shirt and laminate

Click title, then “Save Page As” to download.

“A Killer Idea”

“And I’m Not Getting Laid”

“Busting on LA”

“Drugs Have Done Some Good Things”

“Handguns (UK vs USA)”

“Hotels (Do Not Disturb)”

“Jimi Hendrix”

“Keith Richards”

“Obsessed with the TV Show Cops

“Smoking Pt. 3 (Yul Brynner)”

“What is Pornography?”

“Your Children Are Not Special”

  1. Red says:

    Remember this animation of Lenny Bruce? Genius
    We used to watch it stoned and DIE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    why? he was never very good.

  3. Taeil says:

    He is an “underground” icon of the Left. But he was fucking funny.

  4. GiC says:

    He is an “underground” icon of the Left. But he wasn’t fucking funny (see Lenny Bruce).

  5. soilandmulch says:

    young hicks is slightly translucent

  6. SK says:

    he’s one of the greats. his comedy transcended topics of the ego, similar to carlin.

  7. KUNTZ says:

    bill hicks was funnier than you are, shitstain. and let’s hunt and kill billy ray cyrus is still the best idea for a tv show, oh, i dunno … OF ALL FUCKING TIME!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hicks was like a less mature, not nearly as funny version of George Carlin. His “angle” consisted of trite and parochial observations presented with a blasé, too cool for school attitude. What really separates the two is that
    Carlin came up with some legitimately insightful and eye-opening observations. Hicks’ legacy is being a snarky little bitch.

  9. bill hicks was never great says:

    now that he’s dead i’m supposed to be impressed?

  10. Melvin says:

    Well…”a snarky little bitch” yeah but the thing is.. THAT comment is in itself sorta a snarky little bitchy thing ta say dont ya think.Amongst other things I dont get the parochial remark? It just seems like a senseless or unfathomable use of the word to me. I Don’t recall a plethora of Texas orientated Hicks material. Unless youre pointing to him being USA-centric, well yeah sure but so what? That aint a flaw for anyone. He spoke of the states a lot (but not exclusively) because obviously he had only that as a direct experiential referance point with him living in and being An AMERICAN! and I wonder so what? Carlin, Prior, Stanhope all distinctly american in flavour. It is natural for anyone to comment in what lays before them..comics too. Anyhow once Hicks hit old blighty he began to observe and embraced that society..expandng his viewpoint and incorporating it into his act from quite a few different angles.vHe died before he could take it any further. Also wanna say that a parochial focus of commenting on the society of the most influential and primary 1st world power in the world aint a narrow band of perspective in my view at all. The American society and its values, social behaviour and governing is a mighty vast and rich vein for any critically thinking person who might have a fire in their belly for the truth of this existence as opposed to the trivial distractions and explotative form of materialism prevelant in the the U.S of .A . It a aint a flaw in my perspective any way to focus on what you personlly see day to day.

    By the way HERE IS the TRUTH OF what seperates Hicks and Carlin…Your personal preferance! Your taste! and mine..Whatever resonates with that particular persona there, (that aspect of this one creation which we all are) that temporary belived in identity behind your eyes. It is only a persona, a mask, condtioning, a believed in I-entity which the mind takes to be real..but IT IS JUST A RIDE. Hicks saw this and spoke of it, George didnt seem to but both are missed.
    Haha..damn that got my goat up.

  11. Moose SwOOsh says:

    it really fuckin offends me when people say “hicks wasnt funny”… hicks never really wanted to be funny, even though personally he made me howl many times.

    in actuality he wasnt really a comedian at all, but a preacher… he wanted to make people see that LIFE… isnt really what we are made to beleive.

    he defientley opened my mind to the realities of our world… how about you?.. if you are too a true Bill Hicks fan, comment!.

    he probaly would have started a revolution by now… isnt it strange that he died.

  12. Moose SwOOsh says:

    maybe his ideas have made me a lil bitter, but hes still a legend, the world would be different place if he was still around to plant seeds.

    but you never know.

    REST IN PEACE willaim hicks… your meaning lives on.

  13. Lee Swain says:

    Dang, wish I saw this competition sooner. Bill Hicks + Animation, would have been right up alley, don’t think I could possibly finish it in 6 days :(

  14. William says:

    Bill Hicks is Ten Times the Man you could ever be.

  15. Jaylan says:

    Your cranium must be proectitng some very valuable brains.

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