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• 08.25.17 10:10 pm

You guys wanna know why Gavin really left The Rebel? You should probably already have a pretty good idea. He’ll tell you, though. In this video, right here.

  1. Clouddded2 says:

    Yo Yo Yo!

    The illuminati’s and freemasons are gypsies and arabs (atleast partly and some are vampires or aliens or parts this also). They are like when you have a few immigrants at school, they stick together and form a gang.

    They are anti white. They are satanists (sleeping in ).

    Their goal is world control.

    They want everyone to be part gypsy through racemixing with part gypsies and gypsies. They are an occupying force who murder.

    A lot of people think they are related to the assasins (Iranian sect murderers) and tutacamon.

    So they have the pyramid symbol as a symbol of their arab origin and the third eye as the symbol of their east indian background.

    A lot of part gypsys are really afraid that they will be thrown out and hence attempt to control society and media and to have racemixing between them and non gypsy whites ore other ethnical groups. Part gypsys are probably inbred through incest and pedophilia and part neanderthal.

    This is why you mostly see part gypsy artists and people in the media and movies, it is a control of your mind to make you marry and have kids with part gypsies.

    It is the same with IS/ isis (islamic state in irak). This was founded by one of saddam husseins generals who was sacked by the Americans (de-bathification). IS are gypsy arabs, Arabs are racist towards gypsies, so they hide their background and attempt often to marry non gypsy arabs. In the founding document for IS it is stated that the gypsy part arabs in IS should document all wealthy and sucessfull families in an area and their businesses in detail and then to marry into these families. Hence making them part gypsy and controll society through this. The alawites in syria are gypsy part arabs, that helped nazis escape after wwII. Assad is probably mixed with escaping nazis. Hence the nazi related people in Europe, their leaders pushed for syrian and thereby alawite/ gypsy immigration, because they helped them after wwII. And they want their gypsy friends in urope. It was done through bribed artikles in newspapers about how supposably “great and educated” these particular immigrants were.

    The Illuminati has the same function. It documents society and leading people there and industry and media and then attempt to take it over by racemixing and marriage and murder (assasin motherfuckers).

    Beeware. Stay clear.

  2. Shakalack Z says:

    Yeah, in Sweden, a part gypsy part arab called gustav vasa took control over Sweden in the 16’th century. And at the time it was illegal to be gypsy in Sweden they were forbidden from entering Sweden, so they were illegals.

    And he was part a träl (nicer form of slavery), which were taken from greece among other places (Alexandria, the Varangian Guard, where arab slaves were cheap).

    Since then they have largely controlled the state. Imagine a state controlled largely by part gypsies, imagine the amounts stolen from the taxes ordinary people pay to the gypsy organization the state! For over 500 years it’s been like this. And look at the high taxes Sweden has now and how they steal from it.

  3. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    I thought that was Gavin at the drag show on Thursday. Where can I join this illuminati you speak of? They sound like some cool cats and I might want to make sure that I am on their good side when they take over the world.

  4. Straightieeeee says:

    Isn’t the illuminati and the freemasons a bit the same though. Do they both use the pyramid and third eye symbol? Are they both kind of clubs where a lot of the members where gay, before it was accepted, so some of them joined for some gay action.

    And they sleeping in coffins and stuff. What else do they do, animal sacrifice.

  5. Straightieeeee says:

    They are into murders and drug trade right. Worse than the mafia then.

  6. Foo shuuuu says:

    I think they are satanists indeed. And it is interesting that immigrants from india sometimes know about them and see them as their group and the same with some people from arab countries.

    Their goal is probably satanism and satanists ruling the world.

  7. Kung Fu Masta ZuZZumbaa says:

    I read that the illuminati has underground bunkers around the world for when they think wwIII is coming. There they also store a lot of the drugs they sell. And the same writer (writing he was a member), says they are planning to kill the main people in oil that are members of the illuminati in these bunkers if wwIII hits, this in order for the illuminati freaks to get control over the oil themselves.

    And another source says they knew about and had plans for wwI & wwII. The reason for them to have wwI was to get rid og the Tsar family dynasty among other things. One of the reasons for wwII was to have communism in more countries, because communism is anti religion. And they want to have a world with first no religion and then have a world run by satan (or one of his slaves) and try to make people satanist.

    So according to what I read the plan they have for wwII is to have Israel and Iran fight each other with nuces and then try to drag arab countries into the conflict and then the rest of the world. So basically they want to after Israel and the jews there probably. That could be because jews are god’s chosen people and satanist dislike anything that has anything with god or religion I assume.

    Probably they are also into pimping and porn making and supply prostitutes to members.

    So they seem to be like IS, a cult sect who plan for the world to almost be destroyed by war and nuclear bombs.

  8. Tae no black belt says:

    What shape of aluminum foil hat is best to keep out the waves and beams out of my brain? If I go with a pyramid could I be mistaken for an alt-illuminati sympathiser?

  9. Friend-O says:

    Gavin’s getting more boring every day- no one really fucking cares.

  10. Disinterested Third Party says:

    Okay , catch me up here. What is “The Rebel”?

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