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She literally can’t even… She also can’t spell. Look, lady, I had you on the show because I wanted to hear your version of events. I suspected you had no idea what you were talking about but gave you the benefit of the doubt. 

You weren’t arguing with Colbert. You were arguing with me, someone who is genuinely curious. I’m not a conservative or a Republican out to smear you. I’m a Factarian who has looked it up.

Anyway, she just put this up about our whole ordeal.



I need to address the recent interview and verbal hostility from Gavin McInnes. And how I wound up on his Free Speech podcast.

He approached me in a cafe after I was stickering for my #whitework project. He presented himself as an interested supporter, and asked me to come on his podcast to talk about the work. Down playing his podcast as something much more low key and casual than it was.

The information I had gotten was “Gavin with Free Speech podcast”. Coming from the background I do, it did not immediately get flagged in my head as possible conservative platform. For personal reasons I didn’t have much time to research him or his podcast until the night before/morning of the interview. And I didn’t go beyond playing a few minutes of several different podcasts.

I am someone who has fought hard to let myself be vulnerable, to be trusting, and to take risks in order to create and live the life I want. I try hard, despite having a critical view of the world around me, to believe in the decency of people. To lead with my heart and with trust. However in the case of Gavin that meant I was susceptible to being mislead.

My ideals of human decency would have meant that him, a man in power who hosts celebrity guests, should make sure I (a random emerging artist he encountered) knew what kind of show I was getting on. If he was incapable of doing it himself, he should have had his producer ensure this simple fact. But neither happened.

As a result I felt immediately ambushed. I knew it could be messy, I’m talking about messy issues. However I did not expect a verbal assault and was not prepared with talking points to with stand that.

I read someone observed my visible shock during the interview. I was in shock during the entire interview. I remember within moments of the show starting realizing this was going to have nothing to do with my own work and anything I had prepared to discuss would be irrelevant and not listened to.

As the hour ticked by i found my self watching the encounter from afar, incredulous at the horrible things he was saying. Yet I also had a sense that none of it was genuine. From the minute we started I was no longer talking to a real person I was talking to his persona, his act.

There may be no way to determine truth from fiction in his beliefs. But much of my inability to answer him was being unable to take him seriously. He was running a script, he was saying things and poking certain issues to see which would get me angry.

I do strongly believe in having imperfect conversations and will stand by that. However, that should be on as equal of playing field as possible. Not a highly refined media persona picking up an emerging artist with no real media experience off the street with the express purpose of verbally badgering her on air.

I say this to any of his and my audience who is confused by what happened, why I wound up there, why I said what I said or didn’t say more. And to those who saw that his treatment of me was unacceptable. I am grateful for the folks who have sent me positive and encouraging emails. I try to constantly renew my faith in humanity – beyond how we agree/disagree. But this encounter left me shook. Hearing from folks with different view points than mine but who felt for me in the interview helps.

It helps remind me that there are folks who can see past the surface stuff and connect on a human level. In my life I have worked to do that as much as I can. And that is what brought me to feminism, to fighting against racism/white supremacy.

What I care about in my discussions with white people and in my work about whiteness and racism is a reminder of humanity. To be able to genuinely look into someones eyes who has had a completely different life experience than you, see their pains and joys, see their humanity, and then hopefully see how our humanities are tied together. And see how our journey to freedom is linked.

Along this path of mine it has meant that I have lost people who wanted or needed to stay blind to this. But it has also meant that I have encountered some incredible people with deep inner strength and a wealth of life and experience to share.

My hope for this interview was to share a piece of my own story and my own journey towards seeing the liberation of people of color as my own liberation, as the liberation of everyone.

It saddens me that Gavin could mislead, adopt this vicious character and badger me about any possible liberal issues, with the intent to make me look foolish or get me angry. It saddens me more that this is an economically successful character to adopt.

I will not be ashamed that I was suckered into this show. Because I believe it was my style and my passion that drew him to me. And it was my trusting genuine heart that accepted the face he gave.

Integrity and heart are hard to keep in New York City, I will keep clinging to mine with pride.

  1. raymi says:

    You bamboozled her

  2. In before they air horn.

  3. Mao's Dong says:

    I can’t believe you raped this poor girl, Gavin.

  4. Ike says:

    I doubt very much her style and passion had anything to do with it. But I’m sure she’ll make a wonderful cat lady in another decade or so.

  5. John says:

    Right. Obviously the problem is that someone was mean, not that her ideas are shit. If I had a vagina, mine would be crying too.

  6. MoistAngst says:

    “I do strongly believe in having imperfect conversations and will stand by that. However, that should be on as equal of a playing field as possible.”
    Translation: “I should be free to spout off at the mouth with any sort of asinine bullshit that I’d like without having to incur the inconvenience of being challenged on it.” It’s kind of surprising that she didn’t contend that the podcast was being used as a weapon of “violence” against her person, although she did come pretty close to saying something like that. The amount of effort that people like Ms. Scholl put into avoiding the real world is absolutely astounding. It’s almost as if they’re actually training to be losers. I’m genuinely curious as to how much money she and rest of her ilk are putting away annually towards their retirement. After all, professional victimhood doesn’t exactly provide a firm financial footing for the future. It’ll be really fascinating to see just how well all of these SJW millennial types fend for themselves 20 or so years from now. Do they ever even think that far ahead? Reality is going to drop-kick them in their very souls.

  7. Dylan says:

    no comment.

  8. Lance says:

    One of the more annoying thing about ‘sensitive types’ is their constant delusion that their lives are a narrative that other people want to hear.

    Unwarranted self importance, the lot.

  9. PC says:

    Shit just got systemic…

  10. Hooey Davis says:

    So now political/social debating can be used to play up the victim card. Unbelievable, the lows some people reach for when they can’t admit they were wrong. Ok, so you didn’t realize you were about to engage in an argument; fair. So then you get about 1-2 minutes to recover from the “shock”, pull the lead out of your ass and get down to business. Don’t just sit there floundering around like you have no idea what you’re talking about. Or is that ultimately the case? That you have no idea what you’re talking about?

  11. christo1 says:

    You know, she seemed all right, if a little airy before.

    Then she wrote this. Vile? I guess she wasn’t used to talking to an echo chamber, which is “trouncing” and “ambushing” now.

  12. christo1 says:

    Wasn’t used to *not* talking to an echo chamber. Blast.

  13. dun says:

    take a shot every time you read “emerging artist”

  14. Ailes says:

    – “I did not have time to research him beforehand”
    Really ? It takes just a five minutes google search, you could probably do it on the toilet in your busy day.
    – “Please don’t think I was owned in this debate, no I was just so SHOCKED at the vile things he said (also, please have pity for me, a poor widdle sensitive wimmin)”
    Triggered, much ? I don’t know how much good of a human rights fighter you really are, when you wilt at the first opposing thought, and can only function in the hugbox. Nice damage control, though, and I’m sure it will work on your audience, already predisposed to be sympathetic.
    – “He was just playing an act”
    Nah, he’s way too unfunny for that. He was monologuing because you didn’t offer anything to the conversation (sad effect of being in unchallanged echochamber bubbles, your debating skills wither). You’d think when someone uses big boy words like white supremacy and other -isms, there’d be some thought and reason that went into it. But if it was just lifestyle bullshit and parroting for social cred, yeah you’re gonna look foolish if you can’t back it up. Also learn to differentiate between someone insulting you personally and someone discrediting an ideology.

    You weren’t “misled, badgered, suckered”. You just were exposed for being hot air and in over your head. Hell, it happens to all of us sometimes. That’s when we sit down and really reflect – we should buckle up and think our beliefs through more clearly, so we can argue better the next time, or (consider this) maybe our beliefs weren’t as correct as we’d righteously felt. Use that experience and do some reading, which includes opposing viewpoints for once. Look up the arguments and data of the other side, maybe they’re right or maybe not, but at least know what you’re arguing against. Also, “fighting” against white supremacy with… stickers, is such a white first-world bourgeoise hipster thing to do. Even actual brown people are rolling their eyes in embarrassment.

    On a more cynical endnote, hell the way these things most of the time work, this episode was still probably profitable for this woman. More recognition, more attention, more revenue, more donations ? Hell you can even write a book about your harrowing traumatic experience.

  15. huffpostchick87 says:

    just a low information ugly chick that is trying to have an original idea and hoping to get her business law professor to bang her with that six shooter tattoo on her flappy flat boobs.
    all these ugly chicks come up with dumb ideas to change the definition of normal and beautiful after they realize no one they want would have a family with them because they are ugly. too bad they cant change the definition of “no one sober would put their dick in you”

  16. steve austin says:

    I thought she handled herself well. Couldn’t argue herself out of a paper bag though.

  17. NEIL says:


    this will be the next demented feminist hashtag and sjw cause.

    stop #podrape

  18. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    With plenty of time to reflect, rephrase, and revise, the girl can’t write a paragraph.
    Is it really a surprise that she also can’t think on her feet?
    Did anyone really win, apart from the “teachers” that got paid to GIVE her a high school diploma?

  19. Somme kunst says:

    Translation of her story:

    I got blown the fuck out, but I still believe steadfast in everything that Gavin destroyed my regurgitated buzzword heavy, lightly read into viewpoints.

  20. Todd says:

    Unfortunate that she was offended. Gavin was really nice to her during the interview. It was a great podcast even though she wasn’t very informed.

  21. gospodin says:

    I hope she made herself feel better…what an 8th grader

  22. Humorless says:

    I could see how she would be clouded with insecurity after the wonderful show, but she didn’t come off bad as far as I see it. White anti-white feminist comes on Gavin’s whisky laced radio show for a frank chat = early 90s Bob Larson gold.

  23. truth says:

    she’s clearly mentally ill.. I think its pretty douchey to keep poking fun of her. obviously her viewpoints are wrong, the same way a guy on a street corner wearing tinfoil and yelling about how the CIA put an implant in his brain is wrong, but to pick on her/harass her online anymore just aint right.. just let the woman knit her dresses and name her cats mr.snugglesworth the third and move on.

  24. gospodin says:

    She didn’t come off badly as in she didn’t come off as a caricature on Portlandia or throw her phone at Gavin’s crotch? She came off badly. She was soundly embarrassed. Not only was she embarrassed she witnessed the violent murderous overthrow of her worldview. Her goddess temple was torn down before her eyes. How does she cope? By retreating to her sanctimonious self absorption to defend herself. She is not intellectually or emotionly mature enough to accept she was wrong and swallow the bitter pill. Let me clue you in Gospozha Scholl, if you need to beg people not to think u weren’t beaten…you were beaten.

    Just to ascribe this as mental illness serves no purpose. Her performance on free speech was not evidence of mental illness but rather of an emotional and intellectual stillborn subscribing to some juvenile girl power framework fleshed out with the vomitous rhetoric of the university humanities department.

    When a person dismisses ideas as craziness or mental illness and doesn’t address them we concede the battlefield of ideas. That is how we ended up with the Keynesian general theory…because people like Hayak thought it was a joke that didn’t even merit response.

    Intellectual progress is made (to nod to Camus) when we give up our juvenile need to be right and to embrace being wrong totally and completely by ourselves and on our own. I truly feel for Gospazha Scholl. It is to embrace your own death. When you discard something as important to you as the way you see the entire world it is to witness a sort of death of yourself. It is painful and harrowing and you have two choices…discard the rot and filth and embrace the cleansing storm or retreat back to the familiar and remain a child. Most choose the latter.

    For me myself I am glad that early on in my adulthood I was savagely and magnificently beaten one night over a bottle of vodka. After the pouting I woke up and after the depression I realized I couldn’t go back so I didn’t. It has made all the diffence in the world.

  25. Hunter Duesing says:

    I thought you were pretty nice to her. What a twit.

  26. pat says:

    a two second search would tell you what a fucking asshole Gavin is ( both in a shitty was and in a totally great way. and i disagree, he’s turning into a conservative dick on a lotta levels, but he is still hilarious). And what the fuck; Gavin has taken his licks on tons of shows. What a fucking crybaby she is.

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