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• 03.01.13 04:00 am

Kathy Fire in a rare moment of happiness. One can only assume there were no men in the immediate vicinity when this picture was taken.

“The Sounds of Sappho”
will be a new Street Carnage feature focusing on the unjustly ignored genre of lesbian folk music, a sonic niche that has made significant strides in aiding and abetting the ongoing social transformation of our culture, our society, and our very inner selves.

Today’s Hot Track is a moldy and fungus-laden gem by Kathy Fire called “Mother Rage” from her 1978 cassette Songs of Fire: Songs of a Lesbian Anarchist. We’d call this release “seminal,” but that would open the possibility that it had something to do with semen, which seems highly inappropriate in this case.

The album’s bitchin’ cover shows Kathy humorlessly tuning her specially designed Lesbian Folk Guitar:

In the liner notes, Kathy explains the “political and personal pain” behind the song:

The lyrics:

And here’s the song itself. We encourage you to enjoy this but to also heed its message. Working together, we can make this the Century of Hating Men in the Name of Social Justice. Hey, guys—get your rapist hands off our shoulders, too! (By the way, who rapes people with their hands?)


Our all-seeing and beneficent historical gatekeepers at the Smithsonian Institution are graciously allowing you to listen to Kathy’s entire Songs of Fire cassette HERE.

  1. TomSawyer says:

    Pretty metal. (only read)

  2. Gadzooks!!! This diesel dyke looks like the lovechild of John Wayne Gacy and the brunette brawd from Cagney and Lacey. If there was a god, Roe V. Wade would’ve been around and used to cancel this abomination before it could’ve existed outside the womb. Come to think of it, I don’t know how it could’ve existed in a womb. Very, very frightening.

  3. I’m afraid that if I actually listened to this it would make me want to cut off my penis. And I really like my penis even though it is an instrument of patriarchy and rape-tool.

  4. Curmudgeon says:

    Why do gender feminists insist on changing the spelling of woman to wymyn or womon? Because as such it no longer includes the men part? But it’s still derived from a word with men in it anyway? Why not change it to something completely different? Like cunt.

  5. Guitar tech says:


  6. Carolynn says:

    I can’t believe the Smithsonian is promoting this crap!

  7. Kathy Moore says:

    Kathy Fire was one of the powerful voices speaking up on behalf of lesbian rights during the Second wave of the feminist movement. She was hold and unafraid of speaking out.
    Get over it, guys.

  8. Laura McFall says:

    Kathy Fire’s voice was necessary then, and even more so now, when the rights of so many are being questioned and denied. Comments regarding the value of her actual work, as opposed to interpretations of her looks, are sorely absent here.

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