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Almost every day, Steve-O sends out an email to 47 unsuspecting victims he calls his “rad email list.” I am on that list. That means my inbox contains hundreds of auto-biographical rants describing Steve-O’s relationship with his father, his views on terrorism (he hates George Bush), questions about his own mental health, and the problems with staying up all night doing nitrous. Here are some highlights since the first one went out on October 12th, 2007 (pictures added by Street Carnage).


Almost every day, Steve-O sends out an email to 47 unsuspecting victims he calls his “rad email list.” I am on that list. That means my inbox contains hundreds of auto-biographical rants describing Steve-O’s relationship with his father, his views on terrorism (he hates George Bush), questions about his own mental health, and the problems with staying up all night doing nitrous. Here are some highlights since the first one went out on October 12th, 2007. Photos added by us.


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 18, 2007 11:41:56 PM EDT
Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Hello Everyone,
It seems that America is going to get it’s ass kicked by terrorists. Below is an article that my Dad sent in an e-mail entitled “Must Read” [Article not included due to boringness — SBTVC]. When my Dad says “must read”, I always read. For those of you who hate reading enough to disregard my Dad’s characteristically sound advice, you are dumbies, but, you still get to enjoy this funny terror-related clip I filmed today:

From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 21, 2007 2:39:54 PM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
I feel good about where I’m at in life. Someone [Big Brother founder Dave Carnie, above — SBTVC] disrespected the memory of my late mother. Fuck that person. I think everyone on this “rad e-mail list” knows that I come from a good place, and I’m heading to another one. I love you all, even you, you “Mom-disrespecting meth head fucking loser”….


(Carnie on Morrisey’s toilet)

From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 21, 2007 3:23:56 PM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
All of us are old enough that “your mom sucks dick” is no longer funny. Please, everyone, let’s be positive, and FUCK YOU, YOU METH HEAD….YOU’RE JUST MAD BECAUSE YOU AREN’T JOHNNY….

From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 21, 2007 3:57:31 PM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Alright, I’m already getting responses– like as if people were worried about me…. FUCK THAT, I’m fine.


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 24, 2007 4:39:43 AM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Man, I cherish the “jackass family reply-all fests”. I’ve brought a great deal of others into that e-mail family, by putting together this “rad mailing list”, strictly of important people.
1. The person/people who felt that what I posted from my father was/is somehow ignorant– can suck my dick.
2. Dr. Steve-O isn’t extreme enough. Haha! Dr. Steve-O is plenty fucking extreme, it’s the USA Network your beef is with. I got a dude’s dick sucked by a porn star in a sperm bank, and they didn’t show any of it. Shitter. Alot of celebrities have television shows, and, without naming any names, a great many of them allow their producers to make absolute puppets out of them. That’s right, I think that’s bullshit, you won’t catch me letting anyone but me express my feelings. My feelings are done being fucked with, too. Wow, that felt good!
3. Anyone who buys a shirt or shirts from, will receive a personalized, autographed picture of me looking radder than ever.


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 24, 2007 5:13:06 AM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Thank you, Dave. I really miss my Mom, thanks all…xoxo…
—-david carnie <> wrote:
i was laughing at these emails this morning and wondering who disrespected your mom. apparently it was me! i don’t remember writing that email, but it wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. just funny. I didn’t know the situation with your mom. so my apologies. you’re right, i’m wrong, end of story. and while i haven’t done meth in about three years, i do indeed wish i was knoxville. who wouldn’t? that dude is awesome. Just like you. again, i’m sorry for saying your mom kisses dicks.
i hope i see you soon.
sincerely, dave carnie


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 25, 2007 5:46:02 AM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Hey Everyone,
I want you all to know, that the reference I made tto having my heart broken in that last mail … had nothing to do with any dumb girls that hurt my feelings for fun. I went to San Francisco to meet up with the folks from Zeitgiest and figure out how to use bb guns with flammable liquid to protest the war. I also needed to wrap my head around how to communicate that my new nephew has Down Syndrome, and search for a way to help children with Down Syndrome all over the world. Fuck bitches that hurt my feelings, and, please, reach out and help a kid with Down Syndrome …
Please help those kids, love you all,


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 26, 2007 12:09:20 PM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Johnny Cash was nuts, and Ozzy was out of his mind, but, Jerry Lee Lewis was the “real deal”. I’m going to come clean, not brag, just be completely honest. I’m crazier than all of those fuckers when I huff nitrous oxide. It’s nothing to boast about. if I fuck with that shit, it’s like I’m trying to die. For me to try to shift blame for messing up a relationship I care about is beyond wrong, and I’m beyond sorry. Here’s how fucked up I was last night, I was hallucinating and saw that beautiful girl in the reflection of the sliding glass door in my apartment when I started masturbating like crazy. It was quite embarassing for me, when Ryan Simonetti scaled the building and came into my pad through that very door. Needless to say, I gotta stop winding up back on nitrous. Here’s part of what I wrote to the girl:
I still had those photos of us together because I never had the emotional strength to open them up in the first place. Have I done alot of rad shit? Sure I have. The problem is that I’ve done really bad things, too, and I did all of them while on nitrous, and lying about it.
When it comes to love and, obviously, Down Syndrome, I’m not exactly an emotional pillar of strength. I’m confident, however, that I’ll figure all of that shit out.


From: stephen glover <>
Date: October 31, 2007 8:33:51 AM EDT
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
The one place I’ve stayed, since 1985, was in the middle of this amazing sub-culture of skateboarders, who love blaring Satanic death metal music very loud. Learning to so much as hop a skateboard up a tiny little curb requires blood, sweat, and tears.


From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 9, 2007 7:55:23 PM EST
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Hello Everyone,
I think the reason for this “rad e-mail” list, well, there’s lots of ’em, but, one is that I strongly feel that it’s time to let the world know that I’m not a fucking idiot. I’ve been deliberately misunderstood, I like to think very similarly to Ozzy, for most of my career. Before I’m gone, I want everyone to know there’s was more to me than they now know about. To get where I’m at today, I’ve had to try my hands at a great deal of job titles: businessman, switch-hitting lawsuit dude, fuckin-a-PT Barnum-ass publicist, magic producer man, self-manager dude (with alot of help from Dad and Jen Moore), writing guru, super-talent, legally-minded and generous-yet-greedy president of Ballbag Inc., and, the worst of all: administrative hoop-jumper
Hey Everyone, again, don’t think that I’ve cashed myself out physically, because I haven’t. As a matter of fact, my body feels fucking fantastic, and I’mma go by me a new fuckin skateboard today, to get more incredible footage for my skate part in Paparazzi Stuntman (for which I have a signature from Nicole Richie!)
Nicole, you are the absolute greatest, I wish you so well, and, again, sorry for talking about jerking off in your bed so much– I couldn’t help that it was so hysterically funny!)

[Very long list of business emails follows — SBTVC]

Love you all,

From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 9, 2007 11:33:38 PM EST
Subject: Re: now that I have this rad e-mail list…
Are you speaking from experience, Dave? Did you really make it all the way to the end of that e-mail?
— david carnie <> wrote:
i dare anyone to read that eamil all the way through. to read that all the way through is way gnarlier than anything steve-o has ever done. triple dog dare: get the entire text tattooed in your armpit. and then anyone that can read that out of your armpit is super gnar gnar.
let me know if anyone’s game and i’ll come over and film it. -dave

From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 15, 2007 1:20:06 AM EST
Subject: Re: Go Ahead And Lock Me Up
I’ve never been able to read anything you’ve sent me, either. Your writing skills suck really hard. And, fuck you, you’re supposed to be a friend! See you in Hell!
— chris pontius <> wrote:
Get me off this list quick! I don’t think Nikki Sixx likes being on it either! NOW!!!


From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 15, 2007 11:26:04 AM EST
Subject: Re: Go Ahead And Lock Me Up
Chris Pontius,
How you managed to lash out so negatively at my heart-warming e-mail about loyalty, and family (when the relationship between me and my Dad is already so compelling) really bothered me. As Billy P put it, why are you such a hater? Is receiving an e-mail really such an imposition? We all open e-mails that we don’t bother to read, but, it’s only intentional disrespect that creates the kind of “reply all” offering you came up with. This has bothered me since I read your first insult, now, I wasn’t gonna, but, your second insult led to this… I was a bad friend to Billy P last night, I militantly made him take me to a paparazzi-riddled hot-spot, rather than join him in eating the meal he invited me to. He got locked outta the bar while the cops came in and, rather than interrupt Lars Ulrich’s enjoyment of me for too long, I merely texted him something that read much like this:
Fuck dude, not my fault! Brutha, when I get home– pontius is gettin killed. I’m the dude who agreed to negotiate for the same Number Two contract as him. That “alliance” was a deliberate, and idiotic, business move on my part– talk about throwing away money! Agreeing to the same movie deal as Pontius was more than a favor from me to him, and I did it because he’s the one that cares about money. If Chrissy needs to hate me so much, I hope he hates his contract for a very likely Number Three movie deal just as much. If it happens, Pontius’ contract will surely read much more like our recent gum commercial than our Number Two deals– I’mma get paid six times as much as his hater-ass… If you don’t like e-mails, Chris, don’t read ’em. If you don’t like the way I live my art, then fuck you. If you don’t like my skateboarding, then suck my dick. If you don’t like my rap music, then remember what it wass like to get YOUR bad music boo-ed, so hard, by that WWE audience, after you failed to decipher the message that your pitiful act wasn’t welcome in the first place.
Sorry, Knox, I was going to just keep chewing on my
tongue, but couldn’t… –O

From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 16, 2007 7:14:26 AM EST
Subject: a real break-through…
Hello Everyone,
I have no idea how you were able to get me so mad, Chris, but you kept at it, after my “warning shot”, and then I became a bad person. You turned me into a bad person, and I didn’t like the way that felt, then these miraculous clips turned me back into a good person. Now, when I say miraculous, I mean that I went
from being seriously depressed, to feeling the a divine presence, and, ultimately believing that there is Hope for our United States of America. If that isn’t a fuckin miracle, I don’t know what is.
OK, before let me address my venemous hatred from the last e-mails: Chris Pontius. As for our movie deals, his lawyer was the one that got us good ones, so, I must admit, I was out-of-line with that. Finally, and it feels fantastic to get this out, I saw Chris do nothing innapropriate at Nick Dunlap’s house (which I truly can’t believe that piece of shit can still afford to rent, after all the ways I fucked him with litigation attorneys). The bachelor party had fuckin male strippers, for Fuck’s Sake! Furthermore, Chris’ wedding was the only one I’ve ever been to with my “heart” in it, because it wasn’t held at a corrupt house of murder, intimidation, pedophelia, etc…

From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 16, 2007 12:53:40 PM EST
Subject: beefin’ with pontius…
Ya know why Nikki Sixx isn’t on the list, and Tommyt Lee is? Because he hated on my e-mails one time! Check this out, Lars, it’s like OZZY says, “You gotta learn how to Love and forget how to hate”, so, I’m going to squash my beef with Bush, bro the fuck down with Baracka Obama, and then it won’t matter that I re-recorded those hysterical threats against Bush, on my Universal Records comedy gangsta rap album, with all of Metallica providing my beats, and ask for terrorists to kill only George W. Bush, and not do anything else to get in the way of me, or my man Big Regg, getting our dicks sucked.
Nobody in our famiy has ever lacked intelligence, there is nothing but positive shit going on over here. I became “kind of a big deal”, and I’m using my power or Good, not evil.

Love You All,

From: stephen glover <>
Date: November 27, 2007 3:38:50 AM EST
Subject: I’m nuts!
My family is convinced that I’ve got bipolar disorder. I don’t know if I agree, but, I’ve come to terms with the fact that that I’m somehow fucked in the head.
I’ve been contemplating actually being bonkers, and decided that it’s pretty rad if you’re stoked about it, and I think there’s alot of good stuff that comes with being a looney tune. I agreed to go to a pyschiatrist for a professional evaluation, to try and figure out what specific category of nutjob I fall into. I’ve decided that I want to make a rad project out of finding out what the fuck is wrong with me. I sure hope this psychiatrist is down with me having my evaluation filmed, because if he isn’t, I’ll probably get really grumpy. I’m really pretty sure that I’m out of my goddam mind, who the fuck stays up for three straight days having gnarly hallucinations, while writing even gnarlier shit to this fucking list of people. It’s completely nuts, and I can’t help but love it.
Rad e-mail list forever! Woohoo!

From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 1, 2007 4:15:22 AM EST
Subject: rad, rad, rad…
I believe that you were wrong to accuse me of being “unprofessional”. To put into perpesctive how far off your assessment of the “Gene Simmons Situation” was, clicking this link will reveal the results of a Google search.
Nobody even cared that Gene was there. I do not consider that to be a sign of a career that needs to be saved, rather, I feel you’re the only one that’s not pleased with it. I had to clear that up, and my agents don’t need my Dad to paint a hopeless picture of my CAREER AND LIFE, and damn well not during the most successful year of them both. You said I was on a “fast track” to winding up like Mike Tyson and Ricky Williams, and I don’t even own a car, or a house, I don’t have any debt, or a wife or kids, or so much as pet. My credit is only horribly bad because I’m proud as hell that I don’t borrow shit, and I think bad credit is funny. I have a debt card, because I can’t even get approved for a credit card, because I don’t want that approval. How can you be so confident that I’m going to blow my money, when I have absolutely zero access to it– you’re the one managing it all! I’ve never even asked you how much of it I have, let alone to uninvest a dime. I’m not asking you to understand how to how evaluate professionalism in the art of being a self-depricating asshole, I’m just asking you not to sabotage it.
Love you lots,

From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 5, 2007 10:10:52 PM EST
Subject: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
Jackass Isn’t Going Anywhere!
Gene Simmons can SUCK MY DICK! Ha! I’ve got love for my fans, and that’s something that old Gene never had for anyone but himself. He’s a money-grubbing piece of shit,
There’s only one thing that absolutely sucks dog shit about jackass world, and that is that there is any involvement, whatsoever, of a person named Dave Carnie. Dave Carnie was the one who insulted my late Mother, and now he’s insulted another one of my beloved family members. Dave, you are a loser, and that is why you are such a negative asshole. You were never a “jackass”, you’re just worthless. I’ve been surrounded by some seriously dangerous people in the crazy world of hip-hop, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of sending some of those folks your way. To hurt you. Really, really bad. Of course now that I’ve shared that with the whole world, I’m sure you know that you don’t have to really worry about such threats. You’ll die on your own, because you are such a negatron– you’re life expectancy is probably more pitiful than even mine. I’ll be stoked to not be at your funeral, no matter which one of us dies first.
Now, back to being positive. Obama won the Iowa thingy, and he’s coming up all over the place, with all kinds of folks.
Love you all,
even you, Carnie (although you won’t be seeing much of me around any office you frequent).


(Jackass cameraman Dimitry Elyashkevich, Johnny Knoxville and Jackass / Wildboyz director Jeff Tremaine)

From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 6, 2007 6:17:54 PM EST
Subject: Re: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
Dave Carnie wrote this to Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, and some other dude. I was able to respond to that mail, my response is below:
— david carnie <> wrote:
can one of you tell me why my life is being threatened? and who exactly I offended and when? pretty harsh. because i’m actually starting to get a little pissed off about this nonsense. –dave
I’ll tell you why. The people from Dickhouse set up a job interview for Jennifer Moore with MTV, to get her a job helping us with jackass world. You barged into her interview and interrupted her by saying, “Hey, aren’t you the one that’s not welcome to visit Steve-O’s family?” Then you went on, in the middle of her interview about how you intend to use my psychiatry office footage for jackass three. First off, footage of sitting on sofas only counts for jackass three if someone gets cummed on, but that’s not a call either of us have a say in, second, you really did turn down the same chance to be a jackass that we all had– because you couldn’t get knoxville’s spot. Get this straight don’t make calls for jackass (let alone jackass three, which doesn’t exist), and you cried like a bitch because you thought we stole the name “number two” from you, because it was the name of one of Tremaine’s videos. You have nothing to do with jackass, and what you did to Jen Moore was an insult to everyone that does. Fuck you, Carnie, and expect to be physically removed from the office every time I show up and see you there. That’s a promise, not a threat.


(Steve-O’s bodyguard Big Regg)

“reggie pace” <>
Date: December 6, 2007 9:27:35 PM EST
Subject: Re: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
Well Steve I really dont like any one be a dick to Jen that sux ass. I can wait to hold this prick so her big ass husband Adam (i got ur back big dog) can smash this cum sipper until he has some respect. So you know what it is dog if you dont like um then I dont like and when i dont like um I say “FUCK’UM”
I got u Steve lol…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 6, 2007 10:32:51 PM EST
Subject: Re: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
Perfectly on point, Big Regg! Except one thing, we think sipping on cum totally rules! You can come with me, every time I go to the new jackass office, to drag Carnie the fuck out of there! Woohoo! Big Regg is the MAN!!!


(Steve-O, Tommy Lee and Steve-O’s assistant Jen Moore)

From: Jen Moore <>
Date: December 6, 2007 11:30:01 PM EST
Subject: Re: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
Seriously, guys, I appreciate you sticking up for me, but I’m really quite over it. It happened almost a week ago. I bitched about it in my blog, then I was done. What he said was fucked up, but I say fucked up shit all the time … Dave … The last thing I need is to remind someone important that I’m just a “fat fucking fan.”
I’m just psyched to be working on a rad project like this. But Dave, you insult me like that again, there’s no telling what my husband and/or bodyguard might do. haha.
I’m not the bad guy here. You’ll see.

From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 9, 2007 2:24:17 AM EST
Subject: we lost someone!
So, I’ve been in Vegas for a couple days, and I must admit that beefing with Carnie kinda put a downer on my buzz. Carnie, I got major, major Mom issues, and Jen Moore is a Mom to me, but we shouldn’t beef with each other.
You’re still one of my fuckin heros, and I’m completely bonkers– we’re all good. Cool, now I can sleep! Love you all,
P.S. I showed up to Vegas in such pitiful shape, I wasn’t allowed to present that award at the Spike Video Game Awards. Never did like video games.
P.P.S. I totally forgot to take that dude off my rad
e-mail list.

From: “reggie pace” <>
Date: December 9, 2007 12:51:31 PM EST
Subject: Re: we lost someone!
Steve you don’t know how proud u make me bro… That’s right be the bigger man, yes u r bonkers but u r not wrong in the things that make u that way, friends, family and the betterment of all Americans thru laughter.. And as much as i love to beat ass u did the right thing dog (But if he disrespects ne 1 from our camp again i will deal with it myself I promise!!!)…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all
~Big Regg



From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 12, 2007 9:06:30 PM EST
Subject: Re: oh yeah, we got it poppin…
To my lovely assistant, Jen Moore:
Check this out babe, everything that sucked about the world of hip-hop (Mafia Mike) has completely sucked all over again, from the moment I met up with him again. It’s like kidnapping and false imprisonment. I had to get away from the dude, so I got this chick to take me to her pad, I wake up on the sofa and it’s Mafia Mike broke into her house coming in screaming in the girl’s face and talking about getting people with guns to come. Not the fucking stress I need. Mike also
stole my phone from me, I suppose so that people will need to call him to get to me. Not working out like that, I have no way to contact anyone by phone, if they need to call me, they should call you. I’m at an undisclosed location under the fake name Knoxville uses when he doesn’t want to be found. Here’s the deal with the album, Mafia Mike got paid, but didn’t hand over a single way (sp?) file. Red Spyda didn’t get paid, so he’s not handing over a single way file, Fame didn’t get paid, he’s not handing over a single way file. D Jukes worked for free, but he’s damn well getting paid, or he’s not handing over a single way file. Universal wants me to deliver this album, but I don’t have a single track to give them. Not paying people is bad, and I’m tangled all the fuck up in it.
I’m not leaving where I can’t be found until I have my phone. D Jukes and Big Kev are on their way to Mafia Mike’s house to get it.
Jen, please let everyone know I’m OK, and we’ll talk on e-mail. Love you, babe,



From: stephen glover <>
Date: December 19, 2007 9:25:48 PM GMT-05:00
Subject: made it home safe…
Hey Everyone,
Sorry about leaving you all hanging like that for so long. D Jukes and Big Kev scooped me up and took me to a nice safe crib in the projects in Brooklyn, where I stayed and got to work on shooting music videos. Thanks again, guys! I can honestly say that huffing spray paint does not result in a very enjoyable buzz, and spraying it all over your face while huffing it is a “Dumb Idea”. Hysterical footage, but, really dumb. I wound up getting it all off, but only after scraping a bunch of skin off my face in the process. We had a great time in the projects (even though I never did wind up getting my phone back), and now I’m in Florida with my family. I would be staying in Florida until the New Year, but Big Regg and I caught a case for assault, and it looks like we need to be in court in LA on Dec. 27 (and niether of us have a criminalattorney). Some of you probably saw the “assault” when it aired on Dr. Steve-O on the USA Network (it is such fucking bullshit– I’m truly thinking about not even bothering with an attorney at all). They are calling the incident where I deployed Big Regg to help those two security guards get out of my way, which aired in full– with no blurring whatsoever, an “assault”. Fucking bullshit. Love you all,

  1. Mddqnn says:


  2. floored says:

    damn. awesome.

  3. KEN says:

    i just read it for the second time. what a journey.

  4. for fuck sakes says:

    need i say more than my name

  5. Anonymous says:

    when is this guy’s star finally going to fall? when will the american public finally stop celebrating idiocy for the sake of idiocy?

  6. Anonymous says:

    like now i’m supposed to realize that morons have feelings too?

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  8. moi says:

    kind of fucking sad, but whatevs.
    hope he dont go the way of odb, but whatevs

  9. teets says:

    what the fuck?! Does anyone give a shit about the “Jackass”/”Wild Boys” Bam bullshit anymore? Except dateraping frat boys. This is all just sad….

  10. peepoop says:

    dave carnie is a great individual. he was the editor of big brother which was one of the best magazines ever! it’s because of that mag that i found vice mag, and of course this blog. (the link is nieratko, one of the funniest writers of our generation).

  11. Big Ben says:

    Personal highlight:

    “When it comes to love and, obviously, Down Syndrome, I’m not exactly an emotional pillar of strength. I’m confident, however, that I’ll figure all of that shit out.”

    It’s a shame the down syndrome theme petered out.

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  13. Large says:

    Big Brother and Carnie are the only reason jackass is around Steve-o you circus clown bitch. If I was there to see you throw hissy fits like you did on Wildboyz Iwould have knocked you the fuck out. You’re not even funny or entertaining, just a fake ass ho.

  14. hector says:

    Didn’t MTV pull the plug on funding ?

  15. jessiblahh says:

    soooo glad hes been sober now for over 2 and 1/2 years

  16. Damon Ball says:

    I wouldn’t be taking up residence too long here.Maybe its time for you to pack your shit and leave and take your “friends” with you.

  17. Damon Ball says:

    I know you’ve bin sending me emails and hope you have a good day.Hasta la vista baby.Take that Mexican with you.

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